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Oi, Snail Eyeball's... Yummm!!! Yep, you guessed it Shrek 2, and I'm proud to say that this game is a much better alternative to Mario Party.

Shrek began a while back with the first movie. The game however... a... rain check anyone. Ya, It wasn't pretty, but now Dreamworks has really stepped up to the plate with the new movie, and game Shrek 2.

Gameplay: Pure Madness, while Fighting (10/10)

This is the best part of the game, fighting!!! Ogre style. In this game you get to have four people in your party, from NPC, to your friends. Anyway's the
characters all have different specialty combos, and attacks. Like Shrek for instance will do a belly flop on the ground. While Donkey will, "Burro-Blast." And the cool thing about all this is the chaotic madness. You really can't tell who's who while fighting!!! But that's the joy of it, plus it is really addicting.

Gameplay: Story (8/10)

The story is well... the movie, except you get to do a tad bit more things in the game than you do in the movie. Like going to Jack and Jill's farm, to get a package, etc. It really not to bad.

Sound: (4/10)

The sound isn't good at all. Not much noise to the footsteps, or to anything, except the punching, and fighting. There pretty good about that.

Graphics: (6/10)

Let's just say they could of done better, the graphics are like a cross between Tomb Raider, except on a Gamecube/PS2/XBOX level.

Music: (8/10)

Pretty good, actually. It is more of addicting disco like music, in some parts, and cheap scary music in others.

Re-Playability: (10/10)

This is a great game for re-playability. You could play it all day, and night, and not get tired of the fighting!!! This is also a great game, for a sleep-over with your friends.

Buy it/or Rent it: Buy it/Rent it

I said both because sometimes you only want to play the game once, or twice with some friends at a sleep-over, but you may also want to buy it, when it comes out on Greatest hits!!!

Summing it up: (7/10)

This is a good game for when your bored of RPGs, etc. And like I said before a great party game!!!

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