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There are a total of 6 endings in Nocturne. One easy way to control which one will trigger once you reach the final dungeon is using the Flags (Event where you have two choices that will affect your Reason).

1) Neutral Ending: In Yoyogi Park answer "No" to both of Aradia's questions and DO NOT activate any of the three flags

2) Demon Ending: In Yoyogi Park answer "Yes" to both of Aradia's questions and DO NOT activate any of the three flags

3) Musubi Ending: Only activate the Musubi flag (Both Yosuga and Shijima flags must be off)

4) Yosuga Ending: Only activate the Yosuga flag (Both Musubi and Shijima flags must be off)

5) Shijima Ending: Only activate the Shijima flag (Both Musubi and Yosuga flags must be off)

6) True Demon Ending: Ride the elevator at the end of the 5th Kalpa before entering the Tower of Kagatsuchi.

Explanation of Flags:

Musubi Flag: In Amala Temple, Isamu will ask you to kill a certain character: If you DO IT the flag will be activated, if you don't do it the flag will remain deactivated.

Yosuga Flag: In Mifunashiro, Chiaki will ask you to kill Futomimi, if you agree with her and fight Futomimi you'll activate the Yosuga Flag. Instead if you disagree with her, you'll fight with her seraphs, making the flag remain deactivated.

Shijima Flag: In DIET Building, Hikawa will perform a ritual, if you do not try to stop him the flag will be activated; now, if you do try to stop him, you'll have to fight with Samael and the flag will remain deactivated.

Fiends Locations
Here is the location of every fiend of the game:

1) Matador; Location: Great Underpass of Ginza. You can NOT avoid this fight, so you can't miss him.

2) Daisoujou; Ikebukuro (East Zone). After speaking with the leader of Mantra there will be a new demon close to the entrance of the city who speaks of a fiend, after talking with him go to the east zone of the city.

3) Hell Biker; In the Highway that leads to the Kabukicho Prison

<span class="wikilists">
  • You'll need to finish the 1st and 2nd Kalpa to continue; MAKE SURE you watch the cut-scene in the entrance of the 3rd Kalpa</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->

4) White Rider; Close to the Terminal of Asakusa

5) Red Rider; Close to the Terminal of Great Underpass of Ginza

6) Black Rider; After completing the Obelisk, go back to the hospital, he'll be waiting in the room 204B of the Annex Building 2F.

<span class="wikilists">
  • Finish the 3rd Kalpa</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->

7) Pale Rider; After hearing Futomimi's prediction about Yoyogi Park, go back to the Asakusa terminal and go north, then enter the first door you find that leads west.

8) The Harlot; Complete Yoyogi Park, then go back to Shibuya and exit to the world map, go north and enter Yoyogi Park by the West Entrance, she appears in the north area of the first screen.

9) The Trumpeter: In the entrance of Yurakucho Station.

You HAVE to defeat them in this order.
First Person Viewpoint
To be able to play the game from a first person perspective, first complete the game and create an end cycle save when prompted. Then in a new game using the save, you can switch between viewpoints simply by pressing the Select button. Note that the first person viewpoint is not available in areas/scenes that require a fixed camera angle.
Fusing Fiends
To fuse a fiend, you must:
1)Have a death stone
2)Enter the cathedral of shadows during the correct Kagastuchi phase and fuse two demons that would otherwise create a specific demon race.
3)You MUST first defeat the Fiend that you wish to fuse.

Matador (Lvl 30) 1/8-Half Kagatsuchi Resulting Race has to be: Yoma
Daisoujou (Lvl 37) 6/8-Full Kagatsuchi Resulting Race has to be: Night
Hell Biker (Lvl 42) Half-7/8 Kagatsuchi Resulting Race has to be: Fairy
White Rider (Lvl 52) New Kagatsuchi Resulting Race has to be: Yoma
Red Rider (Lvl 55) New Kagatsuchi Resulting Race has to be: Fairy
Black Rider (Lvl 61) New Kagatsuchi Resulting Race has to be: Night
Pale Rider (Lvl 63) New Kagatsuchi Resulting Race has to be: Tyrant
Harlot (Lvl 69) Half Kagatsuchi Resulting Race has to be: Tyrant
Trumpter (Lvl 77) Full Kagatsuchi Resulting Race has to be: Tyrant
In order to obtain this special Magatama, first obtain the 24 magatamas, then talk with the man in the cathedral of shadows. He'll give you an item, take this item to the grave of Masakados (it's north east of the Obelisk), you'll enter a special dungeon; you need to defeat the four bosses that in the dungeon, once you do that, you'll be able to speak with Masakados ask him for help or power and he'll give you the Masakados Magatama.

It voids EVERYTHING exept Almighty, give +10 in all stats exepct Luck and grants the following skills:

Megidolaon, Radiance, Fire Repel, ice Repel, Elec Repel, Force Repel and Phys Repel.
Reusable items
Blessed Fan

This unique item is hidden in White Temple 2F. The area is a maze full of warps. To get the item follow these steps (directions are based on the in-game compass): from the start move south, west door, north door, north door, west door, north door, then turn around and open the door you just came in from. After warping, turn around and the cache cube should be there. The Blessed Fan is an infinite-use item that can be used to cast an Expel spell that has a low chance of killing the enemy party. You can discard or sell the item (50000) but you will never get another one if you do so.

Chakra Elixir
This unique item is hidden in the Obelisk tower. Once the Tower of Kagutsuchi area becomes available, go to the Obelisk tower on the over-world map. Instead of taking the visible front entrance, move behind the tower on the map to reveal a hidden rear entrance. Enter and take the lift inside. This will lead you to an area with a chest containing the Chakra Elixir. This infinite-use item restores a moderate amount of MP to a single ally in battle. You can discard or sell the item (50000) but you will never get another one if you do so.


