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Aside from the score I gave, Shining Force III is no doubt the best tactival RPG in history thus far. Its story, gameplay, sound, and control can rival any RPG game that has come its way. In my review I will explain Shining Force III's moment of glory to its downfall.

GAMEPLAY: If there were any tactical RPG that you would be looking forward to the next battle in your quest, it would be this game. The battles in SF3 are gigantic battles that are taken place between your army,or force, and the enemy opposition. You fight battles just like in Final Fantasy Tactics, but on a larger scope. Instead of placing squads on the battlefield, all the characters that you have recruited in the game will fight in the battle. Sometimes in SF3 there will even be neutral forces in the battles, that can prove to help or destroy your forces!!! After a long and hard battle, you are rewarded with exploring a town or village and preparing your men for battle or seeing how the plot unfolds. GAMEPLAY deserves a wonderful 10/10

STORY: This is where I took away points in SF3. For beginning players who just started playing this game, and at the end wondered ''umm....thats it???'' you should understand that the American version of SF3 was just episode 1 of a 3 part game. Shining Force 3 is actually composed of 3 parts that are told from 3 different main-character point of views. Part 1 is told by Synbios, the son of a Republican hero who is basically trying to protect his king. Part 2 is told by Prince Medion, third prince of the Empire and the son of a common mother. Finally, Part 3 is told my Julian, son of a deceased father who in Shining the Holy Ark, was killed by a vandal by the name of Galm who appears in both games. Seeing how I only got to see 1/3 of a great game that pulled me in but let me go right in the middle, I give STORY a 6/10

SOUND: There is not much to describe for the music in SF3. The music can be heartbreaking at times during a betrayal, or give an adrenaline during a battle. Which makes the sounds of SF3 a 9/10

CONTROL: Controlling any of the 3 characters in SF3 is a breeze. Whether you are moving Synbios to talk to an old woman for information or having him thrust his sword into an Imperial Knight, its as easy as pressing button A.
CONTROLS in SF3 definitely earn its 10/10

OVERALL: I give Shining Force 3 a 7/10. Mostly for the fact that I couldn't see the entire saga of the series in english it makes me very disapointed. Nonetheless, Sega has released a game that will forever be a gem for Saturn fans and will definitely have earned its name in the Tactical RPG history as one of the best games of all time.

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