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: : : : Looney Tunes: Sheep, Dog, 'n Wolf Walkthrough

Looney Tunes: Sheep, Dog, 'n Wolf Walkthrough

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This walkthrough was originally written for Looney Tunes: Sheep, Dog, 'n Wolf on the PSX, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
Greypiffle wrote this document. (My Internet name) Please do not say you have
written it as I worked very hard on it.
Level 1: *Go over the bridge and speak with Porky, who offers to tell you how to
use the lettuce, as soon as you have a sheep.  Now approach slowly to Sam’s
territory.  Creep to the right along the wall and up to the sheep behind Sam,
the one out of his field of vision.  Take it and creep on the out same way
again.  Since the bridge will only hold one person at a time, you must go back
to Porky, who gives you the lettuce and explains how to use it to attract the
sheep. Lay it out along the bridge.  Put the sheep near the first one and it
will follow the trail over to the other side of the bridge. You can then follow
it over after it has reached the other side.  At the mailbox you get the
dynamite to blow away the heap of rock, which blocks the way to the target. 
Pick up the sheep and put it into the circle, in order to win the level. 

You find the clock in a cave to the left of Daffy.  You arrive only after an
abyss, by hopping from rock to rock, and then activate the clock. 

Level 2: Operate the mailbox and then roll the bolder away. Remove the fan and
go to the bush opposite, hop into it to camouflage yourself.  Creep into Sam’s
field and past to the other side of his territory and make sure he is not
looking directly at you when you move.  Left above from the elevator is a
lettuce patch and a mailbox.  Take the lettuce and order the sheep perfume from
the mailbox. Put a lettuce next to the place where the elevator comes up and
make a short trail to the seesaw (only need two more for this).  Now you put the
perfume just outside of Sam’s area and use the fan to blow it over the field and
attract a sheep.  Place the sheep on the elevator and step on the button to make
it rise to the top. Once it goes for the first lettuce, you can get off of the
button and head to the top where the boulder is*.  Go up to the boulder and push
it over the edge.  The sheep is catapulted to the target and you only have to go
there yourself to end the level.

On the far right of the seesaw there is another bolder. Go to the very top where
the target is and then jump down to the bolder.  Push it over the edge and then
go back down to where the button is.  Go around to the right and follow the
ledge and through the cave, then jump over the water to the cave with the clock
and activate it.
Level 3: Operate the mailbox for the rubber band and dynamite. At the mailbox is
a hill. Climb up the hill and hop over to the boulder. Roll it down to tip the
seesaw, but jump down before it crushes you.  Take the rocket and the dynamite. 
With the rocket fly directly over the abyss up to the next mailbox, which
supplies you with a rubber band. Use the seesaw to get the rubber band.  Gather
the lettuce, take one of them into your hand and put it just outside Sam’s area. 
Make sure that it is just within the place that you get the Sam SYMBOL and lined
up with the first rock.  Then creep into Sam’s area and hide behind each rock.
At each rock, leave a lettuce while Sam is not looking.  At the last rock you
wait until a sheep comes over and eats the lettuce.  After it has passed the
next rock, follow it out, making sure that Sam does not see you*.  Fasten the
rubber band at one of the two trees at the abyss opposite the target then
stretch it to the other one and fasten it there as well.  Now you have designed
a type of slingshot.  Put the sheep on the side where the abyss is and pull the
rubber band back and let go.  This will send the sheep back toward the target.
Get into the slingshot you have made and walk away from the abyss.  When you
have gotten far enough, it will automatically shoot you to the side with the
target. You then use the dynamite to blow up the rocks blocking the target and
carry the sheep into the circle.

Put the sheep near the switch and run to the platform near the mailbox.  When
the sheep jumps on the switch, it will raise you to the level of the mailbox. 
Go back to where you got the rubber band and go to the right.  Attach the rubber
band to the first tree.  Take the lettuce into your hand, jump down and lure the
sheep to the other switch, which opens the gate.  Once through, fasten the
rubber band at the next tree and take the dynamite into your hand.  Jump down to
the elevator and leave the dynamite there, then spring back up and hit the
switch for the elevator before the dynamite goes off.  The heap of rock is blown
away and a switch shows up, which opens the gate behind Sam.  Now you fasten the
rubber band at one of the two trees at the abyss opposite the target then
stretch it to the other one and fasten it there as well.  Now you have designed
a type of slingshot.   Get into the slingshot you have made and walk away from
the abyss.  When you have gotten far enough, it will automatically shoot you to
the side with the target. Get a new rocket, fly yourself to the clock, activate
it and come out by a secret door at the seesaw beside the second mailbox.  Don’t
be fooled by the picture of the pillow on the side wall, just keep going
straight ahead and the clock is at the end of the run.

