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Shenmue review
Shenmue, more than a game.

The good:

Everything is good about Shenmue.

The bad:

Shenmue is mistakeless.


Shenmue should be the greatest achievement of the modern creative era. Shenmue, is more than a very nice game, with good looking graphics and astonishing sound, that you will enjoy playing for a long period of time. Yu Suzukis creation is a wonder of art, that plays a huge role in the evolution of art through the years.
Since the biggining, man wanted to find a way to express his feelings, beliefs, to tell a story about his life and his world. That was the biggining of what we now call visual comunication. Through the years a large number of ways to express yourself and create something of your own was invented. Art is considert to be the way to express and communicate. Art like painting, sculpturing, music compossition, theater, cinema, poetry. Art has many forms. Ofcourse, there can be a combination of all these forms. At the bigginig there were the theatricall plays, then opera, then cinema. However, all this missed something, the actuall communication with the subject, which is man. You could tottally understand their meaning but you could not be part of them. Untill Yu Suzuki created Shenmue, so you can actually live, not just play, the story.
Shenmue is a hole world, very realistic, that gives as a clue about the form of the future visual entertainment. That is Suzukis greatest achievement with Shenmue, he as a pioneer, a creator that opens the door to an other era of art and creation, long before others thing of a work like this. Like Joto, who evolved painting almost a century before the Italian renaissance.
In conclusion, do not try to compare Shenmue with any other video game because it is unique. Thank you for reading my unusual review of a masterpiece of art.

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