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Silent Hill 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

by brianconey9   Updated to v1.2 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Silent Hill 2 on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
                             Silent Hill 2
                     Comprehensive Walkthrough/Guide

| Written by Brian Coney | FAQ & Walkthrough | Copyright 2002 |
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| Silent Hill 2 | Version 1.2 | June 20th | |

This Walkthrough was made using the Normal Mode in Silent Hill 2, any
differences between this Mode and other Modes are noted in the Walkthrough.
There are certain sections in this walktrough which have 2 parts, editions, or
to it. To see the second part, edition or section of the first you should check
at the
end of my walkthrough.


You MAY NOT sell, edit, copy, or distribute this FAQ in any format, whether by
web, Usenet, hardcopy, or any other means of distribution, without the consent
of its author. It is for personal use otherwise. You MAY use anything contained
in this FAQ for your own doing, public or private, but by doing so, must credit
its source. No one is authorised to reproduce this document in anyway. It is of
personal use only.

Following the arrival of a letter unmistakably penned in Mary's handwriting,
James' late wife, he sets off to embark on an terrifying adventure which
question's his belief in reality and his imagination...The cryptic letter which
states Mary is somewhere in Silent Hill, comes to a great shock to James
Sunderland. He was finally beginning to get back on track, to lead a normal life
following his wife's fatal and tragic death, only to receive a request for him
to meet up with his dead wife, and by anyone's standards, is very hard to
digest. James is confused and disturbed by the letter. He questions if Mary is
somehow really alive or if someone is playing a hoax on him. "I still don't
believe it. The dead can't send letters, yet I came here to see my Mary..." "Our
special place - What does that mean? This place is too full of memories..."
Shrouded in mystery and driven by the desire to uncover the truth, James sets
off into the world of Silent Hill... As the fog grows thicker, James realizes
that the town is nearby. "The only way to get to the centre of town is through
this tunnel, but there must have been an accident or something because the
entrance is blocked." "But wait..." "The map shows a single road through the
forest that leads to the town. Looks like the only way to get to the town is to
take this road on foot." "I can't see anyone in this thick fog, or should I say
I don't feel anyone." "I see a run-down building nearby." "There's no one
inside. I am alone in the mirror's reflection." "I look at the man in the mirror
and mutter a question..." "Mary... Could you really be in this town?"

Important Information
Author: Brian Coney
Date Started: 19th June 2002
Game: Silent Hill 2
System: Playstation 2
Genre: Psychological Horror
Creators: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo - All Rights Reserved
Contact Me:
Msn Messenger: See Above

If you are in need of info concerning Silent Hill 2, you can Email me on the                         
address above, however don't expect a reply, I may decide not to answer it if it
is totally irrelevant.

If you are looking the answer to a question concerning Silent Hill 2 you can
e-mail me, however make sure that the answer to the question is not stated in
this Walkthrough. If I feel it is, I will refuse to respond.


You are very welcome to my Walktrough. My inspiration for setting out to create
a Walkthrough was based plainly on the fact I enjoy the game, Silent Hill 2. I
have not yet played the first one and I don't think I want to after playing
Silent Hill 2. It acclaimed my attention from day one, and if I had played the
original I may be disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I believe the original is
superior, in the sense that it was a success on the Playstation, however I
intend to play Silent Hill 2 for as long as it takes to make me bored.
I have never attempted to create a Walkthrough in my life, but after playing
such a fantastic game with an amazingly enthralling storyline, how could I
resist. Silent Hill 2 is the long-awaited sequel to its precursor Silent Hill.
Konami, its developers, set out to improve the first my stringing along such a
compelling plot. James Sunderlands destined search for his dead wife, Mary. When
I first bought the game with the money I received by selling my Mobile Phone I
sat down in my room, and never left till I finished it. I am sure you can
asscociate yourself with my situation.
Not only the storyline, but the graphics grip the player, increasingly absorbing
them into the game. The shrouded misty effect backs up the eerie and strange
sound effects. You cannot look 20 ft without seeing nothing but hovering mist.
The mist which envelops such a small town is unusual.
James and his late wife Mary spent many a day in Silent Hill, before it turned
into a town which lures lost souls searching for loved ones. James mission when
he sets out in Silent Hill is simple; to find Mary.
Mary supposedly sent James a letter claiming she was waiting for him, in their
'special place'. James is unsurprisingly startled by the letter, as he was just
recovering from sudden departure. However, James long and luring descent into
the mist shrouded streets of Silent Hill become more and more frustrating when
he witnesses animals, creatures, monsters of a different species. To add to the
mist the ghouls give James the impression he is in the wrong town.
Is James really looking to find Mary? Or has he come here under false pretences,
and he is not willing to admit to those. Did Mary really die of an illness? Or
did James play a significant role in her depearture. Only Silent Hill has the

Mary's Letter (Part 1)

In my restless dreams,
I see that town.
Silent Hill.
You promised you'd take me
there again someday.
But you never did.
Well I'm alone now...
In Our "Special Place"...
Waiting for you...

 Table of Contents

* 1  Updates
* 2  Characters/Diagnosis
* 3  Important Options
* 4  Storyline
* 5  Item and Weapon List
* 6  Monsters
* 7  Survival Tips
* 8  General Tips/Info
* 9  Walkthrough
* 10 Item/Weapon Locations
* 11 Secrets
* 12 Endings
* 13 Personal Review
* 14 Conclusion
* 15 Other Important Info
* 16 Thanks, Credits

1. Updates

19th June 2002
Beginning of Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough. Extremely short, but as I said,
"Beginning" of the Walkthrough.

21st June 2002
Beginning Characters/Diagnosis at the minute, hope to complete it and begin on
the Important Sections option.

24th June 2002
Beginning Storyline and Item and Weapon List.

26th June 2002
Nearly finished Monsters section.

2nd September 2002
My 2 month delay has finally ended. I am back and determined to complete this
Walkthrough, I believe I am currently still on the Monsters Section. I am now
the Everest task of the Walkthrough

24th September 2002
My inconsistent dedication to this Walkthrough is beyond thought. I had
completely forgot about it for about another month! I will finish it however, I
am still on the walkthrough - if my mind is telling the truth.

2. Characters/Diagnosis
This section of my Walkthrough basically informs you of the characters involved
in Silent Hill 2. At the end of the walkthrough I will give a more thorough
diagnosis per character, courtesy of Dan Birlew alias President Evil.

James Sunderland
[Note: James is the player in which you are in control with.]
Plagued by doubts, and driven by a spark of hope that he might be reunited with
his wife, James sets out for the peaceful town where he and his wife Mary spent
a romantic break. But, on his arrival, he is met by mystery: everything is
shrouded in a dense and eerie fog and there's not a soul to be seen on the
streets of Silent Hill. Then James discovers a trace of blood, and watches an
unearthly shadow disappear into the mist. Yet this fearsome apparition, which
James encounters but a short time later, is merely the start- nothing compared
to the horror, which he will confront in hours to come. As James's investigates
the mysteries of Silent Hill, the further and further he is drawn into the
nightmares and terror that surround him. What is real? What is merely the
product of his own imagination? James' search for Mary becomes a descent into
the inner depths of his hollow and sinking soul...

The town of Silent Hill is full of memories for Mary and her Husband. It is a
place where they spent many happy hours together. James Promised they would
return, but he was never able to keep that promise: three years ago Mary feel
victim to a fatal illness. Yet now a letter arrives, unmistakably penned in
Mary's handwriting and written after her death. Is it possible that she is still
alive? Not only these letters, but also Mary's death, appear to be surrounded by
a terrible Secret. Who or what is lying in wait for James in their 'Special

On his way through Silent Hill, James repeatedly meets young Laura. These
encounters with the eight-year-old run like a thread through his search for Mary
but the malicious little beast is anything but helpful. Laura is stubborn and
self-willed, and appears older than her years. She shows no fear as she moves
through the streets and her relaxed air of calm seems worryingly out of place in
the monster-plagued town of Silent Hill. And there's more: Laura appears to know
Mary, and far better than would be possible in the realms of normal existence.
She accuses James of never having really loved his wife. Has she recently met
Mary? What really happened three years ago? Does she hold the solution to the
mysteries, which James is attempting to unravel?

Eddie Dombrowski
At first glance, Eddie is just another victim of the mysterious events taking
place in Silent Hill. Frightened - indeed. Almost panic-stricken - he seems
helpless in the face of horrors surrounding him. Like James, he is not from the
area, but arrived a short while ago for unknown reasons. But is it really a
coincidence that Eddie is never far from the corpses that litter Silent Hill?
Suspicion is mounting: there's something not quite right about Eddie. It's seems
clear he is slowly but surely being driven mad by the horror he encounters. Yet
could it be that his harmless exterior is just a mask concealing a terrible

Angela Orosco
This young woman, too, came to Silent Hill to find her family. James first meets
her in the cemetery outside the city and, even at the first meeting; she seems
disturbed and even paranoid. But her warning that something is wrong in Silent
Hill fails on deaf ears. Angela appears to be drifting closer to the thin line
which separates sanity from madness - if, indeed, she has not already crossed
that line. Her paranoia is rooted in the awful events of her past is she simply
a tortured soul seeking inner peace or could she pose a danger to James?

There is a startling similarity between Maria and James' late wife. Physically,
she could be Mary's twin, and one could easily mistake her voice for
That of James' wife, Mary. Only her hairstyle and her clothes she wears are
different. Even at their first meeting, it appears that Maria knows James, and
this is impression is reinforced as events progress. She knows more than she is
letting on. She asks James to protect her from the danger in Silent Hill, and
begs him to let her come along with him. What are her hidden motives? Is her
similarity to Mary just a coincidence? One thing seems certain: Maria is a key
figure in James Sunderland's search for the truth.

3. Important Options

You should familiarise yourself with the basics of the game system before
plunging into the mysteries of "Silent Hill 2". The following information will
tell you all you need to know about the controls and the various difficulty
levels, as well as providing tips on dealing with items. You'll also find that
the Survival Tips contain useful information on weapons, and to handle them.
After all, you want to be prepared for the menacing horrors lurking on the
mist-shrouded streets of Silent Hill.