Level 4: Creep slowly around the leaf mounds, to avoid the bull, sleeping beside
the target and mailbox.  Order the flute and creep back out.  Swim into the
river*.  Swim as fast as possible to prevent the sharks from eating you.  Hop to
the right into the bushes, hide, and creep to the left wall and past Sam.  Now
hop over the towers and cliffs to the mailbox over Sam to order a fan. Then
creep into Sam’s area and use the rocks to hide behind to get it.  Left of Sam
is a rock projection behind which he cannot see you but you are just inches from
him. Further to his left is a button. Play the flute and walk up behind him when
he is not looking to hypnotize him so he starts to follow you.  Go back the way
you came to the button but walk just around it and stop when Sam is on it.  This
releases a falling rock and puts him out of action for 10 seconds.  Stop playing
the flute and put it away, then run to the last sheep in the group and pick it
up. Then carry it to the raft.  Sam cannot go into the raft house, so you are
safe there.  Drive the raft back to the other side. Pick the sheep up and hop
onto shore.  Now, sneak past the bull again and get into the target. 

Once in the water, keep to the right at the wall and under the water surface.
Near the first shark, there is an opening to an underwater cave.  Swim through
and re-surface at the other end.  You have to jump up around the stone shelves
to get to the mailbox and activate it. You can now swim back out and continue to
your right toward the flock.

Bonus level 1:
To get there, you go to the level 4 door and turn toward the dark corner on the
right.  There is a hidden shelf in the shadow that you have to double jump into.
Order the rubber band, and stretch it between the two trees near from the
starting point and catapult yourself to the mailbox opposite. Order the fan. 
The package falls on rock beside a waterfall.  Fasten the rubber band to the
tree above the package and get to it by jumping down*.  Use the fan to steer the
raft to the wall of the mailbox and jump up.  On the right a bull sleeps beside
a shrub.  Creep to the right, fasten the rubber band to the tree and turn toward
the bull. Then take one step to wake the bull up. When the bull gets close, jump
off the edge and the bull will fall in while you bounce back up.  Take the shrub
and go to Sam’s area.  Creep to the right and jump up to the lettuce and harvest
it.  Use the lettuce to lure the sheep.  Put a lettuce beside the button for the
sheep to activate the button. Run up to the platform and the sheep will send you
to the other side. Fasten the rubber band to the tree and lower yourself down
and put a lettuce near the sheep to lure it closer.  Then, put a lettuce at the
bottom and when the sheep comes for it, grab it and bounce to the top.  Follow
the cliff past Sam and to the raft. Use the raft to get to the first gate.  On
the right of the starting point of the raft, looking toward Sam, jump to the
cliff and go to the first button and let the raft through.  Do the same at the
second gate. It hangs at the last one, so jump down, bring it back on and then
let the sheep through. Once the raft is through, jump down and swim under the
gate yourself. Catapult yourselves one at a time to the second mailbox with the
rubber band between the trees on the other side.  Go to the catapult, adjust the
lever to ALMOST the highest setting, then, launch the sheep to the goal, then
Use the stone sheep to launch yourself to the same place.

The way to the clock is to catapult to a rock opening over the mailbox.  It
takes several tries.  I accomplished it by getting into the slingshot and
walking toward different spots on the facing wall.  Once you activate the clock,
you have to climb some vines to get back out. Note: if you land on the ledge
with the leaf mounds, run into the water. Otherwise, the bull will get you and
you have to start over again.
Level 5: Get the flute from the mailbox and jump behind the target over the
abyss and go to Sam, to hypnotize him.  Sam doesn’t fall for the same trick
twice and socks you back to the beginning, point and plant mines while you are
not looking. He starts walking patrol around the curve of the sheep field. Pass
the mines and hide behind the rock.  As soon as Sam turns back toward the sheep,
creep behind him and follow. Then hide behind the rock at the entrance to the
sheep field.  Once Sam is out of the way, walk past the sheep (they ignore you)
and hop over the mines. Go around the mines, past frozen Daffy Duck to the
mailbox beside the lettuce, which is above a few rock projections.  Take the
lettuce and order the hair dryer.  With the hair dryer thaw Daffy out, who
explains to you how one defuses the mines.  Defuse the two mines in the cleft
and the two leading to the seesaw.  Then, jump over the 4 mines and lure a sheep
with the lettuce in your hand. Put the sheep the seesaw.  Now jump up again and
put a lettuce in the middle of the seesaw over the abyss and one at the land
end.  Push the rock onto the other side of the seesaw with the sheep and it will
catapult the sheep to the far end of the abyss seesaw. Run over to the lettuce
end of it and keep the sheep up until it gets to you by eating the lettuce you
put down to attract it*.  Take the sheep to the ice slide and over to the
catapult facing the target..  Left of the catapult is a wheel to change the
tension. Adjust the catapult so when you activate it, the sheep lands in or near
the target circle. Use the stone sheep to get yourself there as well. 

