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Shivers Walkthrough

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   S H I V E R S

- Walkthrough, Version 1.1
  Last Updated - 11/16/2009
  By Ashlar79 (
  Copyright (c)2009 Jeff Allred. All rights reserved. 


   T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S :

+ Prologue.....................................................(1.0)
+ Outside the Museum...........................................(1.2)
+ Gear Box Puzzle..............................................(1.3)
+ Stonehenge Puzzle............................................(1.4)
+ The Underground Lake.........................................(1.5)
+ Boat Puzzle..................................................(1.6)
+ Elevator Puzzles.............................................(1.7)
+ The Professor's Office.......................................(1.8)
+ The Ash Ixupi................................................(1.9)
+ Bedroom, Workshop, Library...................................(2.0)
+ Drawers Puzzle...............................................(2.1)
+ Basement, Theater, Clock Tower...............................(2.2)
+ Theater Door Puzzle..........................................(2.3)
+ Clock Tower Door Puzzle......................................(2.4)
+ Clock Puzzle.................................................(2.5)
+ Mysteries of the Deep, Subterranean World....................(2.6)
+ Globe Puzzle.................................................(2.7)
+ Organ Puzzle.................................................(2.8)
+ Moveable Wall Puzzle.........................................(2.9)
+ Tombs and Curses, Burial Rites...............................(3.0)
+ Columns of Ra Puzzle.........................................(3.1)
+ Door Tracks Puzzle...........................................(3.2)
+ Chinese Checkers Puzzle......................................(3.3)
+ Drums Puzzle.................................................(3.4)
+ God and Religious Items, Myths and Legends...................(3.5)
+ Sumerian Lyre Puzzle.........................................(3.6)
+ Red Doors Puzzle.............................................(3.7)
+ Music Box Puzzle.............................................(3.8)
+ Planetarium, Strange Inventions, Man's Inhumanity to Man.....(3.9)
+ Pictograph Tiles Puzzle......................................(4.0)
+ Alchemy Machine Puzzle.......................................(4.1)
+ Gallows Puzzle...............................................(4.2)
+ Puzzle Room, Storage Room....................................(4.3)
+ Phoenician Puzzle............................................(4.4)
+ Pinball Puzzle...............................................(4.5)
+ Painting Puzzle..............................................(4.6)
+ Fortuneteller Machine Puzzle.................................(4.7)
+ Skull Dials Puzzle...........................................(4.8)
+ Possible Ixupi Locations.....................................(4.9)
+ Possible Locations for Pots and Talismans....................(5.0)


   P R O L O G U E . . .                                                  (1.0)

Fifteen years ago, the eccentric Professor Windlenot, busily working to
complete his Museum of the Strange & Unusual, vanished inexplicably along with
two local high school students.  Consequently, the museum never opened, and now
looms ominously on a hillside overlooking the town of Mt. Pleasant.  On a dare,
you must spend a night locked within the confines of the eerie museum’s
grounds.  And, if you have what it takes, venture inside to unlock the secrets
behind the mysterious disappearances.


                     O U T S I D E   T H E   M U S E U M                  (1.2)

The game begins as your perky friends secure the museum gates and leave you to
fend for yourself.  To the left of the gate, you’ll see a mailbox in the shape
of a dragon’s head.  Pull the chain to open the mailbox then open and read the
letter from the museum’s attorney.  When you exit the close-up shot, the letter
will fall and reveal the number 29 engraved on the mailbox door.  Climb the
museum steps to the first landing, where a large stone pot stands.  Look behind
the pot and you’ll see an orange mask-like symbol.  Continue up the stairs to
the museum’s entrance.  Look closely at the gray arc-like symbols that adorn
the doors.  When you try the doors, you’ll find them, of course, locked.  Press
the button to the right of the doors to hear a welcoming message.  Back at the
museum gates, take a right.  Follow the pathway until you come upon the stone
monument.  On the ground behind the monument, find a green sun-like symbol.
Walk underneath through the arch.  Once you pass under the arch, turn around to
find a white S-like symbol.  Continue on the path to the bench.  Examine the
bench and you’ll see a red ring-like symbol.  Continue through the yard to a
small gazebo sitting on the edge of the moat.  Inside the gazebo you’ll find
the game’s first puzzle...

