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Be persistent in conversing with demons during battle
If at first you don't succeed in winning a demon's trust by speaking with them in battle, don't be afraid to continue speaking with them in subsequent turns.

Even if you gave an answer that provoked them into attacking you the previous turn, you can always try again each turn until either you win them over, or they leave the battle outright.
Beating Red Rider
First off, this strategy can and will be ruined by Red Rider using his Almighty attacks one too many times to handle. Patience is needed while dealing with him, regardless of how strong you are.

1. Use Doping! You cannot believe how amazingly useful this skill is. It's above wonderful.

2. Don't drop any debuffs on him below -2. If you debuff any of his stats three times, he removes them and forces you to spend another two turns getting them back on.

3. Unless you're out of MP healing items, have a dedicated user of Luster Candy. This is nearly as important as using Doping. If you don't have this on any demons fit for fighting Red Rider, Dekaja will possibly do. No matter what, use Luster Candy every single turn. Two users of Luster Candy is better, as it reduces the amount of reliance on luck at the cost of slowing the speed of the battle.

4. Salvation over Mediarahan. Confusion may do nothing most of the time, but it can completely screw you up.

5. Ailments don't work. Don't bother.

6. Have Reflect/Drain both Fire and Physical on the field at all times. Fire is to end his turn with Maragidyne, and Physical is so he doesn't use Purple Smoke. However, make sure at least one demon (or Flynn) is either neutral or resists it. Otherwise he'll spam his Almighty skill.

7. One dedicated attacker will work. Always use Concentrate (unless the attacker needs to take healing duties for any reason) and either use Bufudyne or a Bufula stone. You may be thinking why a Bufula stone, but it does a tiny amount of damage more than Cold World due to being a single target spell. Concentrate boosts the power of attack items as well, so abuse it. Breath will work as well, but is unreliable.

8. If a demon dies on turn one, set the battle to auto and try again. It's only the start of the battle.

9. Don't be afraid to use rare healing items. If you're going to die, use them to prevent that.

10. Use bulky demons, low MP be damned. Having your party alive is more important than your party having a large MP pool. If you need to restore their MP, have Flynn toss a chakra pot or great chakra their way. Better yet, a bead of life will restore everyone's HP and MP.
Challenge Quest: Dance of the Dead - Calamity Horde Locations
You will be able to tackle this Challenge Quest after gaining permission to venture below the Naraku's 3rd Stratum, though it can prove quite challenging without preparation!

It may be a good idea to wait until you defeat the Minotaur boss and gain access to gun equipment for the main character. Meanwhile ensure that at least one demon in your party has a Gun attack skill of their own, as the Calamity Hordes you need to defeat for the duration of this quest are weak to Gun attacks.

Once you accept the quest, heard for Naraku's 3rd Stratum and wait for the Calamity Hordes to spawn at the following locations. Note that it is highly recommended that you save before each of the five battles, as there is always a chance that the Calamity Hordes will act first with powerful skills like Blight; things can go bad fast!

  1. Near the sign you encounter from the stairway leading to Naraku's 2nd Stratum
  2. Go past the doorway next to the sign and in the next room, crawl through the southern hole leading to a dead end with a treasure chest
  3. Return to the previous room, crawl through the eastern hole, then crawl through another hole leading east (i.e. the path you normally use to bypass the poison once you open the path) to arrive in the long hallway with a set of doors up north; head south instead and climb the ledge to where you can randomly find a relic
  4. Drop back down, then head north past the next set of doors and wait in the area you first emerge in
  5. Continue north and climb another ledge leading to a treasure chest
Note that you can defeat the Calamity Hordes in any order, but you must defeat all of them; upon beating the last horde, you'll immediately need to fight the Fiend Demon David (hope you saved like I told you earlier)! David uses dark and status skills like Mamudo and Pulinpa to make a real mess of your party, but fortunately he is weak to Zio skills. Defeating him finally completes the Challenge Quest.

Note that while this is a real nailbiter of a quest at times, it's well worth completing it as it also unlocks David as a Special Fusion (Lvl 22 required)!
New Game+ options
Completing the game once on any difficulty level and any ending will unlock two options that will allow players to start a new game while importing a variety of data from their last playthrough: Reincarnation Restart or New Life Restart.

In both options, players import their current Demon Compendium, analyses, fusion data, and DDS data. The Skill Expansion and Demon Skill+ App series will also transfer into the "New Game+" as well.

In "Reincarnation Restart" players can also import their current character levels, stats, App Points, Macca, items, and equipment. If players don't wish to start a new game with these bonuses, they can option for "New Life Restart" instead.

Note that you will never retain your current party, as any demon allies will be gone and need to be resummoned in the new game.
Stock up on 3DS Play Coins
You'll likely meet Charon many times throughout the game as a result of your party getting completely wiped for whatever reason during battle. While he typically charges you Macca as a bribe for "reviving" your party, he also accepts 3DS Play Coins.

Recall that Play Coins are earned by walking around with the 3DS in Sleep Mode. More than ever, it pays to take your 3DS out and about with you when you're the go; it is a handheld system after all!
Thin out enemy ranks before trying to recruit
Though it pays to be diligent in speaking with demons on the field (see "Be persistent in conversing with demons during battle"), make sure to defeat all other demons in a battle first and leave the one you want to recruit on its own before attempting to make contact. Negotiations won't always go so well each turn, leaving you open to enemy reprisals; this is bad enough with one demon, and potentially disastrous when there are more!
Unlocking Fellow (Easy) Difficulty
Have all party members defeated in battle on two separate occassions, thus forcing you to visit Purgatory; on your second visit, you'll automatically receive an App that will allow you to adjust the difficulty level through Burrough's menu to make the game easier.

Note that a change to an easier difficulty level is not permanent, you can always return to the default (or harder) difficulty at any time. You may find this useful when you are simply trying to grind trash mobs for experience.