One way to get the clock is to run off the edge of the seesaw that is over the
abyss, difficult.
Another way to get the clock: All you have to do is pick up the rock with a
sheep painted on it. Jump along the ice burgs and then drop the rock in the
water, it will freeze and then you just jump on it and float to the time clock!
Or, Go to the top of the slide and run over the edge toward the rock projection.

Level 6: Operate the mailbox and follow the package, which breaks in into an ice
cave. Take the mine detector.  Defuse the second mine, put it before the ice
wall and shift the ice block against it, so that it blows up the way through. 
Push the second ice block through the maze until you get through to the ice wall
next to the exit.  Defuse the mine near the entrance to the maze and put it down
against the ice wall and get out of the way while it blows a hole through.  Push
the block through the maze again until you can blow up the ice wall in the
middle and then push it over the button*.  Jump onto the ice towers to the exit.
You come out again at the mailbox and roll the snowball along the snow path to
the mailbox on the ledge until you can use it to jump up and operate it. Move
the snowball over to the ice towers and use it to help you get the sheep costume
at the top. Use the metal detector to navigate the minefield and put on the
sheep costume.  Move into the field toward the sheep, but only when Sam is not
looking. To get a sheep to follow you baa at it and move away.  Using the mine
detector, move the sheep by stages through the minefield and to the next ice
cave.  Set the sheep on the ice block and push it.  Go around to the right and
push the second block.  Then, go to the middle and bring the sheep around to the
caves with the gates. Jump over the wall left from the gate, put on the sheep
costume and get on the switch, to open the gate, and baa to attract the sheep. 
Shift the ice block with the two switches to the left and put the sheep on the
right switch to open the two last gates.  Shift the ice block behind the second
gate toward the switches.  Set the sheep on the ice block and push it toward the
gates.  As soon as you do, get to the second button and the sheep will pass both
gates and be next to the target. Jump over the left walls and put the sheep in
the target.

In the cave with the mines, defuse as many as you can find, and place them in a
line from the middle of the crack to the side and use the first ice block to run
over one of them, causing them all to blow up and open the floor.

Level 7: You start on a small island, on which, as on all other islands of the
level, are geysers and vortices. The vortices devour you and the geysers spit
you out.  Use this to get to the next island where a small waterfall is.  Use
the geyser before the waterfall as elevator to get up. To the left is a sign.
Straight is a mailbox behind three vortices.  Roll the rock over one to get to
the mailbox.  This time it has an umbrella for us.  Now go back to the sign. 
Behind it a set of geysers leads to Sam’s area across water.  Use the jump
button to get the first geyser to carry you up.  Use the jump key to remain in
the air longer. Use the geyser path to get to Sam’s territory.  The sheep are on
a hill on the right behind an ice wall.  Ringing Sam are loud geysers and
vortices.  Sneak past Sam’s area to the vortex all the way to the left next to
the ice wall.  It takes you to the sheep, snatch one and use the left vortex,
looking toward the ice wall.  You and the sheep are now safe. A ledge continues
to a mailbox, which gives you a hair dryer, which lands on the island over-half
that of your starting point.  If you take the vortex completely left from the
mailbox, get the hair dryer and get back to the sheep.  Drop the sheep into the
ice water*.  You can then follow the sheep in. The crane operator fetches you
and the sheep back, in each case in ice blocks, ashore near the target. 
Rapid-fire the ‘X’ key and then use the hair dryer on the sheep.    On the left
of geysers there is a lava river with vortices on the right, which carry you to
the geysers.  Before it is a lettuce patch, which you harvest.  Roll the bolder
to the first vortex, which clogs both the vortex, and the geyser.  Then you hop
left between the geysers back and forth to distribute the lettuce, since the
sheep can only go to the left.  Set the sheep into the proximity of the lettuce
and run fast to the bolder.  As the sheep goes toward the next geyser to get the
lettuce, shift to the bolder to the next vortex and so on, until the sheep is
through.  Collect the sheep in and bring it to the target. 

Clock:  The clock is in a niche of the cliff at the lake with the crane.  Once
the sheep is in the water, go back around the edge of the lake and jump to the
cliff overlooking the crane. Make sure you know where the niche is by checking
every few steps, as you will not be able to make it out very easily.  Once at
the top, you use the umbrella to jump to the niche and activate the clock. 

