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Advance mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock advance mode, which is a more advanced difficulty setting.
The Actually Becoming Comprehensive Shining Soul Guide
version .03 (Jaha)
Last updated: 4/03/2002
by Dais (
"Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim!"

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This work is copyrighted- April 2002, Dais (

VERSION HISTORY (and whatnot)

Version .03- More...stuff. A -lot- more, thanks to the generous people
who have offered translation help
Version .02- Figured out some of the skill stuff. Did the first dungeon
walkthrough. Still haven't unlocked the Ninja Class.
Version .01- This is just an early release. Format was ripped off
of my unreleased Seiken Densetsu 3 guide. Ironic..

I. Introduction
-What is Shining Soul?
II. Gameplay Mechanics
-The Four Character Types
-In The Dungeon *COMING SOON*
III. Town
IV. Dungeons
1: Beast Mountain
2: Death-Shadow Dungeon
3: Cave of Igoll
4: Dimensional Forest
5: Grabull Temple
6: Doull Waterway
7: Dark Tower
8: Dark Castle
V. Weapons, Spells, Armor, Items
-Usable Items
-Unequippable Items
-Soul Max equipment
VI. Enemy Guide (sort of)
VII. Credits/Contibuting


I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Kevin Koh/Yamikarasu, Elemental Magician,
and Critical Mass....these people helped A LOT!

* *
* I. Intro *
* *

Simply put, Shining Soul is a dungeon-crawling action-RPG for the
Gameboy Advance. As the name suggests, it does have a relation to the
Shining Force series - it's basically a prologue, setting the place
1,000 years before the first game. (thanks, Yamikarasu)
The game itself hasn't recieved a whole lot of attention, perhaps
because it has been overshadowed by other announcements (Square joining
up with Nintendo, etc), and possibly some early feeling of alienation
by the Shining Force fanbase. :\
Whatever the case may be, the game itself is a damn fine release,
even if it lacks a few things here and sticks a few strange things in
here. And there's not a lot of information out about it, so...I try to
fill the gap. I, and all the helpful people I meet, that is.


I'm not sure why I picked to put the controls here, but for some reason
it makes a bit more sense. To me, at least.

The directional pad does just what you would expect it to, unless you're
expecting it to sing. Although that would be pretty cool.


[A] - Confirms choice in menus, selects an item
IN TOWN: Initiates conversation/enter shop
IN ACTION FIELD: Uses currently selected weapon/spell (ie, ATTACK!)
Also picks up items/treasure chests/blessings

[B] - Exit menus (or bring up the choice to exit a menu...)
IN ACTION FIELD: Uses currently selected "quick" item

[Start] - Opens basic four-way menu (anywhere)

[Select] - Used to cycle through item description in inventory and shop menus
IN ACTION FIELD: Uses summon when you have "Soul Max" status

[L] - Used to scroll through menus
IN INVENTORY/ACTION FIELD: Used to cycle through weapons/spells

[R] - Used to scroll through menus
IN INVENTORY/ACTION FIELD: Used to cycle through "quick" items


Or rather, Questions Nobody Asks But Are Answered Nonetheless (QNABAAN).
They are to address any matters not yet raised in the main guide.

Q. I'm gaining less EXP than before from this monster/why is the strong monster
giving the same EXP as the weaks one did?

A. The amount of EXP you recieve is determined by your level, apparently. Just
gotta live with it..

Q. Why do you list the EXP given by bosses, if enemies give less EXP depending
upon the character's level?

A. Because they still give you the same amount of EXP no matter what level you
are. I might be wrong about that, though..

Q. Every time I throw away something, I get a little green healing herb thing...

A. If you do, please mail me and tell me whether you're playing an import
or a ROM, as well as when you first began to notice this happening. Thanks!

Q. How much of this stuff did you rip off Onikage's guide?

A. None of it. It got posted about half-an-hour before my FAQ went
up. So don't anyone bug me about it.

Q. How do I save my game without quitting to the title screen?

A. You can't.

Q. What is 'ZAP'?

A. It's Lightning in a compressed space.

Q. This guide is a mess!

A. Waaah!

* *
* II. Gameplay *
* *



1. Two-choice menu at very start

*Normal Game*
*Network Game*

2. Normal game menu

There's eight save slots (use the directional pad to scroll back and
forth between the first four and last four). Select any one of them (with
[A]) to either create a character (if it's blank) or load a character
(if there's already one there).

