Silent Hill 2 review
Pulls you in and never lets go!!


Two sequels further yet Silent Hill 2 still remains the best in my opinion.
This game is good...real good.
Close your eyes and imagine this:
You enter a dark room, your flashlight flickers and the radio you carry produces static, you know there's something here but your flashlight doesn't light the whole room, you frantically turn around trying to locate the source of what's causing the static. You hear something behind you and turn back around...your heart pumps faster and faster with every false alarm. You see a shadow in the centre of the room, you slowly inch forward but when you reach the shadow you realize that it's just a mirror, then all of a sudden..a loud screech and scuttering on the floor makes your heart miss a beat.
Hey you didn't close your eyes!
This is just an example of the many terrors and psychological scares you will experience in this awesome game. You see SH2 is not like any other horror game, you won't see a zombie jump out in front of you or any sudden scare like that, instead you'll be scared out of your wits even when there's nothing happening on screen. It's psychological, the music and sound pulls you into a sense of uncomfort. You know something is near but have no idea where, it mightn't even be in that room, it could be in the next room...or crawling on the ceiling.

SH2 is extremely original when it comes to monsters. Never before have you seen monsters this disturbing, gross and grotesque. There are your usual zombies and then there are the monsters with no arms that walk like a skater with his hands in his pockets, monsters that when shot a few times fall, then scurry along the ground in a creepy almost robotic like jerking motions. The main monster is Pyramid man, a normal looking dude if it wasn't for his giant triangular head and enormous blade that he drags behind him as he slowly walks off in the distance.

Atmosphere is beautifully created, the fog outside is enough to get you to dash for the nearest building yet the buildings are so dark and claustrophobic that you'll dashing for the nearest exit.

Characters are very involving yet distant. There's Eddie, a fat dude that tries to shoot himself at the first confrontation with him. Then there's Marie/Maria, a mysterious blond who looks exactly like James' dead wife. You'll come across a little girl who seems like the most normal and down to earth character in the game, she doesn't seem to mind the monsters that roam nearby and doesn't see what all the fuss is about.

The story is one of the best stories I've ever seen in a game, it's very involving and a real shocker. And the ending is brilliant. With 5 different endings you'll have to play it 5 times to get the full story.

The gameplay is your usual 'find key open door' kinda thing, it's the puzzles that make this way better then Resident Evil. You can change the difficulty of the puzzles too, so every time you replay it the game is different.
However the bit that might frustrate some players is the way James uses his weapons, he's not the quickest. He finds a stick with a nail in it at the beginning, but he might as well have found a bridge support beam!! Every strike is slow and clumsy. By the time he lifts the stick to hit, the enemy has dashed off. But later he gets a gun and all becomes a lot more fun and easier to use.

The soundtrack of SH2 is excellent. It draws you into the game very well. Background noises are what make SH2 a must buy, every area has it's set of sounds and if your using surround sound you'll be quivering all the time. Silence is also a sound in SH2, you'll be in an area where noises happen every few seconds then all of a sudden you enter a room and......silence. That can be even more scarier then any sound.

All in all Silent Hill 2 is a game that you will enjoy playing and hate playing at the same time. If you don't have it yet and like being scared witless then get this. You won't be disappointed.

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