New game, new opportunity
When you first start Silent Hill 2 you'll see two menu items: New Game and
Option. If you have already saved a game, you can also choose load of continue.
You're probably eager to dive straight into the game at hand. You can also go
into the inventory to change the options during a game. If you select the New
Game option in the main menu, you'll be prompted to choose between different
difficulty levels. "Silent Hill 2" is unusual in that you can adjust the
difficulty levels offered by the Action and Riddle modes separately, thus
tailoring them to your personal preferences.

Difficulty Levels
The most important thing to remember is this: the selected riddle level will
affect neither the story nor the game ending. Whatever you decide, you'll still
get to see all the relevant sequences. However your choice will have an impact
on the second and third rime you play the game.

You can choose between four levels: Beginner, Easy, Normal and my favourite,
Hard. Although the terms seem self-explanatory, some of the differences aren't
all that obvious. The amount of ammunition and health items, which you can find
during the game, does not vary much between the different levels, but that's
certainly not the case when it comes to enemies and their behaviour. The higher
the difficulty level, the more fearsome the creatures you'll encounter. And
that's not all: you'll also find your enemies more powerful, more aggressive,
more alert, quicker, tougher and altogether, nastier. And this means you'll need
a lot more ammunition and health items if you want to survive your adventure.

The following significant differences apply to the various difficulty levels:


This level is intended for novices. However, if you've already played a few
other video games before, you'll probably be able to skip to easy mode. The
controls have been simplified. You don't need to hold down the [R2] Button for
James to attack. However you'll find that this isn't always very practical: in
some cases, you may not want James to use his weapon. And the results can
however be fatal if Maria happens to be in the line of fire. You also have no
control over whether James hits an opponent who's already floored, or uses his
weapon on another opponent - which could also result in serious consequences.
The firearm's magazine is reloaded without a waiting period. The monsters are
almost more afraid of James than he is of them. That could rather defeat the
purpose of the game: after all, what makes "Silent Hill 2" unique is its
all-pervading atmosphere of suspense and brooding menace.

This is just a mild follow up of the beginner mode, as there is not much
difference between the two. Your firearms are reloaded without a waiting period
common on the Normal and Hard Levels; this indeed is an advantage, because in
the second or two, which you need to reload your weapon, your fate may be
decided with a fatal blow to James.

It speaks for itself really, Normal is...Normal. Experienced gamers will find
themselves best served by Normal Mode as it ideal, not too hard, and certainly
not too simple. I personally think you should begin your game in this mode to
begin with. Unfortunately, you have to wait for a second or two until your
weapon is reloaded.

You'll find that Hard Mode demands more manual dexterity than the other levels.
For example, if you prompt James to run against a wall, he'll use his hands to
block the impact, with he result he rebounds off the wall. All this costs time -
time which you may not have if one of the town's devilish denizens is hot on
your heels. You'll also find that you have to aim your close-range weapons more
precisely, since your attacks may simply bounce off objects in the vicinity.
What it boils down to is this: in contrast to the other three levels, if you
select Hard Mode you'll find your behaviour in battle affected by walls, fences
and lampposts - as well as the monsters you've already come to know and love.
The Hard Mode also demands a more experienced gamer of this genre, if you feel
your not up to scratch then begin in one of the lower levels first, and progress

If you want to complete "Silent Hill 2" successfully, you'll have to solve
various riddles. In most cases, your task is to hunt down items and deploy them
at various points in the game. If you select Easy Mode, you'll be given
additional tips showing how to overcome difficult situations. You'll often find
that the poem contains the answer to a particular riddle, although the solution
may be presented in a rather enigmatic fashion. For example: at a certain stage,
you have to choose between five recesses in which to insert three different
coins. If you choose Easy mode, you'll be given clear instructions: Coin A to
the far left, B in the centre and C in the far right. On he other hand, if you
choose hard mode you'll be presented with a poem, which merely hints vaguely at
the solution. In addition, the puzzle solutions differ according to the Riddle

unless you have changed the control type and button config in the option menu,
James Sunderland will react in the following commands:

Playstation 2 Version
Up: Go Forward

Down: Go Back

Left: Turn to the left

Right: Turn to the right

Up + Square: Run

[L1]: Side step to the left while continuing to look in the same direction.

[R1]: Side step to the right while continuing to look in the same direction.

[L1]+[R1]: 180 Degree Turn (Press both buttons simultaneously for James to spin
around in the spot.)

[L2]: Search View: If you press the [L2], you'll position the camera behind
James' back. However this function is not available in all game situations.
Using the right analogue stick, you can take a look around while continuing to
hold down the [L2] button [R2]: Attack Button: Press [R2] to use the selected
weapon. Remember: you won't have any weapons at your disposal at the start of
the game.

[R3](Right analogue Stick): Fully restore health: If you press the right
analogue stick, the health items required to fully heal James will be
automatically used (of course, you may run out of health items). During this
process James will remain motionless, and no message will appear on screen to
confirm the procedure.

Select: Pause

Triangle: Call up a map, Hide map/inventory.

Square: Run, Hide Map/Inventory.

Circle: Flashlight On/Off, Hide Map/Inventory.

Cross-: Confirm action, Examine, take or use items. Hold [R2] down
simultaneously in order to attack with a weapon.

Start: Open Inventory.

[L1]+[R2]+Start+Select: Press the buttons simultaneously if you want to carry
out a so-called soft reset. This means

XBox Version
Y Button: Call up a Map, Hide Map/Inventory.

A Button: Confirm Action, Examine, take or use items.

White Button: Flashlight On/Off, Hide Map/Inventory.

Black Button: Toggle running and walking/Guard attacks.

D-pad/Left Stick: Move Character.

R: Arm weapon.

Back Button: Open Inventory.

Start Button: Pause

The Inventory

Press the Start Button to call up the inventory.

This shows whether James' health is all it should be. If James' health is normal
the current screen inset will be clear, if he suffering a minor blow or is
bleeding the screen will begin to lose focus, and white lines appear in the
screen. The screen will be green if your fine and if you are in serious trouble
and close to death the screen inset the inventory will be red.

Opens the option menu, which you can call up in the main menu at the start of
the game. The option menu contains many preferences, which you may modify at any
given time.

You'll see the items carried by James in the centre of your screen. The
inventory is pretty limited at the start of the game: all he has is a letter
from Mary and a photo of his wife. You can use the directional buttons to select
various possessions. A description of the current object is shown beneath the
picture. At the top right you'll see a list of actions associated with the
current object. Press the Cross Button if you want to use one of the functions.

The currently selected weapon is shown.

This catalogues all potentially significant documents found by James during the
game. You may find them useful when solving puzzles. If you've already been inn
a location referred to by a document, the place in question will be shown in the

This allows you to take a look at the map of the locality. During the game,
press the Triangle Button if you want to refer to the map without returning to
the inventory.


Brightness Level
This menu item allows you to vary the general brightness of the screen to your

Screen Position
This menu item allows you to adjust the screen position.

Button Config
This allows you to allocate different functions to the controller buttons; six
variations are available. In general, I recommend maintaining the default
settings. All information in this walkthrough refers to the original

Control Type
3D type: You control James Sunderland from the character's perspective. This
default configuration is ideally suited to the game, since your commands are
carried out regardless of the camera perspective. If you want James to move
forward, press the top directional button or press the left analogue stick up,
and press down for him to move backwards. You can use left/right for him to turn
on the spot.
2D type: You move James regardless of the direction in which he is facing. For
example, you can press up for him to move up the screen. Although this variant
may seem more intuitive to start off with, it can often prove rather unwieldy
due to the game's changing camera perspectives.

You can set the strength of the DUALSHOCK(tm)2 Analogue Controller vibrations to
four levels: Soft, Normal, Hard and Off. Using the Off variant could be quite
hazardous, since the vibrations indicate how James' health is faring under the
monsters' onslaughts.

Auto Load
When reloading "Silent Hill 2", your adventure automatically continues from the
point where you last saved your game. However, this means skipping the main menu
- which may be inconvenient if you don't want to use your latest save.

You have the option of turning the subtitles on or off. Keep em' on...

You can choose between sound output in Stereo/Speaker and Monaural, or you can
specifically select the Stereo/Headphone Option.

BGM Volume+SE Volume
This allows you to vary the base volume of the background music and the sound
effects independently of one another, thus changing the sound only.

Useful Items

Taking Items
Keep an eye on James' head during the game. As soon as there's anything of
interest in his immediate vicinity, he'll move his head to side. But take care:
he does the same when as opponent (or companion) is in his vicinity. Position
James in front of the object in question and press the cross button in order to
examine it. If it's a potentially important document, you'll be able to call it
up in the inventory from now on: just go to Memo. If you've discovered a map of
the locality, you can take a closer look at it in the inventory: just press the
triangle button or select map. Normal items are included in the inventory, where
you can examine them and possibly obtain some tips on their use.

Using Items
Open the inventory and rotate the relevant object to the centre of the screen.
Press the cross button in order to activate the list of commands, and then
select the Use function. You'll generally have to position James first: place
him directly at the location where you want to use the item. Keys and similar
items are only used once, vanishing automatically once they've served their
purpose thoroughly.

Combining Items
Sometimes during he game you'll have to combine two or three items in order to
solve a puzzle. The process is simple: just highlight one of the objects in the
inventory and select Combine. The object in question will now be shown at the
bottom right in the corner of the menu screen. Now press Square or Triangle to
call up the next item, and then select Use in order to deploy both objects
simultaneously. Remember: James must already be in position for the combination
to work.

The Cross button allows you to switch between general and detailed views of the
map. In detailed view mode, you can use the directional buttons to scan the map.
In general view mode, you can scroll between various floors of a building or
between various maps (if available). Your current locality is always shown
first. Markings appear on the map automatically, and the save points are
indicated by a red square. A wavy red line indicates a door or roadblock, which
is permanently impassable. Important locations associated with a puzzle, or
containing vital information, are marked separately.

After playing the game for a few minutes, James will inevitably stumble across
the radio. However, it no longer performs its real function, since there is no
one left in Silent Hill who is in a position to transmit anything. That doesn't
mean the radio is useless: on the contrary. As soon as a monster is hovering
around, it emits a static hum and other white noise. The louder the noise, the
more close and dangerous the monsters are.

