Shadow Hearts: Covenant review
One of the Best RPG's ever

The good:

*Voice Acting
*Battle System

The bad:

*Lips on FMV's
*Way too easy


This is truly one of the greatest RPG's to date. It has it all. Shadow hearts 1 was a good game but I never though Covanant would be this much better.

Story - Firsly the story is something that really deserves a praise. Rasputin is a enemy which I actually hated and really wanted to defeat. I dont get that much in RPG's. The story flowed and was never drawn out.

Characters - Each Character had different and complex backgrounds. Yuri, the protagonist, makes a return and he is as Bad-Ass as ever. There are even some other characters that make a return from Shadow Hearts 1.

Battle System - It was amazing. Different types of attacks, combos, personal abilities, magic and the Judgement ring. Battle systems dont get any better than this. If only the battles were a challenge.

Conclusion - Great game is all aspects. Its one of those games that deserve to be played by everyone on the face of the earth. its THAT good. From the first moment you will be hooked. There are plenty of side-quests to keep you going as well. This is Highly recommended.

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