Level 8:
Climb the ivy the wall and take the seed and the time machine from the mailbox*. 
Go into the past and plant the seeds before the hill, where in the present is
the lettuce.  Back in the present, climb the tree to get the lettuce. Next, go
back to the past get the seed and then return to the present and plant the seed
in the patch next to where, in the present, the seesaw with the rock is.  Climb
up on the tree, and jump onto the seesaw to get carried over the river.  Travel
again to the past.  Now shift the rock along the shaded squares, but a dragon
will chase you. Let it chase you to the portal and you both will get sucked into
the present.  The dragon will see the sheep and try to go after them, but Sam
will get rid of him.  Go back into the past and shift the rocks, so they will
shield you in the present while you creep past Sam to the other side of the
field. Then draw a sheep out with the lettuce.  Swim to the second island where
the bull is and go back in time. There is a red monster from one of the Bugs
Bunny cartoons (Gossamer), which you need to get to chase you back into the
present. Let it chase you to the bull, Which will chase it since it is red.  Now
you set the sheep on the seesaw and climb up to the top of the cliff and spring
the sheep to the target.    Swim to the target and terminate the level. 

Clock:  The clock is here direct above your starting point in a rock niche.  Get
the seed and the time machine and activate the latter.  In the past, plant the
seed in the patch at the foot of the niche. Travel back and climb the tree, jump
over and activate the clock. 
Bonus level 2In order to enter this level, you go opening them in the level
selection behind the door of level 8.

Get the clock from the mailbox and activate it. In the past, climb the ivy and
jump from ledge to ledge and get the seed. Jump into the lava and get back from
the past.  In the present you will still have the seed.  Travel backward in time
and plant it to the left.  In the present, climb up the tree, swim to the
mailbox and activate it for the rubber band.  Go back in time and climb the ivy
to the ledge and roll the rock down and then next to the bridge. Go over the
bridge and get the seed, then back in the present, go over the bridge for the
rubber band. Swim up the river to the small island.  Plant the seed back in the
past, and climb the tree in the present to get to the ledge below Sam. In the
past, climb the ivy and get the seed. Back in the present, you can climb the
tree to Sam’s ledge*. Go back to the past. Get the seed and carry it back to
Sam’s ledge. Go back in time and move the boulder, then plant the seed where the
boulder was. Go back to the present. Creep to the rock and hide when Sam looks
your way.  Climb the tree to the ledge above.  Run to the right and fasten the
rubber band at the tree over the sheep.  Jump down, grab the sheep and take it
to the target. 

Clock:  The way to the clock is to the right of where Sam is standing. Creep
along the wall and through the opening, and then jump around the edge of the
wall to the other ledge and activate the clock.  Then you have to go back around
to Sam’s ledge.

Level 9:
Hop over the islands with the mines to the mailbox and get the rubber band. 
Climb up the wall and fasten the rubber band to the tree over the crocodile,
which guards the way to the second mailbox.  Jump as far as possible toward
mailbox, and use your ‘X’ key to hold onto the vines.  Then get to the mailbox
and hit your ‘X’ key again to activate the mailbox and spring back to the top,
avoiding the crocodile.  Defuse the mine at the other tree and fasten the rubber
band to it to get the remote control*.  Go over the hill to the seesaw where the
robot was and place the robot on the seesaw.  Jump from the rock onto the seesaw
and spring the robot up.  Use the remote to steer it to the elevator and step on
the switch to activate.  Get the robot to the mailbox and operate it. Take Bugs
Bunny costume.  Every time you wear the costume, Daffy switches the hunter sign
to rabbit season and Elmer blasts you.  Put a Mine nest to Daffy and this will
blast him so he cannot switch the sign.  While you are disguised Sam does not do
anything to you.  **Go to rock on the right from Sam, and climb the ivy.  Fasten
the rubber band to the tree and control the robot to the lettuce patch and have
it try to take a lettuce.  Sam runs and thinks. He then will boot the robot back
to the top of the cliff. While he is thinking, put the remote away, jump down
and hold onto the vine path, then get to the sheep and grab it before Sam comes
back.  Spring back to the top with the sheep and take it to the target. 
**Another way is to stand behind Sam, control the robot, then walk over to the
sheep and carry it to the area behind Sam.  Then bunny hop over, you then climb
up attach the rubber band spring down for the sheep and take it to the goal.
Thanks to Toma.

