Silent Hill 2 10 Star Ranking FAQ v7.0
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Silent Hill 2 10 Star Ranking FAQ

by biggbuu0426   Updated to v7.0 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Silent Hill 2 on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
                              SILENT HILL 2
                           10 Star Ranking FAQ

|WARNING! This FAQ contains every type of spoiler in the game there 
possibly is. Make sure you have beaten the game first or read at your 
own risk. You have been warned|
Table of Contents
O. The making of an FAQ
1. Copyright stuff
2. Introduction
3. How the star ranking works
4. Determining which version you have
5. Stuff you should know before attempting the 10 star ranking
6. The requirements
7. My 10 star ranking stats
8. The action level
9. The riddle level
10. Ending
11. Ending clear
12. Saves
13. Time
14. Items
15. Defeated enemies by shooting/fighting
16. Boat stage time
17. Damage
18. Where is the boat speed/walking dist/running dist at?
19. Hyper Sprays information.
20. Strategies
 A. The Start of the Game
 B. On the way to Brookhaven Hospital
 C. Silent Hill Historical Society here we come
 D. Pyramid Head in the apartments
 E. Pyramid Head in the basement
 F. Killing the Doorman
 G. Killing Eddie
21. Hints
22. Puzzle solutions
23. Other stuff
 A. Silent Hill 10 star ranking FAQ
 B. The Cinderella music box in hard/extra
 C. Silent Hill 3
 D. Disk Read Error
24. Conclusion
25. Thanks list
26. Guide status/Contact info
<Cheesy name I know but it was the best I could think of. Well that and 
it matches the Silent Hill 2 making of a DVD thing. This part is 
absolutely worthless you don't even need to read it. If you want to 
read it go ahead, it's just me talking about what I did to the FAQ to 
help me figure out what I've done already.>
Apr-17-03- I started typing today and I got all the way to how the star 
ranking works section.
Apr-20-03- I just typed to the strategies section and proofread my 
guide. Took a few more useless parts out and added a few new helpful 
parts in. I switched some parts around to reduce confusion. Somehow it 
erased my numbered parts in the sections so I had to fix that.
Apr-21-03- I proofread the guide again. I finally got some Xbox info on 
the game. The puzzle solutions are now finished I'll post and proofread 
them later. I finally typed all section headings.
Apr-22-03- I posted the puzzle solutions. Had to do A LOT of changes 
when I switched from document to document. I had to correct it because 
it just didn't agree with this guides format. I also typed all sections 
in other stuff.
Apr-24-03- I just took out a totally useless part out and retyped the 
guide status/contact info. I took the time to rephrase a few lines and 
type a bit more. Still awaiting an E-mail and some Xbox info still.
Apr-25-03- I finally got the E-mail I was looking forward to so now I 
can piece whatever holes there are in this guide. I got the all the
Xbox info I needed, so I added stuff to the boat stage time section. I 
also updated the thanks list. I shortened the introduction and added a 
new section called conclusion.
Apr-26-03- daylight. Made a few changes to the guide status/contact and 
corrected the Hyper Spray information section.
Apr-27-03- I just realized I missed a puzzle in the puzzle solutions 
section so I corrected it. I added a section called hints and took out 
a few parts, corrected some things and I also added some things.
Apr-29-03- I totally rewrote the saves section. I changed a few 
section's names reorganized some crap.
Apr-30-03- I'm now at Eddie, so I'll be doing the strategies that 
people suggested. I just put a lot of info into Hyper Spray information 
section and might be retyping it.
May-01-03- I just shortened this guide and reworded a lot of sentences.
I wrote the on the way to Brookhaven Hospital and Silent Hill 
Historical Society here we come.
May-02-03- I finally beat Silent hill 2! I've obtained almost all the 
green Hyper Spray information.
Mar-03-03- I typed the Killing Eddie section finally. So tonight will 
be a night of retyping, correcting, switching around, and proofreading.
May-07-03- I proofread it once more and this time I used CTRL+F to help 
find mistakes I didn't find before. I added a few more things here and 
May-09-03- I just corrected a lot of stuff in the puzzle solution part 
and a other few tid bits in the guide. If things go as planned I'll 
finish everything by tomorrow.
May-11-03- I beat the game yesterday and I got the e-mail and sent my 
guide to and I hope they will post it. :)
May-16-03- broke up some of the MEGA paragraphs into littler ones so 
it's more understandable.
May-17-03- I got an E-mail from neoseeker asking permission to post 
this and any other FAQs I write and so forth. So I redid the copyright 
and guide status/contact info.
May-24-03- I typed the Doorman strategy. Because of that I had to 
change a few things around in the guide.
June-03-03- I shortened the history like I have wanted to do for 
forever (having the history helps me keep track of what I've done).
Aug-05-03- Silent Hill 3 gets released tomorrow! On topic though I got 
the Hyper Spray section updated tremendously thanks to Rachenar. A 
couple of days back I did add the "Pyramid Head in the apartments 
Nov-04-04- I retyped the entire guide again and added the part about 
Pyramid Head running away and the matrix strategies. I will proof read 
it once more tomorrow and then update the sites.
Copyright Shawn Jenner 2003-2004. This guide may be not be reproduced 
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be 
placed on any web sites except for the list below or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. In other words just 
don't sell it for money (printing is fine).
Websites currently hosting my guide-
So far ONLY those three websites have my permission to host my guide.
Their respective trademark and copyright holders own all trademarks and 
copyrights contained in this document.
This guide is NOT a walkthrough; it is just to help you obtain the 10 
star ranking. The 10 star ranking in Silent Hill 2 is one of the 
hardest things I've done so far. Yes, this FAQ does contain a lot of 
spoilers for all of you who haven't beat this game yet. This FAQ is for 
the Xbox, PC, and Playstation 2 versions of Silent Hill 2. 
The reason why I'm writing this is because I unlocked the green Hyper 
Spray (with help from the message boards). Some people could provide me 
with the accurate ranking requirements, but I couldn't get much info on 
how to do them and so forth. Since there were no FAQs posted about this 
at the time (April 17 2003) I had to do most of it by myself. Then 
someone convinced me to write this FAQ. This is my first FAQ so excuse 
me if it's a little sloppy, and I hope it helps you a lot with getting 
the 10 star ranking.
For all of you who don't know how the star ranking works in Silent Hill
2 here it goes. After you beat the game you get a screen telling you 
everything you did through the game, and at the bottom you will have 
big stars and little stars. The big star counts as 1 point and the 
little stars count as .1 point.
<Example> if you got 4 big stars and 7 little stars then you got a 4.7 
star ranking.
(And obviously the best ranking is 10 big stars, which they will be all 
colored gold).
Now we ask why is some of my finishing stats gold and white? When your 
stat is white it means you didn't accomplish the stat requirements for 
the maximum stars, and you don't get as much stars as you would if you 
got the gold stat. 
So lets say you beat the game in normal mode. You would get a few more 
stars for beating the game in normal mode then you would if you beat 
the game in easy mode, BUT you would not get the maximum stars because 
you were not playing hard mode. So quite simply you get more stars if 
you play harder modes or when you do better on the stats.
When your stat is in gold you achieved (or did better) then what the 
stat requirement was for the gold star and therefore it gives you the 
maximum stars you can get for that certain stat.
And obviously all your stats have to be gold (except for the boat 
speed/walking dist/running dist) in order to achieve the 10 star 
<Xbox players can skip over this section, but PS2, PC players please 
<For the PC players> The PC version is exactly the same as the Xbox 
version. Although I don't include anything about the PC version in this 
guide (you should already know the controls ect...) except for this 
section just remember that if I talk about something about the Xbox 
version it also means the PC version too. So you can also skip over 
anything Xbox players can and note don't use any PC helping 
things/cheats ect... It might go against you ranking like in Silent 
Hill (PS). I can't confirm that for sure but there is no need for any 
risks here. And besides cheating sucks. Now you PC gamers can skip the 
rest of this section.
<For PS2 players> Now as we all know back then people with the PS2 
version of Silent Hill got screwed over, because the Xbox version got 
released three months later with a bunch of extras that the PS2 version 
didn't get. Then a while later Konami releases Silent Hill 2 Greatest 
Hits for PS2 that included all the extras the Xbox version had. Now why 
would this be important for getting the 10 star ranking? Well since the 
PS2 Greatest Hits got all the extras the Xbox version had, that meant 
the extra endings and items where also added as a requirement towards 
to 10 star rank. (This is really a guess I don't know for sure because 
I got the 10 star ranking on the Greatest Hits version only).
