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Silent Hill 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

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This walkthrough was originally written for Silent Hill 2 on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
Silent Hill 2 Complete Walkthrough
                               By: Amanda
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~* I have underlined important and helpful tips in the walkthrough *~


James Sunderland- The proud husband of Mary Sunderland. He suffers through the
years because of Marys death 3 years ago due to an unknown and fatal disease. He
finds new hope when he recives a letter from her to meet at their "Special
Place" in their favorite vacation town called Silent Hill. He then starts his
search to find the answers that he longs for.

Angela Orosco- Angela is indeed the 1st person James encounters in a lonely
cemetery. She claims to be looking for her mother but she seems confused and
disoriented. She has also come to Silent Hill to recapture something from her

Eddie Dombroski- Eddie was caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. He keeps
on blamming himself for the murders that suddenly pop-up around Silent Hill. He
has a quiet personality but he also has a side that he can't control when he's
angered. He doesn't live near or in Silent Hill and he keeps something to
himself. James decides to give him some space.

Laura- An 8 year old snotty little brat that doesn't like James very much. And
somehow she knows Mary. Could she have the answers that James is seeking?

Maria- A strange woman that has the same facial features as Mary, however her
personality is completely different. She doesn't have any knowledge of Mary and
is interested in James' search for his lost wife and decides to help him.


Patient Demon- These demons resemble patients at a metal institution wrapped in
a flesh-like straight jacket, they have 2 methods of attack. Standing up-right
and laying face down in the ground. When up-right they will stagger to any heat
or light source and spew acidic fluid on James. When laying face down, they can
move at high speeds to get away from James so he can't hit them but they can ram
into James and cause a little damage.

Giant Roaches- Sounding like an annoying windup toy running amok, these roaches
are the size of a human foot and are yellowish in color. They dont cause much
damage but if you are low on health and they keep attacking you, you will
eventually die from them.

Mannequins- What seems to be the legs of to fashion dummies swen together and
annimated by some kinda voodoo ritual, Mannequins are pathetic creatures. They
can only attack at very close range and attempt to kick at the face inflicting
mild damage.

Nurse Demons- These RN's are anything but heathcare providers. They scream and
twitch in agony and carry pipes that they like to beat and drag on the ground.
They make sure that the ones that are condemmed to hell are made comfortable in
their individual pits of despair.

Underhangers- They like to dangle from the wire mesh floors by suspending
themselves by their large and powerful arms. Their sharp tendrils shoot out of
their arms and into their victims feet that usually get stunned by them. They
are pretty easy to avoid but they will chase you from one end to the other.
Doormen- Large and bulky creatures, Doormen appear to be evil doors that have
spawned flesh and started to walk. They march up to their victims and attempt to
suck them through their doorframe so they can drain the energy from their


Wooden Plank- A 2x4 that has nails at one end.

Steel Pipe- A long shaft of bonded steel that has a greater range of attack.

Great Knife- The weapon wielded by Pyramid Head during the 1st battle. A very
heavy and powerful weapon that is hard to use.

Chainsaw- Only avalible during a replay game. A rip-roaring device that is a
little hard to use. If you stand over an enemy James will yell out a battle cry,

Hyper Spray- A can of aerosol spray only found in a replay game. The fumes will
immobilize an enemy or a group of enemies however, the fumes are also dangerous
to James.

Handgun- An automatic firearm that holds a clip of 10 bullets.

Shotgun- A six-shot auto-loading rifle that projects a wide cone of buckshot.

Hunting Rifle- A powerful firearm that has some lag between shots which makes is
slow to use. This firearm can penetrate through tissue, bone and internal


Apartment Gate Key
Location- Near corpse at the north end on Martin Street.

Apartment Stairway Key
Location- On the bed in apartment 208 (BCA)

Bar Key
Location- Hanging on the boiler in the Boiler Room (LVH) B1F

Basement Storeroom Key
Location- "Nightmare" Hospital Room M6

Bent Needle
Location- Stuck in the teddy bear in the womens locker room

Can Opener
Location- Lake View Hotel Office safe

Canned Juice
Location- Outside apartment 107 (WSA)

Clock Key
Location- Apartment 202 (WSA)

Coin [Old Man]
Location- After you knock the garbage out of the chute on the 2nd floor you'll
find it in the incinerator

Coin [Snake]
Location- Baby carriage inside the WSA courtyard pool

Coin [Prisoner]
Location- Nightstand in apartment 109 (BCA)

Copper Ring
Location- "Nightmare" Hospital, B1F Storeroom

Courtyard Key
Location- Apartment 307 (WSA)

Drycell Battery
Location- "Nightmare" Hospital Room M6

Elevator Key
Location- Brookhaven Hospital 3F Shower Room drain

Employee Elevator Key
Location- Desk in room 204 (LVH)

Examination Room Key
Location- Pocket of bloody lab coat in the mens locker room

Fire Escape Key
Location- East side of the bars in 3F corridor (WSA)

Fish Key
Location- Lake Shore Resturaunt inside the Lake View Hotel

Location- Apartment 205 (WSA)

Location-Appears on doorhandle in the Prison Yard.

Hospital Lobby Key
Location- "Nightmare" Hospital 1F Directors Room

Hotel Stairway Key
Location- Lake View Hotel, large music box in lobby

Key of the Persecuted
Location- Becomes avalible after James releases the body of the wrongfully
hanged man in the Labyrinth

Key to hotel room 204
Location- Unlocks the briefcase in the LVH Cloak Room, 2F

Key to hotel room 312
Location- In the mail slot behind the Reception Desk (LVH)

Key to room 202
Location- Apartment 208 (WSA)

Location- Taken from Angela in apartment 109 (BCA)

Lapis Key
Location- Room M2 (BHH) 2F

Laura's Letter
Location- Recived from Laura in the Lake Shore Restaurant inside the Lake View

Lead Ring
Location- Refrigerator "nightmare" hospital, 2F Dayroom

Letter from Mary
Location- James' personal keepsake of his deceased wife

Light Bulb
Location- Inside the can on the counter, LVH kitchen, B1F

Location- Visitors Room in Toluca Prison, civilian side

Lyne House Key
Location- Avalible after you solve the 3-coin puzzle in apartment 105. (BCA)