Character Creation: When you choose a blank slot, a 'Knight' type
character will appear in it, with his default stats below. Press left
to scroll through the four classes (Knight, Wizard, Archer, Dragon). And
right to go back again. Duh.
Press [A] to choose a class, and then you'll be presented with another
four options to scroll through - this time, it's the color of the character
you chose (the black Dragon looks like a wolf...). While that seems just like
personal choice right now, it would be much more meaningful in network games,
something I don't want to mention at all in this FAQ.
When you select the color, a naming screen will come up, with lots of
intimidating Japanese symbols. Use [Select] to scroll between Hiragana,
Katakana, and good ol' English letters. Yes, you can do this with the cursor, Naturally, press [A] to select a symbol, [B] to backspace, and
use the shoulder pads to move the actual typing cursor around, if you're
that damn lazy.
As soon as you've entered a symbol, the little head in the lower-right
will begin nodding, you can select it (or hit [Start]) to get the game to
ask you if you want to finalize the name. This is important, because once
you select 'Yes', you'll be put straight into the game. Sort of.
Press 'B' at any time to cancel the last action you took, of course..

Oh, and when viewing a save game, the little number next to the Japanese
word is the last dungeon you unlocked (for example, when you've been through
two dungeons, the number is 3).

Finally, you can delete a character by pressing [Select]+[A]. As far as
I know, there is no way to copy a save slot, although I can't really see
the point in doing so..

3. Sub-menu that appears when you press [Start]

*Status* *Options*
*Save game*

4. Status menu

It looks something like this:
| HP Current/Maximum (controls in Japanese, which you don't know)
| (stupid little bar) Current level ____ Current EXP ____________
| (stupid magic bar*)
| SP Current/Maximum_____________________________ ____________________
| / Nodding face | Points to | / Same deal, except
| Here is your | if you have -> | distribute | | with little 's
| character |----------------'------------' |--------------------
| standing | STR(ENGTH) _____ | |Skill 1 (level)
| around doing | | |Skill 2 (level)
| nothing | VIT(ALITY) _____ | |Skill 3 (level)
| except | | |Skill 4 (level)
| sometimes | INT(ELLIGENCE) _____ | |Skill 5 (level)
| being | | |Skill 6 (level)
| attacked | DEX(TERITY) _____ | |Skill 7 (level)
| | | |Skill 8 (level)
| \_____________________________/ \____________________
| Resistance to fire ____ Attack power _____ And your
| Resistance to ice ____ beautiful
| Resistance to ZAP ____ Defense value _____ call sign
| Japanese explanation of the various stats and skills

*Only the Wizard class has a magic bar and SP

Whew! Sorry about how ugly that looks, but I'm not an artist, and I
had trouble fitting it into the 75 character per line rule.
On this screen, the only things you can select are the two faces above
the lists; when you select one, you can either read what each stat improves/
skill does, or you can increase them (if you just leveled up). I think the
rest is pretty self-explanatory, except...
That big box with all the things to the right of your four basic stats
is your 'skills' box, and how much you've put into each skill. I'll go more
into that in the 'skills' section of this part of the FAQ.

5. Inventory menu

Okay, here we go..
| HP Current/Maximum (controls in Japanese, which you don't know)
| (stupid little bar) ________ G (cash)
| (stupid magic bar*)
|--------------------. __________________________
| Left (Armed)|Equip | / \ Three more
| _______| 1 | | This is the 5*5 square | squares for
| |Equip |------' |--------------------------| some usable
|------| 2 | | your items call home | items over
|Equip |------' '-----' |--------------------------| here!
| 3 | |Head | | when not equipped or |
|------' '-----' |--------------------------| __________
| Character | stored in the bank | / \
| '-----' |--------------------------| | DROP? |
| |Other| '-----' | | | Y/N |
| '-----' |Armor| \__________________________/ \__________/
| '-----'
| Fire resist. __ +/- __ Attack power __ +/- __ STR(ength) __ +/- __
| Ice resist. __ +/- __ Defense value __ +/- __ VIT(ality) __ +/- __
| ZAP resist. __ +/- __ DEX(terity) __ +/- __ INT(el) __ +/- __
| Japanese description and details about the items themselves