If you have the Greatest Hits version of Silent Hill 2 then you have to 
collect 150+(+8) items and get 4/4(+3) endings.
If you have the original version of Silent Hill 2 then you have to (and 
can only) collect 150+(+7) items and can only get 4/4(+1) endings.
<Please see "Items" and the "Ending clear" sections for more info on 
I will be using 150(+8) and 4/4(+3) through out the guide so all of you 
who have the original version just remember yours is 150+(+7) and 
To reduce confusion, if you have a save of the original Silent Hill 2 
your Greatest Hits version will recognize everything you have unlocked. 
So in other words every ending, item, and Hyper Spray you have unlocked 
will be transferred and saved to your Greatest Hits save. What you do 
is while your playing your Greatest Hits game go to a save point and 
save your game on the same memory card that has you original Silent 
Hill 2 save. Now your Greatest Hits save will have everything you 
unlocked from you original save. Then go back and delete your original 
Silent Hill 2 save. You can't get confused either because your GH file 
will be called SH2GH.
<The European version of Greatest Hits is called Platinum Hits 
(Directors Cut). Since I'm from America I'll be using Greatest Hits 
throughout the guide so just remember that there is no change between 
the two>
For anybody who is a Silent Hill fan and does not own the Greatest Hits 
version of Silent Hill 2 I suggest you sell your original and buy the 
Greatest Hits version (or the Xbox, PC versions if you please). But I 
warn you; you could find more copies of Brittany's Dance Groove (some 
stupid game involving Brittany Spears you can find everywhere) then 
Silent Hill 2 Greatest Hits. I had to get someone to drive me about an 
hour to Circuit City to get this game, and when I got home and opened 
it the instructions were bent and the memory card holder was crushed 
but the game worked perfectly thank God.
Before you even attempt to try to get the 10 star ranking here is some 
stuff you should know...
1. You should be skilled in hard mode.
2. You should know how to solve all the puzzles in extra or hard riddle 
3. You should have unlocked all endings and special items.
4. You should know your own way around town and buildings.
5. DON'T cheat and DON'T use any special weapons at all, because if 
this game is anything like trying to get the Silent Hill 10 star 
ranking then you wont get the Silent Hill 2 10 star ranking if you do.
What it all comes down to is that you have to be really good at Silent
Hill 2 (without cheating).
Finally eh. Well here are all the requirements in order to get the 
10star ranking.
Action level- hard
Riddle level- extra/or hard
Ending- Dog (don't have but its the best way)
Ending clear- 4/4(+3)
Saves- 2
Time- beat game under 3 hours
Walking dist- doesn't matter
Running dist- also doesn't matter
Items- over 150+(+8)
Defeated enemies by shooting- over 75 kills
Defeated enemies by fighting- over 75 kills
Boat stage time- under 1min 20sec
Boat max speed- doesn't matter
Damage- under 500pts of damage
For anyone who wants to know my 10 star ranking finishing stats for
Silent Hill 2 here they are...
Action level- hard
Riddle level- Extra
Ending- Dog
Ending clear- 4/4(+3)
Saves- 2
Time- 2 hours 34 minuets 36 seconds
Walking dist- 1.88km
Running dist- 10.62km
Items- 217(+8)
Defeated enemies by shooting- 92
Defeated enemies by fighting- 90
Boat stage time- 1m 5s 24
Boat max speed- 3.24m/s
Damage- 422pts
Now see if you can beat it.
You have to play hard action mode in order to get your action level 
stat gold. When playing hard mode your ammo will be low (if you never 
use melee weapons like me) just about all the time until you get the 
ammo from the trick or treat box. Also remember to put your bullet 
adjust to x3. If you don't you will probably never have any ammo 
throughout the game. Most monsters in hard mode take about 4-5 rounds 
to take down, and even more if you are trying to kill them by shooting. 
Most importantly more monsters appear in hard mode so use your ammo 
wisely. So simply it's ok to be ammo whore when going for the 10 star 
ranking. This is about the only form of "cheating" acceptable for the 
10 star ranking.
I'm pretty sure the riddle level can be either be hard riddle mode or 
extra riddle mode to get the gold. The game sort of randomly picks 
between hard and extra riddle mode (if you have unlocked extra riddle 
mode that is). You can unlock extra riddle mode by beating 
easy/normal/hard riddle mode all one time and then choose hard mode 
again it should be in extra riddle mode. I wish Konami would have just 
included an option for extra riddle mode to make things a lot easier.
Now what I do to help solve puzzles a little quicker is I type all the 
puzzle solutions and print them out. That way I can just look at the 
paper and just put in the solution without thinking too much and waste 
time. But not all puzzles are just a snap. Some puzzles require you to 
think and waste time. Like the facecube puzzle, and of course the 3-
lighted button puzzle. Of course for this game however it's almost 
impossible to go over 3 hours over two stupid ass puzzles.
Facecube- it's hard to explain this one but here it goes. The cube 
represents the room right next to you. Turning the facecube turns the 
room in whatever direction you turned the facecube (faces represent 
walls). What I do is turn the facecube until you can enter the room. Go 
inside the room and you see doors all around it.
What you have do in the room is try to figure out the best way to turn 
the cube so that two doors in this room create an opening (passage) 
towards Maria's cell. If you've beaten the puzzle you know what I'm 
talking about.
The lighted numbers puzzle- pretty much all you do is press three of 
the three LIGHTED numbers in different patterns and hope it unlocks. 
Example: if the lighted numbers are 3, 5 and 7 then it could be 753, 
573 or 375 ect.. 
What is the worst part of this puzzle? Trying to get the right 
combination quick for one thing and there are bugs that suddenly 
appear. If you're not quick enough to get back into the puzzle after 
failing it then the bugs might bite you. And this can be pretty bad; 
I've been taken down to red status before because I kept screwing up. 
Oh and sometimes there will be only two buttons lighted. If that 
happens don't be like me and spend 20 min trying to figure it out and 
get so pissed off you shut off the PS2. What you do is you press one of 
the button two times and the other one time.
The safe puzzle- here is a quick review. Always start at the one. In 
easy and normal its really easy just follow the numbers. In hard mode 
there will be some Roman numerals. The X=10 and the V=5. If the numbers 
appear in this combination VV7 then you add what each numeral is worth 
plus the number. 
(Example) VV7>>8<<X2>>5 then the combination is 17>>8<<12>>5.
In extra there will be letters. Find the numbers place in the alphabet 
then add 9 to it. 
<Example> a>>5<<j>>9 then the combination is 10>>5<<19>>9.
Some people have trouble with the >> and the << signs. The >> means you 
turn the dial right and the << means you turn the dial left. It's so 
simple it makes you wonder if it's a trick!
<You can find all of the puzzle solutions in the "puzzle solutions" 
section in this guide>
There are plenty of good FAQs on this site that may explain the puzzles 
better then I do. So check them out if you still have trouble. I beat 
this game so many times I can beat the facecube puzzle in extra under 
2-3 minutes. As long as you passed adding and subtracting in first 
grade you should be able to beat the safe puzzle without too much 
strain. The lighted puzzle is just luck as far as I'm concerned.
There are many endings you can get to have your ending stat gold. The 
one I suggest strongly is the Dog ending. Why? Because it's the fastest 
ending, its always gold, and you can avoid the last two bosses (because 
they deal a lot of damage and cuts time). No other ending will cut it 
like this one.
You should already know how to get the dog ending but I'll put in here 
anyways. Just get the dog key from the doghouse (by jack's Inn) and use 
the key on the green observatory door in the Evil Lakeview hotel (after 
you have watched the tape).
First let me explain how the ending stats work. When you get the status 
screen you will see 4/4(+3) right by Ending clear. The 4/4 is all the 
main endings (leave/Maria/in water/rebirth) and the (+3) thing is all 
the "special" endings. Which include Dog ending, UFO ending, Baldwin 
ending. You must unlock all of these endings in order for it to be 
(Make sure you save your Maria game in the same slot as your James game 
or I don't think it will count that ending or give you the blue gem)
<Xbox players can skip this next part, PS2 players please read>
Remember how I said earlier how there are changes between the original 
and Greatest Hits version of Silent Hill 2? Well the endings were one 
of them.
If you have the original Silent Hill 2 then you can only get 4/4(+1).
You get all main endings but you only get one "special ending" and that 
ending is the Dog ending. And that's all you have to unlock.
