Silent Hill 4: The Room review
Totally Immersive!

The good:

The deep, twisted and disturbing plot
The hellish monsters
Great audio and VO's
The visuals
Melee weapons all the way
The freakish room changes
New swing power bar

The bad:

The first person view can be hard to control
The ghosts
Less fear inducing than the others


Silent Hill 4: The Room has you control Henry Townsend - A regular person who moved into "The Room" two years before the game takes place. The room is situated in a regular apartment building, in the town of South Ashfield next to the dreaded town of Silent Hill.....

The game opens as Henry wakes after a nightmare, of which he has been having for the past few days, the same time he has been stuck in his room. But soon he finds a hole in his bathroom and decides he has nothing to lose and enters. He is shocked as he awakes on an escalator going down to the subway. From here the game unfolds into a brilliantly twisted, action packed, survival horror with the most freaky monsters I have ever had the pleasure of beating to death with a lead pipe, pickaxe, baseball bat, golf clubs and a whole slew of other blunt objects.

Unfortunately the Guns in this game are quite a disappointment, the addition of the power metre for the melee weapons gives them the over the guns.

The series is known for its disturbing creatures and The Room is no exception. Prepare to do battle against giant moths, two-headed giant babies, haunted wheelchairs and some near-indestructible ghosts, named victims that can only be stopped with a nice stab in the chest with an ancient sword which only keeps them down until it is removed. Which was a highlight giving the game a more on edge especially with two or more around but this can also really be annoying, due to the fact victims hurt just being near you.

The games visuals are brilliant; the game still has the trademark fog at times, accompanied by film grain and cigarette burns making it look like an old movie more than a game. The character models are extremely well drawn and animated and Henry doesn't run like a lady....With all these visual effect the death scenes look brilliant, I was very impressed especially with the death in the apartments, no spoilers here....

One of my favourite points was the way the room changes, the room changes each time as you return from the hole and eventually sprits start to affect your room in very freaky ways although both I and my girlfriend had a laugh at shoes walking along the kitchen floor.

In all this game is a huge survival horror with an excellent plot, my only quibble was it wasn't as scary as the other even with the more freakish enemies. If it had a few more bits to make me jump I would have gave it at least an extra point.

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