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Silent Hill 2 Characters FAQ

by punkyfish100   Updated to v1.3 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Silent Hill 2 on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
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                               In my restless dreams... i see that town.                                                                                    Silent Hill. 
                            You promised you'd take me there again someday,
                                           but you never did. 
                           Well i'm alone there now... in our "special place"
                                           waiting for you...
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                        __________________________    C h a r a c t e r s            
                                                      ------------ F a q

 Hello, welcome to my "Characters of Silent Hill 2" FAQ. I was originally going to 
 create a walkthrough but i figured it would take up ... hmm lets see about the next 
 10 years. And besides i really ought to work on improving my MGS2 walkthrough 
 first...oh well.I won't claim to be a brilliant FAQ writer, but i'm really doing 
 this cause i enjoy it, and i have some spare time.  

 I do plan to update frequently and add any more character info as and when i discover
 it. This FAQ doesn't really serve a major purpose ~ it's more just to give you a 
 little background on the characters and their pasts. Finally this is a spolier FAQ so 
 read at your own risk!!!

 Oh yeah, the reason why i haven't got a proper e-mail address up 
 (hotmail, outlook-exspress etc.) is simply because, for some strange reason, it does 
 not work. Don't ask why, i have had enough of it ~ so from now on i'm using Lycos'
 very good (but basic) e-mail service.  
 0.1 ~ Updates ~ 
 0.2 ~ Characters ~
     ~ Personality Description ~
     ~ Silent Hill? ~
     ~ History / Past experiences / Memories ~
     ~ Relations ~

     ~ The truth behind the Character (Big Spolier) ~

 0.3 ~ Review of SH2 ~

 0.4 ~ Thanks / Contact info ~


 0.1 18.08.02 ~ Ok, started this FAQ today! ~ Version 1.
     19.08.02 ~ So "tired" ~ stayed up late adding more to the FAQ, don't ask me why??? 
              ~ i'm doing this! cause' i am already asking myself that question. But 
              ~ nevertheless i'm on a mission! i will complete this FAQ (eventually) even
              ~ if it is pointless... Version 1.1.   
     23.08.02 ~ Yes... i know i have neglected my duties! i mean a whole FOUR! days away 
              ~  from the computer! finished all character profiles ~ Version 1.2.
     23.08.02 ~ (later) Finished FAQ! 1.3.

 0.2 ~ Characters ~

 Before reading any further i will warn you once again that there are spoliers from here 
 to the end of this FAQ ~ thanks ~
 ***End of Notice***
 |       J A M E S     S U N D E R L A N D          |
            P E R S O N A L I T Y
            D E S C R I P T I O N
 James is caring man, who is still deeply effected by 
 the tragic death of his wife, who died from an illness
 3 years ago...
 Through the game there are many noticable things
 about his personality, such as, the way he is
 uncertain of things and questions himself almost constantly.
 For example, the death of his wife, "Could Mary
 really be in this town...?" "Dead people can't write
 Although James may come across as confused but quite sane...
 he still has a mysterious aura about his personality.
 We don't always know what he is thinking either, apart 
 from the fact he is searching for answers...
                 S I L E N T 
                 H I L L ?
 James travels to Silent Hill after recieving an emotional 
 letter, which he believes has been written by his dead
 wife... The name of the sender is "Mary Sheperd-Sunderland"
 The name of his dead wife. The letter asks him to go to
 Silent Hill to meet her... James is certain his wife
 is dead, but still travels into Silent Hill to find 
 answers... as perhaps, he sub-conciously feels she
 may be alive somehow.
                  H I S T O R Y
 We know little about James' history apart from the fact that
 his occupation is a Protagonist...which i guess isn't really much
 of a "History." 
                  M E M O R I E S
 The memories that James' recalls in Silent Hill are ones of great
 sorrow rather than joy... 
 Throughout the game James reveals the memories he has of the death
 of his wife. He doesn't actually state the disease she died from he
 just refers to "that damn disease." 
 He does remember his and Mary's "special place" in Silent Hill.
 The Lakeview Hotel. When James arrives at this hotel he finds a 
 video which he left there when they went on a holiday together...
 As he sits down in their hotel room which they stayed in, he watches
 the video he filmed of his wife in the seat opposite. 
 The memories come flooding back to him. Then the truth is finally

             T H E   T R U T H   B E H I N D 
               T H E   C H A R A C T E R
                    S P O L I E R   

 I would hope you have played the game before reading this as it 
 would really spoil it for you! If you HAVE PLAYED it then please
 do go ahead and read...