Greatest hits players have to unlock all the endings in order for it to 
be gold.
In order to get the gold for saving you can only save two times. And 
when I say save two times that means ONLY check the red square two 
times. Even If you don't save, checking the red square WILL count as a 
save. These are my suggested save locations. If you want you can choose 
the best save spots that you are best with (but be warned use the saves 
wisely), these are just the save spots I highly recommend. 
It may seem hard or even impossible to save only two times in hard, but 
once you do it enough times it gets easier and easier. I used to be a 
44 save per game person. Now its very rare if I go over five saves per 
1. First save- right before you meet Pyramid Head in the basement of 
evil Brookhaven Hospital.
This part is about halfway through the game, and the next part is 
probably one of the hardest parts in the game because Maria can't keep 
up fast enough and gets killed by Pyramid Head too quickly.
2. Second save- before or after Eddie (your choice)
I like to save after Eddie so that way if I screw up on the boat part I 
won't have to fight Eddie all over again. But saving before Eddie also 
has an advantage. Eddie will probably deal the most damage in the game, 
so just incase you go over the damage limit at the end of the game you 
can always go back to that save.
<Look in the "Killing Eddie" and "Pyramid Head in the Basement" parts 
in strategies section for ways to beat Pyramid Head in the basement and
My stats after my first save-
After I saved for the first time in evil Brookhaven Hospital I had 
killed 51 enemies by fighting and 35 enemies by shooting. I had a total 
time of 1 hour 19 minutes. I had a total of 17 handgun bullets and over 
120 shotgun bullets at this part (thanks to the trick-or-treat box).
Before you save for the first time is the hardest part of the game. One 
of the main reasons is because of Maria. If you shoot her she dies 
instantly and you have to start all back over again, happened to me 
three times and I wasn't happy. Pyramid Head in the apartments also 
killed me a few times too. He has the one hit kill move and for some 
odd reason I have never died at this part except when I was going for 
the 10 star ranking.
<For strategies on how to beat "Pyramid Head in the basement" and 
"pyramid Head in the Apartments" look in the strategies section of this 
<**UPDATE** For a better way to help not kill Maria go to the very 
bottom of the "Defeated Enemies by Shooting/Fighting" section and look 
for the "Alternate Maria strategy">
<TIP> Make sure when you save you save in two separate slots. It's kind 
of like insurance. Below is an example why you should.
Lets say you save at the evil Brookhaven Hospital and you did really 
well up to that point. But then you do really bad up to the point of
Eddie and you save over the first save, all that hard work up to the 
hospital would have been for nothing. So that's why I suggest you save 
in two different slots, one slot for your first save your second slot 
for your second save. I know it saved me once.
I always save in two different game files (not the same game file) that 
way you can delete the save you don't need and it won't take up any 
unnecessary KB that way. Yes I whore my KB. I have the (PS2) HDD but I 
still whore every last KB like it was my last.
13. TIME
In order to get the gold for time all you have to do is beat the game 
in less than three hours. It's not really as difficult as it seems. 
Getting under the time in Silent Hill 2 isn't as challenging as getting 
under the time in Silent Hill (trust me). One of the most important 
things when you are trying to beat a game under a certain time is to 
skip all cut scenes. Even if they are five second cut scenes just skip 
<**UPDATE** It has come to my attention that the cut scenes in Silent 
Hill 2 don't add on to your total time so it's ok to watch them.>
Know how to beat the buildings and streets in the most linear path you 
can. Nothing is worse then having to backtrack because of a missed 
item. As long as you don't screw around and know exactly where to go 
you should be ok. The Dog ending will make your game shorter (which is 
just what you need) so make sure you get it. If possible don't waste a 
lot of time trying to kill your enemy. 
When you first start the game try to get to the apartments quickly. 
DON'T kill any monsters (with an exception to the first monster) at all 
until you reach the Blue Creek Apartments but collect all the items you 
can. Even when you're on the streets after you have beaten the 
apartments and Brookhaven Hospital don't skip over items (yes even get 
the most out of the way items).
I also want you to collect as many items as you can because you can 
kill a lot of enemies while your doing it, and meet the item and 
defeated enemy requirements more easily. Trust me as long as you don't 
mess around, get the dog ending, and know where to go you'll get under 
three hours.
<IMPORTANT: NEVER go up to the bridge with the dead man. Ever. Go 
directly to the bowling ally. Going to the bridge is just a complete 
waste of time for one pack of handgun bullets and is the only out of 
the way item I don't want you to get>
<See the walkthroughs in the strategies section for more info on the 
start of the game and how to go about the streets for items>
Alright let me explain why the item stat looks like this 217(+8). The 
number in front of the parentheses is the total number of items you 
have collected through the game. The (+8) is how many special items you 
have collected throughout the game (like the chainsaw, Hyper Spray, 
ect...). I'm pretty sure both the 217 and the (+8) have to be gold to 
get the 10 star ranking. If one of them is white and one of them is 
gold you screwed up somewhere.
I suggest you collect all special items in the game. (The special items 
and their locations are listed in the puzzle solution section of this 
guide). I don't know if you have to collect all special items to get 
the 10 star ranking but there is no need to take unnecessary chances 
here so just collect them all (and most importantly don't use them).
<**UPDATE** it has come to my attention that you don't have to collect 
all of the special items and in fact you can use them>
Make sure you collect every item you can in the most linear path you 
can think of. Before you enter the apartments is the most important 
part of item collecting in the game. You can find one pack of handgun 
bullets, three first aid kits, and five health drinks just in the very 
<I really suggest you read "The Start of the Game" in the strategies 
section of this guide for more help with this>
That one pack of bullets may not seem like much but I had to start back 
over because I didn't get it. Unless you're really good at killing 
stuff with a plank without getting hit, then you wont have to worry 
about collecting ammo so much. But me if I even attempt to hit 
something with a melee weapon in hard mode I WILL get hit. It hasn't 
failed yet and I don't expect to succeed anytime in the near future.
I suggest you go through at least one game devoted only to locate and 
remembering where items are (the FAQs help a lot to locate items but 
its best to know from your own experience). Search every dead end, 
every room ect... you wouldn't believe how many boxes of ammo I never 
found until I did this. I found about four boxes of handgun bullets in 
the apartment area alone and even more outside.
<TIP> When James is close to an item he turns his head to where items 
are located. It's a very useful trick. Get to know it well as I've 
found many items this way that I wouldn't have found if I didn't know 
<REMINDER: don't ever go up to the bridge with the dead man. Go 
directly to the bowling ally. Going to the bridge is just a complete 
waste of time for one pack of handgun bullets and is the only out of 
the way item I don't want you to get.
<Xbox players can skip this next part, PS2 players please read>
Remember how I said earlier how there are changes between the original 
and Greatest Hits version of Silent Hill 2? Well the items were another 
one of them.
If you have the Greatest Hits version of Silent Hill 2 then you have to 
collect all 8 special items.
If you have the original version you can only collect 7 special items.
The special item that is missing is the blue gem (which triggers the 
UFO ending).
Before you unlock the Dog door go down to the reading room and get the 
book of crimson ceremony. Then go back to the dog door and enter it.
<**UPDATE** It has come to my attention that you don't need all special 
items to get the 10 star ranking.>
In order to get this stat gold you must kill over 75 enemies by 
shooting them to death. But we also have to kill over 75 enemies by 
fighting also. So how do we know how many enemies we have killed by 
shooting and fighting? And which one you need to work on?
What I did was get a notebook divide it into two columns one labeled 
fighting one labeled shooting. Every time you kill an enemy by fighting 
put one tick mark in the fighting column every time you kill and enemy 
by shooting mark it in the shooting column ect...
When you're on the streets make sure every time you kill a monster 
pause the game and mark it real quick. If your inside a building make 
sure you kill every monster in the room before marking it down.
It was very accurate when I did it. I counted 89 by shooting, 88 by 
fighting. But it was really 92 by shooting and 90 by fighting.
When is the best to start killing monsters? And when is the best to 
start killing monsters by fighting or shooting?
<IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the bullet adjust to x3 or you will 
probably run out of ammo.>
The first monster(s) you should kill (besides the first Spitter) is the 
Spitters on the second floor in room 210 of the Blue Creek Apartments 
after the scene where Laura kicks you.
<For more info on this please see "The Start of the Game" in the 
strategies section>
DO NOT kill any enemy by shooting them until after you have met with
Maria. Always kill them by fighting. Or you will probably run out of 
ammo (depending on how you kill monsters).