The flashlight is the most important item in the game, often providing sole
source of light in the pitch-dark passages and helping you detect the eerie
creatures before it's too late. Of course, the light may also attract the
unwanted attention of the monsters. Despite this minute drawback, the Flashlight
is vital, since absolute darkness makes it impossible for James to consult the
map, open doors or take items - even when you can see the object, which you want
plainly on the screen.

Save Points
Save points are marked by bright red squares. Next to the square press the
Cross-button in order to save your current game on a Memory Card (8MB)(for
PlayStation(r)2). One file can accommodate up to 15 saves, and the number of
files is only limited by the capacity of your Memory Card. If you nevertheless
want to delete a specific save, select it in the Save menu and press the Select
button. If you select Continue in the main menu, the most recent save will be
loaded. If you select the Load menu, you can select and load a save from those

4. Storyline
Every game released is usually rated by its Graphics or sound effects, however a
game without a realistic and pragmatic storyline is pointless. Silent Hill 2
combines all of the above artefacts, merging them as one and producing one of
the greatest storylines ever in a video game. James Sunderland, a poignant man
sets off to the mist-shrouded streets of Silent Hill in search for his dead
wife, Mary. Mary died three years beforehand with a fatal illness, James found
it hard to come to terms with his loss and has spent years in tormented pain.
All alone, he faces the task of surviving his journey in a vacant town, shrouded
with freak mysteries.
James receives a letter one day, from a woman called Mary, his dead wife. It is
short and includes the phrase 'I'm alone there now, waiting for you' which
clearly indicates Mary is not dead, as the dead cannot send letters in realistic
circumstances, but this is a video game, where everything is possible. James
cannot resist in the mysterious reunion with a woman who he thought was dead.
James has nothing to lose, as Mary was his only love, his reason to get up in
the morning. As James sets off he is totally unaware of the unpredictability of
this town where he and his wife spent many happy hours together. As he arrives,
he stares into a stained mirror asking himself if Mary is in this town, or if it
is a sick joke being played on a helpless man with only one thing on his mind.
Throughout the process of the game, James interacts with several people whom he
has never set eyes on before, a killer, a psycho, a child, and of course a
nemesis. As the game progresses, and the streets become more volatile and
erratic, James questions his own conscience and ethics, if he is leading himself
on to something he knows is pointless, is he imagining things which are not
really there, if he is leading himself into a false state of mind that Mary is
alive. Can James really trust those he comes into contact with along the way? Is
he in any state to travel around Silent Hill alone meeting mysterious creatures?
Is he who he really thinks he is, or is he making himself into someone he isn't?
So many questions, so little time, as James destined approach to become reunited
with his deceased wife is lagging in unrealistic moral.

5. Item and Weapon List

James Sunderland is neither a superhero not a special agent. It is the search
for his wife that brings him to Silent Hill, where he finds himself completely
unprepared for the brooding menace confronting him. The number of defensive
weapons that you will find increases as the game progresses. If you're not sure
which weapon is best suited to a particular situation, take a look at the
Monsters chapter further down, for lots of useful information.

**** WEAPON LIST ****

Wooden Plank - Light battering weapon with a limited range and limited power.
Steel Pipe - Battering weapon with a fairly large range and medium power.
Great Knife - Powerful battering weapon with a large range, its weight means
that it is a slow weapon to use.
Chainsaw (see Secrets Chapter) - Extremely powerful weapon for close quarter
combat; can only be used after a brief waiting period.
Hyper Spray (see Secrets Chapter) - Different effects, (see Secrets Chapter)
Handgun - Light Handgun. Not very effective, but has a high rate of fire. The
Magazine holds 10 bullets.
Shotgun - A very effective weapon at close range. Has a low rate of fire.
Magazine holds 6 bullets.
Hunting Rifle - Rifle with a high penetrative force, but a very low rate of
fire. Magazine holds 4 bullets.

You'll find numerous health items and ammunition boxes waiting for you in Silent
Hill - some can be found in buildings, while others or lying in the street.
While health rinks and handgun bullets are very common, Ampoules and Shotgun
Shells are few and far between, and only appear once you are well into the game.
So take care to save your rarer finds for emergencies. Incidentally, don't be at
all surprised if you find shells or bullets, which you don't yet have, any use
for, just hold onto them until the relevant weapons appear. After playing the
game for a few minutes, you'll automatically gain possession of the radio, and a
little later you'll stumble across the flashlight.


Flashlight - Is needed in order to see in the dark and to pick up or use items
in dark rooms
Radio - The hum of static indicates that monsters are lurking nearby.
Health Drinks - Slight Healing Power.
First-Aid Kits - Medium Healing Power.
Ampoules - Completely restores health.
Handgun Bullets - Handgun ammunition, 10 bullets per box.
Shotgun shells - Shotgun ammunition, 6 shells per box.
Rifle Shells - Hunting rifle ammunition, 4 shells per box.

It's easy to lose your way around the mist swirling around Silent Hill, and the
town's dark and glooming buildings. You'll soon find that the maps are essential
survival tools - in fact, unless you consult your map of Silent Hill you won't
even be able to get out of the parking lot right at the start of the game. And
remember: whenever you enter a new building you'll generally (but not always)
find the vital map near the entrance.

**** MAP LIST ****

Map of Silent Hill
Map of Apartment Building
Map of West apartment building
Map of Hospital
Map of Prison
Map of hotel (for guests)
Map of hotel (for employees)

Whenever you find a key, take a look at the inventory. It will often tell you
where to use it. The reverse situation is a little trickier: you may find
yourself faced by a locked door, chest or trunk - and no sign of the key in
question. Each key is only used once, and is then automatically deleted from
your inventory.

**** KEY LIST ****

Apartment gate key - Use at Katz street, gate to Woodside Apartment.
Apartment stairway key - Use at Blue Creek Apartment, northern stairwell.
Bar Key - Use at Lakeview Hotel, Bar.
Basement storeroom key - Use at "Alternate" Brookhaven Hospital, Basement.
Clock Key - Use at Woodside Apartment, clock to room 208.
Courtyard key - Use at Woodside Apartment, SW staircase, 1st floor.
Dog Key - See Secrets Chapter.
Elevator Key - Use at Brookhaven Hospital, Elevator opposite Room S 8.
Employee elevator key - Use at Lakeview Hotel, room to the north of the
storeroom on the 2nd floor.
Examination room key - Use at Brookhaven Hospital, Examination room on the 1st
Fire escape key - Use at Woodside Apartment, Fire escape on the 2nd floor.
"Fish Key"- Use at Lakeview Hotel, Suitcase in the Cloak Room.
Hospital lobby key - "Alternate" Brookhaven Hospital, Lobby.
Hotel stairway key - Use at Lakeview Hotel, stairway to the 3rd floor.
Key of the Persecuted - Use in the labyrinth beneath the Prison, at the
Key to hotel room 204 - Use at Lakeview Hotel, Room 204.
Key to hotel room 312 - Use at Lakeview Hotel, Room 312.
Key to room 202 - Use at Woodside Apartment, room 202.
"Lapis Eye" key - Use at Brookhaven Hospital, room S 14.
Lyne house key - Use at Blue Creek Apartment, room 209.
Old bronze key - Use at "Alternate" Silent Hill Historical Society.
"Purple Bull" key - Use at Brookhaven Hospital, room S 14.
Roof Key - Use at Brookhaven Hospital, Roof Floor.
Spiral-writing key - Use at the basement of the Historical Society.

It's not only keys which may prove useful. You'll often find that seemingly
ordinary objects can have a quite extraordinary effect. Sometimes you'll need to
combine several objects in your inventory to achieve your aims. Each item can
only be used once, vanishing as it has been used correctly employed.

**** ITEM LIST ****

Angela's knife - See Secrets Chapter.
Bent needle - Use at Brookhaven Hospital, Shower room on the 3rd floor.
Book: "Crimson Ceremony" - See Secrets Chapter.
Book: "lost Memories" - See Secrets Chapter.
Canned Juice - Use at the trash chute on the 2nd floor of Woodside Apartment.
Can opener - Use at Lakeview Hotel, Kitchen.
"Cinderella" music box - Use at the music box in the lobby of the Lakeview
Coin Old Man - Use at Blue Creek Apartment, Room 105.
Coin Prisoner - Use at Blue Creek Apartment, Room 105.
Coin Snake - Use at Blue Creek Apartment, Room 105.
Copper ring - Use at "Alternate" Brookhaven Hospital, at the painting of a woman
on the 3rd floor.
Dry cell battery - In the basement of the Historical Society.
Horseshoe - Use at the trapdoor to the prison basement.
Laura's Letter - No Use.
Lead ring - Use at "Alternate" Brookhaven Hospital, at the painting of a woman
on the 3rd floor.
Letter from Mary - See Secrets Chapter.
Light Bulb - Use at Lakeview Hotel, Bar.
Lighter - Use at the trapdoor to the Prison, basement.
"Little Mermaid" music box - Use at the Music box in the lobby of the Lakeview
Obsidian goblet - See Secrets Chapter.
Photo of Mary - See Secrets Chapter.
Piece of hair - Use at Brookhaven Hospital, Shower room on the 3rd floor.
Rust-coloured egg - Use at "Alternate" Lakeview, exit from the lobby.
Scarlet Egg - Use at Alternate" Lakeview, exit from the lobby.
"Snow White" music box - Use at the music box in the lobby of the Lakeview
Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig" - Use at the scaffold, in the Prison yard.
Tablet of "The Oppressor" - Use at the scaffold in the prison yard.
Tablet of "The Seductress" - Use at the scaffold, in the Prison yard.
Thinner - Use at Lakeview Hotel, Room 202.
Videotape - Use at Lakeview Hotel, Room 312.
Wax doll - Use at the trapdoor to the prison basement.
White Chrism - See Secrets Chapter.
Wire Cutter - Use at the point where the wires block the passage in the
labyrinth beneath the Prison.
Wrench - Use at "Alternate" Silent Hill, Rosewater Park.

You'll come across various documents in Silent Hill. Whatever is written is
meant to be read - so take your time to peruse them. Whether a newspaper
cutting, the doodles of a madman or a scrap of paper fished out of a filthy
toilet: they may all contain information, which is helpful or even vital as you
progress through the game.