Clock:  The clock is easily recognizable behind the first mailbox on an island,
over a narrow board. Use the remote to get the robot and take it to the island. 
Now, use the robot to get to the clock and activate it.  Bring the robot back
and to the bottom of the first cliff you climbed. Set the robot down near the
cliff and climb up.  Then use the rubber band on the tree and use it to pick the
robot up and spring it back up.
Level 10:
Take the honey from the mailbox and move in the shadows, since the cannons
cannot see you there.  Left in the center on the lawn you see a cannon, which
you must fire.  It is already aligned to the first beehive. This will move the
bees to the second beehive. On the lawn you see four gray pipes on rollers which
you can move.  Line the first two pipes up so the cannon ball will hit the
second beehive and move the bees to the last beehive*. It isn’t hard to align
the pipes because you get a bird’s eye view.  Just watch out for the moving
cannons, as they will blast you. The best way is to move the one in the middle
of the field in line with the cannon, and then move the one at the edge to align
with it.  Go to the seesaw next to the second beehive and place the honey on the
right hand side. Then you jump up onto the tall rock and spring it to Sam’s
feet.   To align the last two pipes for the final beehive, you must first move
the one in the middle of the lawn to the button to open the gate, and then you
move the last pipe to align with it. Move the third pipe back to align with the
cannon and the first pipe out of the way.  Fire the cannon and hit the last
beehive. The bees will attack Sam and leave you alone while you get a sheep.  Go
into the fort and place the sheep on one switch. Then step on the other one to
open the gate. Now you have to gather all your patience to defeat Gossamer from
level 8. Go through the door, over the platform surrounded by lave and to the
target. Gossamer will appear. Read the Signs to get a hint of how to defeat it.
You will have to beat it three times. If you fall into the lava during ANY of
your attempts, you have to start back at the first one.  Each time you start
over, try to get back to the free area near the target. Gossamer is afraid of
light and becomes dizzy if you run around it.  It has a stomping attack, which
will push either you or the sheep away and possibly into the lava if you are in
the wrong place. Therefore, you need to have the sheep outside of its reach.  
Jump over the ripple of the stomp and try to get close enough for Gossamer to
chase you.  Before it gets too close, start running around it in a clockwise
direction. You can go counterclockwise, but that takes longer.  If you get too
close, it will ram you flat and then try to kick you into the lava. You can
still move when squished, so keep away from that kick.  Once you can start
running in a circle around Gossamer, wait until it starts to faint, and go get
the sheep and put it on the first button to move the wheel out of the lava. Jump
on the right spokes of the wheel 4 times to activate the light. You have 30
seconds to do that.  For the second one, if you get squished, you can move into
the light and Gossamer will not follow you. Once it is down, you have 20 seconds
to get the sheep onto the button and activate the light. For the third one, you
have only 10 seconds, so before you go after Gossamer, move the sheep to the
other side but outside of Gossamer’s stomp attack. This will allow you just
barely enough time to get the sheep to the button and activate the last light. 
Gossamer will try to run from the last light, come to the lave ditch and loose
it’s balance. It will fall and catch the opposite side and make a nice bridge to
get the sheep to the target

Clock:  On the right of the door to the fort, there is a pile of rocks that you
have to blast out of the way.  Move the cannon next to the fort out of the way
and align the first one so it points to the pile of rocks.  Then just fire the
cannon to blast them out of the way.  Swim the moat and go into the hidden
chamber to activate the clock.
Level 11:
Order the fishing rod and the magnet from the mailbox. You walk toward daffy,
but do not get in the mud or you will sink. Daffy will ask you to shoot the
crocodile.  Go to the cannon and aim it at the top of the wall directly over the
crocodile and fire.  That will put it out of commission and turn it into a
trampoline.  Use it to bounce over and get the fishing rod, and also listen as
Daffy explains how to combine objects. Combine the fishing rod and the magnet.
Bounce back to the other side and walk around so you can note where the cannon
ball is. You now jump up to the catwalk and around to the cannon ball.  Use the
Magnet and fishing rod to get the cannon ball. Please note that when the fishing
rod is activated, you can only move right and left, not forward or back. Reel in
the cannon ball and move it to the right and over the switch. Deactivate the
Fishing rod and this will open the gate. Go through the gate*. Jump up to the
catwalk to the right of the gate and use the magnet to blow up the mine
protecting the lettuce.  Jump to the lettuce and back up to the catwalk and go
around to the first sheep. Take the fishing rod and magnet apart and then
combine the fishing rod and the lettuce.  Use the lettuce to lure the sheep to
the button and open the two gates. Then walk around to the second sheep and lure
it to the grass next to the lower gate.  Go through the upper gate and jump down
to the ground floor, but not into the abyss. Calmly walk to the sheep in front
of the gate and bring it inside.  I’ve always waited until Sam is looking the
other way, but since the indicator is green, you man not have to do that.  I’m
just cautious.  Put the sheep in front of the floating tiles and then get
across, since two cannot be on a tile at the same time. Take the fishing rod and
the lettuce apart and use the lettuce to lure the sheep to your side.  You will
have to step on the first tile until the sheep starts coming to you and then get
onto the walkway before the sheep reaches your tile. Take the sheep to the
elevator and then go back to where the floating tiles are and jump up and around
the corner to the upper level. Get the other piece of lettuce and then use the
treadmill to operate the elevator. Pick up the sheep and put it on the other
treadmill. Order the remote.  Put the lettuce to the left of this treadmill and
get on the nearest elevator and the sheep will lift you up. Get the remote and
the robot and jump back down to the sheep. Take the lettuce and put the robot on
the treadmill and pick up the sheep.  Put both yourself and the sheep on the
elevator and use the remote to have the robot lift you both up. Now combine the
fishing rod and the magnet again and use the magnet to get the robot, reel it in
and put it on the elevator.  Pick up the robot and move both it and the sheep
into the next room. Put the robot on the treadmill and carry the sheep to the
platform.  Use the robot to move both of you to the other side. Use the other
treadmill to move the robot over.  Don’t worry about the button yet. Just put
the empty platform in front of it.   In the next room you put the robot on the
treadmill and can use it to transport you and the sheep up to the next level by
matching platform edges and just walking from the first platform to the second
and then from the second to the third.  Direct the robot over to the right edge
of the abyss under the ledge, and carefully use the magnet to grab it and bring
it up. Then take the robot into the next room and have it jump down to the
platform next to the button. Now you can put yourself and the sheep on the
elevator and have the robot jump onto the button. This will raise the elevator
to the target level and you can carry the sheep to the target.

