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Silent Hill 2 Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

by super lowie   Updated to v1.3 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Silent Hill 2 on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
-Silent Hill 2: Greatest Hits, spoiler-free walkthrough
-Created by: super lowie (
-First version: 10/5/2003, 19:46:03 
-Last update: 10/18/2003, 19:45:30
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1) Introduction
2) Version history
3) Walkthrough
4) Sub-scenario
5) Characters and weapons.
5) Closing and copyright



This is my spoiler-free walkthrough for Silent Hill 2, you can find a complete 
walkthrough here but not a detailed one. You just find here what to do without 
spoilers, so you can't see what is going to happen in the story. 
I hope you enjoy the game.

For the people who don't know: A spoiler-free walkthrough contains a full
walkthrough, but doesn't contain anything that has spoilers in it (Things that
tell a thing about the storyline). The only spoilers can be names and 
place names. You also won't find full solutions of puzzles, just to let you 
enjoy the puzzles in the game.

WARNING: This FAQ is copyrighted (see copyright section) so don't steel it.
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         *Silent Hill 2 Community



10/5/2003 : version 0.3: First time writing on the FAQ.

10/8/2003 : version 0.5 : Finished half the walkthrough.

10/10/2003 : version 1.0 : Finished the whole FAQ and posted it.

10/17/2003 : version 1.2 : Added sub-scenario walkthrough and weapons/characters

10/18/2003 : version 1.3 : Added site to the copyright list and corrected 
                           spelling of the entire document.

11/7/2003  : version 1.3 : Posted FAQ on Neoseeker.



This spoiler-free walkthrough doesn't contain solutions of all the puzzles or
detailed tips for a boss fight, if you have problems with puzzles, I should
recommend you read another FAQ or you can always mail me with your questions.
****END OF NOTE****

****NOTE 2****
It is highly recommended to collect all the meps because in this FAQ you will
find alot of names of streets and rooms.
****END OF NOTE 2****

East South Vale
-Go out of the building.
-Take the map out of the car.
-Go down the stairs and run across the path.
-Talk to Angela and go to the gate.
-Run across the path.
-Open the door and go into Silent Hill.
-Go to the right and go until you find some bloodmarks.
-Run forwards and go to the first street on the right.
-Go true the barricade and fight the demon.
-Go back to Martin Street.
-Head north until you find a corpse and examine it.
-Go to Wood Side apartement.

Wood Side appartement
-Take the map on the right.
-Go up the stairs to 2F.
-Go to room 205 and take the flashlight.
-Go back to the stairs and go to 3F.
-Try to reach the key behind the bars.
-Go to room 301 and take the handgun.
-Go back to 2F.
-Go to room 208.
-Go to the shelf and take the key.
-Go to room 202.
-In room 202, enter the bedroom and examine the hole.
-Go back to room 208 and use the key on the clock.
-Turn the clock's hands to 9:10.
-Push the clock and go trough the hole.
-Exit this room.
-Go trough the blue door and go up the stairs.
-Go inside room 307.
-Take courtyard key out of the closet.
-Exit room, go to end of hall and take the key.
-Go east and go to the stairway.
-Go to 1F.
-Go north and go trough the hallway and take the canned juice.
-Go to 2F and go in the laundry room next to the stairway.
-Use the canned juice at the garbage shoot.
-Go back to 1F and exit the apartement.
-Go to the garbage depot and take the coin.
-Go back inside and go forward and use the courtyard key.
-Go to the pool and take the coin.
-Enter the east building and go to room 101.
-You will meet Eddy here.
-Go back to the apartement and go to 2F.
-Head west and use fire escape key.

Blue creek apartement
-Go to bathroom and examine the toilet.
-Go to living room and enter the code in the safe.
-Go to 1F and go inside room 109.
-You meet Angela here.
-Take coin on the nightstand and go out of the room.
-Go to room 105 and examine the desk.
-Place the 3 coins in the right order.
-Take lyne-house key and open room 209.
-Go to the balcony and walk to room 208.
-Take the stairway key and go back.
-Go to the locked stairway door and open it.

Pyramid head
-Fight pyramid head.
-Avoid being hit is the only thing you have to do.
-After a while pyramid head will go down the stairs.
-Go down to and exit the appartement.

West South vale
-Go north and you will meat the girl.
-Go north and enter Rosewater Park.
-Walk forward until you meet Maria.
-Go to the other side of the park and go to Nathan Avenue.
-Walk forward and enter Pete's bowl-o-rama.
-Enter the door and go trought the next door.
-You will meet Eddy again.
-Exit Pete's bowl-o-rama.
-Go behind the bowling area and Maria will show the way.
-Go inside the building.
-Go up the stairs and take the last door and go outside.
-Go to Carroll Street and continue walking south.
-You will see Laura going into the hospital.