*Offer valid only with select retailers

Yikes. That's pretty bad, especially with the lack of room on the
right side. I wasn't able to show how there's another three 'equip' slots,
but for healing/etc items only. And various other things are off...
The two spaces beside each stat are what you currently are in that
category, and hovering over equipment will show what stats it might increase
or decrease, and by how much.
Pressing [Select] will cycle the bottom 'display' through the name,
specifics, and what I think is a description (like, "This is the fabled
sword of Rat Death").
If an item is outlined in red, you cannot equip it. If it has a red
question mark over it, it is unidentified, and you can't equip or use it.
When an item is selected, the cursor picks it up. You can now:

*Put it over the character and hit [A] (for healing items)
*Move it to the appropriate armor slot (for armor, duh)
*Move it to one of the three slots on the left (for weapons and spells)
*Move it to one of the three slots on the right (for usable items)
*Move it into the drop box, causing it to drop to the dungeon floor

6. Weapon/Armor/Misc shop menus

The easiest way to picture a shop menu is to look at an inventory menu.
All the buttons do the same thing (mostly), but there's a few changes.

*First off, the drop box and right-hand item slots are replaced by a
"SELL" menu of the owner's inventory.
*Your money in the bank appears above your own item box.
*When the hand cursor is over an item, it will show how much that item
will sell for (unless it's in the shop menu, which is how much you
can buy it for).
*Dragging an item over to the right will stick it in the 'SELL' box, and
pressing [A] will sell the item, WHICH IS NOW GONE FOREVER.
*Dragging an item from the store's inventory to yours will buy the item.
You cannot select items you can't afford (the price will show in red)
*Pressing the right shoulder pad button quickly puts your cursor in the
shop owner's window, perhaps in case there's some secret that you get
by only pressing so many buttons in the course of the game. (Hmmm...)
*Pressing [B] when you have nothing selected will give you the choice
of leaving the store.

7. Identification menu

Basically the same as the shop menu, except instead of buying and
selling, there's only your 5x5 inventory, and a cursor which shows how much
identifying an item will cost. Basically, if you don't have any items with
a big question mark on them, don't come here.

8. Storage menu

Like a shop menu. Instead of selling items, you can store them in one
of four 3*5 (15 square) boxes, for a total of 60 storage slots. Press the
right shoulder pad button to cycle between boxes. Note that putting a bag
of gold into the storage will put that much money into your 'bank', but
the bag still takes up a slot in the storage.

9. Options

*Turns the music on and off
*Switch the functions of the [A] and [B] buttons
*Change the window background color

10. Save

Not really a menu, but when you get the Yes/No option, select Yes
to save. The game then resets to the title screen. Hey, if you didn't
want to stop playing, why are you saving? It's not like the game has much
of a penalty for death...besides a sudden cash flow problem.

That should be all the menus...whew!


Thanks to several very generous people, who are a lot more literate
than I, these skills and their uses have been translated almost completely..
Thanks, guys!

TYPE ONE - KNIGHT (or Warrior)
Starting stats: HP 32, STR 15, VIT 15, INT 0, DEX 15
Starting equipment: Sword (9 attack)
Axe (15 attack)
Spear (9 attack)
2 Herbs (heal 30 HP)
Angel Wing (escapes dungeon)
Skills: Soodo/Sword Up
*Raises Attack with Swords, allows Sword Charge attack
Atsukusu/Axe Up
*Raises Attack with Axes, allows Axe Charge attack
Subia/Spear Up
*Raises Attack with Spears, allows Spear Charge attack
DEF-kyouka/Raise Defense
*Increases the character's basic defense rating
Kusuri-kouka/Medicine Effectivity
*Makes healing items heal more HP
Seishin-Ryouka/Mental Concentration?
*Effect unknown, as of yet
Koori-Taisei/Ice Resistance
*Increases the character's basic defense against Ice attacks
Kaminari-Taisei/Lightning Resistance
*Increases the character's basic defense against ZAP! attacks

