Shadow Hearts review
Shadow Hearts Review


Well, starting off I got this game in a bet with my cousin so I didn't really expect much when I started. So here is my review.

The beginning started off on a high note with good action and graphics. It took a while to understand the story but once I did I liked it, a lot. It starts with Yuri, a normal guy with great powers. He has the ability to morph or in the game called "fusion" into powerful monsters. But at a cost that may mean his life. A run in with a young damsel in distress named Alice leads him to one crazy story.

The story seems confusing and weird at first but unfolds into something bigger and better then I expected. Yuri and Alice have this connection with a mysterious voice that at first only they can hear. I leas them through a long journey. They meet with several other members all playing a special part in the story. What seems so simple turns to be much more. I don't want to spoil that though lol, just take my advise that this story is more then your average RPG.

Gameplay is solid. Pretty much everywhere you go and anything you do has to do with these things called "Judgement Rings". They are basically a game of quick reflexes and skill to time button pressing to do certain objectives. The difficulty varies.

Music I like. A somewhat ominous and mysterious feeling to it that I like. It also suits every area very well which is very important for the mood of the game.

No this is by far one of my fav parts of the game...comedy. Shadow Hearts use a very mature comedy only seen briefly in RPGs all throughout this game. Yuri makes some somewhat sexual comments and references to his female companions that I just crack up at. Also the voices are funny though unintensionally. Just get to the Sea Mother story and you will know what I mean lol.

Side Quests this game has. Though not a lot but just enough to leave you satisfied. I especially found it fun and challenging playing the lottery and getting the level 3 Fusions.

Now for the draw backs. Character interactions in the story lacked. Yeah each character had a part but literally disappeared after that. Also the legnth. You can beat this in easily 30-40 hours and get everything.

Overall I didn't expect anything and got a lot. A vast improvemnt of the prequel Kouldelka this game delivers. RPG fans old and new should enjoy this game.

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