Shenmue review
if ya aven't played shenmue, SHAME YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

The good:

an completely fantastic game with the best grafics and a thoughtful storyline,just like real life. a game that must be played by all.

The bad:

come on guys,the is nearly perfect,but the agrees are the game does end short(in the middle of the story),and ends a bit out of the blue in many cases,plus is sometimes very confusing.


that this is a total superb game,wanted to play all my life,thanks to my bro.i say that this game has been well made and well done.everything is perfect about it including graphics,music,sound and storyline. message to all review readers:if you want to play a game as real as real life,then this is as real as you can get.i mean,you can do everything as you do in a normal life,spend your money,walk around the park,train and fight,use arcade machines and slot machines,buy sweets and etc.(trust me,a lot more etc.) and as everybody says:its as boring as real life, think again:this game has power,great power. if you like games,this is not one to miss,because if you miss,your incomplete.

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