Cinderella Music Box
Location- LVH room 202 in the locked suitcase

Little Mermaid Music Box
Location- Edge of the fountain in the courtyard behind the LVH

Snow White Music Box
Location- LVH 1F pantry

Old Bronze Key
Location- The box buried behind the "praying woman" statue in Rosewater Park

Photo of Mary
Location- James inventory

Piece of Hair
Location- Inside the quadruple-locked box known as "Louise"

Purple Bull Key
Location- Document Room, BHH 1F

Location- Construction site north end of Vachss Road

Roof Key
Location- Nightstand in room S3 BHH 3F

Rust-Colored Egg
Location- Check Pyramid Head after the battle in the "nightmare" hotel lobby

Scarlet Egg
Location- Check Pyramid Head after the battle in the "nightmare" hotel lobby

Spiral-Writing Key
Locatoin- Trap room in the unknown area beneath the Silent Hill Historical

Tablet of Gluttonous Pig
Location- Toluca Prison Cafeteria

Tablet of The Oppressor
Location- 7th cell of the top prison row

Tablet of The Seductress
Location- Last shower room in Toluca Prison

Location- LVH B1F on the floor in the open elevator

Location- LVH Office safe

Wax Doll
Location- 9th cell of the bottom prison row

Wire Cutter
Location- In the room with the rotationg face cube after speaking to Maria in
the cell

Location- House porch beside Gonzales Mesican Restaurant on Lindsey Street

East South Vale

After the intro scene, go to the open driverside door of James' car and grab the
map of Silent Hill. Head to the white van and descend the stairs, follow the
forest path until you come across a well and inside is a save point. Continue
following the trail and you will hear something in the forest that you cannot
see and it sounds like its comming for you. Dont worry about it cause nothing is
gonna jump out. When you reach a gate you will enter the graveyard, walk forward
a little and you will meet Angela.

~Cut Scene~

Exit through the west gate and continue to follow the path. Go west on Sanders
to the intersection of Lindsey Street and James will find a gruesome sight.
Since he won't proceed west, head north toward Vachss Road. Look for items on
the east side if the street and what seems to be a cave in has completely
cut-off the rest of the road. A monument that resembles a historical marker
stands across from the entrance to Vachss Road. Examine it and James will record
it as his 1st memo. The only remaining way to reach Nathan Ave. is to go
northeast on Vachss Road. A patio on the right has 2 heath drinks and a save
point. I would save your game if I were you because things are about to get
ugly. Continue through the fence and north along the unfinished dirt path until
you reach the construction zone at the end. You will start to hear a static
noise that only gets louder located behind the barricade. James will climb into
the tunnel by pressing "X" just in time to meet your 1st enemy.

~Cut Scene~

James will pick up the radio before he notices the monster nearby. When James
sees a weird looking and threatning figure he will pull off the wooden plank
from the barricade structure. After the short battle, exit the construction zone
and head back to Lindsey Street avoid the patient demons roaming around. Go to
the motorhome on the south side of Saul Street at the west end near a locked
gate. Inside someone has left a note saying that they are waiting at Neely's
Bar. James will then mark the next destination on his own map. There is also a
save point located here. When you get to Neely's Bar there is another map with
markings on it. James will copy the symbols onto his own map. Before you leave
check the window for a strange message.  At the north end of Neely's Street,
there are some memo pages scattered around a corpse and each of the 6 pages have
a useful tip for playing the game. The next destination is at the north end of
Martin Street. There is another corpse that is holding the Apartment Gate Key.
Exit the alley and head to the Wood Side Apartments, unlock the gate and go
through the double doors behind it.

Wood Side Apartments

In the lobby things turned dark, grab the full map of the apt. building on the
bulletin board next to the door. There is also a save point on the wall and a
heath drink by the stairs. The door at the bottom of the steps is locked so head
up to the 2nd floor and enter the laundry room next to the door you came out of.
There is some kinda strange garbage stuck in the disposal chute. James will draw
a circle on the map that locates the chute. Now check your map cause this is the
only well lit place and find room 205. In 205 is a manniquin that has a
flashlight embedded on the chest. When you take it, a new monster pops-up from
the back. Simply wack it with the wooden plank until its dead and examine the
clothes on the manniquin cause they look similar to mary's. Head to room 210 and
James will find 2 boxes of handgun bullets in a seperate room but there are a
few enemies that want your attention 1st. The only other room unlocked on this
floor is room 208. There is an important memo on the table near the entrance
which describes something about the clock in the next room. There are some
markings on the wall giving the names of 3 different people in the room with the
clock. Examine the clock on the side with the writing, after you've read it try
and push the clock from the same side. Unfortinally the clock wont move no
matter how hard James pushes it. Exit 208 and head up to the 3F, some bars are
separating the corridor and a key is on the other side. As James tries to
stretch for it a little girl steps on his hand and kicks the key outta reach
then she runs off into the darkness. Now you'll have to go the long way around
the get the key.Go to room 301 and the handgun is sitting in a shopping cart in
the middle of the room. You might be asking yourself how it got there or why its
there, but im sorry I dont have the answer to that. Return to the 2F and start
heading back to room 208. James will hear a man yell, race toward the room and
beyond the bars is a figure in red. The great Pyramid Head has spotted you.When
you enter room 208 there is a freshly dead man sitting in the chair infront of
the t.v. wearing a house robe. The key to room 202 is on the shelf, you might be
guessing were you have to go to next. Check the kitchen in 202 for a health
drink on the counter then enter the open bedroom to find a bunch of dead  bugs
on the bed and a hole in the wall with green slime surrounding it. James will
stick his hand in the hole and obtain the clock key. (The moths go were you go
but they are harmless). Go back to room 208 and use the clock key on the clock
to open the glass frame.

Clock Puzzle
 No matter what action level mode your in the answer is always 9:10.
 You will hear a loud thump and the nail has been removed, you can now push the
clock aside to discover a hole in the wall leading into room 209. There is a
save point on the pushcart and a heath drink in the kitchen. Theres nothing more
in this room so exit 209 and enter the north stairwell, at the top of the stairs
you'll find handgun bullets. Walking down the 3F corridor, head south and enter
room 307.

