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Gameplay: Silent Hill bases it's gameplay off of the standard set from Resident evil and Alone in the Dark. With weapons ranging from a lowly kitchen knife, to a powerful hunting rifle, there are many possible ways to do battle with the mad and macabre creatures that populate the seemingly deserted town. The only downside to fighting is the tedious control scheme. Silent Hill also presents tough puzzles that truly put your brain to work [like the infamous Zodiac puzzle], this game is sure to make your grind your teeth, and make you feel somewhat alone. The feeling of snowbound isolation as seen in The Shining, is re-created extremely well, with the snow falling out of season, thick fog that engulfs the town, and the exits being destroyed, or disappearing into thin air. Silent Hill is definitely not for the weak of heart, or those who don't like Hidden messages, and underlying meanings in the plot and surroundings.

Graphics: The visuals in Silent Hill were truly some of the Playstation's best, showing disturbing environments, and ghastly monstrosities for the player. One can truly appreciate the detail they used back then to tell this Obscene story of pagan religions, and horrors that seem unimaginable to the everyday person.

Sound: Akira Yamaoka lends his amazing composing abilities to create atmospheric music that fills each tension filled moment of exploring the towns dark corners. The only downside is horrible voice acting, but the Soundtrack, and background music [and sound effects] blow that out of the water as a factor.

If you're looking for a good scare, a surreal and deep story, look no farther than Silent Hill. But be careful when treading in this quaint little town, it may be too scary of a ride for some.

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