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Silent Hill's coming home!


You wake up chained to a hospital bed, being pushed down a corridor filled with screams of terror. As you witness saw-like murders and experiments being carried out on unwilling victims, you plead with the doctor pushing you down this corridor of hell, when he leaves you, alone, in an operating theatre. Your heart is pounding and your breath fills the room with a deafening echo. Suddenly the sound of scraping metal! Horror fills your mind as this can only mean one thing; The Executioner is here, The Bogeyman... coming to collect his prize.

Right from the start of the 6th instalment into the ...


Silent hill homecoming review

The good:

Great music, creepy enviroment, Way better sense of why your doing a certain thing etc... New combat system.

The bad:

Length should have been longer, Sometimes combat can get a little glitchy but not to bad. Lack of riddles to play but thats not always a bad thing for most


Silent Hill Homecoming revolves around Alex Sheperd, a war vetern who has recurring bad dreams about his brother so he decides to come home to check up on him only to find his quiet home of Sheperds Glen has become ghostly with most everybody gone and strange creatures everywhere...

Possible Spoilers from here down

Gameplay - Yes it's vastly improved from previous SH games with the newly added dodge/block feature and the variation attacks you can use such as heavy and light attacks. I will be the first to say that in past SH games MELEE attacking enemies sucked balls because it had no variety...

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