Sid Meier's Pirates! review
Pirates! Review

The good:

Excellent gameplay and lots of fun.

The bad:

Lackluster story


Aye aye mates, we are going to take a trip through Sid Meier's Pirates! Arrr Arrr....okay my pirate impersonation is a bit off but not to say that this game does not capture the life of a pirate. Granted it is not exactly accurate, some things are too brutal to put on a game but the fun things are here in this game. When you play a Sid Meier game you are bound to get innovative gameplay that is both fun and unique, while not being too difficult for the casual gamer to enjoy. He of course is famous for the Civilization series but in fact this game Pirates! is based off the earlier Pirates! and has been remade for us to enjoy.

One of the best things about this game is the gameplay. You can do everything from travelling the seas, capturing ships (or destroying them), recruiting pirates, pillaging and plundering towns, dueling with other pirates, finding buried treasure, trading with towns, and even picking up on the governor's daughter. All these things make Pirates! enjoyable from beginning to end.

The story itself is pretty generic, a young boy living happily with his family is suddenly torn apart from pirates and escapes to then become a pirate himself to find his family and take revenge. As simple as it is you tend to enjoy it a lot more because of the great gameplay that also captures the emotion of the game.

If you like pirate games, Sid Meier games, or just games that give that extra effort in terms of depth then Sid Meier's Pirates is for you. I suggest to any gamer.

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