Article about murder incident - Answer to a trick or treat question.
Blood-soaked newspaper - Information on Angela's past.
Choosing Death - Information about the ending of the game.
Condemned man's diary - Discloses which innocent prisoner was executed.
Dead men, dead men - Discloses which innocent prisoner was executed.
Dear Tim - Points to the location of the key to the door.
Death upon the head of a sinner - Discloses which innocent prisoner was
Diary from the roof - See Secrets Chapter.
Doctor's journal - Indicates where the Purple Bull key is needed.
First lies the seat of He - Describes the whereabouts of the Coins.
How to be a happy couple - Information about the end of the game.
I took the direkter's key - Location where the Old bronze key can be found and
Imprint on carbon paper - Combination for the combination lock in Room S 14.
Inscription on gallows - Reference to the three tablets.
Legend of the lake - No significance.
Like coins in the hazy aether tossed - Tips regarding the position of the Coins.
Louise - No significance.
Map found near bridge - Hint to enter Pete's Bowl-O-Rama if you haven't yet
Map found on bar - Location of the Apartment gate key.
Memo next to corpse #1 - No significance.
Memo next to corpse #2 - No significance.
Memo next to corpse #3 - Enemy behaviour tips.
Memo next to corpse #4 - Battle Tips.
Memo next to corpse #5 - No significance.
Memo next to corpse #6 - Survival tips.
Newspaper from shop window - No significance.
Number written on the whiteboard - Pin number for the lock to the door on the
3rd floor.
Painting 1, from cell - No significance.
Painting 2, from cell - No significance.
Painting 3, from cell - No significance.
Patient record - No significance.
Photos of trunk - Combination for the combination lock on the trunk.
Please someone save me - Discloses information which innocent prisoner was
Prison guard's diary - No significance.
Pyramid Head painting - No significance.
Receptionist memo - Location of the videotape.
She is an angel - Information on using the rings.
Sightseeing brochure - No significance.
Swamp monument - No significance.
Tern tern tern the numbers - Combination for the combination lock in room S 14.
The basement's basement - Location of a ring.
The key is in the park - Reveals the location where you can find and use the Old
bronze key, and where you can use the wrench.
The Road to Tomorrow - Information about the Ending of the game.
There's a letter and a wrench - Location of the items mentioned.
Three bright coins in five holes be - Rips on the position of the Coins.
Three different sizes, time on the run - Significance of the Wall scratches.
Three needles stand of three different heights - Significance of the Wall
To the right of the lady - Position of the Coins.
Wall scratches - Position of the Clock hands.
Wallet in the toilet bowl - Safe combination.
Waterfront landscape - No significance.
Whiteboard graffiti - Information on the Pin number for the lock of the door on
the 3rd floor.
Words written on the wall - See Secrets Chapter.

6. Monsters
There is something strange afoot in Silent Hill. On the town's streets there's
not a soul to be seen, yet something is lurking behind the swirling mists. The
creatures lying in wait for James Sunderland are anything but human. Forewarned
is forearmed: the following information introduces you to the various unearthly
opponents awaiting you in Silent Hill. Take care to study their habits and
movements patterns and discover the methods best suited to defeating them. When
wandering through Silent Hill, it's generally a good idea to give the creatures
you encounter a wide berth. Remember that you don't have to defeat every enemy -
and remember that James can run faster than his Opponents! At the start of the
game, the Flashlight and Radio are your most important tools, since they enable
you to detect your enemies before they detect you. However, experienced gamers
will avoid relying too much on these aids since the sound and light that they
generate can alert the monsters to James' presence. The level of danger posed by
your opponents depends on which Action Level you have selected. It's a good idea
to choose the lower difficulty levels to start off with, since hard mode is
really only for battle-hardened gamers.

1.Lying Figure
This is the first monster lying in wait for you in Silent Hill. Although slow,
the Lying Figure is anything but friendly. The creature wears a tight
straightjacket, and you'll come across it often during the first half of the
game. You'll generally find it stumbling around, upright and relatively slow,
making a strange splashing sound. But, as they say, appearances can be
deceptive: the Lying Figure can be astonishingly quick when, if, it decides to
crawl close to the ground.


Silent Hill
Woodside Apartment
Blue Creek Apartment
Historical Society
Lakeview Hotel
"Alternate" Lakeview Hotel


As soon as the monster discovers James; it totters towards him, stopping a few
metres away. You'll know when the creature is about to attack: it throws back
its upper body in order to belch out an acid mist attack. The crawling version
of this monster enjoys hiding under cars. Your radio will only react to the
creature's presence once it bursts out of its lair, making large screeching
sound. Don't worry though - you will receive advance warning. Just keep an eye
on James, who'll move his head and look in the creature's direction. If James
gets in the way of this night crawler, he'll be rammed. After a short time, the
monster rears onto its hind legs and launches its unique acid mist attack.


Since these creatures use a long-range attack, there is always a certain risk
associated with close combat. You're pretty safe using a firearm, but at the
start of the game your only weapon is the wooden plank. Take a step back to
avoid the acid attack, and then launch an immediate counter-attack. You'll find
that a well-aimed overhead blow is far more effective than a rapid sideswipe.
The monster will collapse after a few hits - but that's not the end of the
matter. Unless you deal it a lethal blow, the creature will generally stand up
again or try to crawl to safety. Therefore, your best bet is to run towards it
and press the Cross button in order to send the beast to its death with a
well-aimed kick. You'll also find this tactic useful if you've floored the
creature with a firearm. These monsters are especially nasty when travelling in
packs, since they'll try and surround James. Avoid any type of mass
confrontation and try to take the creatures on one by one. On the other hand, if
you confront this monster you would be safer to run past it so safety.

Attack Methods

The table below shows how many shots/blows are required to kill the monster in
question, in this case, the Lying Figure.

                 Beginner	  Easy	    Normal	 Hard
     Wooden Plank   2-8       5-11     9-15      16-24
       Steel Pipe   2-8       4-10     6-14      15-22
      Great Knife    1         1         1         1-3
          Handgun   3-6       4-10     8-14      16-24
          Shotgun   1-2       1-3       1-4       4-7
    Hunting Rifle    2         2        1-3       5-6

2. Creeper

These small insect-like creatures are both rare and relatively harmless. You'll
have no trouble recognizing them as they chirp loudly while scrambling across
the ground.


Silent Hill
Woodside Apartment
Blue Creek Apartment
Historical society


These monsters are not particularly aggressive, attacking only if James blocks
their way. After biting him once or twice in the foot, they vanish leaving
little damage.


Creepers are very weak and can generally be disposed of with one hit. Due to
their speed, however, you won't be able to do much with close-range weapons. But
don't despair: a couple of well-aimed shots from your handgun will work better
than any insecticide. If you want to save your ammunition, why not sneak up on
one of the creepers and press the Cross button to tread on it? Remember though:
this tactic is not guaranteed to work against such an agile creature. Your best
bet may be to simply keep out of their way as you walk through Silent Hill.

Attack Methods

The table below shows how many shots/blows are required to kill the monster in
question, in this case, the Creeper. An exclamation mark either donates that the
use of this weapon is strongly discouraged, that you will only stumble across
this particular weapon once you have encountered the last of these particular
creatures, or that this weapon won't hit your enemy don't even try it: you won't
inflict any damage on the monster whatsoever.

                 Beginner	  Easy	    Normal	 Hard
     Wooden Plank   1         1-2       1-2       2-3
       Steel Pipe   1          1         1        1-2
      Great Knife   !          !         !         !
          Handgun   1         1-3       1-4       3-8
          Shotgun   1         1-3       1-3       2-4
    Hunting Rifle   !          !         !         !

3. Mannequin

This creature is as tall as a man, and you'll first stumble across it when you
find your flashlight - just the first of many encounters with this peculiar life
form. The mannequin has no visible sensory organs but reacts to light and noise.
It maintains a deathly quiet while lying in wait for its victims: you'll only be
able to detect its presence using the radio.


Woodside Apartment
Blue Creek Apartment
Silent Hill
Brookhaven Hospital
"Alternate" Silent Hill
Lakeview Hotel


Mannequins are well named: like their namesakes, they remain completely
motionless and silent as they wait for their prey. But expectations proverbially
prove the rule: in the western part of Nathan Avenue, and occasionally in the
streets of Silent Hill, they may leap from bushes or rooftops. After landing,
however, it takes a while for them to get to find their feet. The creature
attacks with its upper limbs, and its range is quite limited. However, it
attacks more rapidly and frequently than the Lying Figures.

Attack Methods

The table below shows how many shots/blows are required to kill the monster in
question, in this case, the Mannequin.

                 Beginner	  Easy	    Normal	 Hard
     Wooden Plank  2-8        5-11      8-14     16-22
       Steel Pipe  2-8        4-10      6-13     14-20
      Great Knife   1          1         1        2-3
          Handgun  3-6        4-9       8-12     16-22
          Shotgun  1-2        1-3       1-3       2-7
    Hunting Rifle   2          2         1        5-7

4. Bubble Head Nurse

Anything but angels of mercy, these dangerous monsters guard the passages and
wards in the Brookhaven Hospital. Once you've left the Hospital, you'll
encounter them in Silent Hill. Their presence is easily detected: as well as
squelching footsteps and a loud cracking sound, you'll hear repeated hysterical
screams and moans. If you observe them carefully, you'll notice that there are
two types of Bubble Head Nurse, each with different levels of aggression,
strength and resistance. A darker colour and heavily soiled clothing distinguish
the more dangerous type. However, you probably won't have time to notice such
fine distinctions in the heat of battle. Your best bet is to play safe and be
prepared for swift reactions.


Brookhaven Hospital
"Alternate" Brookhaven Hospital
"Alternate" Silent Hill


Although these creatures are not too steady on their feet, the more dangerous
type will let loose lightning strikes with its Steel pipes, and their attacks
have a very long range. These creatures seldom travel alone, so be on your
guard. Within the Hospital, you'll generally encounter them in groups of two or
three. You could try switching off your Flashlight and running past them, but
that would prove pretty risky. When in Silent Hill, the Bubble Head Nurses tend
to wander around rather aimlessly, so you shouldn't have much trouble avoiding


If you decide to engage in battle, make sure your back is covered. For example,
if you find yourself attacked from two sides on entering a room, your best bet
is to run past the monsters and position James in a corner. Avoid close-range
weapons, and take care to shoot first at the creature nearest to you. If it
falls to the floor, attack the next creature before it stands up again. If you
come across a Bubble Head Nurse wandering around alone, you may want to save you
ammunition by attacking it with a Steel pipe. Start off by letting loose a
well-aimed blow, triggered by lightly tapping the Cross button once. As soon as
the creature is on the ground, dispatch it with a quick kick. However, this
course of action only makes sense as long as there is no second opponent lurking
in the immediate vicinity. Beware of the "darker" types, especially if you're
playing in Normal or Hard mode: you can never be quite sure that they've really
gone to meet their maker. You may find that the monster has dusted itself down
and is back on its feet the next time you enter the room, so watch out.