You can decide when you want to start killing enemies by shooting just 
remember to wait after you have met Maria to do so. I usually start 
killing monsters by shooting when I'm on the way to Brookhaven
Hospital, and no don't kill every enemy you see by shooting after you 
meet Maria, otherwise you might as well shoot yourself (don't really do 
this :P). You should kill more by fighting then by shooting even when 
you first start killing enemies by shooting.
The time in the game when you should really focus on killing enemies by 
shooting is on the streets after evil Brookhaven Hospital and through 
out the game. Just make sure you got at least a few shooting kills in 
the hospital just to be on the safe side.
Well this way of killing a monster by shooting is probably the worst 
way but it always worked for me so here is what I did... after the 
monster gets knocked down go up as close as you can to them (point 
blank preferably) and pump it full of lead till they die! Now I also 
noticed some people had trouble with this part, what you do is if you 
have the handgun equipped walk towards the monster while your shooting 
them (it can save you 1-2 handgun bullets per monster).
You could also just hit monsters with melee weapons for a bit then 
start shooting them. No matter how many times you hit a monster with a 
melee weapon all you need is one bullet to finish off the monster and 
it counts it as shooting. Its also the other way around no matter how 
much you shoot it, if you finish it off by kicking it counts as a 
fighting kill.
If there is more then one enemy around you don't worry about killing 
them by shooting until you have killed all the enemies that poses a 
threat to you while you try to kill the one you were aiming for. Kill 
the ones that are closest to you first by kicking then on to the next 
one ect...
<Example> you are in a room where there are two demon nurses. One of 
them is in front of you a little ways in the room, and the other is on 
the side of you pretty close by. Knock down the demon nurse on the side 
of you with four rounds and kick it real quick. Then aim for the one in 
front of you and kill it by shooting or fighting (whatever you want to 
work on).
Usually when I'm killing stuff in the hallways is when I get the most 
shooting kills. The nurses/whatever are usually spread out and very 
rarely are two together. So I usually kill one by shooting then the 
next by shooting ect... But if two are together then I usually knock 
them both oh the floor kill one by kicking and blast the other.
The best way to kill something by fighting is to get them on the ground 
run over and kick it.
Here is a situation I found difficult. Lets say you kill all the 
monsters in a hallway then go you through a door. Then you come back 
out and there is a monster on the floor crawling making screeching 
noises. WHEN you kill it do you add one more tick mark? Or do you just 
count it as one you have already killed and don't add a tick mark? Well 
after a long time of thinking I counted it as one I have already killed 
and didn't add a tick mark. You probably didn't kill it well enough 
therefore that's why it's still alive. Even if it is wrong at least you 
aren't counting more enemies you haven't killed.
Depending on what type of gun you use on the three hanging men in the 
hospital is the kind you should stock up on. I use the shotgun on them, 
so I usually try to have at least 60+ shotgun shells. Other then that, 
try to keep your shotgun ammo and handgun ammo equal throughout the 
There is also a problem with Maria. If you shoot her one time she dies 
and its game over for you. Be careful where you shoot and try to make 
sure she is behind you when you're shooting at something. It's safer 
that way. If for some occasions in the game you cant get her away from 
the enemy or out of harm's way you, shoot the monster cautiously as 
soon as it starts to fall stop shooting and kick it (don't take the 
chance of killing it by shooting).
<Alternate (better) Maria strategy>
Or if you want as soon as you enter the hospital and do your thing on 
the first floor go directly up to the 3rd floor and ditch her in room
S3. You should know the pass code for the door already so it should 
only take about two minutes or so. Then just go about your business 
with no fears of killing Maria.
<IMPORTANT: Damage and Maria always come first. Maria is self-
explanatory but don't risk it a shooting kill if there is damage you 
can avoid. There are plenty of monsters to go around.>
In order to get the gold for the boat stage time you have to beat the 
boat stage under 1 min 20 sec. You may hear people say it can be 1 min
30 sec but that is wrong. I beat the boat stage time in 1 min 21 sec 
and it wasn't gold.
Now how do you know if you went over the allotted time?
Get a watch or a stopwatch or any thing that will tell you how much 
time you have spent. As soon as you enter the boat press the watch's 
button. If it goes over 1min 20sec load your game back again.
You can restart your game if you screw up.
<Playstation 2 version>
Press Start+Select+L1+L2+R1+R2 at the same time to restart your game
<Xbox version>
Hold Start+Back for about three seconds to restart your game
Does this seem easy to you?
Well it shouldn't. Remember this is hard mode. What you have do is row 
towards the light. In order to steer the boat you have to rotate both 
analog sticks to move it.
<Playstation 2 version>
L3- rotate this counterclockwise to turn left
R3- rotate this clockwise to turn right
(Rotating R3+L3 together in the direction stated above at the same time 
and it will make your boat move forward)
<Xbox version>
Left stick- rotate this counterclockwise to turn left
Right stick- rotate this clockwise to turn right
(Rotating the left and right sticks together in the direction stated 
above at the same time and it will make your boat move forward)
When your first push off, start rotating L3 or the Left stick counter 
clockwise and it should start turning you towards the light. When you 
see the light right in front of you start rotating both R3 or the Right 
stick and L3 or the Left stick together (in the directions above) to 
start rowing forward.
Now after experimenting for a while I found that this is the best way 
to go about this part. Lay the controller in your lap, and instead of 
using your thumbs to rotate the analog sticks, actually use your hands 
and grip the top of the analog sticks and rotate. For me it was a lot 
faster because I could rotate the analog sticks faster. 
If you're doing this and you start shifting to either the left or to 
the right, start rotating one of the analog sticks a little slower and 
the other one a little faster depending which way your shifting.
Depending where you saved is an advantage. If you saved after beating 
Eddie and screw up then all you have to do is load your game back up 
again and do it again (my suggested save place). If you saved before 
you killed Eddie and you screw up then you have to kill Eddie all over 
again and then back to the boat part.
Finally! Last is damage. Probably the hardest part for me of the 10 
star ranking was getting below 500 points. I used to get like 1,700 
damage so this was a big challenge. A lot of people I talked to had 
some problems with this part too. And there is not much I can do to 
help you but I'll do my best!
Some ways to avoid damage is to kill everything you see (don't run past 
anything unless you have to). Running past stuff only increases your 
chances of getting hit. Plus you should kill everything you see anyway 
because you need 75+ enemies by shooting and 75+ enemies by fighting.
<See "The start of the game" in the strategies section for info when to 
start killing enemies>
Use your weapons your best at. I'm really good with guns so the only 
time I use a melee weapon is at Eddie with the great knife (and at the 
two Pyramid Heads boss battle but you wont be doing this part). 
Otherwise I always get hit if I even attempt to hit something with a 
melee weapon so guns are my number one choice for killing enemies 
without taking much damage.
Eddie will deal the most damage in the entire game followed closely by 
the Doorman. I'm guessing maybe out of 422 damage points for me Eddie 
probably did at least 250+ damage points or so. So make sure you are 
very careful with this boss.
<See "Killing Eddie" in the strategies section of this guide for 
strategies on how to beat him>
How often should I use medical?
Obviously you want to keep your meds used as low as possible. You don't 
want to use medicals very often. The first time I used a med was in
Brookhaven Hospital.
Here is my list of medical used during the game EXCLUDING my med I used 
on Eddie because I didn't even bother counting my med used on Eddie (it 
was a lot that's all I can tell you). Now I wish I did but this may 
help you a bit.
1. First health drink used- right before I met Pyramid Head on the 
roof. I had pretty low life and I didn't know if he would have killed 
me or not, I just didn't want to take a chance.
2. First first aid kit used- was after Pyramid Head knocked me off the 
roof. Yah that put me all the way into the red status.
3. Don't remember where I used this one but I know it was a health 
drink somewhere in the hospital or evil hospital. The nurses suck.
4. Third health drink used- was just because I kept getting hit by 
those damn nurses in the evil hospital.
5. Fourth health drink used- was when I was in the labyrinth; just 
because a Spitter flanked me.
6. Second first aid kit used- one word "DOORMAN". Do I need to say 
more? (The Doorman only bit me one time too I just had a lot of damage 
before I started).
7. Fifth health drink used- was just because I panicked and was too 
afraid to die at the very end and I really didn't need to use it.