 Towards the end of the game i did actually start to wonder this about
 James, and it turned out i was right. He killed his wife. No not out
 of pure hate, or love really. He wanted his life back and believed 
 that by killing her, he may get this... but afterwards he realised he
 was wrong... and he felt guilty and missed her. Although the endings
 vary the "leave" ending was supposed to be the "happy" ending. Even though
 it was sad, but somehow i still think that is the best ending as it makes
 the most sense. It kind of sums up the reasons why James did what he did,
 and how even though what he did was wrong his wife forgives him. Sounds
 cheesy? well maybe it does but to be honest it isn't. It's just... well 
 sad actually.
                    R E L A T I O N S
                       M A R Y
                   ~ His deceased wife ~

 | ================== M A R I A ================== |

                 P E R S O N A L I T Y
                 D E S C R I P T I O N

 Maria may seem like a bit of a Man-eater at first, but she does have
 another caring, if not mysterious side to her... The most interesting
 thing you could possibly mention about Maria is that she keeps you
 guessing. "Is she really Maria or Mary?" / "Nope she is Mary, i'm sure." /
 "Is she up to something, perhaps plotting against James???" 
 The way Maria actually dresses says alot about her personality to,
 the tattoo on her stomach, and ends of her hair dyed pink, short skirt and
 high boots... she is like the complete opposite of James' wife Mary. Yet she
 looks like her and talks like her. 
 This confuses the already confused James, which is understandable.
 You will also notice the way Maria doesn't give proper answers either... 
 she always leaves questions unanswered. 
 In my opinion Maria seems false. Like she is hiding something, 
 and if she feels uneasy with a question she has been asked
 she will use herself as a distraction... 

                   S I L E N T
                   H I L L ?

 Maria's purpose in SH is never really revealed ~ it's left up to
 your own imagination to decide Maria's intent on just about 
 everything! The truth does come out in the end though and many
 questions you were wondering are answered, but at the same time
 many aren't. 

             H I S T O R Y / M E M O R I E S 

 Unfortunately we are given little insight to Maria's past ~ which
 is also explained at the end! 
 Same goes for any relations.
              T H E   T R U T H   B E H I N D 
                T H E   C H A R A C T E R
                      S P O L I E R

 Again this is a spolier so don't read unless you have completed the game!

 This is one of those really hard to explain, explanations... i'm still 
 not entirely sure about some things myself... anyway here is a theory
 mixed together with some truth: ~

 Ok my belief and i'm sure many others is Maria is like an opposite 
 version of Mary which Silent Hill has brought to life. Maria is what
 James secretly desired... although he did not know it. Think of it 
 like this, Maria was tempting James in what he really wanted, Mary back
 again ... but Maria believed she was offering a PERFECT copy of Mary
 exactly the way he wanted her to be. Maria in my opinion was and is 
 never real, only to James, and as long as James stayed in Silent Hill
 Maria would always be real to him. 
 As for the theory about Mary ~ i will get back to you about that! 

                 A N G E L A   O R O S C O 
                   P E R S O N A L I T Y
                   D E S C R I P T I O N

 Angela to me makes Silent Hill even more depressing. I don't mean 
 that in a bad way. I mean she adds more to the storyline making it
 more interesting. 
 Angela is about 17 or 18 and from your first meeting with her you
 can probably tell she is seriously messed up. She apoligises
 practicaly every time she speaks and always seems nervous ~ a
 sign of insecurity. There is obviously more to her than meets 
 the eye. I mean come on your first meeting with her is in a graveyard!
 Another noticable thing about her is although she is only about
 18 she looks more like 40! This doesn't suggest she is lying about
 her age! but she has had a difficult past which has worn her down.

                        S I L E N T
                        H I L L ?

 Angela claims she is in Silent Hill looking for her mother or "momma"
 as she likes to say. Well you will soon find out that she hasn't 
 found her in you first clue that Angela needs help. The meeting in 
 the Blue Creek Apartment block. Was she really attempting suicide?