- GEAR BOX PUZZLE (1.3):  First, open the gearbox by entering the number you
found inside the mailbox, 0-2-9, then pressing the red button.  The object of
the gear box puzzle is to trade the white gears with the black ones by moving
them adjacently or diagonally.  The tricky part is, this must be done within
seven moves.  Number the eight gear slots from left to right, starting with the
top row.  Number the six gears from left to right, starting with the top row.  
Move gear one to position one, gear five to position two, gear three to
position five, gear six to position four, gear two to position seven, gear four
to position three, and gear one to position five.  The gears should now be in
their correct slots, so turn the crank to complete the puzzle.

Cross the steppingstones you’ve just raised to the island across the moat.
Approach the center of the Stonehenge and you’ll see a tan cross-like symbol
carved into the rock.  Click on the symbol to see it more closely.  The next
puzzle can be found in the center of the Stonehenge.

- STONEHENGE PUZZLE (1.4):  Rotate the six stones to match the colors to the
correct symbols.  The mask-like symbol should be orange, the arc-like symbol
gray, the sun-like symbol green, the ring-like symbol red, the S-shaped symbol
white, and the cross-like symbol tan.


                    T H E   U N D E R G R O U N D   L A K E               (1.5)

Descend the staircase and go through the door you find at the bottom.  As you
enter the green catacombs, open the switchbox to your left.  Pull the switch to
turn on the lights.  Follow either of the two paths through catacombs and
you’ll end up at another door.  Through this door lies the underground lake.
Enter the cavern and turn left.  Go toward the end of the boat and you’ll see a
corpse lying on the sand.  The partially decomposed body belonged to Professor
Windlenot.  Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that he drew a symbol in the
sand just before he died.  Look for this symbol while exploring the rest of the
museum.  Take the book "Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained" from the professor's
hand.  This book contains translated symbols that you’ll need to be aware of
later on in the game.  You can’t actually take the book with you, but you don’t
need to anyway.  When you want to view this or any other important text, look
under the Flashbacks option in the game menu.  Here, you can immediately recall
any crucial item that you’ve already read, as well as view important cut
scenes.  The next puzzle you must solve is aboard the boat...

- Boat Puzzle (1.6):  The two cranks inside the boat are used to move it
forward and backward.  Currently, the boat is set to go backward, to the shore
you’re now docked at.  At the base of the rear crank, pull the ankh lever to
lower the crank, disengaging it.  Now go to the front crank and raise it by
pushing the ankh lever up.  Turn the crank to move the boat forward.  Pay
attention to the sinister music you hear while traversing the underground lake,
it means there’s an Ixupi, or evil spirit, nearby.  The Ixupi will be explained
later, but for now, keep moving the boat forward.  On the third turn of the
crank, the Water Ixupi will attack and some of your life essence will be
stolen.  This can’t be avoided, and don’t worry--you’ll get your life essence
back when you capture the Ixupi.

When you land at the opposite shore, exit the boat and approach the clay pot
lying near the metal beam.  Open the pot to release Professor Windlenot’s
ghost.  He explains that in order to effectively capture an Ixupi, you must
find the matching pot and talisman, or lid.  Because all his life essence was
drained, Windlenot’s spirit was trapped inside the pot and the Ixupi that
stole his life escaped into the world (which means that this pot is
insignificant now but at least you can get an idea of what you’re looking for.
Enter the blue catacombs now.  Follow them until you reach an elevator door and
a security camera.  Open the switchbox on the right and you’ll find the first
elevator puzzle.

- Elevator Puzzles (1.7):  The object of the elevator puzzles is to align the
Mayan totems in a diagonal line, as indicated by the design on the elevator
door.  The first puzzle isn’t incredibly difficult but they’ll get harder as
you progress further into the museum.  Since the placement of the puzzle pieces
is randomly generated, there’s no single solution.  A basic rule to observe is
to complete the most difficult positions first, then move to the easier ones.
If you become absolutely stuck, try exiting then reentering the puzzle to get a
different setup.

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, open and enter the elevator.  Inside, press the
up button.  