Strengths: Balanced character, easy to use
Weaknesses: No ranged attacks, rather dull

TYPE TWO - WIZARD (or Magician)
Starting stats: HP 22, SP 40, STR 5, VIT 10, INT 20, DEX 10
Starting equipment: Fire Spell (14 'attack', 3 SP)
Ice Spell (13 'attack', 4 SP)
Basic Cloak (+3 DEF)
Goddess' Teardrop (restores 30 SP)
Herb (heal 30 HP)
Angel Wing
Skills: Bureizu/Blaze
Heruburasuto/Hell Blast*
*As you might guess, these are all spell names. Each of these
skills allows you to charge up each spell

(*Or maybe just 'Tornado'... )

Strengths: Can use magic! Very useful ability, that.
Weaknesses: EXTREMELY weak at start of the game, and almost useless without

Starting stats: HP 26, STR 13, VIT 12, INT 0, DEX 20
Starting equipment: Bow (3 attack)
Spear (9 attack)
Basic Cloak (+3 DEF)
2 Herbs (heal 30 HP)
Angel Wing
Skills: Boe/Bow Up
*Raises Attack with Bows, allows Bow Charge attack
Subia/Spear Up
*Raises Attack with Spears, allows Spear Charge attack
*Increases the range of your Bow and Spears
*Increases the chance of a Critical attack
*Gradually recovers health over time
*Increases damage against flying (ie, winged) enemies
Honoo-Taisei/Fire Resistance
*Increases the character's basic defense against Fire attacks
Koori-Taisei/Ice Resistance
*Increases the character's basic defense against Ice attacks

Strengths: All attacks are ranged, HP regeneration skill
Weaknesses: Low HP, low damage compared to other classes

Starting stats: HP 36, STR 16, VIT 17, INT 0, DEX 12
Starting equipment: Axe (15 attack)
Flail (20 attack)
Basic Cloak (+3 DEF)
2 Herbs (heal 30 HP)
Angel Wing
Atsukusu/Axe Up
*Raises Attack with Axes, allows Axe Charge attack
Fureiru/Flail Up
*Raises Attack with Flails, allows Flail Charge attack
Yoroi-Hakai/Armor Break
*Your attacks decrease enemy's DEF (maybe?)
*Raises chance of flame counter-attack
DEF-Kyouka/Raise Defense
*Increases the character's basic defense rating
*Increases damage against undead enemies (or possibly railroads)
Honoo-Taisei/Fire Resistance
*Increases the character's basic defense against Fire attacks
Kaminari-Taisei/Lightning Resistance
*Increases the character's basic defense against ZAP! attacks

Strengths: Strong, high HP, 'Breath' counterattack
Weaknesses: Slow movement and attacks


Okay... *cracks knuckles* ...where to begin....

See that list of things next to your stats on the inventory screen?
Those are what I like to call Shining Soul's 'skills'. Essentially, those
are the things you beef up to make your character sing and dance, tralala,
etc. Thanks to the wonderful contributions of some...uh, contributors...
I now know what almost all of them do!
Whenever you gain a level, not only do you get four attribute points,
but one 'skill level'. This can be plugged into one of those skills,
which will raise that skill to level 1, and activate it. Note those little
faces, though? They represent how many skill levels you need to get to
the next level of that skill. Confusing, I know..
Think of them as tokens. When you use one up to boost a skill to level
one, a second 'token required' face appears. Now you need TWO tokens to
upgrade that skill, and you'll need three at the next level, four at the
next, etc. Don't worry, the 'tokens' are cumulative. Each skill has a total
of five levels, meaning you'd need...
120 'tokens' to max out each skill. So I don't think you can max out
all of them.
Now, on to skill specifics


