Shrek 2 (PS2) Cheats

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Command codes

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1,000 COINS
Pause game, select scrapbook, press left,up,X,O,left,up,X,O,left,up,X, O,O,O,O,O,O.


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7 Dwarves
In the first level there are seven dwarves you need to rescue. I will list them here:
1st: When you start the level you will notice some stairs to the left of you. Get to the top, and break the rock to free the dwarf.
2nd: After you get all 18 eyeballs, the gate to Le Hood will open. Pull the lever inside to open the next gate. Right when you enter you should see the dwarf.
3rd: Go to the left of where the Brawl in Le Hood is/was. Climb the stairs and rescue the third dwarf.
4th: After you defeat the brawl in Le Hood another gate will open. Inside is the dwarf.
5th: After you help Crazy Larry get 12 fairies, yet another gate will open. Inside is the dwarf.
6th: After you finish chicken soup another you-know-what will open. Go to the room on the left to rescue another dwarf.
7th: The hardest to get. This one had me stumped for a while. Use gingerbread man to throw a candy cane at the switch. A bridge will lower. Above you you should see the dwarf trapped in a cage. Use gingerbread man to throw candy canes at the rock on the other platform. Eventually the rock will break and you will get your snapshot.
Cage Drop Mini-game
To get this mini-game you must complete fifty nine missions.
Cloud Maze Mini-game
To get this mini-game you must complete forty five missions.
Crash Colliseum Mini-game
To get this you must complete all 70 missions. Movie Stills are also opened up when you do this.
Defeat Prince Charming
This guy is probably the easiest boss! Here's how to defeat him: First, he will spin around with his sword. Either wait until he stops spinning to hit him or if you're impaitient, use Lil' Red to throw apples at him.(This will hurt him even if he's spinning) After a few hits, he'll jump to the arena to the north of the arena. (You cannot hit him right now) He'll put some chickens in cages onto the conveyer belt seperating you and him. Now he'll break the cages with Fairy Godmother's wand and in the explosion, the chickens will turn into knights! Kill these guys. Then Charming will jump back into the arena that you can reach. Hit him. Kill the knights. Repeat. Hit Charming a few more times and he'll give up. At least for now...
Easier Bonus Levels!!
On the bonus level with the Big Bad Wolf in.
The one with the falling platforms that are floating on top of water. Well instad of jumping on to each tile which waste's time and is harder. Just walk instead it's so easier!
Fairy Godmother Quick Damage
When you are on the conveyer belt level you start from the middle. Quickly jump to the side and press triangle. This will make her lose 1/4 of her life and is an excellent way to lower her health quickly.
Final Fight
Since some people have trouble with Final Fight I shall list how to beat it:
Harping Hooligans: First, some knights from Spooky Forest are dropped. If you stay in the exact middle of the arena, they can't get you. Kill these guys and some elves from Fairy Godmother's are dropped. Kill all these then 2 trolls are dropped. Hit back their bombs. You can also pick them up with Shrek and throw them back. Kill both of these, and a cutschene will begin. You will also recieve your Harping Hooligans snapshot.
Gargatuan Godmother: Now Fairy Godmother challenges you. Avoid the targets as she will fire there. When she's done she'll put electricity on the ground. Jump over it. Then she'll lower. Hit her a few times and she'll rise again. Avoid the targets, jump over TWO rings of electricity, and hit her. Recieve your snapshot as well.
Troll Fan: Probably the hardest thing in the game. Prince Charming will summon THREE trolls. Use the same stratgie you did in Harping Hooligans and you should be fine. Kill all them and Prince Charming will challenge you. Kill him and a cutschene will begin. Also say 'Hola to your Troll Fan snapshot.
Little Wand, Big Temper!: Fairy Godmother will challenge you again. Use the same stratigie in Gargatuan Godmother and you should be fine. But beware, the targets are harder to avoid. Also, she has a new attack: A red beam will follow you around. Avoid it, and it will burst into a ring of electricity. Kill her in her deadliest form and you have completed the game!
Floating Floor Mini-game
To get this mini-game you must complete thirty one missions.
Hero Time
In almost every level there is a Hero Time. I will list who does it, and tips and info on it:
Shrek's Swamp: Person: Fiona. Name: Blackbird Syphony. Tips & Info: Lil' Red's grandma want's to make Shrek some blackbird pie. When a symbol hits the ? press that button. If you don't press that button or hit the wrong one a blackbird will fly away. Let 4 fly away and you lose.
Spooky Forest: People: Donkey & Donkey's girlfriend. Name: Caynon Run. Tips & Info: Oh no! The evil witch has kidnapped Fiona! Ride on the Dragon through obstacles. This is tricky because if you get hit once, you lose.
Far Far Away: Person: Shrek. Name: Street Brawl. Tips & Info: Hooligans keep beating up people! Stun them and throw them into jail!
Ogre Killer: No Hero Time.
Walking the Path: Person: Puss in Boots. Name: The Waterfall. Tips & Info: Tightrope across obstacles to get to...
Jack & Jill's Farm: Person: Gingerbread man. Name: Killer Tomatoes. Tips & Info: Avoid the giant tomatoes and grab that bucket of water!
Fairy Godmother's: Person: Lil' Red. Name: Shipping Shake Down. Tips & Info: Kill Fairy Godmother! Avoid her attacks and keep hitting her! After 4 hits, she'll make the floor conveyer belts. Hit the back or front and you lose! Also, after 8 hit's she'll put boxes on the conveyer belts.
Prison Break: Person: Big Bad Wolf. Name: Staircase of Doom. Tips and Info: Ride through the dangerous staircase to get the key to free the boys!
The Mines: People: Shrek & Donkey. Name: Charge to the Rescue. Tips & Info: Fairy Godmother has kidnapped Snow White! This is pretty much like Caynon Run. Use the same stratigie and you should be fine.
Cookie, Cookie: Person: Shrek. Name: Burst your Balloon. Tips and Info: Save the cookie man from being hit for 60 seconds by popping the balloons. If you don't, Prince Charming will marry Fiona!
Final Fight: No Hero Time.
King Jewels Help
On this level I find it easy to just worry about Fiona. Let the overs die, it won't matter. If the troll gets to close to you, use Fiona's ability to stop time and you will be fine. You do not need to collect all jewels that the troll drops because there is no limit to the amount he drops so take your time.
Ring Coliseum Mini-game
To get this mini-game you must complete twenty one missions.
tips for each level
1:when the marry men come atack the guy on the swing when he is dead no more marry men will come
2:for this level you should us two players
3:for this level thare are games:family jouwlsONT atack the troll stay away from him and he'll drop tresher
4: dont look at your people stay focesed on the bottens
5ont help that dum gout utell the troll comes
6:atack the bees hive and it wont come back so nither will the bees
7:i dident get far on this level but at the beggining dont tuch the lazers
8:the cages fall when you jump on them
9ont go neare the stachue people when thare spinning or hiting the grawnd
10:i dident get far on this level but at the beggining people are traped inside the houses so brack dawn the door
11nce agein i dident get far on this level but at the beggining save the booms at the side of the arena utell the trolls come then throw the booms at the troll
This is a very easy level but if you are stuck heres what you could do: You go as fiona and use her time stop if he comes near her, but you could also do her spin attack on the troll. This stuns him, giving you enough time to run away!


