[edit] Background

Tokyo is in full lockdown, the government's swift, coldblooded response to a surprise demon invasion. Trapped within the sprawling metropolis is the city's helpless populace, forced to turn on each other in order to survive. A mysterious piece of technology, the COMP, falls into the hands of you and your peers. This device allows you to form contracts, forcing demons to serve you in battle against the otherworldly creatures. There are others with COMPs, so-called demon tamers, who seek to use the demons to satisfy their own whims-be they for justice, peace, or power-in the chaos that was once downtown Tokyo.

Where did the demons come from? Why did they appear? Who created the COMPs, and what is their purpose? These questions must soon be answered, for if you fail to solve the mystery, much more is at stake than your own lives.

[edit] Features

  • Shin Megami Tensei goes portable - The absorbing story, addictive demon-fusing, and hardcore RPG battle that define the Shin Megami Tensei experience finally arrive on Nintendo-s popular dual screen handheld. Expressly designed for Nintendo DS, SMT makes a seamless transition with trademark gameplay features built into an intuitive presentation you can take anywhere!
  • Collect and fuse demons like never before - Demon collection is updated for a new generation: competitive bidding determines the outcome! Place your winning bid through the easy-to-use menu interface to add new demons to your roster. Then, fuse them together to create new, more powerful creatures to aid you in battle.
  • Hybrid SRPG/RPG combat system - A perfect synthesis of strategy and traditional RPG combat, you'll need more than the usual battle strategy to come out on top. Deployed in teams of 2-3, you must choose the right combination of human and demons for each unit placed on the grid, then prepare to launch into first person turn-based battle in the tradition of the classic RPGs!
  • Many possible conclusions - An epic story of mythological proportions lets you decide whether your loyalties lie with the angels, demons, or only yourself. Decisions made throughout the game will affect the course of the story, ultimately ending in a showdown where your choice of alliance will determine the survival of thousands.

This game is also known as Megami Ibunroku: Devil Survivor in Japan.

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Jun 30, 11 5:48pm
Wow this game is hard... ShinMegamiTenseiDevilSurvivor
Aug 24, 09 3:36am
Mcilrath blogged
Aug 23, 09 12:10pm

Since the last game I played with a fusion system this addictive was Persona 3, I've found the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor fusion system to be just as addictive, if not moreso (it works on pretty much the same system as P3's when it's at its base). As a result, I'm used to seeing this kinda thing at high levels (like say 70+), but on SMTDS?

My main character is a mere level 19 and I just got *bleep*in' Thor. I had to cleverly utilise the Auction system to get him though, since I didn't have a spare Heqet and there wasn't one at the auction so I had to buy a Moh Shuyuu and an Ogun to fuse into Heqet which I then fused with a Makara (which I bought at the DA for about 320 macca; I had a little under 2k).

Alas, poor Thor is just a wee bit nerfed for being accessible from level 16 onwards seeing as how he only starts with Elec Dance, Counter and Awakening... the first two aren't available until he (Thor) reaches level 17 and 18 respectively, and Awakening is a tad useless without them. So, I decided to take use of his pitiful magic stat (it's 3) and gave him Bufu for the sake of it (Skill-Cracked at the Wendigo battle a while back, and I have a Wendigo of my own now; it's not that good IMO but it gives Atsuro another ice-related Demon so my team 3 is ice related to an extent; his other demon is an Angel with Ice Dance - magnetite is pretty handy).

Since Thor is a Norse God and all, he starts with a very nice strength of 17 which is the highest of all my characters (Wendigo is second with 16, but I boosted that a bit during fusion, and gave him Anti-Fire so he has no weakness) and so he's also going to be a good tank right? Well, his Vitality is 11 which is also more than anything else any character has (Atsuro and Wendigo are tied second with 9) so he's going to be pretty useful when he's not beating the ever loving crap out of the AI's wimpy Jack Frosts and Lilim's and shit. I gave him Taunt so that the AI directs its attacks towards him, which he can likely shrug off, and Knight Soul so that Yuzu doesn't get KO'd. Again. She is lagging behind on levels a bit; the main character is level 19 (minimum needed for Wendigo), Atsuro is level 18 and she's a mere level 16.

E; Oh, and I own a Pyro Jack with Ice Dance. Logic just got *bleep*.

ds gaming related thor mjolnir smtds shin megami tensei devil survivor
Mcilrath blogged
Aug 22, 09 11:13pm

What is it lately with me and DS games? No idea, but I'm an Atlus fanboy through and through (I've even played Shin Megami Tensei: If..., which is a game most people don't even know exists; I don't think it's even on Neo's database - that's how unknown it is) and when I found out Devil Survivor had been localised I just had to acquire a copy for myself.

I found out, and acquired it this morning. I started playing straight away. 8 hours later, I hadn't stopped yet. It is THAT immersive. I'm not particularly far in (not even finished Day 2 yet!) but I'm loving everything about it so far; it seems to me that it takes the best from every series (Shin Megami Tensei, Persona and Digital Devil Saga) and uses them to create what I would consider to be the best DS game released to date (I used to think it was TWEWY... that cannot even come close to SMTDS in my (arguably biased) opinion).

The easiest way for me to describe it at the moment is Fire Emblem meets Atlus. There's arguably an easier way to describe it, but damned if I can think of one. It's an SRPG with an awesome as hell plot but when you get the battles between teams (done via the SRPG system) it effectively becomes RPG Maker VX's battle system, which is the worst battle system ever created in my opinion. Granted, every game has its flaws but this one is more than overlookable.

For an Atlus game, it doesn't seem that grind oriented... yet. I may be overleveled though, since I have stopped to Macca grind twice to make the most of the Demon Auction to fuse several badass Demons. I managed to get the first Megami class Demon on Day One so I might be ahead of the curve just a bit but it'll bite me in the ass eventually. I remember Nix... Oh god, do I remember Nix. Cruising along overleveled and then *boom* 13 phase boss fight.

Err, anyway enough reminiscing of Persona 3 (FES). I'll definitely write a full review when I'm done. Heck, this was arguably starting to become a mini one >_>

(Box art, this time, shamelessly stolen from Neoseeker. The watermark is probably present too since I'm a lazy git <_<)

ds shin megami tensei devil survivor smtds atlus fanboyism
Aug 3, 09 7:59pm

Back in the day I used to be mad for turn-based RPGs, ever since I bought Final...

Jul 22, 09 6:51am

Atlus have had some solid releases in June. They started the month off with Sting’s...

Jul 14, 09 12:20pm
Jun 18, 09 6:51pm
Epic timing. This game releases 2 days before my birthday. ShinMegamiTenseiDevilSurvivor
Mar 1, 09 10:57pm
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