~Cut Scene~

Now after the scene were James finds Pyramid Head molesting manniquin monsters,
go back in the closet and pick up the courtyard key. Exit 307 and move south to
the corner and head west toward the bars across the corridor. Pick up the fire
escape key and enter room 303. You'll find a heath drink, 1st aid kit and
handgun bullets scattered in different areas. But beware cause a patient demon
awaits in the bedroom. Exit 303 and run to the last door at the east end of the
corridor and use the east stairs to go all the way down to the 2nd floor lobby.
Since the north door in the lobby is wide open run down the hallway and at the
end pick up the canned juice (what the hell are you gonna need this for?)
Remember the garbage chute? BINGO! go outside and cross the walkway to the
double doors you went in 1st and head back up to the 2nd floor laundry room and
force the canned juice in the trash chute and the werid lookin garbage will be
in the incenerator. Go back down stairs and exit the lobby then head toward the
incenerator and pick up the coin [old man] and read the interesting article. Now
head back to the west lobby and use the courtyard key on the door next to the
stairs. Go to the pool area, there are 3 patient demons roaming around in the
pool and it might seem scary but you have to jump in with them to obtain the
coin [snake]. Use the northwest stairs to get outta the pool and go to the east
door of the courtyard area cause you havent searched this place yet. Check your
map and locate room 101, in the kitchen is another corpse. You'll find hangun
bullets on the chair in the corner. Follow the sound of gagging and open the
bathroom door to meet Eddie.

~Cut Scene~

You are now ready to leave Wood Side but in apartment 104 there is a memo and
some more handgun bullets but there are a few enemies in this room as well. To
exit Wood Side head back up to the 2nd floor by the north stairs in the west
side lobby. At the west end use the fire escape key on the blue door. The fire
escape has been removed so James will jump over into the next building.

Blue Creek Apartments

Move through the bedroom and into the bathroom. There is something clogging the
toilet so make James stick his hand in the bloody mess and he will pull out a
wallet with a combination code in it, write it down and go to the living room.
There is a safe and the combination that you copied from the wallet goes to it.

Combination Safe Puzzle
Heres and example (code is not always the same)

6>>15<<9>>2    >>=right <<=left

Go either left or right to get to the 1st number then follow the arrows either
left or right to open the safe (go right for 15 go left for 9 go right for 2).
You will get 4 boxes of handgun bullets.
New monsters are roaming around the corridors but save your ammo and use the
wooden plank. Examine the note on the door just pass the exit sign and go
through the door that heads to the stairway and pick up the blue creek apartment
map on the floor. View it to get oriented and keep in mind that you entered the
building through room 203. Use the stairs and run down to the 1st floor. Enter
the laundry room to get a 1st aid kit, then go to room 105 to find a save point.
In the livingroom there is a cabinet thing that has 5 round indentions for the
coins that you found but you need 1 more for the puzzle so exit the room and go
to 109 since its the only other open door in this corridor. Theres a kids teddy
bear on the floor. There are some handgun bullets on the couch and go through
the white door to find Angela laying on the floor.

~Cut Scene~

After the scene check the torn photo in the middle of the room then go to the
table and pick up the knife and the coin [prisoner]. Now return to room 105 were
the coin puzzle is. There is another save point in the south alcove inside this

Three-Coin Puzzle
Heres the answers to the coin puzzle:

Easy: old man,empty,snake,empty,prisoner

Normal: empty,old man,prisoner,empty,snake

Hard: empty,old man,empty,snake,prisoner
After you solve the puzzle you will obtain the lyne house key. Head back to the
2nd floor and use this key on the door to room 209. You might want to turn up
you t.v. because as soon as you enter this apartment there will be some bizzare
whispering! Exit through the balcony and cross over to room 208 to find handgun
bullets, a save point on the wall and the apartment stairway key on the bed.
Save your game because there is a boss fight comming up! Return to room 209 and
use the apartment stairway key on the blue door to the north but be sure to
equip your handgun before you enter because James has caught up with Pyramid

Pyramid Head

Raise the handgun and start firing and count off 10 shots everytime to save the
trouble and time for James to reload the gun. Pyramid Head wields the great
knife so be sure to stay out of its reach because one perfect attack is all it
takes to kill James. Dont let PH reach the boarders of the room always be sure
that he stays in the middle. After you've fired 35 shots (50 in hard mode) a
siren will go off in the distance and PH will retreat he will walk downstairs in
the water. Dont follow him to close because he can turn around and strike
quickley, just wait until hes all the way down the stairs and he will open the
door to drain the water. Head downstairs and enter the same door at the bottom
but dont worry because PH is gone.

West South Vale

When you exit the apartment head west to find a 1st aid kit near a fence. Now
head north in the alley and James finally catches up with Laura.

~Cut Scene~

Continue up the alley and look for a stairwell on the left. There are 2 boxes of
handgun bullets here. If you head north you'll finally reach Rosewater Park.
Search for items on the patios,alcoves and gazebos. On the waterfront look for a
heath drink next to a viewer then head west and James will encounter Maria.

~Cut Scene~

Head south and search along the right as you exit the park but watch out for a
mannequin. Take it out to get the heath drink that its guarding near the main
building. There are more items along the west south vale area to search for but
there is also a save point located on the trunk of a car in the parking lot of
jack' inn. At the texxon gas station the steel pipe is stuck in the hood of a
running car. When you take it out the car shuts off. Search around the service
building for handgun bullets and 3 health drinks, another health drink is by the
curb infront of pete's bowl-a-rama across the street. There are several
billboards along the roadside as you run northwest on the north side of nathan
ave. Toward the lake view hotel a 1st aid kit lies at the blocked-off boat dock.
The Silent Hill Historical site is locked so continue the long run up nathan
ave. The route will eventually end because the bridge has collapsed. Theres a
map near a corpse, a few steps away indicates that you missed something at
pete's bowl-a-rama. Grab the handgun bullets and
run back to the bowling alley. Maria hates bowling so she wont go into the
building with you. Go through the 1st door on the left.