At leaast a few of the skills for each character fall under this
class, which I dub 'Charging'. It's probably most akin to the weapon
attack system of Final Fantasy Adventure and it's sequel, Secret of Mana.
Each character class has their own unique set of equipment they can
use (although in some cases it overlaps). And for each type of equipment,
they have a skill which allows them to 'charge' up the weapon.
What is Charge? Basically, when you have a weapon/spell equipped that
you have some sort of Charge Skill with, holding down [A] will cause a
little circle and number to appear above your characters head - and
holding it down fills the circle up. The number next to it goes up every
time the circle fills, but it only goes up to your current Charge Skill
level. Once the circle is full at the level you want, letting go of [A]
releases a devastating attack!
Well, not always. Some of the Charge Skills, like the Knight's Axe
Charge, really suck. Some are also kind of useful, like the Dragon's
Axe Charge. Most are only so-so. Each charge goes up five levels in power,


I thought it was odd that none of the Wizard's spells seemed to cost
SP, even if they did suck tremendously. The case turns out to be this: To
have a spell's regular power unlocked, you need to charge it up to level
one. At that point, however, it begins to cost SP. However, it doesn't
seem that the higher your charge, the more it costs..
All of the Wizard's spells have a corresponding Skill, as you can
see in the character class entry. Likewise, all of the Wz


The rest of the skills fall under the following three categories:

*Increase a character's natural defense (or elemental resistance)
*Increase the damage a character does to certain enemies
*Unique skills that are usually fairly useful. Or not.

* *
* III. Town *
* *
(actually, it's more like a camp)

I have no idea how to properly show an isometric map, so...

\xxxxxxxxx 1 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\
\xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\
\xxxxxxxxxx ? xxxxxx 3 xxxxx\
\xxxxxxxxx @ ?xxx\
\xxx 8 ~ xxxxxx 4x\
\xx 7 xxxxxx x\
\x ? ? Nx\
<--9 5 x\
\xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx\
\xxxxxxxxxxxx 6 xxxxxxxxxxxx\
Yes, I know, the map sucks. Sorry.

1. General Centuar guy. This is where you start, he apparently tells you
what to do.
He also heals you, and tells you how much EXP until your next level.

2. Decidely evil looking robed dude.

3. Identification

4. Weapon Shop

5. Armor Shop

6. A birdman just sitting around. He's actually a blacksmith if you have
three of 'Mithril' items (stone worth 1250 GP), or one 'Orihalacon'
(which I've not yet gotten )

7. Item Shop. And that's a bell, not a beard.

8. Bank/Storage

9. Exit to 'world' map

?. Apparently random person

@. Warp back to boss battle (if you were beaten by a boss)

~. This is where the 'angels' appear if you use an Angel Wing or are
beaten in a dungeon (they take you back to the level you left from)

N. Ninja. Appears after first dungeon, talk to him and he leaves.
Changes posistion after each dungeon you beat. Ninjas rock.

Critical Mass sez:
This guy appears every time you go back to town right after beating
a boss. He's in a different, preset place each time. You talk to
him, a chime sounds, you get an item, and he disappears.

1 - Between the weapon and armor tents
2 - Running around the town; just run into him
3 - He's invisible; it's near the south end of the town, around
all the brown disks on the floor that I'm assuming are really
badly drawn tables and chairs. Just run around pressing A.

I'm too lazy to go out and find the other places he's in, but you should
be able to find him by just running around pressing A. After each boss
it gets harder to find him."

I'll finish up this list when I can...thanks, CM!

* *
* IV. Dungeons *
* *

Not a walkthrough, really. Information on the dungeons and their bosses.
The numbers beside each enemy are how many you will fight on that level. My
count may be off, of course. You can thank Yamikarasu for the dungeon and
boss names!

Three levels
Minimum challenge

ENEMIES: Blue Slime (18), Red Goblin (8)

You get a little space to move without being attacked, so use it to make
sure you're familiar with the controls. This is a very easy area, and there's
just enough enemies to give you one level. I suggest spending the points on
VIT to get yourself an extra 10 HP for this level-up. The green slime and
the level exit are both in the NE corner of the map.

ENEMIES: Blue Slime (10), Green Slime (3), Red Goblin (20), Spirit (2)
UNIQUE ENEMY: Purple Goblin

This level starts out with two blue slimes coming at you, so be ready to
fend them off. Note that this will happen in pretty much every level from now
on - at least two enemies attack you as soon as you enter. This area is also
very straightforward - even more so than the last one! The spirits have a
slightly larger attack range than the other enemies so far, but that's nothing
to worry about. The Purple Goblin is in the SE corner, along with the exit.