Clock: Beside the Mine that isn’t guarding anything is a pile of boulders. Use
the magnet to attract the mine toward the first missing space in the catwalk and
deactivate the rod before it blows up.  Then jump over the space and use the
magnet to attract the mine as close to the rocks as possible without blowing up. 
Now you can use the magnet to blow up the mine, rocks and all. Jump down and go
into the hidden chamber to activate the clock.
Level 12:
Operate the mailbox and take the spirit buster. The inflatable sheep lands in
the maze.  The other mailbox is in the garden maze, guarded by a ghost.  As you
go through the maze, gather batteries.  You need 5 to suck up a ghost. Get the
inflatable sheep.  After it is inflated, you can let the air out by jumping on
it.  Now find the second mailbox and order the costume*.  The ghost costume will
land in an earlier part of the Maze. Once you put the costume on, you no longer
need the spirit buster. Just say a ghostly boo at each challenging ghost until
you get to the end of the maze and the sign. You have to take the costume off in
order to read the sign. Put the costume back on and go into the dancing field.
You will be required to dance with the ghosts 4 times and will need to gather
your patience again. As the ghosts dance, there is a metronome counter at the
top of the screen. The symbols start on the left and click their way to the
right of the box. Press the correct symbol only when it is in the middle of the
blue box at the end. The symbol will click on the edge of the box and you must
press it on the very next beat, or you have to start the dance again. Once the
ghosts leave you alone, you can go into Sam’s area and take off your costume. Go
to the mailbox on the left of this area and order the robot remote. Use the
seesaw to spring the robot into the sheep pen and have it go to the back left to
pick a lettuce.  Lure a sheep BEHIND Sam to the elevator and deactivate the
robot. At no time get caught in the search light or go in front of Sam, or the
robot will be kicked out. Now you can activate the button on the other side of
the fence and raise the robot and sheep to the top of the ledge. The ledge has
two gates that have to be activated properly to get the sheep through.  Lure the
sheep onto the first button and then bring the robot down to get yourself and
the lettuce to the top using the other elevator. Lure the sheep through with the
lettuce while you are standing on the correct button inside.  Use the robot to
get yourself back up to the now closed gate and plant a lettuce. Get the robot
back up by going through the Sam’s area and onto the first button on the ledge
again. The sheep will come out to eat the lettuce and you can have the robot
jump back down and raise you to the sheep and carry it to the ground. Take the
sheep to the dancing area. The Ghosts get mad at you for stealing the sheep and
take you prisoner.   Use the remote to get the robot and have it roll to the
button on the floor to lower the cage.  Have the robot use the ramp to roll up
to the next button and the cage will raise one stage.  Have the robot roll to
the next button and then jump quickly on top of the cage before it starts to
rise. Now the robot can pick up the key and jump back to ground level and hit
the button.  Once the cage is on the ground again, the robot can unlock the
cage. Now, have the robot drop the key and you pick it up (just in case). Walk
out toward the praying ghosts, but don’t leave the shadow. You are free to sneak
as long as the ghosts are bowing down, but hide behind the rocks when they rise
up again. Pay attention to the indicator at the top of the screen to let you
know. Green for go and yellow means you should be hidden behind a rock. Once
behind the altar, blow up the inflatable sheep and put it in back of the altar.
When the ghosts bow down hit the button to rotate the altar and they can
continue praying to the fake sheep. Creep along the shadowed wall away from the
jail and Sam’s area to get to the elevator. Use the robot to raise you to the
top and put a lettuce on the ground outside the elevator and on the elevator,
and then come back down by having the robot get off the button. Put the sheep on
the elevator, and while it is preoccupied with the lettuce, raise it to the top
and wait until it gets off for the next lettuce.  Use the robot to get you up,
and then carry the sheep to the target.