~Cut Scene~

Head through the door that Laura went through and exit the bowling alley. Maria
isan't in sight but after taking a few steps she will appear and tell James that
she couldn't catch the girl. Run behind pete's and enter the fenced door that
takes you to the alley then head up the alley and Maria will tell you that the
girl went through a small gap between two walls. Go to the door that seems to be
locked but Maria uses her skills to pick at it unlocking the door to heaven's
night. If your wondering why Maria knows how to get in the club its because shes
a stripper. There is a 1st aid kit sitting on a table now exit heaven's night
and run south on Carroll Street. Maria will spot Laura entering the hospital,
enter the doors.

Brookhaven Hospital

On the right side of the enterance doors take the map of the hospital located on
a bulliton board. Check your map and head to the reception office. Theres a save
point located on the desk and next to it is a memo there is also a heath drink
on the desk were Maria is standing. In the connecting room you'll find a doctors
journal next to a typewriter along with the purple bull key. Exit this room and
enter the mens locker room to find a blood stained lab jacket. James will pull
out the examination room key from the pocket. Now enter the womens locker room
to find a teddy bear sitting on the table and the bent needle lies inside. Check
the locker to get the powerful shotgun and remeber to save this baby for the
boss fights. Now enter the paitents wing but be careful because demon nurses are
walking around. Go into the examination room 3 and on the mattress is a 1st aid
kit. Further back in the room is a typewriter and a piece of carbon which
reveiles a four-diget code is stuck. Write this code down for later use! The
medical room marked M2 on the map has a small nightstand. Theres a drawer that
is open and it contains the lapis eye key. Shotgun shells sit on top of the
nightstand, now exit M2 and enter M3. There is a nurse in this room so knock her
to the ground with the steel pipe. There are handgun bullets and a health drink
in the back corner. In room M6 theres shotgun shells and another health drink.
Return to the 1st floor and unlock the door to the examination room and inside
you'll find some lab results on the shelf near the door. Go into the doctors
lounge and get the shotgun shells out of the sink. There is a code for the 3rd
floor patient wing on the bulliton board. The code is 7335 in easy and normal
action modes but in hard mode its 1328. Head up to the 3rd floor and be ready to
kill some nurses in the corridor. Theres a 1st aid kit on the floor across from
the elevator. Enter the 4-digit code in the panel to unlock the paitents wing
then enter it and then enter S3 but watch out for the nurses.

~Cut Scene~

The roof key is on the table beside the bed. Dont run up to the roof just yet
just keep it in your inventory for later use. Exit S3 and go into the shower
room, there is something stuck in the drain thats surrounded by some type of
green goo. The bent needle wont reach it alone so James has to find a
combination tool. Exit the room and fight your way down to S11, the room is well
lit and it contains a save point and a heath drink. The last room that is open
in the corridor contains a weird box and alot of locks on it. Exit this room and
head up to the roof, theres a diary in a cornor that you can read if you want.
Head back to the door you came from and someone or something is holding the door
tight so you cant go back through. When you try the other door on the roof
Pyramid Head appears and knocks James off the edge and he crashes through the
3rd floor special treatment room. Heal yourself and read the note outside the
cell then enter the door that the blood trail leads to. There is a code on the
wall of the cell so write it down for later use. Now your ready to return to
room S14 and unlock the strange box.

"Louise" Puzzle
Here are the answers to Lousie:

1] Combine the purple bull key and the lapis eye key together

2] For the push button lock, use the code you got from the piece of carbon paper

3] For the turn lock use the code you got from the wall in the special treatment
Take the hairs from the box and go back to the 3F shower room. Combine the bent
needle with the hairs and James will take the elevator key out of the drain
pipe. Be sure to save you game after this because theres a boss fight comming up
and its not Pyramid Head this time.Go into the elevator on the 3F and go down to
the 1F which is the only floor you havent searched yet. Go into room C3 to get
shotgun shells and handgun bullets. Equip the shotgun and go into C2. James
finds Laura playing with teddy bears.

~Cut Scene~


Two hangers will drop from the ceiling in normal mode and one is directly behind
James. My strategy is to keep running in two corners on opposite sides on the
room and shoot 1 to 2 shots from the shotgun or until one gets close to you. If
one attacks the monsters feet will try and strangle James to death! Keep
following this routine until you have killed them all.

Nightmare Hospital

If you check your map you will notice that you are in the garden area and that
the map has no markings at all. Head through the double doors to enter the
corridor and there will be a save point on the wall and shotgun shells. Back in
C2, Laura isan't there but a nurse is and a 1st aid kit. When you move to the
back of the room you'll hear a loud crashing sound comming from next door so
equip the handgun and go check it out. In C1 a nurse is making all the comotion,
start shooting as soon as you enter the room. There are handgun bullets and a
health drink in this room as well. Now take the elevator up to the 2F and kill
all the enemies in this area. In room M4, James will be surrounded by nurses so
try using the strafing button. There are shotgun shells and another health drink
in this room. Now head to room M6, there is strange artwork here. Examine the
painting to get the dry cell battery and the basement storeroom key. Theres a
memo nearby, handgun bullets and a 1st aid kit. Now head to the 2nd floor
dayroom, there is a fallen fridge which seems to be hard for James to lift.
Return to the elevator and go up to the 3rd floor. There appear to be more
enemies here and when you have bashed and stomped on them all, examine the  3D
painting of the woman next to the elevator. If you go back to room S3, Maria is
no longer there and whatever she had wrong with here required alot of pills.
Since room S11 is the only other room that James can enter, go there and pick up
the handgun bullets and the ampoule on the nightstand. The save point you knew
is now gone but there is a poem about the lady of the door on the bed. Near the
special treatment room, prepare to take on some nurses. Ones in the room and one
is just around the corner from the elevator. Enter the storeroom and pick up
some handgun bullets along with shotgun shells and a 1st aid kit on the shelf.
Now enter the stairway close to the storeroom enterance, the save point has
moved here somehow. Descend the stairs to the basement level. All the doors
along the stairway are screwed up so you can open them, however James can unlock
the bottom door with the basement storeroom key. In the back of the room there
are some shotgun shells. Push the shelf aside to find a small hole with a
ladder, but as you try to climb Maria shows up and shes pretty angry.