Brookhaven Hospital
-Take the map on your right side.
-Go to reception office and go to next room.
-Read the note and take the key.
-Exit the two rooms.
-Go to the stairs and go to 2F.
-Go to women's locker room and examine the teddy bear.
-Take shotgun out of the locker.
-Go to trough double door in front of the stairs.
-Enter examination room 3 and examine typewriter.
-Exit room and go to M2 room.
-Go to small nightstand and get the key.
-Go back and go to 3F.
-Go to the double door and enter the code 1328 or 7335.
-Enter S3 room and leave Maria.
-Take the roof key in her room.
-Go to the stairs and go to the roof.
-Pyramid head will knock you off.
-Enter the second room in here and read the message on the wall.
-Go out and go to S14 room.
-Use purple bull key and lapis eye key on the box.
-Enter the two numbers you have on the box.
-Go to the shower room.
-Look at the drain.
-Combine bent needle, piece of hair and use it here.
-Go to elevator and go to 1F.
-Enter room C4 and meet Laura.
-You will fight the hangers.

-Equip the shotgun for these.
-Run to the corners constantly and shoot the three hangers.
-Watch out for their legs.

Brookhaven hospital
-Go trough the door and take elevator to 2F.
-Go to room M6 and take battery cell and a key.
-Go to 3F and exit through the double door.
-Go to the basement by using the stairs.
-Move the shelf and free Maria.
-Go down the ladder and take the ring.
-Go back to 3F and enter the double door.
-Enter the elevator and go to 2F.
-Go to day room and open the fridge.
-Go back to 3F and go to the storeroom.
-Enter solution of the questions in here.
-Go back to the elevator but don't enter it.
-Use the copper rings on the door and enter the door.
-Go down the stairs and you see pyramid head.
-Run quickly and avoid pyramid head.
-Go into the elevator and go down.
-Enter the director's room and examine the map on the desk.
-Go out of the hospital.

Dark south vale
-Go to Saul Street and go to through the gated path.
-Go trough the door.
-Go to Lindsey Street and go to the second house.
-Pick up the letter and the wrench.
-Go to Rosewater Park (go past the apartement building)
-Search for a statue of a woman and dig behind it.
-Use the wrench on the box.
-Go to the historical society museum.
-Walk until you find a hole in the wall and go through it.
-Go down the hole and search the wall.
-Knock down the wall that looks different.
-Go ahead of you and enter the door on the right.
-Enter the next door on the right.
-Use your dry cell battery.
-Go to the panel beside the door and enter the right code.
-Use spiral-writing key on the gate in the floor and jump down.

Toluca prison
-Take tablet of gluttonous pig.
-Take the map on the table.
-Go to shower room and take the tablet of the seductress.
-Enter the first row of cells.
-Enter 9th cell and take the wax doll.
-Now enter the second row of cells.
-Enter the 3rd cell and take the tablet of the oppressor.
-Go to the right side of the prison and enter the double doors.
-Use the 3 tablets at the scaffold and take the horseshoe.
-Go back to the last row of cells and go through it.
-Go through the door on the other side and go through the next door in front
   of you.
-Take the room on your right and take the lighter.
-Go to the room next to the gate and take the hunting rifle.
-Go through the gate.
-Use the lighter, horseshoe and wax doll on the hatch.
-Jump down the hatch.
-Go forward and jump down the hole.
-Take the elevator down.

-Go to the left and climb down one of the two ladders.
-Find the door and take the great knife.
-Go back and go down the ladder in the southeast corner.
-Turn the box of faces until the room opens and go down the stairs.
-Take the wire-cutter next to the box of faces.
-Cut the wires in the beginning of the labyrinth.
-Go down the ladder and up the other ladder.
-Get down the ladder in the hallway.
-Go up the ladder in the middle of the next sewer.
-Go through the door and go down the hallway.
-Fight the boss.

-Equip the shotgun
-Run to the corners of the room and then shoot.
-Watch out if he somes too close!

-Exit the room and go down the hallway and enter the door.
-Go through the next door, there are 6 corpses hanging here.
-Go down the hallway and go through the door on the right.
-Pull the rope of the innocent man.
-Go through the door and use the key to open the gate.
-Go down the ladder and enter the door.
-Go through the gate.
-Jump in the open grave and walk along the path.
-Enter the door and fight Eddy.

-First equip the great knife and hit him twice.
-Go to the other room and equip your shotgun.
-Shoot Eddy with the shotgun and heel yourself when needed.
-Exit through the double doors.
-Row the boat to the light you see on the other side.

Lake view hotel
-In the garden, take the music box on the fountain.
-Take the map on your right.
-Go to the restaurant and take the key and exit the room.
-Go down the stairs and take the thinner out of the elevator.
-Go into the lobby and take the letter on the desk.
-Take the key to room 312.
-Go to the 2F.
-Enter the clarck room and open the case.
-Go to the rooms on the west side.
-Enter room 204 and go through the wall to room 202.
-Use the thinner and open the case.
-Go to employee elevator room.
-Store your items on the shelf and go down to 1F.
-Take the map on your right side.
-Go to the pantry and take the music box.
-Enter the office and take the tape and the can opener.
-Enter the door in front of the office and go down the stairs.
-Enter the boiler room and take the key.
-Enter the kitchen and open the can.
-Go through the door to the bar.
-Use the light bulb on the lamp.
-Exit the bar to B1 floor.
-Go up the stairs and collect your equipment.
-Go to the lobby and examine the music box.
-Put the music boxes in the right order and play the music box.
-Take the key and go to 3F.
-Go to room 312 and watch the videotape here.
-Go into room 202 and you will go to the east rooms of the hotel.
-Go to the elevator and go to B1F.
-Enter the bar and go to the kitchen.
-Exit and search for a blue door and enter it.
-You will meet Angela, and then exit this room.
-Go up the stairs to 1F.
-Walk a bit until you find a room with a gate floor.
-Go to the lobby and fight Pyramid head.

