Shadow Hearts FAQ/Walkthrough v1.5
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: : : : Shadow Hearts FAQ/Walkthrough

Shadow Hearts FAQ/Walkthrough

by Mizura   Updated to v1.5 on
S*H*A*D*O*W     H*E*A*R*T*S

For PS 2

Version 1.5 - 04 Jan. 2002
By: Mizura (

Shadow Hearts is copyrighted by all of those wonderful people out there who
made it, its founders and owners, etc. Not by me. (Specifically, Midway.)
On the other hand, this walkthrough is copyrighted by *dun dun du~n* Me! So
don't take it without my permission. If you would like to use this walkthrough
on a site, etc, please let me know first so I don't have to ring your head off
when I find it someplace odd. ^.-

A few notes about this Walkthrough/Guide -
* If a part of the walkthrough is unclear, feel free to ask me about it. My
e-mail's up above and my AIM screenname is Mizura.
* I try not to give too many spoilers, but there are still a lot! Don't read
ahead if you don't want to know what happens. (Actually it's mostly in bits n'
pieces so unless you've played, you probably won't understand..)
* I have a feeling that the list stuff is STILL going to be
lopsided...hopefully it's better than before though.

Version 1.0 - 24 Dec. 2001
 - Started the guide :D
 - Added everything except for Pedometer items, weapons/armor, some Fusions and
 - Added Part 1 of Walkthrough.

Version 1.5 - 04 Jan. 2002
 - Added Part 2 of Walkthrough.
 - Added a few questions in the FAQ section.
 - Added a few more Fusions and skills, but it's not complete yet. :( (At least
not the Fusions. Missing one...)
 - Added weapons and armor. A little empty still, but hopefully more to come.
 - Added Pedometer items too. ^.^

== Contents ==
I. Game Basics
   A. Controls
   B. Menu Screen
   C. Battle Screen
   D. Status Effects
   E. Characters
II. Important information
   A. Graveyard & Malice
   B. Acupuncture & Moxibustion
   C. Pedometer
   D. Fusion
   E. Guild Cards
   F. Lottery Tickets
III. Walkthrough
   A. Part one.
      -Opening Scene
      -Zhaoyang Village
      -Smuggler's Boat
      -Temple Ruins
      -Kuihai Tower
   B. Part two.
      -Blue Castle
      -Bistritz (again)
      -Blue Castle (again)
      -Prague (again)
      -Old Castle Street
      -Calios Mental Hospital
      -Rouen (revisted)
            -Blue Castle
      -Nemeton Monestary
            -Orphanage/Cave Temple
            -Mental Hospital
            -Nemeton Monestary
IV. Helpful stuff
   A. Items
   B. Weapons/Armor
   C. Accessories
   D. Valuables
   E. Store information
V. The rest of the stuff
   A. Pit Fights
   B. Library information
   C. FAQ


A. Controls

With the assumption that those playing this game DO know where all buttons are

Directional buttons - Used to move the main character or used to move cursor in
menu screen.
L1, R1- Can be used to scroll down in large lists (Ie- items.) If pressed
during battle, escape can be highlighted.
L2, R2 - Unused.
Left Analog (L3) - Same as directional pad.
Right Analog (R3) - Unused.
Square button - Used to access the menu screen.
Circle button - Used to run if using the directional pad to move rather than
Triangle button - Used to cancel actions and to exit the menu screen.
X or Cross button - Use to examine things and confirm actions. You can start up
a conversation with a passerby using this button.
Start button - Pressed to start up the game. Also can be used to exit character
reforming menu screens.
Select button - Unused.

B. Menu Screen
There are a lot of useful things in the Menu Screen! You'll need to access it
often. In order to access it, use the square button.

Item (Note- For items, weapons, etc, you can click the square button for extra
Use - Use an item you have currently. Some items can only be used in battle and
are shown in gray.
Sort - Sort items according to a specific order you want it to go to.
Discard - Throw out an item you don't want. (Why would you do that?)

Special Skills
Lists the special skills that you have currently.

Change - Change your armor/weapons/accessories
Strongest - Let it auto equip a character to get the strongest equipment. If
you use this, make sure to check up on its work! It might equip something you
don't want it to, just for high stats.
Soul - Lets you change Fusion monsters.
Equipped Items - Lists all the items currently equipped on your characters.

You can only access this when on a save point. This will automatically
transport you to the Graveyard to either clear Malice or to gain new Fusion

Lists valuables that you have currently.

Lets you move characters from the front row to the back or vice versa. Also can
switch the order of the characters. Take note that this will NOT let you reform
your party.

Within this screen, you'll see the character of choice on the right side of the
screen. If you press the circle button, you can make them walk, run, or stand
still. L1 and R1 will rotate them around in a circle. (What the point of this
is, I have no idea.)
Stats - Shows current ability stats for chosen character.
Special Skills - Shows special skills useable for each character.
Equipment - Shows the equipped items on character of choice.

This is actually quite useful and can be used as a FAQ if something's not
covered in this walkthrough. ^.^v
There are 6 categories, Operation, System, Battle, Command, Menu, FAQ. Read up
on this when it's your first playthru. Sometimes extra questions can be
answered in there as the game progresses. When that happens, a small "New"
message will be shown above the Help sign.

Save - Only useable on maps and save points. Save your current progress.
Load - Load a previously saved game.

