Shogo review
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

The good:

Comes free with your Logitech Wingman Mouse. Good graphics, sound, story, animation, fighting modes. Music if you like that type of anime music.

The bad:

Loading time takes forever on a 200 mhz. Multiplayer is not as popular as Quake II.


You're this dude, and you have to save the world from this vilain. So you do and you win. But this is all in Japanesse Anime style action, really cool.

The voice acting is superb. The graphics are nice too even on a Voodoo Banshee (16 bit).

You fight in three modes:
-Human sized Mech

Basically you fight in and out of your Mech, really cool, and you can jump into whichever mech you want too. Lots of gore too.

Oh yeah, this is like watching Fists of the North Star the ultra violent cartoon, just with guns instead of hand to hand.

The intro is very Manga, especially the music

If you're tired of playing Quake or Half Life or UT, try this one, especially if you like Anime. One of the more Original titles in this very cliche-ish First Person Shooter universe.

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