                 T H E   P R O F E S S O R ' S   O F F I C E              (1.8)

In Windlenot’s office, take a look at the newspaper stuffed inside the jacket.
Here, you’ll read about the missing high schoolers, Beth Nelson and Merrick
Campbell.  Examine the map hanging near the desk.  The newspaper article tacked
to the map explains that Windlenot funded an expedition to search for Atlantis
near the Island of Bimini.  The island, circled on the map, will come into play
later on but won’t be included in your Flashbacks, so pay attention to the
latitude and longitude.  Move now to Windlenot’s desk.  Look at the tape
recorder.  Rewind the tape then press the play button to hear a recording.
Thumb through the scrapbook lying on the desk.  Here, you’ll learn a little
more about the museum, as well as Windlenot’s son, Geoffrey.  The top right
drawer of the desk contains a letter from Windlenot’s estranged wife.  Open the
bottom right drawer.  Inside, you’ll find the first talisman.  To get a good
look at the shape of the talisman, pick it up and use it on the eyeball,
located on the control bar.  Rotate the talisman to see that it has a
triangular base.  Now you must find the matching pot, which will have a
triangular opening.  You can only hold one object at a time, unless you find
the mate to a pot or talisman, in which case they’ll automatically join
together when you take it.  Otherwise, the object you currently carry will
switch places with any new object taken.  Place the talisman back on the
control bar.  If you walk to the front of the desk, you’ll see papers scattered
on the floor.  Click on them to read an unfinished letter Windlenot wrote to


                       T H E   A S H   I X U P I                          (1.9)

Now turn and face the fireplace.  Move forward once and you’ll hear the music
that tells there’s an Ixupi nearby.  You’ll also hear flames crackling, which
gives you a clue as to the Ixupi’s origin.  This particular one is the Ash
Ixupi, and is currently hiding in the fireplace ashes.  Don’t get any closer to
the fireplace, or the Ixupi will attack.  Instead, take a left and exit through
the door to the main entry hall.  The glass display case in the center of the
hall has been broken.  If you read the plaque in front of the case, you’ll
learn that a jade skull was kept here.  Enter the red doors between the Roman
columns.  This area is entitled Strange Beasts.  If you turn to face the doors
you just entered through, you’ll find a message button that gives you a brief
introduction to the room.  Feel free to read the exhibit plaques here, but
beware of Ixupi that may be lurking nearby (you’ll receive points for reading
exhibit plaques and listening to room introductions).  Examine the inhaler
lying on the floor.  Go to the green doors with the vine motif.  Enter the
doors and you’ll find yourself in Amazing Plants.

Look at the display of pots to the right of the doors.  There, you’ll see a
pyramid-shaped pot of a different hue than the others.  This pot matches the
talisman you’re carrying, so click on it to join them.  You’re now ready to
capture your first Ixupi.  Make your way back to Windlenot’s office.  

- Capturing Ixupi:  As mentioned before, you must first have a matching pot and
talisman in order to capture an Ixupi.  Each pot corresponds to a specific
Ixupi.  The markings on the exterior of a pot will tell you which one it
belongs to (find the book "South American Pictographs" in the library to learn
more).  When you’re ready to capture one, find the object it’s currently hiding
in (the object must be made of the same substance as the Ixupi).  You know
there’s an Ixupi hiding in a nearby object when you hear the sinister Ixupi
music.  Get as close to the object as you can then quickly use the completed
pot on it to capture the Ixupi.  Ixupi will move around the museum at will, but
will sometimes guard a particular area.  Just as the Ash Ixupi will probably be
the first captured, the Electricity Ixupi will always be the last.  A list of
possible hiding places for each Ixupi is included at the end of this guide.

If the Ash Ixupi is still hiding in the fireplace in Windlenot's office,
capture it now.  If not, you’ll have to look elsewhere.  


               B E D R O O M ,   W O R K S H O P ,   L I B R A R Y        (2.0)

Lift the wall tapestry next to the door to reveal another room and another
elevator puzzle.  Solve the puzzle, enter the elevator and press the up button.
The door you’ll find on the second floor leads to Windlenot’s bedroom.  Go to
the desk and examine the journal, in which Windlenot writes to Geoffrey.  Look
at the miniature clock tower sitting on the nightstand.  Note that the clock is
set to 5:30.  Return to the office by completing another elevator puzzle.
Enter the workshop adjacent to the office.  In the workshop, examine the
diagram of a basilisk skull lying on the worktable.  Note the numbers used to
specify the skull fragments.  Now go to the chest of numbered drawers to solve
the next puzzle.