Clock:  Order the ghost costume from the second mailbox. Go to the package, the
camera is still in bird’s eye view at this point.  Move to the corner of the
hedge that is down and to your left, and the camera will swing to normal view to
reveal the clock. Activate it and continue on your way. 

Level 13:
Operate all three mailboxes.  The fan lands on a shelf next to the crocodile,
the mine detector lands in the water filled with piranhas and the inflatable
sheep lands on the other side of the minefield.     Adjust the catapult so the
stone sheep knocks out the crocodile and use the crocodile to jump up and get
the fan. Then move the stone sheep near the button next to the piranha tank and
jump over to the floating crate. Use the fan to float yourself and the crate to
the landing area near the button.  Put the stone sheep on the button and raise
the crate out.  Then use the catapult on the crate to open it up for the mine
detector. Take the stone sheep through the minefield with you and put it on the
button to open the gate to Sam’s area. Then get the inflatable sheep and
continue right from there to get to Sam’s gate.  Sam will move the sheep from
the front of his area to the back every 30 seconds. Read the sign for his
warning*.  Get the lettuce, blow-up the inflatable sheep and drop it. Jump onto
the button. Wait for the platform to come down then run over to it and ride it
up. Place a piece of lettuce at the top on the wall and on the platform itself.
When Sam is not looking retreat towards the lettuce patch.
You need to be quick to do the next part. Wait until Sam starts to take the
sheep to the back area. Run out and place the inflatable sheep on the rear
platform. Place the lettuce in a line from where one sheep will be towards the
front platform. Jump into the bush and then creep onto the red button. Stay on
the button and Wait for Sam to bring the sheep back. If you've placed the
lettuce correctly one of the sheep will move onto the front elevator which is at
ground level. When it does, and Sam is not looking at you sneak back to the safe
area. The real sheep will go up and the fake sheep will go down. The real sheep
will go to the top of the wall to get the other piece of lettuce. When Sam moves
the two remaining sheep (one fake) to the back, push the button and jump onto
the platform to go back up. Pick up the sheep and jump down on the raft. Use the
fan to steer the raft to the beach to the left of the pirate ship. Keep moving
to avoid the cannon balls. Use the metal detector to find the ten gold coins.
Eight will do, but get all 10 to be safe.  Place the sheep on the left switch
and jump by the window into the prison.  Put one of the coins behind the gate,
roll the stone under the window and jump back outside.  Now make a trail with
the coins from the gate to the Pirate ship. Yosemite Sam will challenge you,
then shoot you up if you get too close.  Edge just a little further with a coin
in your hand and Yosemite Sam will get excited. Put this coin down and go stand
on the right button.  Yosemite Sam will follow the coin trail into the prison
and you can get off your button and trap him.  Take the sheep onto the ship and
load it into the cannon by placing it on the lever to the right.   Go to the
back of the cannon and aim the sheep at the target on the sail. Then you can
blow the sheep to planet X and win the level.

*Clock:  The clock is in the place, where Sam always carries the sheep. Creep
after him and go to the left.  Activate the clock and creep back before Sam
starts to carry the sheep back again. 
LEVEL 14:
Stop the train and jump up.  The button on the train causes it to start up again
immediately instead of you having to wait for the scheduled time. At the third
area, jump off the train. Order the sheep costume and it will land on a ledge.
Stop the train and roll the boulder onto it.  You can then use the boulder to
jump up to the back of the train and get the costume*. Ride along again jump off
in Sam’s area, but away from Sam. Put the signal on hold. Put on the costume and
wait until the train is about 10 seconds from stopping, then sheep walk into
Sam’s area and baa at him.  Lure him to the other side of the track and when the
train stops, jump down to the catapult area.  You now have 40 seconds to take
off the costume, jump the train and bring the sheep to the ledge next to the
train overlooking the seesaw in Sam’s area. When the train leaves, go directly
over the track and put the sheep onto the catapult. Adjust the catapult to its
highest setting and jump on the button.  The sheep will land on Roadrunner’s
track. You can defeat the Roadrunner by having it wait on the train while you
jump over from the ledge, but there is no need.  Just walk the sheep around the
track. The Roadrunner will step on a button which closes a gate, but if you just
wait, it will get tired of the game and leave.  Take the sheep to the catapult
near your starting point and, since Sam is still in the target, fire the stone
sheep to flatten him. Then you can catapult the sheep and then yourself into the
target. Fire yourself by dropping the stone sheep on the button when your are in
the catapult

*Clock:  To get the clock you have to be at the same stop that you get the sheep
costume.  Roll the boulder to the front of the train and use it to jump up onto
the engine. Then jump to the niche on your right and activate the clock.

