Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy

Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy Cheats

Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Level 1 - Section C (second room of Egyptian exposition)
Do not forget you are visiting an exposition, so take your time and look around, you can find interesting objects brought from Egypt.If you are in hurry, ok!

1.Approach to sarcophagi click on the biggest one, it should move aside.

2.Get screwdriver from inventory and open the lock with it. Grab a key.

3.Approach to the big stone, pick up the seal from the floor.

4.Approach the stand with gods' statues, click on it and read descriptions (pay attention to the information!! You will need it in the future).

5.Walk to the door between big stone and sarcophagus, use oil flask and key from inventory (as the lock is rusted). You will get to the next section .
Level 1 - Section B (Egyptian exposition)
1.Get the seal behind "Head" statue

2.Come to mummy, open coffin, grab everything you will find there (hammer, oil flask and screw driver)

3.Take tie pin under stool

4.To exit click on the door near big vase

You can choose other doors too
Level 1 - Section A (Hall)
You begin the game from that room; pay attention to cursor, if you see it changes it means you can move in that direction.
You cannot go up to the first floor for now.

1.You have to check all sarcophagi and memorize its dates of origin. They will be used further.

2.Click on the left sphinx. Panel will appear, enter date corresponding to the different sarcophagi period.
Correct answer is:

OK 2200 or
MK 1650
NK 1069
LD 0332 AE 2200
ME 1650
NE 1069
BE 0332

Click on the right button to validate.

3.After animation go to the stairs and get the key behind the chair.

4.Go to the door near the stairs, turn around and approach to plant and grab the seal (it is under leaves)

5.Take the key from the inventory, go to the door and open it.


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Level 1 - Section D (Room under repairs)
In fact you are pursued by a mummy, look at the mirror (click on it), and you will see it.

1.Walk to scaffolding and look at the closed box to you on the floor

2.You have to break the cover, get hammer from the inventory and use it on the cover.

3.Grab three gear wheels, and wood.

4.Walk to the cupboard and open it with a tie pin, take bottle of whiskey.