- Drawers Puzzle (2.1):  To complete this puzzle, open all drawers with numbers
not listed on the basilisk diagram.  The numbers are:  417c, 249c, 458, 299,
189a and 513g.  When you’ve done this correctly, the keyhole will light up.
Turn the key to unlock a cupboard below the drawers.

In the main entry hall, go left, to the museum library.  There, look closely at
the left bookcase on the far wall.  There, you’ll find four important books:
"In Search of the Unexplained," "Mythology of the Stars," "South American
Pictographs" (which translates the markings on the Ixupi pots), and the black
book--a manuscript documenting the discovery of the Ixupi and explaining their
origin.  Read through the books to copy them to your Flashbacks menu.  Walk
over to the ladder.  Push it to the right then climb to the top shelf of the
bookcase.  Open a secret compartment by pulling the fat green book.  Exit the
library through the door that’s been left ajar.  


          B A S E M E N T ,   T H E A T E R,   C L O C K   T O W E R      (2.2)

Check the floor in the basement hall to find Beth’s school ID, report card,
hand-written note and lipstick.  If you open the cap on the lipstick, you’ll
see that it’s been used to write something.  Walk over to the stairs.  On the
landing, open Beth’s purse and read through her address book.  There isn’t much
you can do downstairs in the museum power plant just now, so return to the
basement hall and solve the elevator puzzle.  Inside the elevator, look at the
wall to your right.  You’ll see that Beth hastily scrawled out a clue for
Merrick, which will come in handy later on.  Back in the main entry hall, go to
the reception desk.  Open the desk drawer to find the museum brochure.  Now go
to the fountain.  Click on the second brick from the right at the base of the
fountain to reveal the valve handle.  Turn the handle and the fountain will
come to life, which now makes this a likely place for the Water Ixupi to hide.
Approach the Egyptian door between the two obelisks.  Click the stone panels on
the door to reveal the next puzzle.

- Theater Door Puzzle (2.3):  To unlock the door, place the hieroglyphs in
their correct positions to represent the points of a compass.  You’ll find the
solution in the book "Egyptian Hieroglyphics Explained."

Enter the theater.  Go up the steps at the right end of the stage and check the
podium to find Merrick’s note.  Now go up the steps on the left end of the
stage.  Follow the hall to a wooden door.

Clock Tower Door Puzzle (2.4):  Beth attempted to write the solution to this
puzzle in the elevator before she was attacked.  Position the letters to spell
out ‘Geoffrey,’ the name of Windlenot’s son.

Unlocking the door gives you access to the clock tower.  As you climb the tower
steps, notice the large alcove on the right.  The chains in the alcove are used
to set the museum’s giant clock.  Continue upward to the room at the top.
Here, you’ll find the Fire Ixupi’s pot, which now contains Beth’s ghost.  Open
the pot to release her.  Now look at the security cameras console.  To monitor
a room, first select the room you want by pressing one of the red buttons
located under the small screens.  Now use the control stick to position the
camera.  You can also view previously recorded footage by pressing the play
button in the center of the console.  Survey the Shaman room.  Merrick has
written a message in paint there, on top of a scaffold.   Watch the footage
from the basement hall camera to see Beth drop her purse as she runs by.  In
Strange Beasts, watch Merrick use his inhaler.  Finally, survey the clock tower
and look at the time currently displayed on the clock.

Clock Puzzle (2.5):  You need to set the museum clock to 5:30, the time on the
miniature clock in Windlenot’s bedroom.  Do this by pulling the chains in the
clock tower stairway.  Pulling the leftmost chain moves the hour hand forward
by five, the second chain moves the hour hand back by five, the third moves the
minute hand forward by 35, and the fourth moves the minute hand back by 35.
The clock currently reads 12:00, so set the clock to 5:30 by pulling the second
chain two times and the third chain six times.

