Shogo review
A very good FPS

The good:

Can get with Septerra Core for $5, I believe.
Anime Scenes
Online Multiplayer
Blood and Gore
Wide array of Weaponry

The bad:

People on Multiplayer are very good. Sometimes you can get killed less than a second after you respawn
A whole lot of controls to memorize


A very good game. You can play as one of two things: a human or a mech.
In each mode there are about 9-10 different weapons.
The Human weapons (Referred to as OF weapons), some of them:
Some sort of knife, Double Pistols, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Energy Grenades, Kato Grenades, the TOW
The Mech weapons (Referred to as MCA weapons):
Juggernaut, Pulse Rifle, some sort of beam saber or something, Red Riot, Sniper Rifle, the Shredder
But, probably the best mode is the Multiplayer mode.
Utilizing the Shogo Server, you can create your own server and add what you can use, like Ramming Damage, Tractor Beams, etc. Also, you can select which stages can be used, and when the stage changes.
You can find out the server IPs at the Shogo main website.
When you join an existing session, be ready at all times. Usually, one of the servers is very active, and there's a lot of users playing. the dark levels can be deadly for you if you don't utilize shooting into walls to find where you are. I tell you, from personal experience, people on multiplayer are very tough if you don't know the basics. That's where Single Player training comes into effect.
Single Player mode is okay, but I prefer Multiplayer better. It is very easy to get killed if you don't know what you're doing.

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