<If you need help with the Doorman then head to the "Killing the 
Doorman" section located in the strategies section of this guide>
There is none! These stats DO NOT count towards your 10 star ranking 
and therefore why talk about them. These can never ever be gold no 
matter what! Three less things to worry about if you ask me. And that's 
a good thing for this particular part of the game. (:
If you played Silent Hill you may remember that you could unlock 
different colored Hyper Blasters the better rank you got. If you got 
below 7.9 star ranking you unlocked the red Hyper Blaster, which has 
the power of a handgun but with unlimited ammo. If you got over 8 stars 
you unlocked a yellow Hyper Blaster, which has the power of a shotgun 
in a handgun form. If you got the perfect 10 stars then you unlocked a 
green Hyper Blaster, which has the power of a rifle in a handgun form.
Well Konami decided to continue that but with a little twist. Instead 
of a Hyper Blaster you can unlock a Hyper Spray, which can come in four 
different colors: purple, white, yellow, and green. Just like the Hyper
Blaster the Hyper Spray can never run out so you have infinite spray!
The bad thing is when you spray the Hyper Spray it will drain your life 
but no matter how low your life is the Hyper Spray won't kill you. I 
think the more powerful the Hyper Spray the more damage it does you so 
be careful.
<Thanks to Rachenar for most of the Hyper Spray information and note 
this part is still being worked on>
1. Purple Hyper Spray- this is the lowest Hyper Spray you can obtain.
The purple Hyper Spray will freeze everything except the final boss 
because it cannot reach her (it will however drive her moths away). It 
will knock down Spitters but won't harm them (you also can't kick 
them). To unlock this Hyper Spray get between .1-1.9 stars. (Some say 
you have to get fewer than 4 stars to obtain it, but until me or 
someone else confirms this it will stay at what it is now)
2. White Hyper Spray- this is the normal Hyper Spray and the one you 
probably have right now. It will freeze most of the enemies in the game 
and most bosses. You can unlock this Hyper Spray by getting between 2-
7.9 stars. (And again this depends all on the purple Hyper Spray. If it 
is really .1-3.9 stars then the white requirements will be 4-6.9 but 
until me or someone else confirms it will stay at what it is now)
3. Yellow Hyper Spray- this Hyper Spray is the same as the white hyper 
spray. I think it may freeze the enemy for a tad bit longer but nothing 
special. About the only thing different are the different colors. To 
unlock this Hyper Spray get between 8-9.9 stars.
4. Green Hyper Spray- this is the best Hyper Spray you can get. Instead 
of freezing stuff it kills it. And it will kill everything including 
all bosses and enemies (there are a few exceptions however look below 
to see what the green Hyper Spray cannot do). You can unlock this Hyper
Spray by getting the perfect 10 star ranking.
The green Hyper Spray will kill everything (and make certain bosses run 
away instantly) except a few things in the game so here is what the 
green Hyper Spray cannot do.
Maria- the green Hyper Spray cannot kill Maria. All that happens is she 
stumbles and goes "ah".
Pyramid Head- in the hospital basement- spraying him with it will make 
him stop attacking for a while. He will still follow you but he won't 
Pyramid Head in the labyrinth- it only freezes him. Nothing else.
Here is how to unlock the Hyper Spray and where to find it.
According to you have to beat the game two times to 
unlock it. But I have also heard that you have to get a same ending two 
times or you have to beat the game under normal/hard two times to 
unlock it. I don't know for sure all I remember was entering the motor 
home and there it was. I found this kind of hard to unlock. You can 
find the Hyper Spray in a motor home near the end of Saul Street.
Getting a lower rank does degrade your Hyper Spray, which sucks. I'm 
still wondering why the hell did Konami decided to do that! It totally 
takes away from the excitement and hard work to get the Hyper Spray. 
But at least you got bragging rights now.
If you get a white Hyper Spray and then get a yellow Hyper Spray you 
can't choose which color Hyper Spray you want. Your game always gives 
you the Hyper Spray depending on your rank. Stupid yes but I felt like
I had to include this.
<IMPORTANT: Your Hyper Spray color is NOT the color of your can. It's 
the color of the spray! Your can will always be white.>
You may have seen <there is more information in the "blah blah" part in 
the strategies section of this guide> well it's in this part.
Most of this section is just to help reduce confusion of how to go 
through the streets and some tips with certain bosses. These are pretty 
much the exact paths I went when I got the 10 star ranking. Just 
remember speed is the key. 
I HIGHLY suggest you read "The Start of the Game" strategy (the only 
one I want you to read) the other walkthroughs are just there to help 
you if you want to know how I got through them. The 'Killing Eddie", 
"Killing the Doorman", "Pyramid Head in the apartments", and 'Pyramid 
Head in the basement" strategies are just to help you (and give you 
tips) with some of the bosses that may give you trouble during the 10 
star ranking.
<This is my suggested strategy for the very beginning of the game>
Skip the cut scenes turn around and grab the blue gem (Xbox and 
Greatest Hits players only). I you haven't turned the x3 bullet adjust 
on do it now. Exit the bathroom and skip the cut scenes with James 
talking to himself. Go to the car and grab the map. Now head down that 
very long hill until you see a gate.
Go through the gate and you will be in a cemetery. Skip the scenes with 
Angela and head towards the other gate. After you have gone through the 
gate a little ways down there will be a chainsaw on some logs, make 
sure you get it (it's a special item).
Now when you finally reach town take a left and you should see a flower 
shop, and by the flower shop is a first aid kit sitting on a metal 
table. Now go up the street until you see the shadow, follow it. Keep 
going up till you see an ally with blood trails leading into it. By a 
metal shutter before the ally there is a health drink and on the other 
side of the ally there is another health drink sitting by a shutter.
Now go into the ally until you meet your first monster (this monster 
will count as a fighting kill). Ok I rarely beat this monster without 
getting hit at least once. What I do is wait till it sprays then charge 
it and start whacking it. As soon as you start whacking it just stand 
in that one place and just keep swings rapidly and the boards reach 
should hit every time and the Spitter will fall. I say its ok to get 
hit by the Spitter once, but no more. Because 95% of the time I get hit 
by him at least once.
Now go back to the place that was blocked earlier on Katz Street. Go 
into the ally called Martin Street. About half way up on the left side 
by a fence there will be a health drink. Stay on the right side of the 
ally till you come to the end of it, and then grab the apartment key 
off the corpse. Head back down the ally and when you reach the streets 
keep on continuing down the next ally. Watch out! There will be a
Spitter so dodge him, and just after the Spitter is a little metal 
shutter with another health drink by it.
When you reach the streets turn right. Right before you reach Neely's 
bar (don't go inside it just wastes time) there are some stairs with a 
health drink on the top of it. Go a little ways more and you see the 
one and only Happy Burger. Go collect the first aid kit at the side of
Happy Burger. (Don't worry about the Hyper Spray you can get it later 
in the game) go across the street and in the front of the Sports Injury
Center there is a first aid kit. Keep heading up till you reach Lady 
Jades Restaurant, which the front of the store contains a box of 
handgun bullets (important item to collect) and a first aid kit.
Head towards the apartments and when you enter them there is a map on 
the left side of the wall and a health drink sitting on that... thing. 
Go directly to room 205 and grab the flashlight. Now go to the 3rd 
floor and go all the way back to room 301 and get the handgun. Get out 
and try to grab the key Laura kicks out of your hand. Head back to the 
second floor and you will notice there are no monsters! Go to room 210, 
and there will be two Spitters in here. These are the first two 
monsters you should kill. Collect the two boxes of handgun ammo. Now 
head to room 208 and get the key to room 202. Now the monsters start 
reappearing so from here on out kill EVERY monster you see EXCEPT the 
three Spitters in the pool.
The three Spitters in the pool take forever to kill and they just waste 
ammo. What you do is stand on the far edge of the pool (and far away 
enough so they cant hit you) let all three Spitters gather at that side 
of the pool then sprint and run as fast as you can toward the side of 
the pool and then run off the side of the pool, grab the snake coin 
then go up the steps. If you do it right you won't get hit at all (this 
does require practice).
<NOTE: Kill all enemies you see!>
After you have got out of the apartments keep going up till you see a 
first aid kit. Then head the other way till you get to Rose Water Park.
Before you get into the area Maria is in, there are some handgun 
bullets on a bench. Go into the area Maria is and by the edge to your 
right is a health drink. Meet Maria and head toward the exit of the 
park, before the exit there is a health drink guarded by a mannequin, 
get it.
Now go left till you see a collapsed road and you'll find some handgun 
bullets. Head down Manson Street, when you reach Katz Street take a 
right and head all the way down the road until you see a fenced in 
area. In it is a first aid kit and on the opposite side of the street 
is another first aid kit.
