Shining Force II

  • Released on Sep 30, 1993
  • By Sega for GENESIS

Shining Force II Cheats

Shining Force II cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.

Command codes

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Secret Configuration Menu 2
In addition to the first configuration menu (see "Configuration menu" for more details), the game has another secret menu which can be accessed by entering the following sequence of buttons while the SEGA logo is display when first booting the game:

Up, Down, Up, B, C, Right, Left, Up, Down, Up, B, C, Right, Left


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"Secret" Characters
Here is a list of some characters that you might have missed and how you can obtain them!


Kiwi the tortoise can be found in Old granseal in an abandoned house after Galam invades Granseal, make you sure get him before you leave on the ship, otherwise he will be gone forever! Kiwi is a unique character with high defence but low HP, make sure you keep him away from spell casters!


You can obtain Skreech the Bird Battler for doing this simple task. While you are in Bedoe and you have talked with Volcannon, talk to the baby bird on the ledge outside the Kings' Level and all the birds on the 3rd floor. When you leave the town, wander around the bushes outside on the left and the baby bird should fall on you, his mother will thank you and he will join your team after you defeat Zalberd in Tristan.

Eric, Karna, Randolf, Tyrin:

You know how you can only pick one of the four soldiers in Creed's Mansion, right? Well, actually you are able to get all four of them! After defeating Cameela and before entering the Nazca ship, track all the way back to Creed's mansion and you will be able to recruit the other three that you missed before!


After defeating Zalberd, go into the right doorway in Mitula's shrine and examine the statue in their. The statue is actually the Sorceress Taya, she will thank you for releasing her and will join your force.


Once you are able to go to the Master monk dojo on Grans island walk behind the building and you will see a girl, she is Sheela the Master monk. After explaining to you how the Red Baron killed her Fiance she will join you. master Monks use a combination of melee fighting and healing Magic so they are a valuable asset to your force!


In the town of Moun, you may come across a golem's arm. this arm can be used to get a unique character on your force. GO to the ruins which connect Grans island and Parmecia and you will find a lone golem, talk to him and use the arm when you are adjacent, he will be pleased and will join your force!
Fix Broken Items for free!
Once you have obtained the caravan, to fix an item that is cracked or broken all you need to do is deposit the item into the caravan and then take it out again. It will be good as new and you don't ever need to waste money on going to the blacksmith!
Pegasus Wing
I admit, Jaro isn't exactly the best unit in the game, but he is the only Pegasus Knight you get.. Or is he? In Pacalon Castle. There is a blue carpet leading out of the throne room. Walk down the right hand side of the carpet, until you're standing at the outer wall of the castle. Search here and you will find the Pegasus wing! Using this item you can promote either Chester or Rick into a Pegasus Knight! The only con of using a pegasus knight over the paladin is that you do not get the Pegasus wing until much later in the game so either Chester or Rick will be stuck with a poor weapon until you promote them.
When any of your character is higher than level 20, you can go to the man who resurrects you and select "promo"[the one below]. then select any character at level 20 or more and it will change. The charaacter will start from level 1 again.

Note: this can be done ONCE with each character.
Secret Book
Ever wished you had a better Sorcerer available to you besides Taya? Well you can! Enter the Eleven city, which you can find on your way to Creed's mansion. Once you are there, go inside the largest building and head upstairs. Search the bookcase to your left and you will obtain the secret book. Once either Kazin or Tyrin reach Level 20 go to the minister and promote them, if anyone is holding the secret book the minister will ask you if you want to promote them to a Sorcerer instead of the normal Wizard class! I personally would choose Kazin since he has better stats and his Wizard spells are not very helpful, but it's up to you to decide.
Secret Final battle
After the final Battle against Zeon, and watched the end sequence until a picture with the jewels of light and evil appear. Wait about 5 minutes and a dialogue box will pop up saying, " And More..." When you see this box press the C button and you will be sent to the real final battle! YOu are your party will have to face off against every boss in the game except The Kraken and Taros! Another little thing is that the map you are playing on is in the shape of Sega's own mascot Sonic the Hedgehog.
Warrior's Pride
The Warrior's Pride item can be found by searching the the shield in the Tactical base in New Granseal. What it does is that when you go to promote either Jaha or Randolf you will have the option to make one of them a Baron. A Baron has 1+ move than a Gladiator and they can also use Swords, so there is basically no downside to using them!


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Configuration menu
When the sega logo appears, press up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, up, right, down, left, up, b. A jingle will sound if it is confirmed
Super Strength
Get your character's experience to exactly 99, then by using the control opponent code, use an enemy who has the confuse spell. Cast it on a character in your party. If he hits and then the character will go a level up and have a life meter of 200.