Sid Meier's Pirates! (Xbox) Cheats

Sid Meier's Pirates! cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Torture your enemy
For this you will need a good and strong ship. Henry Morgans, Blackbeards or a new Spanish warship will do. Get in a battle and make sure it is a strong ship. Also make sure that you have all kinds of cannon balls. First step of torture is to kill the crew on that ship. To do this you need grape shot. Close in and fire! Ok now the second step is to back away and hit their sails. The second type of cannon ball will do this, but make sure to back away because they might give up. After you destroy their sails back away some more and pound them with regular cannon balls, but make sure that you dont destroy them, because you will need thir booty. Just close in and they will surrender.

This is the most fun way to torture your enemy.


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Player Name Cheats
Use one of these names, for your character's name, to enable the cheat.

Cheat Effect

Firaxis: Jeff Briggs as Abbott

Bonus Frag:Snappy Dresser

Sweet Tooth: Food Never Dwindles

Bloody Bones Baz:Invincible in Ship Battles

B.Caudizzle: crew is always at highest possible morale
Dragon Ma: dueling invincibility

D.Gackey: begin game with the ship of the line (the best ship in the game) and a full crew.

Sprinkler: Your fleet sails twice as fast as everyone else's

Scooter: No matter how badly you do at dancing, the Governor's daughters always love you!

Max Remington: Sid Meier as Mysterious Stranger
Before you read these know that using a cheat name gives you no bonus doubloons ever join that game profile.

D.Gackey: start of with best ship and full crew.

Snappy Dresser: bonus Frag

Dragon Ma: invincible join duels

Sweet Tooth: food never goes down

Bloody Bones Baz: Invincible ship join battle

Scooter: Governers daughters love you even if ur dancing is bad

B.Caudizzle: Crew always at highest morale (note if you starve your men and have more than 1 ship your crew will take that ship bit like what happens if u don't share plunder when not using this cheat)

Sprinkler: Fleet goes twice as fast (note: good at capturing rich ships or raymondo and neturious pirates but bad for escort missions)

ok those cheats all work just so you know the names are just like this e.g B.Caudizzle nothing else these are case sensitive.