~Cut Scene~

Now you can climb down the ladder which lead into the basements, basement. (kind
of confusing). The copper ring is sitting in a puddle of blood. Head back up to
the 2rd floor and into the dayroom once again but before the elevator doors open
on the 2nd floor a message or foresay a type of quiz appears to be playing to
see how much you know about Silent Hill. Return to the dayroom and examine the
fridge and Maria will help you open it to obtain the lead ring. Now go back up
to the 3rd floor and return to the storeroom. A mysterious yet beautiful box has
appeared here. Another puzzle this is and you will receive an awesome bonus

Trick or Treat Box
Examine the box and there are 9 buttons on a panel. Each one lets you choose an
answer to each question asked by the voice in the elevator. If you input the
wrong answers, a trap will spring that will reduce James' health to red status.
The answers are for all riddle difficulties.

1st colum: 1 2 {3}
2nd colum: {1} 2 3           Answer is 313
3rd colum: 1 2 {3}

Combine the copper and lead ring together and locate the door with the 3D woman.
Use the ring on the hand to unlock the door. Descend the stairs to find a blue
memo on the ground telling you about a key then continue to run down the
stairway. As soon as you reach the bottom, James is in an area that doesnt
appear to be on the map. When you run around a few corners Pyramid Head suddenly
appears and chases you and Maria. Dont try to fight him just keep running until
you reach an elevator and a scene will commense.

~Cut Scene~

Your back on the 1st floor and the only door that is open is the directors room.
Theres a map along with the hospital lobby key on the desk. Laura will run by
the window heading south and if you check your map there are new markings on it.
Near the exit doors, a save point is posted and James will use the hospital
lobby key to let himself out.

Dark South Vale

There are items located south on Carroll, east on Rendell and south on Munson.
Find the gate on Saul Street and the wrench along with the letter that you are
looking for are in the East South Vale, and this is the only way to get there.
New enemies are around called Underhangers. Dont stop and try to shoot them just
keep running from the enterance all the way to the exit and also try to avoid
the gaps the in floor since James will be stopped by the edges. Get to Neely's
Bar once more to see something interesting. The letter and the wrench is on the
pourch of the house next to Gonzales Mexican Resturant on Lindsey Street. Go
west on Katz and run all the way down to the door that is now unlocked. Head to
Rosewater Park and find the statue of the praying woman in the west section of
the park. Go behind it and examine the loose dirt and James will dig to find a
small bolted box. Use the wrench to open the box and obtain the old bronze key.
This is the key to the Silent Hill Historical Society but before you enter,
there are new items in the park and other places along the way to the museum.

Silent Hill Historical Society

Enter the museum and there is a save point just inside. The next few areas arnt
on the map but it doesnt really matter anyway. There are some notes and photos
to look at especially the one of Pyramid Head. After you have examined all the
photos, enter the hole through the wall revealing a secret corridor that seems
to go down a hell of a long way and what appears to be some kinda chanting in
the background you will reach a door. Read the note about a prisoner on the desk
that is dated 1820 and grab the 1st aid kit then proceed through the next door.
Patients and possibly roaches are roaming around in the hallway. Move through
the open gate and then turn left around the corner and then enter the 1st door
you encounter. (I hate the music in this part because it has the sound from the
chick off the grudge) There are handgun bullets in this small room and 3
paintings. Exit to the hallway and proceed through the door beyond this room.
James will come face to face with a huge hole in the ground just like the one in
the painting back at the museum. Examine the hole and James will jump in and
then land at the bottom of a well. Keep examining each inch of the well until
James says something different and use the steel pipe to hit away at the bricks
to reveal a door. Enter the door to find a sewer passage. There are some
patients here so use the steel pipe to bash them. Since both ends of this
section are sealed off, find the alcove in the middle and go through the door on
the right. At the back of the short corridor, there is a room that seems to be a
connecting hallway but it heads straight down into the darkness. Go back to the
previous door and enter the small room. The spiral-writing key in the back
corner but as soon as you pick it up your flashlight goes out. Use the dry-cell
battery to get your only light source going again but as soon as you do huge
amounts of roaches appear in the room! However they wont attack you. Dont try to
kill them because more will reappear. Unequip whatever weapon your using and
approch the panel next to the door.

Roach Trap
There should be 2 or 3 random numbers lit up on the panel. All you have to do is
press the buttons different ways until the door unlocks. For example

{1}  2  3                                                                                                
1  2  3    
 4  {5}  6    The answer would either be:                                             
4  5  {6}       The answer would either be:
{7}  8  9                                                         157                                 
7  {8}  9                                                    686

Once your free from the trap, use the spiral-writing key on the gate in the
weird up-right hallway and jump down into the darkness.

Toluca Prison

Your location is now in a messed up cafetera where Eddie has struck again.