Attack Methods

The table below shows how many shots/blows are required to kill the monster in
question, in this case, the Bubble Head Nurse. An exclamation mark either
donates that the use of this weapon is strongly discouraged, that you will only
stumble across this particular weapon once you have encountered the last of
these particular creatures, or that this weapon won't hit your enemy don't even
try it: you won't inflict any damage on the monster whatsoever.

                 Beginner	  Easy	    Normal     Hard
     Wooden Plank   1-3       9-16     14-20     30-36
       Steel Pipe   1-8       5-12      8-15     18-25
      Great Knife    !         !         !         !
          Handgun   1-10      8-10     16-24     24-38
          Shotgun   1-2       1-3       1-4       3-8
    Hunting Rifle    !         !         !         !

5. Mandarin

You'll rarely catch a glimpse of this creature. They only appear in three
well-defined locations, hanging beneath grilles, therefore you can simply run
over them.


"Alternate" Silent Hill
"Alternate" Lakeview Hotel


The creatures swing along beneath grilles, and send out small spines if anyone
is standing directly above them. The pose scarcely any threat to James, since
they do not target him for attack. Mandarins can only significantly deplete
their victim's energy reserves if you're playing in hard mode.


Any attempt to blow these creatures to kingdom come is simply a waste of good
ammunition, and close-range weapons are useless since a grille protects them.
You're more likely to hit yourself if you use a firearm, so, again, your best
bet is to leave the creatures to their own devices. As long as you don't stay
standing above them you have little to fear. However, you'd still be well
advised to make a detour around them if you have enough room.

Attack Methods

The table below shows how many shots/blows are required to kill the monster in
question, in this case, the Mandarin. An exclamation mark either donates that
the use of this weapon is strongly discouraged, that you will only stumble
across this particular weapon once you have encountered the last of these
particular creatures, or that this weapon won't hit your enemy don't even try
it: you won't inflict any damage on the monster whatsoever.

                 Beginner	  Easy	    Normal	 Hard
    Wooden Plank    !          !         !         !
      Steel pipe    !          !         !         !
     Great Knife    !          !         !         !
         Handgun   2-3        7-8      10-12     16-20
         Shotgun    1         2-3       4-5       7-8
   Hunting Rifle    1          1        1-2       4-5

6. Red Pyramid Thing

The unearthly pyramid head proves to be a recurring nightmare for James - a
nightmare that is almost impossible to defeat. It launches its attacks with two
different weapons, sometimes using a giant knife and sometimes a mighty spear.
As soon as it sees a chance, it will attack James with no mercy.


Blue Creek Apartment
"Alternate" Lakeview Hotel


Thankfully, if you're playing in Normal mode you'll find this fearsome creature
fairly slow. Don't get caught up in a confrontation unless absolutely necessary
- you'd have better luck taking on a tank with an airgun. If the creature lands
a powerful hit with its "knife", it'll be the end of James, and the end of your
adventure. The spear is a little less likely to prove fatal, however is does
cause great infliction when targeted at a feeble James.


If you happen to encounter these demonic creatures in the Labyrinth beneath the
prison, you'd be well advised to cast your mind back to the words in the Memo
next to the corpse #6: "Run away. Run away. Run away..." Your best strategy is
to sprint away as quickly as possible. And don't be lulled into a false sense of
confidence if the monster recoils after James lands a hit: there's no way you'll
be able to force it to the ground. Unfortunately, there are some situations
where you won't be able to avoid confrontation, and you'll have to vary your
tactics depending on the circumstances at hand

Attack Methods

As there is no way you can possibly defeat this monster, I cannot draw a table
to show any attack methods whatsoever.

7. Abstract Daddy

This unearthly creature first surprises you in the Labyrinth beneath the prison.
Running away is not an option: this is a boss monster whom you have to defeat.
Later on, you'll come across other monsters of this type in the corridors of the
Lakeview Hotel: luckily, these prove to be rather less resilient. The figures in
the table below refer to the creatures prowling around the hotel.


Lakeview Hotel


Although the monster moves rather ponderously, it reacts like lightning when
close to its prey, locking its jaw's on its victim's head. In order to shake it
off, you'll have to rapidly and repeatedly press the Cross button and the
directional buttons. This creature can cause considerable damage.


Since this creature is a formidable opponent in close combat, don't use close
range weapons. Hits landed with eth wooden plank or Steel pipe have practically
no effect, and you'll find the retaliation is immediate. Use the shotgun, and
take a few steps back after firing a shot. Don't stop until you're sure the
monster has bitten the dust. Although you can use the Cross button to land a few
kicks, this could prove rather risky since it's difficult to gauge the best time
to attack.

Attack Methods

The table below shows how many shots/blows are required to kill the monster in
question, in this case, the Abstract Daddy. An exclamation mark either donates
that the use of this weapon is strongly discouraged, that you will only stumble
across this particular weapon once you have encountered the last of these
particular creatures, or that this weapon won't hit your enemy don't even try
it: you won't inflict any damage on the monster whatsoever.

                 Beginner	  Easy	    Normal	 Hard
   Wooden Plank    2-4       8-12        !         !
     Steel Pipe    2-5       7-12        !         !
    Great Knife     1         1          1        1-2
        Handgun    2-6       4-10      16-20       !
        Shotgun    2-3       2-3        2-5       2-7
  Hunting Rifle     2        2-3        3-5       5-7

8. Flesh Lip

These strange creatures live in cages suspended beneath the ceiling and move
freely about above the room. They use their feet, which protrude from the cages,
to attack as soon as their prey is within range.


Brookhaven Hospital


The monsters stalk James' every move in one of the rooms of the Brookhaven
Hospital. As soon as he's within striking distance, they clamp their feet around
his neck and strangle him. On rare occasions they may swing their cages back and
forth in order to hit James. And that is the limit of their attack repertoire...


Use your Handgun while taking care to maintain a safe distance. Keep firing
until one of the creatures comes dangerously close. Then move as far away from
your opponents as possible and start shooting again. Once you have disposed of
the first two Flesh Lips, a third one appears: use the same tactics. You'll find
that the shotgun inflicts far more damage than a Handgun. However, since it
takes a lot longer for James to move again after letting off a Shotgun shot,
your best bet is to stick with the Handgun. If you do find yourself trapped by
one of the monsters, press the Cross button and various directional buttons
repeatedly. The more rapidly you press the buttons, the quicker you'll be able
to escape the creature's lethal grip.

Attack Methods

The table below shows how many shots/blows are required to kill the monster in
question, in this case, the Flesh Lips. An exclamation mark either donates that
the use of this weapon is strongly discouraged, that you will only stumble
across this particular weapon once you have encountered the last of these
particular creatures, or that this weapon won't hit your enemy don't even try
it: you won't inflict any damage on the monster whatsoever.

                 Beginner	  Easy	    Normal	 Hard
   Wooden Plank     6-10       !         !         !
     Steel pipe    18-21     75-78       !         !
    Great knife      !         !         !         !
        Handgun      15        54        75       126    
        Shotgun     3-6      12-15     12-15     18-24
  Hunting Rifle      !         !         !         !

7. Survival Tips


Although this section should well prepare you for your adventure in Silent Hill,
this is going to be no mere stroll in the park. Once James has been injured by
the awful creatures wandering through the town, you'll need Health Drinks,
First-aid kits or Ampoules to restore him to full health. You can use these
during the game by pressing the right analogue stick (R3 button), or you can go
to the inventory. If you choose the latter method, take care to ensure that you
select the correct cure: keep an eye on the Status display. As long as James is
in perfect health, the Status display will show a flicker-free green image of
the game environment. The picture changes once he's taken a few knocks. The
worst your hero's health, the more interference you'll see, while the colour
changes from green to red, indicating that James is in mortal danger. If the
Status display has only dropped one level (i.e. the display is merely flickering
slightly), all you need to do is administer a Health Drink. A First-aid kit
would be too much of a good thing, while Ampoules should be carefully hoarded
for those emergencies when James is about to breathe his last. Sensitive fingers
will enable you to detect injuries without consulting your inventory. The worst
James' health, the more of a rapid and irregular pulse. However, you'll find
that this method is not foolproof in the heat of battle, since the recoil of a
discharged firearm may also generate vibrations James' exhaustion is apparent on
screen: you'll see his shoulders drooping and hear his gasping for breath - but
watch out! He may also be gasping for breath after running for a while, so it
may be worth taking a look at the inventory to see how your hero is faring.

Battle Academy

If you want James to use a selected weapon, you'll have to hold down the R2
button: it is only in Beginner mode that the weapon is automatically used in the
face of danger. You can now use the Cross button to launch an attack but,
depending on the weapon selected there are a few things which you should note.

Close-range weapons
A close-range weapon enables you to launch two different kinds of attack. If you
tap the Cross button lightly, James will launch a side or central attack.
However, if you press the Cross button hard, he'll let use a two-handed overhead
blow. This must be precisely aimed to ensure it strikes its target, but it is
significantly more effective than longer-range attacks.