Pyramid head 2
-Equip the hunting rifle.
-Run to a corner and shoot twice and run to the opposite corner.
-Take the eggs from pyramid head and use them in the door slots.
-Go through the long hallway and through the door.
-Go up the stairs to the top.
-Fight the final boss.

Mary demon
-Equip whatever shooting weapon you want.
-Watch out for the tentacles and the bats.
-Shoot when you can.
-Shoot when she lays on the ground one more time...




West south vale
-Exit the room.
-Go through the door in front of you.
-Take the Chinese cleaver and exit the room.
-Go to Monson Street.
-Search the door next to the truck.
-Enter the mansion.

Baldwin's mansion
-Go through the double doors.
-Take the map from the closet.
-Enter door on the left and go up the stairs.
-Talk to Baldwin through the door on the right side.
-Go through the other door.
-Enter the door on the right and pick up the board.
-Go back down the stairs.
-Go up the ladder in the fireplace.
-Pick up the 2 other boards.
-Examine the grave and put the boards right.
-Go back up the stairs and go through the door in front of you.
-Enter the door at the end of the hallway.
-Use the key here.
-Enter the kids room and take the matches.
-Go through the hallway and go through the other door.
-Go up the stairs.
-Use the matches in here.
-Take the card from under the chair.
-Go back through the door you used the key for.
-Go inside the room where Ernest was.
-Enter the door on the right.
-Go through the other door and then down the stairs.
-Enter the kitchen.
-Exit the kitchen through the other door.
-Go through the door in front of you.
-Enter the study and talk to Baldwin through the other door.
-Exit the study and go to the stairs the nearest to you.
-Go up the stairs and go into the appartement.
-Enter room 105 and take the liquid.
-Go back to the room where Baldwin was.



main characters

James Sunderland
age: probably 30
importance: the main character
who? James is the husband of Mary who died 3 years ago. Now he got a letter of
Mary telling him to come to Silent Hill, and he goes to Silent Hill to discover
the truth.

age: mid 20
importance: side character, main character in sub scenario.
who? Maria looks just like Mary but her character is different. She talks to
James like she knows him a long time.

age: probably 30
importance: only in the story she is a character.
who? The wife of James who died 3 years ago.

Angela Orosco
age: around 20
importance: side character.
who? She is a strange woman who doesn't know what she wants. She know she won't
be happy in her life and she ran away several times.

Eddy Dombrowski
age: around 20
importance: side character.
who? This is a very fat, clumsy and useless man. He has a soft side and a side
wich he can't control.

age: 8
importance: side character
who? A little girl who is looking for Mary to.

Ernest Baldwin
age: ?
importance: side character in sub scenario
who? A very strange man who hides his face. He likes all the zombies in Silent
Hill and doesn't want to go away.

main weapons

wooden plank
strength: very weak
properties: A normal plank made of wood. James sways it to the enemies.
where? In East south vale

strength: little strong
properties: The first shooting weapon you get in the game. A little handgun
but easy to use.
Where? In the apartement building

steel pipe
strength: little strong
properties: A stronger version of the wooden plank.
where? texxon gas station

strength: strong
properties: The best weapon in the game, strong but long reloading time.
where? In the hospital

great knife
strength: very very strong
properties: The strongest weapon in the game, but it is very heavy and hard to
Where? In the labyrinth

hunting rifle
strength: very strong
properties: A good shooting weapon but much to slow in reloading.
where? In the prison

strength: very strong
properties: Strong weapon but you first need to start the motor before you can
use it.
where? Before you enter Silent Hill, next to the path after completing the 
game once.

hyper spray
strength: little strong
properties: A spray that paralyses the monsters for a while.
where? motor home in Saul Street after completing the game in normal setting.



-First I want to thank these people:
 Leo Chan for hosting this FAQ on Neoseeker,            
 WoRmS for giving me some good tips,

 Myself for writing this guide,
 You for reading it!

-Also this is my mail-address:
 You may send me all of your questions about SH2 and I will try to answer them
 as soon as possible. Also some tips are welcome!

-This FAQ is not completely done, I want to add these things:
 Maybe a FAQ session if I get lots of questions,

 Some other useful things.

-One final word from the author:
"Life is gaming, gaming is life."
-Copyright: =

This FAQ is copyright of me, super lowie, so you may NEVER use this FAQ on 
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