Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 Cheats

Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Extar Bosses
After defeating your dad (who is the first boss) you will get tokegeroh from a somehow knocked out Rio. If you go to Dobie Village you can then fight Rio in training! Same goes with Silva, the Indian dude. Once you see Zeke attack Silva and you have to go find the silver parts,find all the parts so you can use Totem attack. If you go to Dobie Village now you can fight Silva in training!

Easter eggs

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Spirit Combos
Here are 11 out of maybe 20 spirit combos one of the spirit combos wasn`t posted on the internet untill now

Totem attack
How to unlock: combine silver horn, silver shield, silver rod, silver wing and silver tail.
Description: you pull out a totem from the ground with a tiger`s head at the top which fires an big laser that can destroy the oracle barrier the laser size, damage and furyoku usage can be upgraded if you find the red dobie ring (no you don`t use less furyoku you use more)

Ray of light
How to unlock: combine michael, gabriel,raphael, (if you watch tmnt youll understand that donatello, leonardo and michaelangello aren`t used it`s a joke!) uriel and metatoron
Description:yoh sticks a sword (i think its a katana) in the air and 7 angels start attacking your enemies on the screen.

Mega Memorial(revival)
How to unlock: combine Ian,dreisa,nizba and yophia
Description: if you have mega memorial equipped when you die you will be carried away by 4 dolls but you`ll be revived and back to the start of the level.

How to unlock: equip Mic and pascal avaf
Description: out of nowhere you gets a jagaur costume when he is in midair and he can glide but this trick will become unactive he gets hit in midair.

Ultra Cavalry Charge
How to unlock: put black raven in one of the 3 lowest spirit slots and bason in the top one
Description: its basicly bason`s rapid tempo assualt with the blade being move back and forth with high speed and while prefoming this you can fly a bit if you are in mid air and you charge at the foe if you are on the ground.

Grande Phantasma
How to unlock: combine jose, pancho antonio, zapata and miguel
Description: a big bony hand comes out of nowhere and slashes with a huge sword.

Force Field
How to unlock: combine Zenki and Kohki
Description: it`s a force field! I think you know what it does. if not you get surrounded by an ball that absorbs damgage and yes your furyoku is like a bar that measures the barrier`s hp

Exploder kick
How to unlock: combine Shaolin with Leepai-Long
Description: When you are in midair while preforming this you do a double front flip and zoom at your enemy to kick them. if you hit them they will fly into the air and if your luck enough they will hit another enemy.

Final Beam
How to unlock: combine Korogashi,Enra-Enra,Kamaitachi, OniFireTama(gotchi! just joking!)and Jangalian
description: this is the same trick you saw in one of the pictures you saw at the back of the box you got this game in. as you have seen it`s basicly a weaker verson of Ray Of Light.

How to unlock: combine Gororo and Corey
Description:it`s the same as Final Beam and Ray Of Light only it`s the weaker then both of them but it freezes every enemy on the screen

Viking Ship
How to unlock: combine Badbh, Vodianoi and Deht
Description: summons a small ship without cannons in front of you to carry you across water. it`s perfect for trying to get past that level with a huge pit filled with water you couldn`t get past.

Javelin Tear
How to unlock: combine Ashcroft, Chuck and Jack
Description: this was the trick i told you about earlier that pretty much no one except me posted but hey i could be wrong