Go back to Jack's Inn and by that big Jack's Inn sign in a little area 
you will see a dog house, get the dog key (special item) from the dog 
house. Go up to Taxxon gas parking lot and by a car you will find two 
health drinks and a pack of handgun bullets, head a little ways up and 
you will find another health drink by a metal shutter. Now go to the 
gas station and you will see a car with a pipe stuck in it, grab it.
Make sure you grab The Book of Lost Memories (special item) that is in 
a newspaper stand by the side of the gas station.
Go to the bowling ally. After that chase Laura down that ally and go 
into Heavens Night where you will find a first aid kit on a chair. Exit
Heavens Night and go into Brookhaven Hospital.
<NOTE: Kill all enemies you see!>
After exiting the hospital go down Carroll Street and then take a 
right. At the dead end you will find a first aid kit, health drink, 
handgun bullets, and an ampoule. Now turn back and head up Rendell
Street, stay to your left and you will see an opening behind a fence.
Inside the place you will find two boxes of rifle shells, two boxes of 
shotgun shells, and some handgun bullets. Just before you reach the end 
of the street on the side of some poster thing to the left there are 
some shotgun shells and a health drink. Go right until you reach a dead 
end and you will find two boxes of handgun bullets. Right after you 
turn on Saul Street on your right will be two health drinks. Go through 
that passage until you end up back on the streets.
Go inside the motor home and grab the Hyper Spray (special item) grab 
the first aid kit by the motor home, go a little up more and you will 
see two boxes of shotgun shells. Before you turn off of Saul Street on 
your right by some mailboxes are two boxes of handgun bullets. Now go 
left and as soon as you turn you should see a first aid kit, go up a 
little more till you reach Happy Burger. Right by Happy Burger are two 
boxes of rifle shells.
Start moving down on Sanders Street at the very end will be some stairs 
with two boxes of shotgun shells on it. As soon as you turn right at
Lindsey Street there will be another set of stairs with a health drink 
at the top. Go to the flower shop and in the parking lot right next to 
it by the front of a car are two boxes of handgun bullets and a box of 
shotgun shells. Go back to Lindsey Street and get the letter and the 
wrench. Before you turn left on Katz Street there is a pack of handgun 
bullets sitting on the sidewalk. Keep heading down Katz Street till you 
reach the Ground Market, which has a box of handgun bullets in the 
front. Keep heading down the street till you reach The Nightmare Door 
and go through it.
Keep heading down Katz Street till you reach the fenced in area in it 
is an ampoule Now go to Rose water Park once you have reached the 
entrance go up a little and on your left are two boxes of shotgun 
shells. Now you have to find the statue, it should be the left gray dot 
on the map (park area). Head up till you see the second opening on your 
right, turn into it then turn at your next right go a little left and 
there is the statue.
Make sure you get the key one time I accidentally forgot it but didn't 
realize it till I got to the Historical Society. Now just go to the
Silent Hill Historical Society building and before you enter it there 
is a first aid kit somewhere in that area.
This section was made because some needed help and wanted to know how I 
did it.
Pyramid Head has three main attacks in this fight...
1. The simple swing- this is a simple swing that won't do too much 
damage. He uses this attack only in the very beginning of the battle.
2. Choke- if you get too close to Pyramid Head then he might grab you.
He uses this attack only in the very beginning of the battle.
3. The executioner's final blow- Catchy name? This is the killer swing 
that makes this battle hard. If he hits you once with this attack you 
die. He will start using this attack and only this attack about halfway 
through the battle.
<**UPDATE** you don't have to shoot Pyramid Head at all. You can just 
wait until he retreats without wasting a single bullet. It will save 
you A LOT of ammo and help you get through the game a little easier. 
When I went through the 10 star ranking I didn't do this. I shot him 
till he retreated so below is what I did>
Here is what I did. After the oh so famous "Pyramid Head rape scene" 
the battle will start. When the battle first starts out, start shooting 
right away while walking backwards to the corner nearest to the door. 
Keep shooting until he gets too close for comfort then run past him to 
the opposite corner of the room (the upper left hand corner). Keep 
shooting at him until he gets too close then run back to the other 
corner and start shooting then rinse and repeat till the battle is 
About halfway through the battle he will use another attack. The one 
hit kill swing. You will know when he about to do this because he will 
be charging you and will suddenly stop to hit you. Run! And do it 
Make sure you run to the opposite corner before you start shooting 
again because he will not stop using this attack until the battle is 
done. When the sirens start going off is when he retreats but he is 
still dangerous. Don't follow him stay in a safe place till the water 
Now since we need the ammo for later on (depending on what person you 
are) don't go under 180 handgun bullets. Unless you absolutely need to 
you can go down to 150 handgun bullets. But do it carefully. If you get 
to 180 bullets and he still fighting you only use five bullets at a 
time and wait if he doesn't retreat waste five more rounds into him 
ect... until he retreats. Make absolutely sure you reload in your 
inventory. That can mean life or death if you don't.
To make sure you don't accidentally reload. Count how many shots you 
have fired off (remember your gun only a magazine capacity of 10 
bullets). When you get to 10 or Pyramid Head gets to close stop 
shooting. Run to the other corner or reload depending on the situation.
And for God's sake try not to get hit! This boss very easy to dodge we 
don't want to waste unnecessary health here.
This part WAS the hardest part for me in the entire game. What I would 
do was just run as fast as I could without bumping into walls. If I 
bumped into a wall Maria would die. And I would spend hours trying to 
beat this part (and surprisingly I actually did this three times). Well 
when I was first starting to try to get the 10 star ranking I read 
something on the message boards. It was this great way to beat this 
part in one try (which really works). So here is the way I remember 
As soon as Pyramid Head appears shoot 10 handgun rounds into him. Then 
reload in your inventory. Start running as fast as you can and when you 
reach the red grated area shoot Pyramid Head 10 more times with the 
handgun. Then just run all the way to the elevator.
Sometimes Pyramid Head might stab you with his spear while you are 
shooting him. If you saved right before him just restart if not keep 
Doorman or a.k.a. Angela's daddy. This boss can also rake up some 
damage for you but not near as much as Eddie. So we want to try to beat 
this dude with as little damage as possible so we can save our health 
for Eddie.
Make sure you have the shotgun equipped before you enter the room. As 
soon as the battle starts do a quick 180-degree turn (R1+L1 for PS2 and
X+B for Xbox) and run to the left corner of the room. Turn around and 
shoot the Doorman two times and he should fall. This is your chance to 
run. Run all the way to the opposite side of the room (make sure its 
corner where Angela isn't sitting) turn around and shoot him two more 
times. After he falls run to the other side and shoot him two more 
times ect... you know when he is about to die when the screen seems to 
get a little slow and he stands on his to back legs. That's the time to 
finish him. One shotgun shot will do.
Since the shotgun is slow by the time you start to run past the Doorman 
he is probably already up or getting up (he doesn't stay down for 
long). The thing is when he first gets up he is slow at attacking so 
you should be able to get right past him without any trouble, just to 
be safe though try to keep your distance when running past him.
This room is pretty small so it's easy to get sucked by the Doorman.
When you turn around I suggest you use the 180-degree turn method it's 
just quicker that way. Always remember to reload your shotgun in your 
inventory otherwise you WILL get sucked trust me I know that the hard 
way. For some reason the battle seems to go quicker the less times you 
get hit. I think every time the Doorman sucks you he regains some life.
The most important thing is don't panic. No matter how close that
Doorman gets to you just keep shooting until he falls then run. I say 
getting sucked by him once is no big deal (even I got sucked once). If 
you get sucked by him two or more times then is when you can start 
Yes Eddie the most pain in the ass boss in the entire game. That's why
I have a section dedicated just for killing him. Now Eddie will deal 
the most damage in the entire game. I divide this up into two parts. 
Part 1- the small room and part two- the meat freezer.
Part 1 
First we have to deal with Eddie in the first room.
Here is a strategy I got from Gurn Blanston. Equip the metal pipe 
before the scene with Eddie and hold X and R2 (PS2) or the right 
trigger and A (Xbox), when the scene ends you'll be smacking Eddie 
continuously until he runs into the next room. You will not be hurt at 
all with this method. Personally I suck at this but you may master it.
