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Shade: Wrath of Angels

  • Released on Sep 26, 2003
  • By Metro 3D for Xbox

Editor's Note:

Previously titled "Shayde: Monsters vs Humans".

Added on: January 14, 2003

[edit] Background

Shade: Wrath of Angels is a new fast-paced, 1st person shooter exclusively for the Microsoft X-BOX. Set in a world of supernatural gothic horror, you choose the fate of mankind. Will you fight on the side of good, and be the hero of mankind and vanquish the plague of monsters that inhabit the land, or, will you take the side of evil, and rid the world of those pesky humans, feasting on their flesh. 6 different characters give you six sides to the story that is Shayde: Monsters V. Humans.

[edit] Features

  • 3D action adventure in a 3rd person mode
  • Cinematic storytelling spiced with thrilling atmosphere
  • Long journey of destiny through present, medieval and mystery world of Shadows
  • Use your brain, weapons are just for surviving
  • Smart and original 3D engine, with maximum support for advanced 3D-card technology
  • Almost 30 huge levels including an abandoned ruins, razed strongholds, cursed temples and more
  • A million year old story finds you and brings great terror

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Release Dates
  • North America: Sep 26, 2003
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