Sherwood Dungeon Cheats

Sherwood Dungeon cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Easy level up
Go to the dungeon and type /join and then type your current level behind it and it will take you directly to the dungeon level thet you are. Fight monsters and you will level up quite quickly. Good luck and happy hunting!!!!
How to hit a "double"
When you block an opponent's attack, hit him immediately afterwards. That attack can do double damage! You have to do it immediately because if you don't, you lose the chance of hitting a double.
Upgrading weapons
Do you have a sword or a piece of armor that you want to keep but the level of the item is too low? Here's how to upgrade it. First you fight monsters around Sherwood until you get a Diamond. Once you have a lot of diamonds, go to Midnight Glade and search for the blacksmith as he will give you the upgraded version of the weapon in exchange for diamonds.