Weapon              Wooden Plank       Steel Pipe        Great Knife
Possible to move
while holding the       Yes               Yes                No
weapon at the ready
Light Attack          Side swipe with    Blow          Side swipe with
                      a limited radius                 a large radius
Range                  Slight            Large           Large
Sequence Of            Rapid             Rapid           Very Slow
Special           Two hits in       James takes a       Even when your
Features         Quick succession  small step forward  Weapon is lowered
                  Are possible      at each blow        only very slow
                                                     Movements are possible
Heavy attack     Overhead Blow      Overhead Blow         Overhead Blow
Range              Medium               Medium               Medium

Firearms offer just one method of attack. If you keep the Cross button held
down, James will empty the magazine. If you continue holding down the button,
he'll reload is he has any ammunition left. You cannot move James during this
time consuming procedure, so any monsters lurking about will find him easy prey.
You'd be better advised to keep track of the number of bullets or shells left in
your weapon. Then open the inventory in time by pressing the Start button, and
select the Reload option at the top right in the command menu. You can then exit
the inventory, and continue firing without any undue delay. Although a rifle or
shotgun has more firepower than a pistol, there are disadvantages: the magazine
contains fewer shells, and the rate of fire is slower. Incidentally, you'll find
that your Shotgun's effectiveness increases rapidly the closer you get to your
target, so it can sometimes be more useful than the Hunting rifle.

Weapon               Handgun             Shotgun            Hunting rifle
Possible to move
While holding at      Yes                 Yes                   No
the ready                  
Possible to move
while shooting        Yes                 No                    No
per magazine          10                   6                     4
1 shot every
__ Seconds            0.5                  2                    1.5
Total quantity
of ammunition         High               Medium                 Low 

Not all shots find their mark
James is no professional marksman, so some of his shots may miss their target.
If several opponents are prowling around, the closest one will automatically be
targeted as soon as you press the R2 button. To switch targets, just press the
directional buttons or the left analogue stick to the left or right.

Playing Safe
Your opponent will fall to the ground after a few hits, buy you'll quickly
discover that that's not the end of the matter. Some monsters crawl away in the
blink of an eye. Others regain perfect health after a set time has elapsed, or
when you re-enter a particular room. Your best bet is to get rid of the monsters
once and for all (although you can never be quite sure that they won't rise from
the dead). Who said you shouldn't hit any enemy when he's down? Continue firing
your weapon, or landing blows. After a while you'll find that the creature is no
longer being targeted, even if you continue holding down the R2 button. And
you'll see a spreading pool of liquid: as soon as the devilish creature starts
emitting its vital fluids, you'll know that there is one less monster
bedevilling Silent Hill. Another method is even more effective: run towards your
floored opponent and press the Cross button in his immediate vicinity. A good
kick will rid the world of another evildoer. Of course, this method is not to be
recommended is a second creature is hovering directly next to his fallen

Let there be light
There are both pros and cons to using the flashlight: these must be carefully
weighed in light of a situation at hand. You can play safe by making full use of
the Cross button and switching the light on or off depending on current

- When you're inside buildings, you'll generally find it impossible to open
locked doors, take items or consult the map in the dark.
- In a pitch-dark passageway, James will often be able to scoot safely past
monsters, while the Flashlight's beam might attract unwelcome attention.
Although monsters react to the sound of footsteps, their reactions are often too
slow, especially in Beginner and Easy modes.
- When pressing R2 in the dark, you'll find that your enemies are not
automatically targeted.
- You'll need sufficient light in order to land a well-placed kick and dispatch
a monster to his eternal rest.

Quiet as a grave
As I said, your enemies will respond to sounds - for example James's footsteps.
And since your radio also emits noise, it's impossible to make your way without
attracting some degree of attention. When playing the game for the first or
second time you'll find the radio pretty useful, but once you've gathered some
experience and have progressed to Hard mode, your best bet is to leave it off
and remain undetected.
Also, pay attention to the noises around you, Once you've had some practice,
you'll know when danger I approaching. You'll also be able to tell what kind of
enemy is about to make his presence felt.

Maintaining an overview
If you press the L2 button as well as the R2 button, you'll be able to keep an
eye on the area of operations as well as the weapon being used. Although it's
not always possible to locate the camera behind James, you'll find that this
does increase your survival chances, especially when you are dealing with
certain boss monsters.

Use you head
Keep and eye on James' head movements: they indicate the presence of enemies as
well as items. For example, if James appears to be focussing on a parked car,
and there's no item lying next to it, you can be fairly sure that something far
from friendly is lurking menacingly behind the vehicle.

On high alert
If you open a door, you should be prepared or a welcoming committee on the other
side. Always have a weapon ready, and press the R2 button as soon as possible so
that you react quickly in an emergency that can cost James life.

Attack is proverbially the best form of defence, but that does not necessarily
apply to "Silent Hill 2". There's no need to engage your enemies at every
opportunity. With a little practice, you'll be able to gauge your opponents'
behaviour, and you'll soon realise that flight may be the best course of action
in a difficult situation.

Take care never to be encircled by several opponents. Your best bet is to avoid
any attack that will leave your rear exposed to another villainous creature.
It's always a good idea to follow this advice, especially in narrow corridors or
constricted areas. Your best bet is to try running past one of the monsters and
then turning around: only then should you draw your weapon to take action on the
daunting creatures prowling the streets of Silent Hill.

Protect Maria
James is accompanied by Maria for a part of the game, so you must ensure that
his companion also survives. Make sure that your opponents don't inflict too
many injuries on her. And remember: James may also unwittingly pose a threat to
Maria. She's safe enough if he stumbles into her with a drawn weapon (despite
her reaction), but she is certainly in danger from blows and, depending on the
difficulty level selected, it'll be "Game Over" after a certain period. Although
you cannot heal Maria, she does recover from her injuries after a set time. But
be careful, Maria will not recover from weapon shots - just one will kill her
instantly on all levels.

8.General Tips/Info

When it comes to Silent Hill 2 you need as much information on the game as you
can get,
however simple tips could prove what path your game leads. Below are a few
paragraphs of information referring to Silent Hill 2.

a: Seek and you will find. You will often find your way back to familiar
blocked, but there is no need to panic. In Silent Hill2, there's no danger of
overlooking a vital object and then not being able to reach it. You'll find
you need in order to, for example, solve the puzzles in Brookhaven Hospital, in
building. So don't worry: even if you forgot something in the parking lot, you
won't have
to play the game all over again or anything.

b: You can waste a lot of precious time investigating your surroundings, thus
James at risk of being attacked. Sometimes it pays to be trusting: in general,
if you see
the message "It looks like the lock is broken. I cannot open it" at a door you
take the hint and those words at face value. You won't be able to open the door
question. The same applies when you see the words "I cannot get the door open",
example. You'll be able to unlock the door later from the other side or by using
a key
which corresponds to the lock.

c: James uses the door keys automatically. For example, if you have the
Apartment gate
key, then all you will need to do is to position James in front of the gate and
press the
Cross button. James will then be able to unlock the gate automatically.

d: When using Health items from your inventory, take care not to give James too
much of a
good thing. Even if James is in perfect health and the Status display is green,
you will
still be able to use your prized health items. However, you can press the R3
button as
often as you like unless James is injured, no health items will be administered.

e: Conversations start automatically. Although you will later be able to address
person in question by using the Cross Button, you will not learn anything new.
And you
will never find yourself having to return to a resident of Silent Hill with a

f: When taking or using an item, your action will be confirmed by the on-screen
You can only move James again once you have pressed the Cross button to clear
the text.
And remember: your opponents won't remain idle during this period. It may seem
but if you care about James' fate don't waste time reading a standard message
when you
should be escaping the wrath of a monster who could end your game in a second.

g: If you don't experience playing games like Silent Hill2 you should pay
attention to the following tip. Once you've successfully completed your
adventure, make
use of the Save Point at the end of the closing sequence. A save game "Game
stored on your memory card will offer you several additional options when
playing the
game a second time. Take a look at my Secrets chapter to find out what surprises
the game
has in store for you the next time you play.

9. Walkthrough

James Sunderland's search for his lost wife, Mary, descends into nightmarish
Although Mary died three years ago, he recently received a letter from her.
slightly suspicious and distrustful in a sense, James sees a glimmer of hope in
letter - could Mary still be alive? Spurred on by this faint hope, James makes
his way to
Silent Hill. The following information will help you tackle the challenges lying
in wait
for James. As this Walkthrough, like any others, is long and detailed in-depth,
I would
advise you to take advantage of the Ctrl + F option, if you looking for a
specific piece
of Information.

A man looks at himself in a dirty mirror.  He asks himself the question:
"Mary, could you really be in this town?"  His name is James Sunderland,
and he has come here to Silent Hill to look for his wife.

Entering the Town

Note: During the course of the game, maps will be essential in your quest to
complete the


A last momentarily glance in the mirror, and your cryptic adventure begins here.
the Washroom as there is nothing else more to find here. Go out the exit to the
right of
James. Once you are outside the Washroom, a short video sequence commences in
which James
reflects on the mysterious letter in which he received from his 'dead' wife,

James thinks of her words "I'm alone there now, in our special place."
He wonders if she really is there, and what she meant by their "special
place," because the whole town is supposed to be their special place.

All the game's video sequences can be cancelled by simply pressing the Start
Button. But
don't be too quick off the mark to stop the sequences, especially when you play
the game
for the first time, they reveal a lot, and most which is significantly important
to the
games route of moral. Whenever the Video sequence ends run towards the parked
car, and
press the Cross Button to take a look inside, You will the find MAP OF SILENT
HILL, which
you can consult at any time during the path of the game by pressing the Triangle
Rosewater park is automatically marked on the map, therefore James assumes that
Park is the site of the Special Place where Mary may be waiting for him.

Since the road is conveniently blocked by cars, you'll have to make your way to
Hill on foot. Take a look at the map: you'll see a path marked on the north-west
of the
parking lot. Run towards that path in question and go down towards the stairs
next to the
white delivery van parked. There is nothing more to discover in this area.
you won't be able to leave the parking lot unless you have retrieved the map
from the


Now follow the path plagued with annoying mist, if you lose your sense of
direction as
you continue along the winding path, just take a look at your map. You will find
position marked with a green point or arrow pointing in the direction which he
currently facing. After running for a while you will come across a well to the
just before the gate to the Graveyard. Walk towards the well, you will then
notice a
bright red square, this is your one of many save points around Silent Hill. I
advise you to take full advantage of this Save point as they are priceless and
you may
regret later in the game. Continue for a few metres or so until you reach a
gate, leading
to the Graveyard. Press the Cross Button in front of the rusty gate to gain
entrance to
the even mistier Graveyard.


