SimAnt Cheats

SimAnt cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Defeating the red ants:
At the start of the game, travel over to the red ant nest. Pick up a small bolder, walk over to the opening to the nest, and drop the bolder on the opening. This will trap the red ants in their nest for awhile. While trapped, your ants will have a chance to get the food, while the red ants slowly starve in their nest. Eventually the red ants will dig another tunnel exit, but by then your black ants should be superior in numbers, strength, and food supply. When they are ready, attack the red nest while their health is very low.
Faster food gathering:
At the start of a new full game, start your colony besides the starting food supply and begin to gather food immediately. Use the will code to help in the event of a fight with a red ant. When your colony grows, your ants will not have to travel a long distance and risk getting eaten or killed. Another tactic is to start anywhere on the area and wait until you have about fifty ants. Press 2 five times to get some ants to help and go to the food supply. Get in the middle and select "Release-All". Most of your ants should take most of the food for your colony.
Make your own food:
Start your colony and wait until you have about twenty to thirty ants. Press 2 two or three times to get some friendly ant help, then get in front of a caterpillar to make it stop. Your ants will start to attack it, and after awhile the caterpillar will turn into little green food balls.
More eggs:
When you are in a hole, exchange with the queen then activate the eggs code. You will lay four to five eggs.
Personal food supply:
Dig a tunnel very far from the main chambers of the nest and stash as much food as you want there. Then go to the surface and get one of the tiny pebbles and seal the tunnel. The other ants cannot go over the rock but you can.
Protecting your Queen:
Select "Exchange" from your ant menu and select your queen. Move her to the bottom of the colony, but not too far where the water can reach her and some food so she does not starve. She will move and you will have to move her back.
Secret hole:
In full game only, start to dig far down in your black ant nest. You will encounter a hole. Enter and you have a major shortcut to the red ant nest, allowing you to steal food faster or attack them. Note: After you open the hole the red ants can also use it, but only on very rare occasions.
Spider advantage:
When the spider is attacking your colony, use the "Exchange" option and change to the spider. Go to the red ant's nest and choose "Hunt" to get the spider to kill the enemy to your advantage.


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Full health:
Exchange bodies with another ant, then change back. Your health will be restored to full.
Spider tip:
Select the exchange bodies option and click on the spider to control it. Use the option to chase down and eat a single ant to your advantage.