Silent Hill: Homecoming review
Silent hill homecoming review

The good:

Great music, creepy enviroment, Way better sense of why your doing a certain thing etc... New combat system.

The bad:

Length should have been longer, Sometimes combat can get a little glitchy but not to bad. Lack of riddles to play but thats not always a bad thing for most


Silent Hill Homecoming revolves around Alex Sheperd, a war vetern who has recurring bad dreams about his brother so he decides to come home to check up on him only to find his quiet home of Sheperds Glen has become ghostly with most everybody gone and strange creatures everywhere...

Possible Spoilers from here down

Gameplay - Yes it's vastly improved from previous SH games with the newly added dodge/block feature and the variation attacks you can use such as heavy and light attacks. I will be the first to say that in past SH games MELEE attacking enemies sucked balls because it had no variety in swinging motion but in this SH you can do combos and such along with finishing moves on weakened enemies etc... Which makes using MELEE attacks all the more fun for everybody.

Music - YES YES YES the guy that did past SH games did this one also. Let me tell you, that guy's a master at creepy music and I'm sure newcomers and veterans of SH will appreciate his work.

AI - In my opinion every monster is pretty well done and I like every one they put in this game. First off they are creepy looking and second they are ruthless. You can't just hack away at them anymore. You have to actually find their weakness to effectively neutralize them without taking too much damage. When you do find ammo which is scarce on hard mode you have to really stratigically use it because of lack of it. When all else fails you can run like crazy and fight when only you have to and in that case I would suggest learning to dodge really quick because you'll need it later on against BOSS'S. Fighting can become glitchy meaning like certain enemies getting stuck on sides of doorways but I'm not totally unconvinced KONAMI didnt do this on purpose because it really helps in a bind when your low on health and ammo and need a second to compose yourself before going back out and fighting again. So far I found only two types of enemies that do that and if the doorway is not narrow enough it will not stop them from getting to you.

Bosses - Pretty well done in my opinion with music the boss fights become quite creepy and quite challenging until you learn what you have to do to beat them. I personally had the most trouble with the 2nd and 4th bosses.

Level design - I like it personally. I mean wandering through the fog enshrouded street with enemies popping up still makes me jump every now and then when one comes from the side and you don't see it coming. The otherworld atmosphere is creepy as well it feels all too weird running down and down. Going deeper and deeper into a black abyss that always gets me thinking "No matter where this leads you know nothing good can come from following this deep dark path".

Overall I like this new installment of SH and would give it a rating of 8.0/10
Fear factor 7/10 Fun factor 8.5 Story 9.5 music 10/10 AI 8.0/10

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SOTGCreator Jan 22, 09
Bravo on your review, I found it true to the word, and your writing style was indeed impressive.
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allen33and88 Jan 23, 09
Thank you for your kind remarks.
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