Continue for a few metres, here the next Video sequence will commence. A young
lady, who
appears to be lost and in some distress rises from behind one of those
Gravestones. She
then tells James that something is not right, something is strange and unusual
Silent Hill. And warns him about entering the town. Naturally you ignore this
The young lady continues to tell James that she is searching for her Mother, the
confide to each other and hope they find who they are looking for. After the
sequence ends, the young lady just stands there, so now you must go to the other
gate, to
the West of the Graveyard past the old Chapel. You still have a lot of walking
to do
before you reach the town boundary of Silent Hill.


As there are no turn-offs during this lengthy path, you can progress quickly, at
the end
of the seemingly endless path you will encounter a concrete tunnel with a gate
it. Go through the gate by pressing the Cross Button. You have now reached


Once you have reached the end of Wiltse Road, you can now cross the street. You
will then
find a FIRST-AID KIT lying on a abandoned workbench on the left of the Flower
Shop. Take
it with you as you may need it shortly. Afterwards, walk along Sanders Street to
the west
until you reach Lindsey Street.

At the crossroads James discovers a huge bloodstain on the tarmac. In a short
Sequence afterwards you will see a suspicious character disappearing into the
mist, see what I don't there?! By the end of this sequence James will
automatically have
turned to face North, the direction in which this apparition disappeared. As you
probably know by now, one can never have too many health items. So I advise you
to turn
and go to the building at the South-West corner of the intersection, where you
gladly find a HEALTH DRINK on a small set of steps. Now run north up the street
as you
have no choice in the matter because you cannot go to the West, towards Sanders
Street or
into Vachss Road. Now go a few metres to the North or south of the Junction,
where you'll
find a HEALTH DRINK in front of a shutter. Transversely opposite to the shutter,
also see a memorial stone, the SWAMP MOMUMENT. However, the text on the monument
- which
is apparently about the town - seems to have been exposed to the elements for
years, and
is practically illegible. Don't worry: you don't need this information to
complete the
game. Now head towards Vachss Road where you will find more items, particularly

If you now run along Vachss Road, you'll find that after a few metres James
turns his
head to the right and notices items on the other side of the fence. Go through
the iron
gate to enter the back yard, where you will find two HEALTH DRINKS as well as
the next
Save Point (Parking Lot): make sure you take advantage to this opportunity to
save your
game. Now leave the yard and continue along Vachss Road, until you reach a
beneath a bridge. As you walk the last few metres you will then hear a strange
unusual humming noise which gets louder and louder. Then take a look at the
picket fence.
James will then climb through the fence and automatically lifts the source of
the noise:
the RADIO. As he does so, the first monster appears - the so-called LYING
then demonstrates a certain presence of mind, by ripping a WOODEN PLANK from the
You have now found your first Weapon, just in the nick of time.

It is not possible to escape through the fence: you have absolutely no choice
in this situation but to challenge, or more appropriately defeat, the monster in
question. Now, hold down the R2 Button. After the video Sequence ends you will
yourself controlling James again, and you will not have to wait long for him to
wielding his certain makeshift weapon in the path of the LYING FIGURE. Approach
strange and bizarre monster and press the Cross Button, and then hold down the
until you have emerged victorious from battle. James will keep raining blows on
FIGURE until the monster bites the dust.

If you are too hesitant at the start, you will find out that the Monster, the
FIGURE, abruptly belches out its acid mist at James, which just happens to its
attack. If that happens, keep your distance and don't approach until the
hazardous fog
has dissipated. The radio will cease humming once you have defeated the ghastly
If James takes a rare hit, you should go to your inventory and check the status
at the top left. If you find that the image is no longer green, and there seems
to be
some picture interference, make sure you administer the necessary Health Items.
You can
also heal James without going to your inventory: just press down the right
analogue stick
(R3 Button) Your hero will automatically use the health Drink or First-Aid Kits
for a full recovery. Then again of course, this basically assumes that you have
a sufficient number of health items in the first place. Now return to Vachss
Road. James
will receive a garbled message via the radio in which he had found earlier in
the game
before his battle with the ghastly LYING FIGURE. But the sender is a mystery, in
you'll find that the Radio will not only hum whenever a monster is lurking in
vicinity. Returning to Lindsey Street now, you will have another chance to save
your game
in the yard, and again I advise you solely on the reason that you might regret
it, that
you take full advantage of this priceless feature as Save Points can be rare and
hard to

From now on you will have complete access to Sanders Street and Katz Street, and
with the
result that a large part of the town is waiting to be explored. As you search in
vain for
access to Rosewater Park, you will sooner or later stagger across the Motorhome
at the
west end of Saul Street. Take a look inside the Motorhome you will find another
Point as well as a memo directing you coveted attention to BAR Neely's in Neely
Street of
Sanders Street. The entrance to the Bar in question is on the east side of Neely
You will have no problem whatsoever recognising the right door: the camera
changes dramatically. Inside, you will find a map (MAP FOUND IN BAR) with
markings lying on the bar. Afterwards, you will also find that Woodside
Apartment is
circled on your own map. But what on earth does the symbol at the northern end
of Martin
Street mean? It might be a good idea to take a look and see what's up.

If you examine closely the decomposed corpse lying at the northern end of Martin
you'll receive the APARTMENT GATE KEY. Go to your inventory and take a look at
this new
item: a quick glance will then confirm the marking on the Map found in the bar.
The key
opens the gate to the Woodside Apartment. Take a very good and examining look at
the iron
gate on the north side of Katz Street. As long as you have got the APARTMENT
the gate will open automatically, allowing you to enter. You will find a small
to the right next to the door leading into the building. Although you won't
anything of interest in the rubbish pile at the northern end, that will change
Take note of your surroundings, and then you can enter the building. You have
now entered
Woodside Apartment.


1st Floor

After entering this building you should turn James to the left. Take a look at
Billboard where you will conveniently find MAP OF APARTMENT BUILDING. To the
right you
will find the next Save Point (Apt. Bldg. SW staircase) Remember to take the
to the left in front of the stairway, before climbing to the next floor and
going through
the door. A whole new experience is awaiting James as he enters a whole new era
in his
mission to be reunited with his Wife Mary.

2nd Floor

Turn to the right and run along the corridor, where you will find a monster
around in front of you. Approach this creature with caution and use your
acquired Wooden Plank to dispose of it; alternatively, you could simply try to
run past,
which I do not advise. The choice is yours as is the game. Regardless of your
stop at the third door and enter APARTMENT 205.
In the centre of the room in question you will find a mystic tailor's dummy,
from which a
light is shining. You examine the dummy you will deservedly obtain the
is simply essential in James quest. James loses no time in hanging it from his
pocket. At the same time a strange and unusual creature - known as the
favourite Monster out of them all. The Mannequin rises in the background. It
seems to
have been created from bits and pieces, bits and bobs, of store dummies. You can
foolishly decide to fight the Monster, or to escape back into the corridor which
seemingly safe from monsters and ghastly creatures. Remember though, none of the
in this game will pursue you through the door. Incidentally, you cannot tackle
creature while it is still lying on the ground. It only comes to life once you
have taken
the flashlight, again very convenient.

The enlightenment now granted by the Flashlight allows you to examine items
which were
previously obscured by the gloom and doom of Silent Hill. For example, take a
look in
Apartment 210, where you will discover two packets of HANDGUN BULLETS.
though, you'll also find two monsters waiting In the rooms, while  a third is
lurking in
the passage next to the entrance door. Your best bet is to go back to the
stairway and up
to the 3rd floor.

3rd Floor

You cannot do much on this floor in the dark, so you will need the Flashlight
Apartment 205. After entering the corridor take a good look at the grille to
your right.
Confirm that you would like to take the key. Unfortunately though before you can
take the
key a small girl, yes a small girl, kicks it out of reach and then - adding
insult to
injury - steps on James' hand. Now as you cannot get past without a key, you
will have to
find another route to the other side of the grille.
That can wait for the time being, however. First, enter APARTMENT 301 and
examine the
shopping trolley which you will find in the room, in the middle. You will now
receive your first firearm, the HANDGUN. If you found the Wooden plank somewhat
reliable in battling with killer Monsters, then you should select your new
weapon as
other as you can during battle, in your inventory.

Whatever you do, make sure the magazine has sufficient ammunition. It can be
dangerous if James runs out of bullets during important and fate deciding
battles and has
to reload manually. Although the process only takes around two seconds, those
seconds can
be painful, fatal and determining if you are standing directly in front of a
There is nothing more to do her for the moment, so yes you have guessed it,
return to the
2nd floor.

2nd Floor

As soon as you pass the T-Junction in front of APARTMENT 203, James hears a
noise. You had better take a look and see what is happening. Note: This event
only occurs
if you saw the girl on the 3rd Floor and picked up the Handgun.
The further you go along the corridor to the north, the louder the radio comes
and the
more visible the apparition appears. The reason for the noise soon becomes
apparent: a
strange creature is standing motionless behind a grille. The monster is
impervious to any
attacks absolutely whatsoever at present, so do not foolishly waste ammunition
on it.
Instead enter APARTMENT 208.


Here also you will here a static noise - this time caused by a television, in
front of
which a corpse is seated in a chair. Afterwards, take a look at the shelves on
the rooms
north wall, where you will find the KAY TO ROOM 202, which you naturally take
with you.
Do not forget to examine the memo on the small table with a telephone on it
STAND OF DIFFERENT HEIGHTS). You may want to check out the room next door, where
you will
discover a large grandfather clock. Take a look at the writing on its right
side: you'll
be asked whether you want to move the clock. Unfortunately though the imposing
refuses to budge, although the scratches on the floor to the left in front of
the clock
indicate that it was moved in the past. You will also see some suspicious WALL
on the wall opposite the clock: you'd be well advised to take a closer look:
Mildred, Scott"... the name Scott seems familiar. Remember you saw it on the
memo in the
room next door? But there will be some time later on to solve this mystery. Your
pressing task is to make use of the new key, so it is time to visit APARTMENT
Outside on the corridor you will find that the creature behind the grille has
However, another monster is prowling around in front of ROOM 207. Since this
part of the
passage is lit, there is no point switching off your Flashlight to avoid
detection. It is
time to use your weapon: press the R2 Button and shoot the Monster three times.
Once the
creature has been floored, run towards it as quickly as possible and press the
button to send it to its eternal rest. Now head to Apartment 202.