This unique item is hidden in the Tower of Kagutsuchi. Search for a room on the 444F that contains red damage floors. This room holds invisible pits in the center. Use these pits to drop down to a room that is full of invisible pits. To navigate this room, make sure the camera is oriented so that your back faces the camera and use the in-game compass for directions. Follow these steps: Move 1 block E, 4/5 blocks N, 1 block W, 2 blocks N, 4 blocks E, 2 blocks S, 1 block E, 2 blocks S, 2 blocks W, 5 blocks S, 3 blocks W, 4 blocks S. Turn west and traverse the narrow corridor. You will fall in another pit and into a room with a warp. This warp will lead you to a chest containing the Soul-Return. This infinite-use item allows you to revive a dead ally with full HP. You can discard or sell the item (100000) but you will never get another one if you do so.


This unique item is hidden in the Obelisk tower. At the 99F of the tower, instead of taking the stairs up like you're supposed to, take a detour and search for a lift in the area. Ride the lift down to a room containing a light puzzle. Solve the puzzle to lower the 4 diamond block obstructing a path. The path contains another lift. Ride the lift and it will take you to a room containing several cache cubes. One of these cubes contains the Spyglass, an infinite-use item that can show enemy information during battle. You can discard or sell the item (50000) but you will never get another one if you do so.
Special Funsions
Gabriel^ (Lvl 87) → Throne + Raphael
Raphael^ (Lvl 84) → Dominion + Uriel
Michael^ (Lvl 90) → Uriel + Gabriel [Raphael]
Metatron^ (Lvl 95) → Micheal + Divine!/Seraph! [Vile!]
Shiva (Lvl 95) → Ragnda + Barong
Amaterasu (Lvl 56) → Yatagarasu + Mikazuchi [Uzume]
Ongyo-ki^ (Lvl 81) → Kin-ki + Sui-ki [Fuu-ki]
Girimehkala^ (Lvl 58) → Demons that Fuse Purski [Vile!]
Gurr (Lvl 63) → Demons that Fuse Sparna [Tyrant!]
Samael^(Lvl 73) → Demons that Fuse Throne [Vile!]

! Demons with this mark are races, not specific demons.
^ You must defeat these demons in battle before you can fuse them; Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel fight can be avoided according to your choices, nevertheless once you complete the Mifunashiro dungeon, you simply have to evolve a Throne, to do this level him until he is 69, he'll transform into Uriel. So even if you didn't defeat them, you'll be able to fuse them. The same goes for Samael(Finish the DIET building). All the others have to be fought.
[] Demons or races between brackets are to be used as sacrifices in the fusion.
Stat Doors
You'll find in certain Kalpas doors that can only be opened by having a stat with a specific amount of points. Some of them will ask for Demi-Fiend to have the specific Stat and others one of your Demons.
If your demon has been modified by mitama, the door won't open unless you have a base stat of whatever it happens to need at the time, the mitama upgrade is ignored. The same goes with Demi-Fiend, any help from Magatamas in terms of stats does NOT count.

The Skill Pierce
If you follow the path for the True Demon Ending you'll need this skill to defeat the extra final boss. Pierce is the only way to deal major damage to this special boss.
Pierce allows the user to ignore any resistances/shield/void that the enemy may have against physical attacks(It does NOT work against repel).

For Demi-Fiend: Finish all 5 kalpas and use the elevator at the end of the 5th Kalpa. Now equip the first magatama you obtained and level up, you'll learn Pierce. (Warning once you used the elevator you will get the True Demon Ending no matter what you do; also this must be done before entering the final dungeon)

For your Demons: Defeat Metatron in the 5th Kalpa, and create him trough fusion. Now use him to open the special door in the 5th Kalpa that can only be opened by him. Once inside the new area, go 3 times north then west, you'll find a demon merchant that for 200000 Macca will give you a Demon with the Pierce Skill. Register him in the Cathedral of Shadows and use him in fusions in order to create your party of demons with the Pierce skill.
The Ultimate Pixie
When you get to the 5th Kalpa, there is a special door that can only be opened by the "one who has been with you the longest." You'll need to use the Pixie you first obtained (or the result of fusing her with another demon) to open this door. Upon entering this room, your Pixie will gain enough experience to become level 80 and will get five very powerful skills. Along with that, all of her stats will become 30, meaning she can now be used to open most doors in the 5th kalpa. The skills she learns are: Maziodyne, Megidolaon, Mediarahan, Samarecarm & Endure.


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While in a terminal, swap Nocturne for another PS2 game. Go out of the terminal and when the debug screen pops up, switch Notcurne back.
Extra Press Turn icon
Get high scores on all burial chamber battles located in the Labyrinth of Amala. There are ten burial chambers and 24 battles (tombstones) overall. You can check if you have a high score by examining the tombstones (the number will be in red font.) Once you have gotten all the high scores, visit burial chamber 1 on your next playthrough. An event will occur and you will be given an extra Press Turn icon. This essentially increases the number of actions you can perform each turn in battle.
Lower summoning costs
Obtain 100% on your Demonic Compendium by recruiting, transforming, or fusing every demon that can join your party (184 total). Once you have reached 100%, talk to the man in the Cathedral of Shadows and he will cut the price to summon demons in half.
The lowered price effect carries over in a new game+ file.
New Clothes
After beating SMT:Nocturne you'll be able to select between to new clothes the Hooded Jacket and the Leather Jacket
New game+
Beat the game and start a new game with the cleared data. This time through you will have the Demonic Compendium, no level limit on fusions and summons, and different costumes. You can also change to first person view by pressing SELECT.