                H I S T O R Y / M E M O R I E S

 Near the end of the game we find out about Angela's trumatic past when 
 she was abused by he father. We are given clues about this with her
 strange behaviour at times towards James.  
                T H E   T R U T H   B E H I N D
                T H E   C H A R A C T E R     
                        S P O L I E R
 James' final meeting with Angela is a sad one, he finds her attempting
 suicide again by setting the place on fire! As the flames melt the oil
 paintings, we see Angela for the last time walking away up the stairs...
                   E D D I E   D O M B R O W S K I 
                  |    P E R S O N A L I T Y      |
                  |    D E S C R I P T I O N      |

 Our first introduction to Eddie is him being violently sick in a toilet in SH.
 Nice. Eddie comes across as slightly clumsy, worried and confused at first.
 But there is MUCH more to him than that as you soon find out. I wouldn't
 describe him as caring or concerned about anyone but himself. (but then again
 it is hard to be concerned for that little brat Laura...) Eddie isn't very
 intelligent either, (hasn't got alot going for him has he?) but he
 seems to have taken a shine to James...

                            S I L E N T 
                            H I L L ?

 James discovers Eddie is in SH, running away from the police... when they 
 first meet Eddie doesn't tell James this. All he says is he doesn't live
 in SH and that he ran away because he was scared of the monsters.

                   T H E   T R U T H   B E H I N D
                   T H E   C H A R A C T E R  
                           S P O L I E R
 It doesn't really come as much of a supprise to find out that Eddie is
 really insane! He was the one killing anyone that so much as stared
 at him in the wrong way!!! I always knew he was evil...
 **note** ~ this sounds weird but if you look at him when he is eating the
 pizza from the side, the pizza looks like it is magically floating up 
 to his mouth, instead of him picking it up with his hand!!! lol.

                               L A U R A 
                         P E R S O N A L I T Y
                         D E S C R I P T I O N 

 Possibly one of THE most annoying characters ever! She is a little
 brat that you have to continuously chase about and when you DO finally
 manage to catch up with her, she runs away again...
 She was the little girl that Mary became friendly with while ill in
 hospital. She became like Laura's mother. Laura obviouly thought
 alot of Mary but doesn't seem to get on to well with James...

                             S I L E N T
                              H I L L ?

 It appears that Laura is in SH for the same reason as James, looking for Mary...
 Laura also recieved a letter from Mary, though hers was a different kind of
 letter. Laura's letter was one that Mary left for her after she died... the 
 letter was saying how much Mary cared about Laura and to be nice to James
 when she died. (Obviously didn't stick to Mary's last wishes...)

                    T H E   T R U T H   B E H I N D
                       T H E   C H A R A C T E R    
                            S P O L I E R
 Well we don't really know what went on with Laura in the end. All we 
 really know is she was very close to Mary and had the wrong impression 
 about James. The "leave" ending shows that James is still chasing her
 across the graveyard! Little brat.

 0.3 ~                   Review of Silent Hill 2

 G R A P H I C S ~ The graphics aren't bad, but i wouldn't call them
 +++++++++++++++   exceptional. There are some very good backdrops 
                   and Silent Hill itself looks very realistic and 
                   believable. The use of graffity on walls and 
                   buildings is clever to, giving it an even more 
                   realistic feel. 
 C U T S C E N E S ~ The cutscenes are very well presented and look
 +++++++++++++++++   alive and real. The people and surroundings look
                     very realistic, and lots of important human emotions
                     have been captured well.
 C O N T R O L S ~ I would say the controls are about average. They are
 +++++++++++++++   nothing special, but they are practical atleast and easy
                   to use.
 S O U N D ~ The sound is of perfect quality, the noises are original and
 ++++++++++  make you feel uneasy and scared. Has a much different approach
             than the RE series. 

 S T O R Y L I N E ~ For me this is what makes SH2 a brilliant game.
 +++++++++++++++++   The storyline has been very carefully thought 
                     through and many plots and twists have been 
                     cleverly scripted.
                     This game is definately worth the money IF you like               
                     real Survival Horror games... because that is
                     exactly what this is. It's in a different genre of
                     it's own. You constantly feel afraid of what you
                     can't see and few games can do that.

 0.4 ~ Thanks / contact info ~

 Well thats it! i hope you enjoyed reading and didn't find it to boring :)
 Feel free to e-mail me with any comments or questions you may have at: ~ 

 Finally i worked hard on this FAQ, so please don't use this on your site without
 permission from me first. Or copy it and claim it is your own. thanks.

                             C O P Y R I G H T
                                    O F
                             P U N K Y F I S H
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