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Shadow hearts: Covenant, also known as shadow hearts 2 is a sequel to the first shadow hearts game. Sure it may not receive a good sale as other games like the well know 'Final Fantasy' or 'Star ocean' or other as such. However, reason for having high score for this game because it is better than the rest of the games as far as I have play. Let me tell you why.

Story: The story, taking place in 1915 first revoles about a female character, known as Karin who is German Soldier, but she had an unexpected event when she enter a church. Soon Yuri appeared then, however a curse was put on him that all his fusion monsters are sealed and he have to unlocked them again. This is what makes them step onto the adventure and make friends all over the world.

Gameplay: Navigation is something like standard RPG; where you can push your D-pad or move your analog joystick to control your character. There is also minimap for you to know where you are. Although there is a minimap, but it seems to be of little usefulness there you can't actually set your map to full screen like Star Ocean. There are also chests(obvious and not obvious) lying all around the cities or dungeons. Also, there are items that do not appear in the form of chest, they may appear either beside a lampost, flower pot, or such.

Battle system: This is the RPG with the unique battle system so far I've play. The system has a thing call 'judgement ring', where you can prompt your command through there. There are also different types of attacks, like 'hard hit', 'standard', 'knock down' and etc. What's so different from Shadow hearts 1 is that it actually have a new system call 'combo', you can actually did over 100 hits or more with this system. Another interesting thing is that certain spells now have area effect or linear or other effects.

Replay value: Replay value is quite high, since you are able to bring most your things into your next game like fusion and such. You can easily perfect your data.

Recommendation: Get it, don't always think that only good games have high sales. You will actually regret it when you think that way, therefore, missing out alot of good games. OF course, if you want to know the story well, you have to play shadow hearts 1, but it's up to you, seriously.

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