What I do is equip the great knife go forward a little (so you don't 
hit the wall with it) and swing it at Eddie about three times and he 
will run. Not as simple as it sounds since the great knife is heavy it 
takes a while for James to swing it (and you might hit the wall with 
it) so you have to time your attacks. I usually wait till Eddie is out 
of my sight and hear him walking towards me before I start swinging.
Eddie always ends up shooting me at least one time (sometimes two) on 
this part so don't get mad if he shoots you a couple of times.
Part 2
Now Eddie will run into the next room and we have to follow him. Grab 
the ammo in this room and head through the door. As soon as you start 
the battle Eddie will point his gun at you. Before you panic strafe 
right behind the piece of meat and since Eddie can't get a clear shot 
he will run towards you. The good thing is you dodged 1-2 shots from 
Eddie! Now from here on is where it gets hard so here what I suggest 
you do. <There is also a picture below to help explain what I'm talking 
This is a strategy based on using the rifle. Run to the corner in the 
picture. What you need to do is get Eddie stuck in front of the piece 
of meat and you on the other side of the meat. Best way to do that is 
to run between the meat and the wall and Eddie will usually try to 
follow through there. When you get into position start shooting. Eddie 
will sometimes hit the meat instead of you, and you can shoot him more 
times without taking much damage.
When I was going for the 10 star ranking Eddie hit the meat about six 
more times before he pulled out his revolver and shot me. Be warned! 
When he starts shooting he won't try hitting you again so move. This is 
a very good damage saver technique.
   |              |    J=James
 __|              |    E=Eddie
| JME             |    M=meat
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
<NOTE: When you get into this position there is a little gap between 
the meat and the wall and that's how you shoot him. Make sure your not 
standing directly behind the meat otherwise your only target practicing 
at targets point blank. You'll know what I'm talking about when you do 
it don't worry.>
<Just incase you missed it in this guide its in this section, and I 
also have a few more of my own>
1. Kicking monsters- just to save you the agony if you have the 
flashlight turned off then James cant see monsters on the ground. In 
other words if you have the flashlight turned off when you knock down a 
monster James cannot see so he cannot kick it or shoot while it is on 
the ground. So if you are trying to keep your flashlight off only turn 
it on when you are killing a monster on the ground.
2. Item searching- James will turn his head towards an item when he is 
close to an item. Use this trick wisely.
3. 180-degree turn- press R1+L1 together (PS2) or X+B together (Xbox) 
for a quick 180-degree turn. It's handy for when you need to run away 
quickly from an enemy and most handy at the Doorman.
4. Maria- well as you know at some points in the game Maria will follow 
you around. I have never shot Maria by accident until I started going 
for the 10 star ranking, I killed her three times almost in a row and 
had to start all back over.
When she is around be careful where you shoot. If all possible try to 
make sure she is not close to the enemy you are killing, if for some 
occasions in the game you cant get her away from the enemy you want to 
shoot at, shoot the monster cautiously as soon as it starts to fall 
stop shooting and kick it (don't take the chance of killing it by 
shooting). If she dies before your first save it is game over for you.
By the way this is one of my most hated parts of the game when trying 
to get the 10 star ranking.
5. Shotgun- Also just to save you the agony, after you shoot something 
down with a shotgun and you are pretty close to the monster wait till 
the monster is on its feet before you shoot it otherwise it wont go 
back down again and will probably hit you.
6. Forget a code?- Did you forget a code and didn't write it down?
Don't go back to the room just to look at it, that just wastes time. If 
you read the memo then press start and go to the memo section. It gives 
you a list of the memos you've read. This is really useful for that 
code written in blood (yes it shows you the picture of the code).
These are all the puzzle solutions in the game (in a shortened 
version). This is exactly what I printed out and used to help me get 
through puzzles quicker.
Letter from Silent Heaven
1. Wood Side Apartments 2nd floor room 208 clock puzzle-
Move the hands of the clock to match the stains on the clock face
(9:15). Then move the minute hand back to the 2 and you'll here a 
click. Now you can push the clock.
2. Blue Creek Apartments 2nd floor room 203 safe combinations-
(Always start at one) >>=right <<=left
Easy- check the toilet for the combination
Normal- check the toilet for the combination
Hard- check the toilet for the combination.  Some numbers will be Roman 
numerals. The X=10 and the V=5. If the numbers appear in this 
combination VV7 then you add what each numeral is worth plus the 
Extra- check the toilet for the combination. Some numbers will be 
Find the numbers place in the alphabet then add 9 to it.
3. Blue Creek Apartments 1st floor room 105 coin puzzle-
Easy- O X S X P                      (key) O=old man coin
Normal- X O P X S                          S=snake coin
Hard- X O X S P                            P=prisoner coin
Extra-O X S P X                            X=empty space
4. Brookhaven Hospital 3rd floor Patient Wing door pass codes-
Easy- 7335
Normal- 7335
Hard- 1328
Extra- 1328
5. Brookhaven Hospital 3rd floor room S14 box puzzle-
1. Insert the purple bull key.
2. Use the lapis eye key.
3. The code for the electronic keypad is found in Examining Room 3 on 
carbon paper.
4. The code for the spinning lock is found in the 3rd room of the 
Treatment Room.
6. Evil Brookhaven Hospital 3rd floor storeroom Trick or Treat puzzle-
|    1   2   3|     This represents the Trick or Treat box press
|Q1  O   O   X|     the buttons marked X in order to open the box.
|Q2  X   O   O|
|Q3  O   O   X|
7. Toluca prison lighted number puzzle-
There will be three numbers lighted on the keypad. Press the three 
numbers that are lighted in random orders and hope it unlocks.
Sometimes in hard/extra riddle mode there will be only two numbers 
lighted. What you do is press one button two times and the other button 
one time.
8. Labyrinth facecube puzzle-
Easy- up, up, left         The facecube represents and controls the
Normal- up, up, left       room behind you turning the facecube turns 
Hard- random               the room. Turn the facecube so that two
Extra- random              doors line up and create a path to the cell.
9. Labyrinth innocent man puzzle-
First read the notice sign. Go into the room with the corpses and 
determine which one is who. Then go to the room with the empty nooses 
and pull on the one that takes the place of the innocent man. Go back 
into the room with the hanged men and get the key.
Easy- kidnapper
Normal- arsonist
Hard- counterfeiter
Extra- thief
10. Lake View Hotel 2nd floor room 202 baggage code-
Use the thinner on the photo on the bed to get the code.
11. Lake View Hotel 1st floor lobby music box puzzle-
(Left to Right)
Easy- any order
Normal- Cinderella, Snow white, Little Mermaid
Hard- Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White
Extra- Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White
Born from a Wish
1. Baldwin's Mansion 2nd floor fireplace room Acacia key Puzzle-
Insert the red board.
Insert the white board 90 degrees to the right.
Insert the black board 90 degrees to the right.
Chainsaw- on logs after cemetery.
Hyper Spray- inside motor home on Saul Street.
Dog Key- in a doghouse near Jack's Inn.
Book of Lost Memories- in a newspaper stand near Taxxon Gas Station.
White Chrism- 1st floor Blue Creek Apartments in room 105.
Obsidian Goblet- in Silent Hill Historical Society on a display shelf.
Book of Chrism Ceremony- in the reading room of Evil Lake View Hotel.
Blue Gem- found in bathroom where you first start your game. Use the
Blue Gem in the following places to get 6th secret ending.
A. Evil Brookhaven Hospital in the garden.
B. The docks right before you enter the boat.
C. Lake View Hotel room 312 at the window before you watch the tape.
This part is dedicated to some stuff I found or did while I tried to 
get the 10 star ranking. This has nothing to do with getting the 10 
star ranking for Silent Hill 2 but you may find them interesting. Go 
ahead and read it if you want.
Do you have Silent Hill and haven't got a 10 star ranking? Then I 
suggest you use AEDavies Silent Hill 10 star ranking FAQ on, it will help you a lot in obtaining a 10 star ranking 
in Silent Hill. I only got to the 8 star ranking before Resident Evil O 
took over. But I will eventually get the 10 star ranking. My best rank 
on Silent Hill was a 4.3 before I read his guide.
So I highly suggest his guide. I learned a lot from this guide like not 
to use special items and don't cheat. I don't know if that will affect 
your Silent Hill 2 rank but after trying Silent Hill I didn't want to 
take that chance. And damn getting under the time in that game is hard! 
I got the UFO ending and I was still at 1:32 minutes!