ENEMIES: Green Slime (7), Red Goblin (29), Purple Goblin (4), Spirit (22)

Last level already! Well, this one is a great deal more complicated than
the previous two, and the navigation is made harder by the fact that the enemies
really start to gang up on you (although nowhere near as bad as later dungeons).
The open section to the right of where you start is the biggest trouble spot.
If you've been destroying everything you can find so far, you should get
another level soon, which I now suggest goes into your STR (unless you're a
Wizard, where you need all the HP you can get).
Make sure to fully explore this level, because if you're going for one full
run (ie, without using an Escape Wing or dying), you'll need all the stuff you
can find for the boss up ahead. The troll is at the far East side of the map, and
the exit is just past him - there's only one way to it. He has a lot of HP, and a
powerful attack, so make sure to use a hit-and-run fighting strategy.

HP: ~650 (changes attack mode at 350)

Not a fuzzy and lovable Beast King like Seiken Densetsu 3, but an EVIL one!
Anyways, after the basic boss spiel (every boss has a little introduction, so get
used to it), he'll.......ATTACK!
(Note the water, which you can't move over, but he apparently can..)
During the first phase of this battle, he'll walk into the middle of the
'arena' and shoot out four 'energy waves' which hit mainly to the side, but can also
hurt you if you get too close. When he does this, just stay out of his way (unless
you have a ranged attack to hit him). By the fourth 'wave', make SURE you're as near
the bottom of the screen as you can get. You should be only able to see the top
of your character's head, preferably because you're under the tree there.
He'll roll into a ball and move in a pattern around the 'room', DON'T try to
attack him while he does this. Too dangerous. His pattern of movement is as such:

South, NE, West, NW, SE, Center, N....or to put it another way:
Bottom, Upper-Right, Center Left, Upper-Left, Lower Right, Center, Upper Center

(I hope at least one of those makes sense....)
Once he's done rolling, he'll pause a moment, then slowly lumber back to the
center to start over again. Now is the time to attack! You shouldn't have any trouble
getting in several attacks without him ever touching you. Then run back to your safe
spot (unless you have a range attack, in which case you can continue to pepper him
until he begins rolling).
When you've taken off a bit over half his health, he'll enter the second, more
frighteningly deadly phase of the fight. Now, whenever he stops rolling, he'll lift
his arms up and shoot four homing shots at you, five times for each stop. These are
actually quite easy to avoid, as long as you're not trying to start Charging a
weapon/spell or something. It also gives you a better chance to deal damage to him,
since he stands in one place. So once you get him firing these, you've gained the
advantage (well, another one).
Once you've beaten him, he'll lament his foolish ways or something, and give you
120 EXP and a treasure chest. Step into the blue glowy thingy to warp back to town.

Congratulations! You've beaten your very first Shining Soul dungeon! But are you
a bad enough dude to go to the next one?


Eight levels
Now it's beginning to get a bit challeging

Guide coming next release, I so SO promise that!

HP: ~950 (and 200 HP for it's 'second form')

This guy looks a LOT more impressive than the first boss....strangely, though,
he's also a LOT least, at first.
First off, when I refer to this guy's eyes, I'm referring to his "right eye"
or "left eye" based on YOUR right and left, ie, what you see as right and left on the
Essentially, the boss has two attacks, both of which he can do on the right or
left side of the screen. His primary attack is to fire a laser beam from one eye, which
will go as close as it can to you, and leave a short trail of fire behind (which can
also hurt you). He also occasionally sticks an arm in each side and waves it around,
you don't have to worry as much about this.
His 'weak point' is the little point between his two eyes. Since it nevers moves,
you should use any attacks that hit more than once (Knight's Spear charge, Archer's
Bow charge) to really damage it.
The trick is this: If you're standing right in front of the eye on the OTHER side,
his other eye can't hit you (although you have to go a bit further to the right then
you have to go to the left). Then you can just move to the other side.
As for the arms: If you stick close enough to the boss, they shouldn't be able
to harm you at all. Also keep in mind that an arm always attacks before an eye does..
..that may help you a little bit.
Once you've damaged the boss enough, he'll start to explode! Good jo-

...whooops. Seems the core or something popped free, and now it's rolling around
and lookin' to kill!
THIS is the difficult part of the battle, and why you needed to heal. The core's
movement is so erratic, and you're moving in such a small space, that it's pretty
much inevitable that you'll be hit at least once. You don't have any time to take
a break during this battle. Just keep trying to hit the core. It will occasionally
stop and launch itself at you, so watch out!
Once you've beaten it, the core will also blow up, and you'll earn a good, healthy
240 EXP and a treasure chest. Step into the blue glowy thingy to warp back to town!