~Cut Scene~

Search the room for 2 health drinks, the tablet of gluttonous pig and a save
point. Follow Eddie into the corridor and head upward. There are some patients
in this hall so bash them when you get the chance. Collect the handgun bullets
along the way and pick up the map of the prison on the desk. From where the map
was located, head south and enter the east door in the middle of the corridor
then enter the bathroom/shower area. Move into the open shower room in the
northwest corner and get the tablet of the seductress. Exit back into the
corridor and move south to the bottom door which is the bottom prison row.
Inside the 1st cell with the open door, take the handgun bullets. There are alot
of black magic stuff and books inside the 9th cell. Take the wax doll and
continue into the east corridor at the end of the prison row. There are some
handgun bullets on a table along the way. When you reach a pair of double doors
and enter the west ones. As soon as you get inside start firing or James will be
attacked quickley. Grab the rifle shells in the small room before you go back to
corridor. For now, ignore the double doors leading to the large area and move
north to the top row of the prison cells and enter the door. All the cells in
this area are closed and you have to open them. Enter the 1st cell to find 3
paintings. All you have to do is examine all the doors here to find the unlocked
cells. In one cell is the tablet of the oppressor so make sure you dont miss it.
The door will get stuck when you try to get out of the cell but no worries, just
keep examining the door until James gets it open. Once your free of the cell go
back to the top cell block to the east corridor and go through the double doors
that lead to the large area. In the middle, there is a scaffold of which 3
nooses hang and at the bottom is 3 square indentions to put the 3 tablets you
found in. Combine each tablet and use all of them or you can just put them in
seperatly whichever you prefer and i dont think it matters which order you put
them in. You will hear a sound of someone being executed, return to the double
doors and the horseshoe will appear on the handles. Go back inside and cross the
north prison block and unlock the door leading to the west corridor. Go through
the 2nd door from the top of the west corridor. In this room, theres a 1st aid
kit on the side and another item is visible on the civilian side. Go back to the
corridor and go through the top door. You'll end up in another visiting room but
its demolished. Cross over to the civilain corridor and take out the 2 patients
that are roaming around here. Enter the lower visiting room from the civilian
corridor and James will obtain the lighter on this side. Once you go back to the
civilian corridor, another patient will appear so watch it. Now go to the
women's restroom and knock on the closed stall door cause as soon as you try to
leave something happens. Theres a save point located in the men's restroom and
across the hall is the front office where a patient is waiting. Collect the 1st
aid kit, ampoule and the health drink that are scattered around the room then
read the magazine on the desk for something interesting and the diary on the
bookshelf above. The hunting rifle is in the cabinet behind the office and there
are also shotgun shells, 2 boxes of rifle shells and handgun bullets located
here as well. Exit the office and go through the south gate. You'll see a floor
hatch that has no handle. Stand on it and combine the wax doll,horseshoe and
lighter to create a handle for the trapdoor, lift it and jump into the darkness.
Walk or run down the corridor and through 2 sets of double doors and James will
find all the prisoners that used to live here. Continue through the unmapped
area until you reach the chasm at the end and leap into the darkness once again.
You end up in some kinda mine shaft and to get out, move to the end and open the
door to discover another hole in the ground. Leap into it and at the bottom get
in the elevator and pick up the 1st aid kit, rifle shells,handgun bullets and
shotgun shells in each of the elevators corners. The elevator will start to
travel down on its own which seems to take a while. When it finally reaches the
bottom, exit and use the save point on the wall before entering the door next to

The Labyrinth

Directly across from were you are, a door is being blocked by wire and a ladder
is visible from behind the barricade. Ignore this for now and head north and
follow the corridor. Be sure to eliminate any enemies you see. Head east from
the enterence and fight your way to the fork. Once there, move to the top fork
to find ladders on both sides. It doesnt matter which ladder you choose just be
ready to do some fast moving below. Underhangers are here so that means that you
have to run around fast. Pyramid Head is also patrolling the circle so watch out
for him. When you get to the central room in this circle, James will pick up the
great knife and 2 boxes of shotgun shells. Exit this room and return to the
upper level. Go back to the fork and head south to the ladders where the floor
between has been ripped out. Climb down and make your way through the tunnel to
the other ladder. I recommend using the steel pipe for this part if your running
low on ammunition. After climbing out of the tunnel you'll stumble apon a cube
with faces on each side. You have to use the cube in order for the square room
to move and align them. If you check your map, James has already sketched out
the path.

Rotating cube and room puzzle
The answers to this puzzle works on both easy and normal mode. The cube will
rotate in the way you move the joystick or by pressing the D-pad. When you
examine the cube notice that the face has blue eyes. Some of the faces are
upside down. Either rotate the cube upward or downward until the right-side-up
face has red eyes. Now turn it either left or right to get the upside down face.
When you enter the rotating room the exit is open.

On hard mode, the code is randomized. I recommend that you examine the steel
cube room using the look control then search high up on the walls and try to
spot two doorways directly across from each other then count the number of times
and directions you need to rotate the face cube. And return to the previous room
to do so. This does take more time but theres really no set solution in hard

When your finally able to cross the rotating room you'll find Maria on the other
side of jail bars.

~Cut Scene~

After Maria is done talking in riddles, return to the rotating cube room and
notice that the breaker box is open and something is inside. Examine it to
obtain the wire cutters. Head back to the enterance of the Labyrinth and save
your game then use the cutters to snip the wires leading to another ladder then
descend. There are two ladders here that you can climb, the second ladder from
this chamber leads to a dead end but the first ladder leads to a path that
continues through the Labyrinth. Keep moving through the corridors and tunnels
and find the exit for each tunnel. Fight off the monsters until you reach a
tunnel where the path splits again. Going straight will lead you to another dead
end and going right will take you to the ascending ladder. In the corridor
above, take out two patients before you come across some hangun bullets by the
door. Climbing down the next ladder the path splits again. Going left will take
you to the exit ladder but you'll miss out on some items. Going into the multi
chamber means running into Pyramid Head again. Be sure not to follow him and
make sure hes not following you. When you reach a square room look for and
ascending ladder. 2 boxes of handgun bullets are at the end of this short
hallway. Climb back down the ladder and make sure Pyramid Head isant blocking
the way towards the exit ladder. If he is then just make him follow you away
from it. Climb up the ladder and James can read a partially-legible newpaper on
the floor.

~Cut Scene~


Since this room is so small you'll only be able to get off one or two blasts
from the shotgun. Even though the shotgun gives off delays between each shot, it
is the best weapon to use in this battle. After a couple of shots the doorman
should fall to the ground to give you some time to run to the opposite side and
shoot again. If you do manage to get into the doormans grasp, wiggle the
movement controls and you should be able to break free. Remember that the
shotgun only holds 6 shells so count off 6 then reload using the menu instead of
making james do it.

~Cut Scene~

Pursuing Angela into the next corridor, you'll stumble across two unique rooms.
In the first room, six men have been hanged for different crimes and their sins
written on a piece of paper on their faces. In the second room there are six
empty nooses hanging from the ceiling and clues by the enterance. Now you have
to solve this puzzle in order to get the key for the handcuffs that are locked
onto the exit door.

Free the innocent man puzzle
Easy Mode: The kidnapper

Normal Mode: The Arsonist

Hard Mode: The Counterfeiter

Determine which noose the innocent man hangs from then go to the room with the
empty nooses. Find the noose that the innocent man was hung from and have James
pull on it to release the body. Return to the room with the hanged men and the
key of the persecuted will replace where the innocent man was. Use this key on
the door bound with handcuffs.

After unlocking the handcuffs, head through the door and down the tunnel, go
past the gate for now and keep going straight until you come across another door
that leads to Maria's cell.