Next, go to the projector room, which is also located in the backstage area of
the theater.  Find the film projector and click on the top reel until the film
is completely rewound.  Now press the green button to play the film.  Pay close
attention to the order in which Windlenot presses the images on the wall.  
After you exit the projector room, you’ll notice a depression in the wall of
the backstage hallway.  Upon closer inspection, you’ll see a button next to it.
Pressing the button opens a passage to the basement hall.  Return to Strange
Beasts.  Enter the doors near the mastodon tusks and you’ll find yourself in
Mysteries of the Deep.


                M Y S T E R I E S   O F   T H E   D E E P ,
                   S U B T E R R A N E A N   W O R L D                    (2.6)

Examine the globe held by the statue of Poseidon to find the next puzzle.

Globe Puzzle (2.7):  To solve the puzzle, enter the coordinates for the Island
of Bimini, shown on the map in Windlenot’s office.  The coordinates are 20
degrees north latitude, 75 degrees west longitude.

Solving the puzzle opens a hidden compartment in the floor.  Look inside the
compartment to find the museum blueprints.  Now go to the Sirens exhibit and
examine the plaque there.  Press the red button to hear the siren’s song.  If
you’ve selected the Text On option from the game menu, you’ll be able to see
the notes when the tune is played.  Memorize the tune then go across the room
to the organ.

Organ Puzzle (2.8):  As you probably guessed, the solution to this puzzle is
the siren’s song.  Click on the shells to play the notes.  You must play the
song in its entirety without error.  If you’re having trouble getting it,
number the shells from left to right then play them in this order:  1, 6, 5, 1,
6, 5, 7, 4, 2, 1.

Enter through the doorway behind the colossus head, which leads to Subterranean
World.  Follow the hall down the stairs and to the left.  Here, you’ll find the
moveable wall.

Moveable Wall Puzzle (2.9):  Move the wall aside by pressing and pulling the
symbols in the correct order.  You can watch the theater film from your
Flashbacks menu to see the sequence again.  

Next, you must find your way through the maze.  From the doorway, go forward as
far as you can, turn right, go around the corner, turn right at the next
opening, go forward as far as you can, turn left and go around two corners,
turn left at the next opening, go forward, turn left at the next opening and
follow the corridor to the next room.  If you’ve captured the Tar/Oil Ixupi,
use the steppingstones to cross the oil pool.  Once on the other side, find
your way through the shadowy passage.  Back in the main entry hall, go up the
stairs and through the door to Tombs and Curses.


         T O M B S   A N D   C U R S E S ,   B U R I A L   R I T E S      (3.0)

To your right is the Tomb of the Ixupi exhibit.  You won’t find any of the pots
or talismans there because they were scattered about the museum when Merrick
and Beth released the 13 Ixupi.  On the wall to the right of the exhibit,
you’ll see a square panel with a plant design above it.  Clicking on the plant
opens a passage to the 2nd floor hall, but for now, go across the room to the
sphinx display.  Face the front of the sphinx then click on the area between
its arms to reveal a small staircase.  Move forward and click on the sphinx’s
mouth to hear a clue about the next puzzle.

- Columns of Ra Puzzle (3.1):  In his clue, the sphinx instructs you to enter,
on the columns of Ra, the names of the pharaoh and queen responsible for
Egypt’s decline.  Go to your Flashbacks menu and check the book "Egyptian
Hieroglyphs Explained."  Here, you’ll see that Pharaoh Aakhunaten and Queen
Nefertiti are the two you’re looking for.  Now rotate the hieroglyphs on the
two columns to spell out the names.  If you’ve done this correctly, the stone
sarcophagus will open.

Return to the main area of Tombs and Curses.  The door at the top of the
pyramid stairs holds another puzzle.

- Door Tracks Puzzle (3.2):  The object of this puzzle is to rotate the tiles
to make three continuous tracks connecting the holes at the top to the holes at
the bottom.  Once you correctly complete the puzzle, three balls will roll down
the tracks and unlock the door.

Enter through the door to find the next area of the museum, Burial Rites.  Go
to the Ghanaian coffin exhibit.  Open the coffin to find Merrick’s remains.  
Underneath the coffin lies Merrick’s diary, which explains his and Beth’s
presence in the museum.  You’ll also notice that lying on the floor behind the
coffin is the jade skull from the display in the main entry hall (Merrick’s
life essence was stolen by the Jade Ixupi).  Across the room, you’ll see a
sarcophagus in the shape of a winged animal.  Open the base of the sarcophagus
to find the next puzzle.

