Silent Hill 4: The Room (PS2) Cheats

Silent Hill 4: The Room cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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"Secret" pose for Henry
First of all, get the Chainsaw. Equip it, and stay a little time doing nothing. Henry will make a strange pose, shaking the chanisaw over his head.
Boss Ghosts
First and foremost, always have a Saint Medallion equipped.

During your second trip through each world, you'll encounter a "boss ghost" that will continue to pester you unless you pin them down for the rest of the stage with a Sword of Obedience.

Now, during one of these stages, it will be necessary to do a little Sword shuffling to make the Building World stage a bit easier;

1. Subway World: Defeat Cynthia's ghost and pin her with your first Sword. You can leave her like that and continue on into the next stage.

2. Forest World: Same as with Cynthia's ghost, using your second Sword. Leave him for the rest of the stage and continue on.

3. Prison World: Pin this ghost down in the last room before the exit where the water wheels are. Then, just before you and Eileen leave for the exit, retrieve your sword and continue on.

4. Building World: This boss ghost appears at the beginning of the stage, which is why it's a good idea to get your third Sword back and pin him down right away, as you won't be getting another sword for quite awhile, and don't need him on your case the entire way there.

5. Apartment World: You should now have an extra sword lying around in your inventory, and can be used to pin down any ghost you deem too pesky to bother with.
Conserve Ammo
Using your pistol or your revolver isn't really necessary throughout the majority of the game, as most enemies can be handled easily enough with any melee weapon. Save your bullets for your second round through each world when you have to deal with Walter, and for the final battle versus Walter once he's vulnerable. He's your only opponent with a gun, so the pistol is your best bet in keeping him from getting too many shots in on you.
Cynthia's Ghost
If you place a holy candle on the ground next to Cynthia's ghost, she will start screaming and her hair will begin writhing wildly in all directions. This is unique to her ghost specifically, whereas all other ghosts will simply fall over.
Defeating Cynthia
Cynthia is probably one of the most hardest and creepiest ghosts to pin down in the game. You will realise that she recovers very quickly, and its almost impossible to pin her down with the sword. If you have this problem, use your silver bullet on her that you found earlier. Just go to the equip menu, and equip the silver bullet.

When you meet her in one of the trains, shoot her and immediately pin her down. You won't miss your aim as she can't dodge anymore, and you will have slightly more time to pin her down.

If you don't have the silver bullet, then the only way is to knock her down repeatedly until you pin her down.

Gd Luck!
Floating Head
Go to your apartment window (any window will do) and look out of it, after you have completed the water prison level and speared the fat guy's ghost. The fat guy's head will float up or down as you look out the window. Later after you have moved away, you will continue to see the fat guy's head float by in a window when you look towards the windows.
Healing Eileen
If she's been wounded, before the final fight, light a white candle in the hallway. Then go behind her and push her as close to it as you can. BEFORE it burns out run to a door and enter it. It will have healed her and you'll have a better chance of saving her in the final battle.
Let Me Outta Here!
If you press the X button while looking out any window in your apartment, Henry will bang on it.
Loading screens
It's not much, but will help the people with ADD. At any loading screen you can move the image around with the left analog stick.
Mannequin Puzzle
Make sure you pick up the travel torch in the first area you come to (burial pit). Then, take the torch back to your apartment and soak it in the oil in your storage closet. This will cause the fire to last longer when you use the Holy Flames to light it. Keep in mind that if you use the lit torch to battle enemies, the fire will go out and you'll need to light it again.
Move & Stretch/Shrink Load Screen Images
During a Load Screen use your Left Analog Stick to Move the Image around the screen. Use your Right Analog Stick to Stretch or Shrink the Image.
Reset/Return to Main Menu
During Gamplay Hold down L2, R2, L1, R1 and then Push Select and Start together to reset back to the Main Menu.
Saint Medallion
The Saint Medallion actually has around two to three different uses. Not only will it keep most ghosts at bay, but it lessens the effectiveness of their attacks, and can actually cause lesser ghosts to collapse if they're exposed to it for too long. It can also be used to protect you from the effects of the ghostly activity in your apartment long enough for you to place your Holy Candles in the appropriate spots.
Shabby Doll
When Walter offers you the "shabby doll" he got from Eileen, don't pick it up. It will just cause the spiritual oddities in your apartment to become more severe.
Silent Hill 3 Cameos
While looking through the spyhole into Eileen's room, you can see a rabbit doll from the Silent Hill 3 Amusement Park sitting on her bed. After Eileen is attacked, the rabbit will then be looking at you and pointing its finger.

Also, every so often, when you look out of the apartment window, you can see the same rabbit as a hot air balloon.
Silent Hill One Cameos
If you take a look out of your apartment window during the day, you'll see a school bus, and if you look close enough, you'll see that it belongs to Midwich Elementary School, which is the school Cheryl Mason went to in the first Silent Hill game.

If you check the cupboard once you get inside the Wish House, it will say "Have you found Alessa yet? How is Walter's progress coming along? Send me a report."
Special Stance 2
If you've got the aluminum bat equipped, and you idle for a few moments, Henry will start practicing his batting swing.
Translation, Please?
During your second trip to the Forest World, if you idle around any of the trees or stones with strange red writing, Eileen will translate them for you. Her health condition dictates how well she reads; the worse she's been injured, the better the translations.
Weird Walter stuff (spoilers)
*After completing the Building world, look out your living room window to see Walter pointing at the room next to you (guess who occupies it)

*When you see Walter on the apartment steps, talk to him to get the shabby doll. Put in in your item chest and come back after a while to see what happens

*When you get into the hallway outside your apartment room, run past your room and look back to see child Walter knocking on your door and saying "Mommy!"

*Look through your peephole after completing the Apartment world


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Alternate Costume For Cynthia
Unlock all four endings, plus Eileen's special nurse costume on the same game file to unlock Cynthia's alternate costume.
Brand New Fear
Successfully complete the game once to unlock the "Brand New Fear" option.
Eileen's Secret Costume
Finish the game TWICE, and save. Load the "A Brand-new fear" data and when you reach the Apartment World - 2nd time, go to Eileen's room (303) and take the Nurse Costume over the coach. Finish the game and the costume selection will be available when you start a new game.
Key To The Endings
The condition of Eileen's health and of your apartment are the two main factors in deciding your ending. There are four endings total, dictated by the following action combinations before the final battle ensues;

1. Eileen is healthy, apartment is clean
2. Eileen is healthy, apartment is crawling
3. Eileen is dying, apartment is clean
4. Eileen is dying, apartment is crawling
Loading Screen Cheat
you can move the thing on the loading screen around with the left analog stick, and you can make it shorter,taller,wider,or thinner with the right analog stick
One Weapon Mode
Complete the game with a ranking of 10 big stars to unlock One Weapon Mode.
Reload / Cleanse Mode
To unlock the Full Weapons/Apartment Replenish Mode, you must get a 10 star rating in One Weapon Mode.

When this mode is activated, you will have six boxes of bullets in the laundry room and ten health drinks in the fridge every time you return to your apartment.

Also, when you visit the subway system at the beginning, every weapon in the game will be immediately available for you to pick up.
Submachine Gun
Successfully finisht the game with a ranking of at least 9 big stars. Afterwards, when you start "A Brand New Fear", check room 202 to find a submachine gun for Eileen.
Take the Chainsaw
Beat the game once. Start a new game with the new data ("A Brand-new Fear"). In the Forest World, when you find the car, look around for a cut trunk, and search besides it. The Chainsaw is there, waiting for you!