Shining Soul II Cheats

Shining Soul II cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Tip for the Fourth Boss
Against the 4th boss, when you are a warrior or a dragonute and are being attacked and the waterfall is going, or even if the waterfall isn't, use the charge effect of the Axe to get out of the way. This trick always works when in the waterfall, so try it!
Unlock Advanced Mode
Beat the game with any character. This will unlock Advanced Mode for that character.
Unlucky Hood Tip
The unlucky hood will greatly increase the item drop rate of slain monsters about 75% of the monsters you kill will drop an item!! Forge 3 level 1 dark matters does not increase chance of rare items (like mithril and orichilon etc) though.


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Atlus Ring
To get an Atlus Ring, just enter the word Vjum as your characters name.
Dream Hat
To get a Dream Hat, just enter the word Nindri as your characters name.
Fire Resistance
ok so ya know when you die you exit out of the bar? go and step on the campfire and wait a long time then go to your status then you will see a fire icon and a number will be by it that is you fire resistence!
Genome Ring
Enter Genomes as your character's name to start with a Genome Ring in your inventory.
Power Gloves
Enter VJxSS as your character's name, to start with a pair of Power Gloves in your inventory.