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bought this game thinking it was going to be a lot different compared to Pokemon, I don't like Pokemon. I was right, Demikids is far more dark and classical RPG than Pokemon ever was…

Sound: 6/20
The sound in Demikids can be very associated with relevant twists and major events, but outside of battles etc its better to turn it down because due to the initial length of the game the limited amount of music and lack of sound effects like wind, which are superior in games like golden Sun and Lutia.

Gameplay: 8/10
Demikids, especially 'dark' have far superior Gameplay features to other 'monster capture' games currently on the market. This is particularly true of 'Dark' due to its advanced fusing system, which allows greater longevity of Gameplay through its trial and error fusing. My batteries ran out twice while playing this game and longevity is the key to a RPG.

Demikids also comes in two colours light and dark, which both have different but ultimately interconnected plots. After Playing Dark and then borrowing Light I found that it also took me as long to complete while providing different challenges and more monsters to collect. This is in stark contrast to Pokemon and Mega man who produced the same game and released it in two colours, leading some consumers to too purchase the virtually exact game twice.

Character interactions are also well handled but lack a sense of self destiny, Resident evil I, was a prime example of making you own game but on average producer choose linear game progression compared to player choice. Although Demikids does allow you answer questions, in the end it seems like you have no control over the main character.

Graphics 7/10
The graphical environment in the different realms of Demikids are highly detailed and challenging, although in-battle, based on Golden sun are the graphics are still cartoony but set aside on its own does not represent a barrier to Gameplay. Environments play a key part in separating the different realms and it is possible to conceive that each realm was worked on and not simply copied

The monster catching 'craze' that was kick started in Europe by Pokemon has led to a string of similar titles pouring on to the market, however the 350 catchable monster in Demikids seem unreal, while efforts have been made and some partners are unique, many monster are similar and most have predictable characteristics based on appearances.

Overall 7/10

Demikids is a highly respectable game that has attempted to instil new features and step outside of the monster rancher/Pokemon gameset. While it gives gamers value over two very different but connected games, it is still Pokemon with a Golden Sun influence that gives it enjoyability, longevity and uniqueness.

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