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Silent Hill has returned to its roots by changing things up

The good:

Very different feel from previous Silent Hill entries
Open world town free to explore to your hearts content
Horror, horror and more horror

The bad:

Totally unoptomized (framerate, lag, graphical bugs)
same old Guilt Story (at least it's totally different and original from the hundreds of other guilt stories in previous entries! /sarcasm)
No save feature (instead the game completely relies on it's garbage auto-save)
Players with heart problems can't play


When I first heard about Silent Hill Downpour I was already scorned by the disappointing and extremely underwhelming Homecoming that had me put this series to rest alongside Resident Evil. Being as uninterested as I was I didn't bother looking at reviews or anything and hearing the constant complaints of the bugs that plagued the game I felt that my disinterest in the series was not in vain. That is until a friend actually recommended it as one of the better survival/horror games this generation (which isn't exactly a hard thing to do given the small amount of horror games this gen) so when...


Where it rains, it shines


In the eye of the storm that is the modern gaming industry, very few games truly stand out either as foundations for future developers to build upon or as just really good. Despite the industry flooding itself with sequels and military shooters, the best games are actually new intellectual properties and maybe a couple of really good sequels from said intellectual properties. Not many, if any games come from franchises that were established in previous generations. Perhaps I could make a case for Ratchet And Clank: A Crack In Time, but it doesn't compare to its older brothers on the PS2... ...


What a modern survival horror should be


Developer: Vatra
Publisher: Konami

It's interesting how poorly received this game is by the press. Many reviewers plastered it with 6's not because it has something to do with the devil, but because they had a wide range of problems with the game... some reviewers even gave it abysmally low scores for, quite frankly, silly reasons that make little to no sense. It's almost like they didn't want to like it, and that just feels like dishonest journalism to me. Then again, that seems to be the case with many games these days, so it shouldn't surprise me, especially games that aren't the most acce...

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