~Cut Scene~

Ok, now remember the gate you passed by a while ago? its unlocked so go back and
head to the final corridor of the labyrinth. Collect the 1st aid kit and
continue on. Oh great, another graveyard. No worries though. Theres a save point
on one of the gravestones and 3 boxes of shotgun shells scattered around the
markers. Go check out the three open graves in the back of the cemetery and
theres an ampoule in between two of them. If you read the markers inscriptions,
they might creep you out especially the one that has James' name on it. When
your ready, jump down into your own grave. Equip the shotgun, reload, and make
sure your heatlh is full. Run through the long corridor and at the end James
confronts Eddie for the final time.


As soon as the scene is over, raise your gun and start blasing eddie. This is a
western style draw boss fight and theres really no way to escape from the
bullets so i'd just stand my ground and keep shooting. Remember to count to 6
and reload in the menu because it saves time. Also if you feel your controler
vibrate that means that James' health is getting low so take a small break and
heal yourself and if you need to reload then do so. When eddie is about to die
he will run into the next room. This is also a good time to reload or heal
yourself before fighting again. Before you leave this room, collect the rifle
shells and shotgun shells in this room. After 8 to 10 shotgun blasts, Eddie will
be finished.

~Cut Scene~

Outside the warehouse, a save point is located on a nearby barrel. Continue
along the pier until you find a rowboat. Hop in and row across Toluca Lake
towards the shimmering light.

Lake view hotel

Once to the other side of the lake, equip the shotgun and use it until the end
of the game. run up into the courtyard and head west toward the water fountin to
pick up the "Little Mermaid" music box. Now enter the front doors leading inside
the hotel. Inside, find the map of the hotel (for guests) on the directory to
the left and notice that mary and james' room is marked "waiting for you." Enter
the restaurant and move to investigate the piano. James will encounter Laura
again and she tells him about her relationship with mary. Laura will give james
a letter from mary then she'll run off again. Examine the table to obtain the
fish key. Exit the restaurant but beware for the doormen that have filled the
corridor however they are not as tough as the previous boss. Head all the way
down to the 1st floor corridor to the west then go through the last door on the
south side. If you veiw the map, notice that the area behind the door is grayed
out. Inside there are 2 mannequins and also 3 boxes of handgun bullets and rifle
shells. Now return to the middle of the corridor and descend the steps to level
b1f, mannequins roam here outside the "venus tears" bar. Search the open
elevator for a can of thinner then return to the 1st floor. enter either set of
double doors which lead into the lobby and check the front desk. The managment
has left a note for James. Go behind the counter and search the mail slot for
the key to room 312. Check out the large music box in the middle of the lobby
and place the "little mermaid" music box in the slot for the princess who spoke
no words. There are 2 more music boxes you need to find. Theres a save point on
a table in this room as well. Now head up to the 2nd floor and enter the west
door first. Search the cloak room and grab the 1st aid kit, 2 boxes of shotgun
shells, and 2 boxes of handgun bullets. Theres a breifcase in the back corner.
Use the fish key to unlock it to get the key to room 204. Head to the reading
room were 2 boxes of handgun bullets are on the table outside and inside are 2
boxes of shotgun shells and a health drink. Now head to room 204 but some
doormen are blocking the way to your destination. Once you've taken them out,
unlock 204 and look on the desk for the employee elevator key. A strange hole in
the wall leads into room 202. Theres a suitcase with a turn lock thats located
in the 2nd room. Photos are scattered here and theres one that has a black X
over it. Use the thinner to remove the X to get the suitcase combination code.
Unlock the case to obtain the "cinderella" music box. Now cross the 2nd floor to
the east side and pick up the health drink and rifle shells outside the
elevator. Go further back in the hall and the door that you use the elevator key
is used here. Theres 2 health drinks in the small janitor room and a save point
on the wall. Before you enter the elevator, put all your items in the storage
box since there is a weight limit and so the alarm doesnt sound off. Ride down
to the 1st floor and grab the map of the hotel (for employees) on the corkboard
then travel down to the pantry and pick up the "snow white" music box on the
shelf then enter the office and look in the open safe to get your videotape and
a can opener. The last room to look in is the employee lounge where 2 boxes of
rifle shells sit on top of a fridge. Go through the blue door in front of the
office and head downstairs into the basement. You'll have to take the long way
around because the elevator doesnt work anymore. Go down through the basement
but beware of 2 mannequins that will try and beat you up. Since you have no
weapons on you, slip by the 1st monster and stop in the light to look at your
map and point out the boiler room then run towards it. The bar key is hanging on
the broiler valuve and a 1st aid kit is around the corner of the tank. Now check
your map and find the pathway towards the kitchen. Theres another mannequin
blocking your path so get away from it. There are 3 health drinks in the kitchen
and a large can sits on the counter. Use the can opener to open the can and take
the light bulb from it. In the bar, James cant seem to see clearly so insert the
light bulb into the lamp for some light then exit the bar and head back up
through the 2nd floor lobby. There are some mannequins in here that want to box
you but just avoid them and go in the elevator room to get your weapons back.
Return to the hotel lobby and place the "snow white" box in the slot that says
"the princess who awoke from death" and the "cinderella" box in the slot that
says "the princess who fled at midnight." Play the music box and it will play
correctly and give you the hotel stairway key. Head up to the 2nd floor and use
the stairs infront of the cloak room to reach the gate on the 3rd floor. Open
the gate and cross the corridor and unlock room 312. Theres a VCR already
connected and hooked up to the t.v. so put in the videotape and see what it

~Cut Scene~


Step out of room 312, things arent the same. At the east end of the corridor, a
save point is tacked onto the door of room 313. Head down to the 2nd floor and
check the reading room again and a pair of headphones is sitting on the table.
You can listen to the recording if you want but it only effects the ending of
the game. Enter the west corridor, rooms 207 and 204 are warp doors if you step
into one you come out the other. room 202 is a warp door that transfers you over
to room 219. There are 2 boxes of handgun bullets are at the top of the east
second floor hallway. Room 219 warps over to 220 but if you enter 220, you'll
end up in 207 again and room 212 warps you back to 202. You can avoid all this
by just going to 219 ti the hall outside the elevator. There are 2 ampoules
sitting on the table. Get in the guest elevator and ride it down to the
basement. When the doors open again, the elevator fills with water. Paitents are
in this hall and they like to hid underwater so be careful. Enter the "venus
tears" bar and collect the 5 health drinks on the shelf. In the kitchen are 2
boxes of shotgun shells, 2 boxes of rifle shells and a 1st aid kit by the
fridge. Head towards the employee stairs and James incounters Angela for the
last time.