Level 15:
If you terminate from this level before it is completed, you will have to re-do
level 14 to get back and start over again. In this level you must in-collect 10
Martians, which are scattered all over the level.  Marvin gives you a
compression disk and a remote control to catch Martians with. To activate the
disk, you have to find a pipeline target on the ground and put it there, then it
will have power when you use the remote to switch it on. It has a limited area
of effect, so activate it when there is a Martian near.  Under normal conditions
the Martian will run from you, but if you use the resize machine and become
small it will chase you. Use the smaller resize machine to get back to size.
Originally, I just described the areas, but while looking through the threads at
 HYPERLINK "http://www.neoseeker.com/Games/Products/PSX/sheepdogwolf"
http://www.neoseeker.com/Games/Products/PSX/sheepdogwolf, I saw another
walkthrough. I redrew this map from a nice German ( HYPERLINK
"mailto:TheMutilator@web.de <TheMutilator@web.de>" The Mutilator) who has a
walkthrough in his language, and used his numbering system because it makes
sense to me. I also redrew it to show where the ship is and made some other
artistic changes to make it mine.   

Watch satellite: It will fry you if you don’t stay out of its way, except in the
entry hall.
1: Here it is quite simple, position the disk onto the target and when the
Martian gets near it, use the remote to activate.
2: Use the shrinking device to become smaller. Deactivate the laser barrier for
the small space and draw it out.  Activate the laser barrier, which goes
crosswise through the space, the Martian is below there.  Make yourself large
and chase the Martian to the target and activate.  
3: This is somewhat more complicated.  In a rectangular hall guarded by a
satellite and with laser-barriers is the next Martian.  Before each barrier is a
button, which shifts the barrier to the rear.  Run left around over all buttons
up to the Martian, which runs away from you.  He will run over all buttons so,
you must remain close behind and don’t step on those buttons yourself. You stay
at the point of origin beside the pipeline and the Martian continues.  Now the
laser barriers on the right are shifted so you can go that way and satellite
will leave you in peace, since only the left button activates it.  Go on the
right along up to the Martian and hunt it to the pipeline.  The Martian runs
around the last corner and you activate the disk to capture it.
4: Here you can be become smaller and lure the Martian up to the pipeline.  A
few light barriers must be shifted, but nothing complicated. 
5: This Martian you must hunt into the shrinking machine and follow. With both
of you small you can hunt it into the lower part of the space into the
enlargement machine. Get big yourself and suck it into the capture disk. 
6: From the space, where you caught number five, jump to the left to number six,
catch the Martian and then jump from the hill over the light barrier to get
7: Activate the disk and chase the Martian past the squares to the pipeline and
do not enter the squares, otherwise you will take off floating. If you do float,
head over a non-floating portion and you will drop back down.
8:  Here you cannot jump, otherwise you will float into space.  The Martian is
at the stones. Go past to the pipeline. Put the disk on it and activate it when
the Martian is near. 
9: Cannot jump here either. Instead, roll the rocks in such a way that the bars
are connected.  Go to the Martian and it will run away to the disk, which you
then activate. Walk back along the bar and pick up the disk, or you will start
floating and will have to float back to the regular area to get back down.
10: Here you must float over an abyss with black holes, in order to come to the
Martian.  It is on a hill on the other side of the abyss.  You will notice that
you float too far above, once you are over it.    You are dead, if you get
sucked into a black hole, but you must use their attraction. The black holes are
arranged semicircular and lead to the ground.  You float from above to the
highest one and can be pulled down a little. I kept getting sucked in until I
found a way to avoid it. If you start getting too close, press your circle
button (run) to swim away from it. Float to the next one and do the same and the
next one until you get down to the ground.  Go to the hill with the Martian.  At
the right edge of the hill is still another black hole.  Jump to the left from
this, and get sucked to the surface of the hill.  Catch the Martian. Jump over
the side of the hill and use the circle button to swim fast enough to the
gravity that you do not float completely into space. Then just go back to Marvin
the Martian at the starting point to successfully terminate the play.

When you get back, put the sheep into the circle.

Clock: I couldn’t find one here, however, at the happy ending you see only in a
video sequence.  That may be it, as I was able to buy all the Bonus material.