Unlock the door using the Key to room 202 which you found in Apartment 208.
There is a
strange atmosphere inside the apartment. Broken cages, red light, moths, and
flying around... it seems the insects are attracted by the beaming light via
Flashlight. But there is no need to turn it off, since they are quite harmless.
in any event, you'll need the light if you want to take the HEALTH DRINK in the
Now go into the room next door and take a good look at the hole in the wall
which is
emitting a strange beam of green light. Examine the hole in question and confirm
that you
would like James to reach inside. Reaching inside he finds the CLOCK KEY. Now go
Apartment 208 as the Clock Key may correspond with the Grandfather Clock within


Clutching your find from Room 202, you approach the clock dial. Use the CLOCK
KEY from
your inventory in front of the clock. You can use the directional buttons to
move the
hands, but what is the correct time?


You have to move the hands in order to move the clock.  You'll find details in
the inscription on the right side of the clock. You can use the Clock key from
Apartment 202 to open the dial cover. The document "Three needles stand of three
different heights" should clarify the
meaning of the wall scratches. Henry, Mildred and Scott symbolise the clock's
hands. Since the clock's second hand does not move, there are theoretically only
two times which could indeed represent                the solution to the
puzzle. Take a look at the length of the scratches, and you should work out the
correct position of the hands. Incidentally: although the clock hands are at a
new position in each
time, the time which you must set remains the same. (Check out Secrets Section
to find out the

Once you have stopped the hands at the correct time, you hear a sound. Now you
will be
able to move the clock from the right side of it. As you move the clock, a crack
in the
wall appears behind it. Now all you have to do is to press the Cross Button to
through to the recently noticed crack. Sometimes, you may find a monster lurking
at the
other side. Your best bet is to switch off the Flashlight to avoid running
straight into
the creatures arms.




Now you are on the other side of APARTMENT 208, you can find a HEALTH DRINK in
Kitchen of the room. You will also find another Red Square denoting a Save
Point, which
again I advise you to use as the game starts to become a lot more critical and
the thin
line between life and death, success and failure, is approaching, slowly but
From there you can go back into the corridor and you will find yourself on the
other side
of the grille which you seen a ghastly apparition. From here you can access the
Stairway. The door on the lower floor is locked, so you can go straight up.

3rd Floor

Take the Handgun bullets from the banister before passing through the door.
Enter the
third room on the left, Apartment 307. A video sequence starts in which James
looks the
mysterious PYRAMID HEAD in the eye. He automatically takes a magazine from the
table and shoots at the creature (At the end of this sequence you will still
have as much
ammunition as before.)
As soon as you regain control over James, return to the wall unit and take the
KEY. Now you can leave the room and go to the grille in front of the
stairway, There, lift up the FIRE-ESCAPE KEY which the little girl had
previously kicked
out of reach. In the brightly-lit washroom next door you will also find a box
HANDGUN BULLETS lying on the floor, if you want, you can also connect a few
things in
Apartment 303: a Health Drink, a First-aid Kit and a box containing Handgun
Bullets are
all waiting for you there. However, you won't be left in peace. Now run along
corridor to the south-eastern stairway and go down to the ground floor.

1st Floor

Make sure you collect the CANNED JUICE which you will find to the north, in
front of
APARTMENT 107. Then open the exit door in the stairwell and return to the
stairway via the from yard. There you will be able to open the door to the north
the COURTYARD KEY. Walk across the courtyard and climb the short set of stairs
to the
left. There is no water in the pool, conveniently, but you will find a pram
the COIN SNAKE, guarded by three Lying Figures. Your best bet is to proceed as
stand at the edge of the pool and use your Handgun to shoot at the monsters
until they
succumb. You can then jump into the pool and try to grab the Coin, quickly
escaping by
climbing the steps at the north-western edge. If necessary, you may have to
engage the
creatures in close combat. Remember that James is not the most elegant jumper in
world; he stumbles and is therefore defenceless for a short while.
Then leave the courtyard and enter the new part of the building through the
eastern door.
It is a good thing to switch off your essential Flashlight when you pass through
door: your next opponent is lurking in the passage to the right behind the door.
You have
to pass this monster and his fellow zombies in order to enter APARTMENT 101 to
the south
of the floor. There you will come across a corpse in the kitchen, and some
worrying sounds are coming from the room next to you. Their basis is Eddie, who
does not feel at his best. Even though there is a fresh corpse in the kitchen
continously insists he is innocent, and its pretty visible that he has no idea
is going on in Silent Hill. Although this long discussion with Eddie may seem
you have no say in the matter as you are unable to end it at your own will.
After your brief encounter with Eddie make your way to APARTMENT 104, where you
obtain HANDGUN BULLETS and SIGHTSEEING BROCHURE guarded by a monster. Now head
to the
2nd floor via the stairway to the south-west.

2nd Floor

Enter the laundry room next to the SW staircase and take a good look at the
trash chute in the wall.
You will notice it is filled with rubbish. Open your inventory and select CANNED
JUICE, throw
it in the chute. The rubbish detaches itself, now leave the building and enter
the small alleyway
to the right next to the entrance door. You will find COIN OLD MAN in the pile
of rubbish at
the northern end. James then takes the opportunity to read an article from the
gossip magazine
which was also found in the rubbish. Now you have gathered all the nessecary
items and its time to
leave the Woodside Apartment. Go back to the 2nd floor, where you will find that
you can open the door
at the western end of the corridor with the usage of the FIRE ESCAPE KEY. You
will now have access
to the next building.

Apartment 203

At the present time you do not have access to a map which maps this particular
area. First go across
to the bathroom and take a good look at the filthy toilet; something seems stuck
in it. Make James
take a closer look, leading him to pull an object out of the Toilet. It appears
to be a wallet, in it
you will find a memo entitled "Wallet in toilet bowl". The numbers inscribed on
this piece of paper
will become relevant soon. Enter the main room, where you will notice a locked
safe, go over towards the safe.

----------------------------SAFE COMBINATION

Unfortunately the safe combination is always different each time you play the
game. To open the safe
you will have to go into your inventory, then the memo and locate the memo
entitled "Wallet in toilet
bowl" which you obtained from the filthy toilet in the room beforehand. Examine
the safe and turn the
dial so that the first number is directly below the makr above the dial. From
now on, pay particular
attention to which way turn the dial. Now press the right directional button
until the second number has
been selected. Then turn to the left to the third number, and then to the right
again. If you have
followed all the correct procedures, the safe should open automatically as soon
as you reach the fourth
number. If you happen to turn the dial too far for instance you will,
unfortunately, have to start
the whole procedure all over again. Aww, poor you..
(Check out Secrets Section to find out the Solution)



You can now open the safe, and you will be rewarded with four packets of HANDGUN
BULLETS. However,
you can beat the game without opening the safe, but free bullets! Come on, who
would pass up that chance?
Make sure you take the HEALTH DRINK in the kitchen before leaving the room via
the entrance door.
WARNING - Your next opponent is lurking to the left as you leave the room.

2nd Floor

In the corridor turn to the right and go through the second door on the left
into the stairway
where you will gladly obtain the MAP OF WEST APARTMENT BUILDING lying on the
floor. Now, the
stairs to the 3rd Floor are blocked, so you will unquestionably have to continue
You can however go to APARTMENT 209 first and read the note on the door. This
you that you can find the correct key to this apaprtment one floor down, in a
room near the

1st Floor

On the 1st Floor enter the corridor and turn to the left. In the laundry room to
the left you
can obtain a FIRST-AID KIT from the washing machine before entering APARTMENT
109. In the case
that you haven't spoken to Eddie already then you are unable to enter this room,
you will
receive the message "Some power is holding the door closed from the other side"
If that happens
will unfortunately have to return to Room 101 in the Woodside Apartment. But you
as I have already said to enter the room which contains Eddie!

Apartment 109

Judging that you have now spoken to Eddie you are in Apartment 109. In the main
room take the
HANDGUN BULLETS from the sofa and go to the west wall, where you can open the
door to the next
room. A familiar person is situated in this room, Angela, the girl from the
cemetery early on.
Only here you find out her name as you didn't get it in the Graveyard. Angela
lies on the floor
of the room. After a conversation Angela, like you will notice later on, will
storm out of the
room like usual. James is left with ANGELAS KNIFE. Incidentally, you cannot use
this knife
as a weapon to slice and dice the baddies in town. You will also obtain COIN
the little table. In the middle of the room you will also find a torn photo
lying on the floor.
It shows a woman and a child, with the fathers identity being ripped of. Is this
Angelas family?
Only time will tell. After examining it, James puts it back. Now your route
takes you across
the corridor into APARTMENT 105.

Apartment 105

You will see a small table standing against the wall of the room with an
inscription:(THREE BRIGHT COINS IN FIVE HOLES BE). You will then see a line of
five 1-inch round depressions in the wood. The coins in which
you should now have obtained, and in your inventory - SNAKE, PRISONER and OLD
MAN - must be inserted in these depressions. Press the Circle button after
inserting all three coins.

----------------------------THE SECRET OF THE COINS

In order to open the table you will need the three coins in which you have
obtained - The Snake, Old man and Prisoner. You must enter them into the correct
depressions to obtain the LYNE HOUSE KEY. Place James in front of the table,
open your inventory and then selct the command use. You can decide in which
depression you wish to insert the coin. Although the positions are vital (and
depend on the Riddle level selected), the sequence is of no importance. You will
find the nessecary information in the poen which you can read
while examining the table. You should also take a look at the coins in your
inventory and pay special attention to their descriptions. All the information
from the descriptions and the poems are vital to insure you obtaining the LYNE
HOUSE KEY. Below you will find the lines from the poem, along with a succinct
depiction of their connotation. (Check out Secrets Section to find out the

Three bright coins in five holes be - Three coins must be inserted in five

At one sits the seducer of she - Well, 'Seducer of she' is referring to in the
Old Testament. The
serpent seduced Eve into taking the fruit which was prohibited. The serpent must
therefore be
placed to te outside left or right.

The Formless One, Null, lies furthest from they - This verse indicates that
there should be an empty field at the furthest point from the "Prisoner".

The Old One beside the serpent sits not. - The Coin Old Man does not belong next
to the Coin Snake...

Tis to the Prisoner's left that he doth rot - Old Man is directly left of the