- Chinese Checkers Puzzle (3.3):  In this puzzle, you must eliminate all but
one of the red pieces by using one to ‘jump’ another.  The final move must end
with the last piece jumping to the red space in the center of the board.  
Needless to say, you probably won’t finish this puzzle on the first try.  Press
the red button at the bottom of the board to reset the pieces if you find
yourself stuck.  Here’s the solution.  First, number the spaces from left to
right beginning with the top row.  Now follow this list of moves:  5-17, 12-10,
3-11, 1-3, 18-6, 30-18, 27-25, 13-27, 24-26, 22-24, 27-25, 31-23, 16-28, 33-31,
31-23, 4-16, 7-9, 10-8, 21-7, 7-9, 24-10, 10-8, 8-22, 22-24, 24-26, 19-17,
16-18, 3-11, 11-25, 26-24, 29-17

Now exit through the blue doors to the Shaman room.  There isn’t much you can
do here except solve the drums puzzle to open the door to the next area.

- Drums Puzzle (3.4):  Take the drumstick from the shaman’s hand and play the
drums in the correct sequence.  If you spied on this room from the clock tower,
you should have seen the puzzle solution.  The correct sequence is Ram-Ta Bo-Ba
Ta-Ram-Ba.  Return the drumstick to the shaman’s hand to complete the puzzle.

Go through the open doorway to the next area, Gods and Religious Items.  


             G O D S   A N D   R E L I G I O U S   I T E M S ,            (3.5)
                    M Y T H S   A N D   L E G E N D S

You’ll find two puzzles in this area, one of which is at the Sumerian lyre
exhibit inside the castle-like structure.

- Sumerian Lyre Puzzle (3.6):  This puzzle will put your memory to the test.  
Press the blue button to begin.  After the three notes are played for you, play
them back just as you hear them.  Each time you play correctly, a blue square
will light up and you’ll hear the tune again but with an extra note added each
round.  You must do this for at total of 10 rounds to finish the puzzle.  The 
easiest way to win is to number the strings from one to eight then jot down the
new number played each time.

The next puzzle is located to the left of the red doors.  The plaque next to
the doors explains that in order to pass through, you must reveal Chuen, a
Mayan god. 

- Red Doors Puzzle (3.7):  Click on the panel next to the doors to open the
puzzle.  Here, you must piece together an image of Chuen.  Beth drew a picture
of the finished puzzle in her address book, which can be viewed from your
Flashbacks menu.  Click on the puzzle pieces to rotate them then click and drag
them into position.

Through the red doors, you’ll find the Myths and Legends area.  Enter the room
and look at the floor next to the stack of boxes.  Here, you’ll find Merrick’s
backpack, which contains photos of he and Beth exploring the museum, as well as
the book "Ancient Astrology."  The African Creation Myth exhibit contains
another puzzle.  

- Music Box Puzzle (3.8):  When you try to turn the music box key, you’ll find
it uncooperative.  To get the music box to work, go to the clock tower.  On the
jukebox, select track B-2, the Anansi the Spider Song.  Return to the music box
and turn the key.  

Continue to the next section of Myths and Legends.  The empty display case here
once contained the werewolf that you may have bumped into earlier.  Pass
through the last Myths and Legends area then make a left at the exit.  Behind
this door is the janitor’s closet.  The pile of red rags on the counter is a
frequent hiding spot for the Cloth Ixupi.  Exit the janitor’s closet and take
the stairs up to the planetarium.  


        P L A N E T A R I U M ,   S T R A N G E   I N V E N T I O N S     (3.9)
                  M A N S   I N H U M A N I T Y   T O   M A N

Look behind the UFO to find Merrick’s camera.  Press the button on top of the
camera to eject the photo.  To find this room’s puzzle, click on the star map
next to the UFO.