"Twas shameful greed did stain her shoe with blood"
Here was something that really caught my attention when I was playing 
hard riddle mode. What does this mean you ask? It isn't talking about 
the Disney fairy Cinderella like you all probably have seen; it was 
actually talking about the original Cinderella (or something). I'll 
tell you the story. Its not entirely accurate because it was many years 
ago the last time I heard it, but you'll get the picture.
Back when I was in 6th grade my teacher said she would be reading us 
fairy tails (for some reason I forgot). Of course the class was like 
"this sucks". But of course she adds "trust me you'll like these fairy 
tails". Well the story begins blah blah blah Cinderella goes to the 
ball loses her glass slipper blah blah blah. Well then comes the part 
where the prince goes to house-to-house searches.
He gets to the wicked stepmother's house and he asks if her daughters 
would try on the glass slippers (of course they hide Cinderella under a 
basket or something). Well the first stepdaughter goes into the 
bathroom to try it on but it wont fit, so the stepmother hands her a 
knife and tells her to cut off her toe off so the shoe will fit. Well 
she cuts her toe off and the shoe fits.
And her and the prince ride off. Then a bird or something appears and 
tells the prince to look at her bloody foot and that she cut off her 
toe to get the shoe on. So the prince takes her back (and hopefully 
washed the blood out).
The other stepsister goes into the bathroom and the shoe won't fit her 
either so... like a good mother she hands her the knife and tells her 
to cut her heal off to make the shoe fit. Well she does and the shoe 
fits and her and the prince go off into the sunset. Until that bird 
come back and tells the prince to look at her bloody foot and that she 
cut her heal off to get the shoe to fit. So the prince takes her back 
and Cinderella pops out of the basket and they live happily ever after.
(Oh here is the best part of the whole story). At the prince's and
Cinderella's wedding two birds come down and peck the two-step sisters 
eyes out as a punishment, I don't remember if they did the same thing 
to the stepmother or not.
So the meaning of "Twas shameful greed did stain her shoe with blood"
That because the stepmother was so greedy for the prince's riches that 
she forced her daughters to cut themselves and stain Cinderella's glass 
slipper with blood. And umm greed is bloody bad I guess. Well... You 
get the picture (I suck at this kind of stuff). Disney really screwed 
this fairy tale up eh? I will add the price must "blinded" by love not 
to see blood in a GLASS slipper.
Sometimes we all need a little motivation to do something. One of the 
main reasons I even tried to get the 10 star ranking in Silent Hill 2 
was because of all the Silent Hill 3 screenshots and stuff I seen (it 
got me excited). 
If you have a beaten SH2 file you can unlock some secret little 
movie/dialog clips very familiar if you have beaten SH2.
<This is a problem with the Playstation 2>
This is the worst-case scenario for anyone who owns a Playstation 2 
(besides it breaking). If this happens to you consult the Disk Read 
Error FAQs in the hardware FAQs in this site. Helped me a lot and will 
probably help you. 
Sometimes it's just a dirty disk but most of the time it's your PS2. My 
suggestion is you put your PS2 in the horizontal position. For some 
reason it reads disks better, I don't have a clue why. If anything it 
probably depends on the PS2 so just go to the Disk Read Error FAQs on 
this site.
Sony will fix your PS2 for free (as long as it isn't modded) as long as 
you answer the questions "truthfully" ^_~ all you have to do is pay for 
the shipping and wait about maybe two weeks or less. 
This is for disk read error ONLY and is available in the United States 
and Canada (I think), I don't know about any other country's policies 
with this is. If your PS2 got hacked into pieces with an ax I'm pretty 
sure Sony is not going to repair it for free. This is for Disk Read 
Error only. If you remember the yellow slip you got with your PS2 (that 
most of you probably threw away) it included the Sony phone number for 
PS2 help. Here is the basic information you need to know.
1-800-345-SONY (that's 1-800-345-7669 for those who don't know letters)
Installation/Technical Support/General Questions
Representatives are available Monday-Friday 1AM-6PM Pacific Standard 
Automated support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Trust me sending it is better. Fixed my PS2 right up, haven't had a 
problem since.
Just to let you know I would say it would be impossible to read this 
guide once and get the 10 star ranking on your first try. It is going 
to take time and experience and maybe some planning of your own.
It took me 11 days exactly to get the 10 star ranking. And I beat
Silent Hill 2 about seven times and I died a lot too. But I also had to 
figure out a lot of stuff by myself, do a lot of planning and write 
down puzzle solutions. Luckily I was trying to get the Silent Hill 10 
star ranking (AVDavies guide) before I tried to get the 10 star ranking 
in Silent Hill 2 so that helped me out a lot too. Some person E-mailed 
me and told me he got it in two days so congrats to him/her.
I have also heard some really ridiculous rumors about getting the 10 
star ranking without getting all of your stats gold. Like "Don't save 
until you get to the nine red squares, and you will automatically get 
it". Let me assure there is no quicker or easier way to get the 10 star 
ranking. I wish there was but there isn't. So good luck!
This is the thanks list. Where I list everyone who has helped me with 
the guide and other stuff. And if I forgot you just send me an E-mail 
to clear it up. This list is in alphabetical order if I may add. ^_^
Andrew Edward Davies (AEDavies)- a big thanks to him. He's the dude who 
typed the Silent Hill 10 star ranking FAQ, which helped me get the
Silent Hill 2 because before I even attempted to get the Silent Hill 2 
10 star ranking I was trying to get the Silent hill 10 star ranking.
Pretty much provided me with experience and stuff not to do that I use 
in my guide.
Azusa2727/Ghidrah/RogueKnight- they all helped me out with the Xbox 
version stuff.
Col_Sandoz/Xshady and LordAtomic- They helped me a lot with their disk 
read error FAQs.
Conquerer- well he helped me with stuff some I cannot remember, and 
contributed the part about not shooting pyramid head. for posting this guide.
GameFAQs Silent Hill 2 message boards- this place really helped me out 
a lot! If you don't have an account I suggest you get one.
Gurn Blanston- I got the Eddie + iron pipe strategy from him.
Kain512- if it weren't for him I wouldn't have typed this guide.
Konami- Thanks for making this game.
KuraiDr3amz- He provided me with Hyper Spray information that I forgot 
and missed.
Mike Klein- Told me that cut scenes do not add on to your time.
Rachenar- He provided me with all of the purple Hyper Spray information 
and most of the information on the other Hyper Sprays as well as the 
alternate Maria strategy.
Some Person (it's his name)- he gave me the matrix strategy (Eddie 
XykoJester- His extra riddle mode FAQ helped me with the puzzles in 
extra, and only because of it I was able to beat it and be able to give 
the solutions.
There were also a lot of people who helped me but I forgot their names. 
So thanks to everyone who helped make this guide possible!
At the moment this guide is about 98% complete. I'm going to be 
confirming what exactly the white and yellow Hyper Sprays do. Feel free 
to E-mail me with helpful information. (Currently version 7)
<Note I am currently retyping this guide for the second time! I will be 
submitting this version because it may take me a while to proofread it 
a final time. I still have to proofread this once more and summit an 
Eddie strategy from some person (his name) and that's all. ALL I'M 
DOING IS RETYPING PARAGRAPH BY PARAGRAPH so the guide is still able to 
help you like it always has.>
If you think this guide just plain old sucks just E-mail me. I'm trying 
to make this guide to help people with their ranks, and this guide will 
be useless if it doesn't.
Other E-mails I accept...
If there is something in this guide that I have not made clear enough 
or you do not understand E-mail me and I will make the section more 
understandable even if I have to retype the entire thing. I've already 
retyped this entire guide two times based on new information.
If you see something I missed, something I screwed up on, or if I 
didn't give you credit for something. E-mail me and I will correct it.
If you think you have some helpful info that could be used on this 
guide. E-mail me.
And of course if you want permission to put this guide on a site just 
drop me a line.
Stuff I don't accept will be deleted as soon as possible. Some of the 
stuff I don't want to get is stuff like porn (if I wanted porn I'd look 
it up myself so sending me e-mails about buying the Paris Hilton video 
will be deleted like always).

Like everyone I also do not want any viruses. So if you message has an 
attachment I will delete right away without thinking twice. Put 
something about Silent Hill 2 so I don't accidentally delete it.
My new E-mail is "". As long as your E-mail is 
about Silent Hill 2 99% of the time I'll answer it. Please do try to 
read the guide first before E-mailing me. If you have read the guide 
and still don't understand something feel free to E-mail me your 
If you need additional help you can always ask the Silent Hill 2 
message boards. There are a lot of people who have got the 10 star 
ranking and can help you too (and a variety of different answers).