~Cut Scene~

Dont touch the flames unless you want to inflict some damage. Turn around and
exit through the only door and James will end up on the employee stairs. Go up
to the 1st floor and notice that eveything has been completely burned. strange
huh? Find the restrooms where 2 ampoules sit in the back corner of the hall. In
a small alcove near the managers office lay 2 boxes of rifle shells. Now head to
the east door marked on the map and exit. Run the entire corridor length and
beware of the underhangers and the tight corners. Go through another door to
find a total of 9 save points. Well apparently someone or something wanted you
to really save your game this time. Before you go through the next set of doors,
equip the rifle and heal yourself if needed.

~Cut Scene~

Pyramid Head Duo

Pick two corners of the room diagonal from each other then keep running to them
when the PH's get close. You'll only get at least 2 shots with the rifle but i
recommend you use it for this battle. The good thing is that even though you
only shoot at one PH, both of them inflict the same amount of damage. Take
caution because the PH duo are using spears instead of great knifes which make
them faster moving and faster at attacking. Run at the 2 corners constanly
through out this battle until the PH duo impail themselves. In normal and easy
action mode it takes 10 to 12 shots before the PH's give up. However in hard
mode takes 70 if you've been saving up your rifle shells. If you havent then
switch to the handgun. Keep in mind that the PH's are much faster in hard mode
so take extreme caution in this boss fight.

Pyramid eggs

Ok this puzzle is very easy. It shouldnt even be a puzzle at all. Check both
PH's for a different type of egg and place them in the doors nearby. And it
doesnt matter which door you pick so choose a door and enter the next room.

Head south and exit the lakeside entrance and instead of the docks you'll find a
long corridor filled with horrible memories. you can either run all the way down
to the end without listening to the whole conversation or you can listen to the
conversation. This only affects which ending you recive in the game. Head up the
staircase all the way to the top and find a figure either sitting on the bed or
standing at the window. James has finally found Mary.....or has he?

~Cut Scene~

you must know the whole story by now. Ok the final boss is pretty tough and has
2 methods of attack which are both leathel. I would use either the rifle or the
shotgun but the rifle is a better choice. you'll only be able to get 1 or 2
shots from either gun before the boss gets close to you. Watch out for the gaps
in the floor and keep moving away from the boss.


Congratulations! you have just finished Silent Hill 2!

Tips on reciving the most exellent score possible:

-Play hard action mode
-Play extra riddle mode
-Clear all 5 endings
-Save your game twice or less
-Finish the game in 3hrs. or less
-Collect at least 100 regular items
-Collect the chainsaw, hyper spray and dog key
-Kill at least 45 enemies by shooting
-Kill at least 45 enemies by melee fighting
-Finish the boat stage in less than 60 seconds
-Sustain 200 pts. of damage or less

Extra Riddle Mode
There is a 4th difficulty level but you have to complete the game in easy,
normal and hard modes. Then play in hard mode again and some of the puzzles have
completly different solutions.

"Maria" Ending

-Immediatley go where maria tells you to go. Dont go in the opposite direction
or make her tell you twice

-When maria accompanies James, she must suffer very little damage from weapons
or enemies

-James must spend alot of time with maria in the west south vale and the
brookhaven hospital before he leaves her in S3

-After leaving her in S3, return to check on her often

-After leaving maria's cell in the Labyrinth, try to re-enter the room

-In the last long corridor before the final boss, dont stay and listen to the
whole conversation, leave the corridor before it finishes

How to avoid this ending:

-Hit maria with the wooden plank a few times but dont kill her

-Examine the photo of mary and the letter from her

-After meeting maria in the park, run to room S3 in the hospital as fast as you
can and search for other ways to spend less time with her

"In Water" Ending

-Examine the knife that Angela gives you

-Read the diary on the hospital rooftop

-Listen to the recording on the headphones in the reading room

-Listen to the entire conversation in the last corridor before the final boss

-Even though James is seriously damaged, dont recover yourself. Travel like this
throughout a few rooms and do this several times during the game

"Rebirth" Ending

-Replay the game and pick up the 4 new items that are avalible for the 1st time.
These items are the white chrism, lost memmories, obsidian goblet and the
crimson ceremony. you can only achive the rebirth ending if you have these 4
items in your inventory when you complete the game again.

"Leave" Ending

-Recover your stamina as soon as it drops. Try to maintain dreen stamina
throughout the game and avoid as many melee fights as possible and also try not
to get hit.

-After meeting maria for the 1st time in the park, dont head east and dont make
maria remind James which direction the hotel is

-Listen to the entire conversation in the last corridor before the final boss

-Do everything that is recommended to avoid the "maria" ending

"Dog" Ending

-You must achive all 3 of the "leave", "maria", and "in water" endings or you
must achive the "rebirth" ending before the Dog Key becomes avalible. Near the
end of the game, use the dog key to enter the observation room on the 3rd floor
of the nightmare hospital.

Secret Items

Chainsaw- Appears in replay game. Located in a stack of logs across the trail
from the SH ranch.

hyper spray- Appears in the motorhome parked on the south side of Saul Street.
This item will only appear if you've seen the same ending twice.

white chrism- appears on the kitchen counter in blue creek apartments in room

dog key- located in a dog house that appears only in a replay game after you've
seen the "rebirth" ending or all 3 of the other endings. The doghouse is in the
space just west of jacks inn on nathan ave.

the book of lost memories- Located in the opened newspaper stand outside the
texxon gas station at the corner of nathan ave and carroli street.

obsidian goblet- Appears in the SH historical museum sitting in the smashed
display case.

Crimson Ceremony book- explains terrifying things. location is unknown.

Well this concludes my Silent Hill 2 walkthrough. I hope that it helped you
throught the game!