- Pictograph Tiles Puzzle (4.0):  If you read through the book "In Search of
the Unexplained," the symbols in this puzzle should look familiar.  Place the
alien pictographs next to the locations they were found at.  Do this by
clicking on one pictograph then clicking another to switch their positions.  
Once you’ve correctly matched a set of pictographs with their proper location,
the location plate will press inward.

When you’re finished in the planetarium, go next door to Strange Inventions.  
In the center area of the room, click on the pyramid steps to open a passage to
the 3rd floor hall.  The 2nd and 3rd floor halls are the quickest routes back
to the main floor, so it’s a good idea to get familiar with them.  The large
crate at the far end of Strange Inventions contains another puzzle.  Click on
the machine’s octagonal panel to open the puzzle.

- Alchemy Machine Puzzle (4.1):  Here, you must position the shapes so that all
wire connections match color-wise.  Click the pieces to rotate them then click
and drag them into position.  The best way to go about solving the puzzle is to
find the correct center piece first.  Try all possible pieces in the center
then rule them out one by one until you find the correct one.

Exit Strange Inventions through the door opposite the puzzle.  The next area
you’ll come across is Man’s Inhumanity to Man.  The electric chair in this area
is a possible hiding place for the Electricity Ixupi.  To activate the electric
chair, enter the jail cell and pull the switch located inside.  This room’s
puzzle is at the top of the gallows.  Before you climb the steps, read the
plaque in front of the display.

- Gallows Puzzle (4.2):  The object of this puzzle is to hang the dummy.  Do
this by entering the display’s height, in inches, on the dials.  The plaque
explains that the drop in this display is 10 feet, so turn the dials to read
120.  When this is done correctly, you’ll hear a click.  Now pull the lever and
hang the dummy.  

Leave Man’s Inhumanity to Man through the red door near the jail cell.  



You’ll now find yourself in the puzzle room.  You won’t be able to do much here
until you solve the Phoenician puzzle.  The display next to the puzzle explains
how it works.

- Phoenician Puzzle (4.4):  Pull the lever to begin.  To win, you must guess
the correct combination of five randomly selected symbols.  Each time you enter
a guess, you’ll receive 10 points for a correct symbol in the right position
and one point for a correct symbol in the wrong position.

Once you’re done with the puzzle, go through the puzzle piece-shaped door.  
Click on the skull painting to move to the next area and the next puzzle.

- Pinball Puzzle (4.5):  This is possibly the most frustrating puzzle in the
game.  Here you must use the flippers to pop the colored balls into their
corresponding slots.  If you can’t seem to get it, here’s the solution.  Number
the slots from left to right then use the following list of moves:  blue 4-5, 
pink 7-4, violet 8-7, blue 5-8, pink 4-5, green 1-4, red 2-1, plaid 3-2, peach
6-3, yellow 9-6, blue 8-9, pink 5-8, plaid 2-5, peach 3-2, yellow 6-3, blue
9-6, pink 8-9, plaid 5-8.  

Step through the person-shaped doorway to the catwalk area.  Return to Strange
Inventions and enter the pyramid passage.  Make your way down to the 2nd floor
hall.  Find the door to the storage closet near a pile of boards.  On the wall
to the left of the door is another puzzle.

- Painting Puzzle (4.6):  Arrange the puzzle pieces to form the image of a 
knight riding a two-headed horse into battle.  The pieces can only be moved by
selecting a pair to switch positions.  Once you’ve switched two pieces, click
on the arrow button to rotate them.

The storage room door will now be unlocked.  Inside, the Jade Ixupi’s pot can
be found.  Open the pot to release Merrick’s ghost.  Now turn to face the
fortuneteller machine.  Use the nickel from the coin return in the machine’s

- Fortuneteller Machine Puzzle (4.7):  This puzzle leads you on a mini treasure
hunt through the museum.  The clue you receive from the machine points to the
solar system exhibit located in the planetarium.  If you’re unfamiliar with the
gods of Roman myth from which the planets got their names, check the book 
"Mythology of the Stars" from your Flashbacks menu.  At the exhibit, align the 
planets Venus, Earth and Mars.  The second clue refers to the Thor display in
Gods and Religious Items.  Go to the display and click on the carved stone on
the right to receive the next clue.  This clue refers, of course, to page 17
of "Egyptian Hieroglyphics Explained," which has been torn out.  You won’t be
able to find the missing page until you’ve captured nine Ixupi.  When you have,
go downstairs to the museum power plant.  The fuse box will now be open, so
flip the center red switch to the right.  A hidden crawlspace will be revealed,
along with Beth’s remains and the missing page.  The clue from the missing page
points to the guillotine exhibit in Man’s Inhumanity to Man.  Pull the pin on
the guillotine to release the blade.  The symbol on the blade is a clue to the
location of the last talisman, but to get there you must first solve the skull
dials puzzle.