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How to get a 4-player Hero Time in Far Far Away.
First off chose the Far Far Away level. It's a good idea to have at least 2 or more players to do this glitch, but if you want to do it alone, then you can, I'll try and describe it as good as I can. Take all the characters to the rat mission. Take Lil' Red up to the right fence near the gate that opens up to do the rat mission. Hit the tree with a single bash and you should go through the fence. Move further to go through the ground. All right for the other three. You can get all three of them near the green hedge from the bottom of the stairs. Jump them up to the walls near where you put Lil' Red and put them through. Shrek and Fiona are easy, Donkey on the other hand you have to keep moving left and right while pushing forward.

Once you've got all four of the characters in, this is where 2 players or more helps. Take control of Lil' Red and Donkey first. Now you now where you put Lil' Red right? Well there should be a wall right near it. The glitchy bit of wall to go through is up near the black fence. If you can get them all through, well done. But now comes the hard part. You won't be able to change the camera angle, so read closely. Jump them at a NW angle on the analog stick. It's hard to know where the wall is. Hold it as long as you want and when you think they've gone through the wall. Make sure when you take them through the building wall their behind the white and black fence. The AI should make them run against the fence. When you've got them all behind the fence. You should see the place off where the Hero Time is. Simply take them over, through the fence and you've done it!

Here are some tips & hints to go along with this glitch.
-Don't get them killed, it'll end the glitch!
-The thugs can't die, hit them as many times as you want.
-Don't get Shrek to carry the thugs and throw them in the cart, it'll also end the glitch.
-But most of all! Have FUN!!! It's fun hearing what they say.
Any problems with this glitch, PM me and ask.


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Bonus levels
To unlock bonus levels go to the scrapbook and enter Left, Up, X, O (x3) Square, O, Square, O, Square, O.
full health
pause the game and select scrapbook. Press left,up,x,o, left,up,x,o,left,up,x,o,up,right,down,left,up.
Low Health
If you have low health and you cannot find a health potion, you are saved. Go to the scrapbook and enter Left,Up,X,O (x3) Up, Right, Down, Left, Up. If done correctly you should hear a sound.
Merry Men
On the first level you have to fight Robin Hood and his merry men. To stop the merry me from coming you have to kill the man reading on the swing. If you don't they will keep on coming forever.
Unlock All Levels
There's a way you can unlock every level, without playing the full game! Just Enter the first level and press the start button. Go to the scrapbook and enter:

Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Left, Up, X, Circle, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up.

When done correctly you will hear a voice announce: "Thats what I call spreading joy."