Silent Hunter III Cheats

Silent Hunter III cheats, Glitchs, and Codes for PC.


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Keep progress in career mode after being killed
if youve ever been killed in the career mode, youll notice that you wont be able to access your user again (because hes dead). however, you can bypass this very easily. once you die, the summary screen will show up saying that youve died, and what you sunk, but do not continue. by continuing, the game will save this info and lock you out. instead, close the game. get out of the game by pressing alt + tab, or the windows key so that you are at the desktop. now press ctrl + alt + delete, or right click on the taskbar and click on task manager (may vary for different operating systems). find the silent hunter process in the process tab and click the end process button. silent hunter will close. you can now close the task manager, and open the game up again. when you get back into career mode, youll be back at the start of the mission you were on.