- Skull Dials Puzzle (4.8):  In the museum brochure is a list of six exhibits,
each located near a skull dial.  The colored skulls next to the exhibit names 
indicate the color each dial should be set at.

~ Giant Eagles Nest, Strange Beasts (blue)
~ Viking Burial, Burial Rites (blue)
~ Myth of the Werewolf, Myths and Legends (red)
~ Legend of the Deros, Subterranean World (yellow)
~ Tomb of the Ixupi, Tombs and Curses (green)
~ Two-headed Celtic God, Gods and Religious Items (red)

When you’ve turned all six dials to their correct colors, go to the puzzle room
and turn the large skull dial at the end of the catwalk.  Go through the door 
and click on the eye symbol to get the Electricity Ixupi’s talisman.  

Once you’ve completed the last pot, head down to the museum power plant.  Go to
the generator room and capture the last Ixupi there to finish the game.


             P O S S I B L E   I X U P I   L O C A T I O N S              (4.9)

Water Ixupi:
-Underground lake
-Fountain, main entry hall 
-Toilet, janitor’s closet

Ash Ixupi:
-Fireplace, museum office
-Cremation display, Burial Rites

Sand Ixupi:
-Sand mound, Amazing Plants
-Poseidon’s temple, Mysteries of the Deep

Wood Ixupi:
-Wooden idol, museum workshop
-Fisherman’s canoe god, Gods and Religious Items
-Crate boards, Myths and Legends
-Pile of boards, 2nd floor hall

Tar/Oil Ixupi:
-Tar pit, Strange Beasts
-Oil pool, Subterranean World

Metal Ixupi:
-Unicorn statue, Strange Beasts
-Suit of armor, bedroom
-Stack of film cans, projector room

Wax Ixupi:
-Candelabra, museum library
-Wax doll, shaman room
-Apophis the serpent display, Myths and Legends

Crystal Ixupi:
-Chandelier, main entry hall
-Quartz device, Mysteries of the Deep

Cloth Ixupi:
-Curse of Anubis exhibit, Tombs and Curses
-Paracas burial bundles exhibit, Burial Rites
-Armoire, bedroom
-Red rags, janitor’s closet

Electricity Ixupi:
-Generator, museum power plant
-Astronomical construction exhibit, planetarium
-Electric chair exhibit, Man’s Inhumanity to Man


           P O S S I B L E   L O C A T I O N S   F O R   P O T S          (5.0)
                         A N D   T A L I S M A N S

-Desk drawer, museum office
-Cupboard below chest of drawers, museum workshop
-Transforming masks, main entry hall
-Bookshelf cabinet, museum library
-Statuette, museum library
-Behind curtain, theater (after viewing theater film)
-Clock mechanism, clock tower (after solving clock puzzle)
-Giant eagle’s nest, Strange Beasts
-Pots display, Amazing Plants
-Secret floor compartment, Mysteries of the Deep (after solving globe puzzle)
-Oil pool, Subterranean World
-Stone sarcophagus, Tombs and Curses (after solving columns of Ra puzzle) 
-Animal crematorium display, Burial Rites (after solving Chinese checkers
-Tribal hut, shaman room
-Sumerian bull god, Gods and Religious Items (after solving Sumerian lyre
-African creation myth exhibit, Myths and Legends (after solving music box
-Maori carved chest, Myths and Legends
-Red rags, janitor’s closet
-UFO, planetarium (after solving pictograph tiles puzzle)
-Alchemy machine, Strange Inventions (after solving alchemy machine puzzle)
-Gallows, Man’s Inhumanity to Man (after solving gallows puzzle)
-Catwalk, puzzle room
-End of puzzle room slide, main entry hall