* *
* V. Items, Weapons, Armor, oh my! *
* *

Not sure how I'll format this part, but here goes..

Cake (?)
LOOKS LIKE: A cake. Hot damn!
USE: Heals 10 HP. Rare, I think.

Herb (or Medical Herb)
LOOKS LIKE: A green flame-like plant
USE: Heals 30 HP

Healing Raindrop (Cloud of Heal?)
LOOKS LIKE: A blue drop of water
USE: Heals 100 HP

Healing Water
LOOKS LIKE: A jar full of blue water
USE: Heals 300 HP


Goddess' Tear Drop
LOOKS LIKE: Small green ball
USE: Restores 100 SP

Light of Hope
LOOKS LIKE: Big green ball
USE: Restores 300 SP


Angel Wing (or Angel Feather)
LOOKS LIKE: A minature white wing
USE: Returns you to town (it's a round trip ticket, too)

LOOKS LIKE: A jar of orange liquid
USE: Cures poison

Scroll of Identify
LOOKS LIKE: A little bitty scroll
USE: Use on an item with a question mark to identify that item

Soul Return
LOOKS LIKE: A brown bag with a little flame on it
USE: Apparently ressurects dead allies in multiplayer..thanks, jonnyram!

Bread of Life
LOOKS LIKE: A loaf of bread
USE: Raises VIT by 1 point permanently

Fairy Dust
LOOKS LIKE: A drop of honey. Or an onion, in my opinion.
USE: Raises INT by 1 point permanently

Power Potion
LOOKS LIKE: Potion, color unknown
USE: Raises STR by 1 point permanently

Wine of X (with X as a stat)
USE: Raises stat by 1 permanently...more info when I find one myself.


Jogurt Doll
LOOKS LIKE: Jogurt. A hamster with a helmet. God.
USE: Revives you when you die? Or just looks cool...?

LOOKS LIKE: A grey rock that sells for 1250 GP
USE: Give three of them to the birdman to have him forge something for you

LOOKS LIKE: Green crystal?
USE: Equals 3 Mythril, so you only need one to forge with

Dark Matter
LOOKS LIKE: Black-ish Mythril..?
USE: Uh, makes cursed items? Maybe?

LOOKS LIKE: ......
USE: Look pretty, Mommy! (ie, none)

LOOKS LIKE: Weather obstruction device
USE: Uh, none?


I'll do this next time, I think... -_-;

* *
* VI. Enemies, Nasties, and Baddies *
* *

I'm questiong whether I should even have a section like this, since the enemies
aren't all that elaborate. I might use it just as a random section to list their HP,
but not until I have more time to spend on less important parts of the guide.

* *
* VII. Credits/Contributing *
* *

The three people who made this FAQ useful! These people rock!

*Kelvin Koh (
His translations and information helped make a lot of this
FAQ worthwhile and helpful. Very generous.

*Elemental Magician
Also gave time to translate and add to my meager information.
So awesome. ^^

*Critical Mass (, ICQ: 49024465, AIM: Lord Bagu)
Gave me a huge load of gameplay info I did not know...thank
you. Contributed a lot of item information.

Specific thankupos:

*jonnyram, for the info on the Soul Return.

*Rally Vincent, who explained Hiragana and Katakana to me.
I keep forgetting..

*takusama, for incidentally telling people useful things,
and for finding a Jogurt Doll. Hero! Prophet!

*Vypr, for muddling through this and that and finding some new things
in the process.

*Sega. Now make another Panzer Dragoon shooter, damn you

*CJayC, just because


Found something not listed in this FAQ? Send it on in to the email address
listed at the top of this FAQ, please!