Shows the number of battles you've engaged in, how many times you escaped, your
amount of "perfect" spins, etc. Not too useful, but hey it's interesting
enough. It also ranks you on how high your fighting skills are.

A list of important (or not so important) monsters and NPCs met in the game.
(See library info. for a complete list of them.)

Set controller stuff, how quick the messages go, vibration, music, sound, etc.

C. Battle Screen

In order to participate in battle, you should know the basics of the system.
The most important part of the battle system are as follows:

HP - Hit Points
    These tell you how much health your character(s) has currently. If one of
your characters are at a weakened state, this will be shown in yellow, and your
character will slump when not doing an action. The higher this number is, the
better. If this number turns to 0, it will be shown in red, and your character
will die. If all characters have a HP of 0, it's game over. (Sometimes there
are exceptions to this rule, but play it safe! If you get game over, you'll
have to start back at the last save point you were in.) Curing (or helping your
HP stay up) is vital in this game!

MP - Magic Points
    These tell you how much magic your character(s) has currently. If one of
your characters has a very low amount, it will be shown in yellow. If it is 0,
it will be shown in red. Even if the MP is low, your character will not
completely die. MP is taken whenever a character uses a special skill.

SP - Sanity Points
    This is a rather new idea in the world of RPGs. Watch out _carefully_ for
these SP points! Each time a character takes a turn, a SP point is taken away.
When SP reaches 0, the character will lose their sanity and become berserk,
meaning that they will be unable to be controlled. Another way that SP is taken
is by fusion, which is Yuri's special skill. He won't be able to use it if his
SP is already very low. Each time that a turn is taken by a character with 0
SP, the number will become negative, and it will be harder to restore the
character's sanity.

In order to do _anything_ in the battle screen, you'll have to have a little
knowledge on....Timing! Yay!
There is something called the Judgement Ring in this game, which has odd
looking symbols on it. Ignore the designs, those aren't important. Whenever you
choose an action for a character to perform, a judgement ring will appear on
the right side of the screen. It looks a little like a clock. When the
indicator (clock hand) reaches a colored area inside of the ring, you have to
press the X button. If you press it at the right time, you'll get one of the
following messages -
Hit : Small damage inflicted.
Good : Medium damage inflicted.
Nice, Cool, Perfect!: Max. damage inflicted.
In order to get a nice/cool/perfect message, you will have to press the X
button right when the indicator touchs the RED area of the colored spot.
Sometimes there is no red area because there is no difference between the
damage inflicted. (For example, full curing. You can't full cure yourself a
little or a lot, you can only full cure yourself. ^.^) These red areas are
fairly dangerous to aim for though, because that means you have a better chance
of missing the whole area. Don't forget --> If there are more than one colored
areas, click on all of them! When you perform a special skill and miss one of
those areas, your character will not take the action! Perfects also affect
items, for example, if you get a "Perfect!" on an item that normally cures 150
HP, it will now cure your character 180 HP. This is useful against boss fights,
but also very dangerous unless you are sure of your timing skills.

The "Miss!" message.
If you get the miss message, the judgement ring will disappear and the battle
will commence. If you were doing a physical attack, however many times you hit
the areas, you will hit the opponent. If it was a special skill and you missed,
you will not get to go. Special skills are like win or lose situations. Nothing
in the middle.

    The standard physical attack. You can get up to three attacks in one turn.
The first attack will normally do the most damage. (Note - Sometimes when you
attack, the words STRIKE might appear on the screen. That means that you will
do around 1.5 times damage that you normally would. Be warned, enemies can also

SPECIAL SKILL (Ie- Fusion, White Magic, Yin & Yang, etc.)
    This will access your special skill menu. You can choose whichever magic
you want to use, as long as you have enough MP. If you have not enough MP, the
skill will show up in gray. (Note - In Fusion, that is the amount of SP and not
MP that is consumed. When Yuri becomes a monster, this switches to be MP like
as everybody else. This will become more clear as you play the game.)

    This will give you access to the items that you have at the time. Keep in
mind that even when using items, you will have to make use of the Judgement

    The only action you can take without having to consult that darn Judgement
Ring. This will probably be the least used action in the game, because it only
lessens damage and doesn't completely neutralize it.

D. Status Effects

Status effects can be very very very hard on a character in this game. There
are quite a few all status curing elements in the game, so be sure to use them
well! Also, as a side note, if a character with status effects dies and is
brought back, all status effects will have worn off.

-- Confusion --
A character can't tell if someone is friend or foe. They will attack people
randomly, usually for very low damage.
To cure this effect = Use Holy Mother Bust or hit them with any attack,
physical or special. You can also wait until it wears off.
-- Petrify --
The character cannot move at all. Their turn doesn't even come up.
Unfortunately, they can still be hit, but they cannot be healed. If all
characters are petrified, it is game over.
To cure this effect = Use Imp's Fang or wait until it wears off.
-- Paralysis --
The character can only use items or defend.
To cure this effect = Use Angel's Feather or wait until it wears off.
-- Silence --
The character cannot use special skills. This is very dangerous for
spellcasters such as Zhuzhen and Alice who have low attack power.
To cure this effect = Use Faeries' Sigh or wait until it wears off.
-- Poison --
The character's HP will be slowly depleted each time they take a turn. Usually
won't affect anyone too much unless they're already in a bad state...
To cure this effect = Use Mermaid's Tear or wait until it wears off.
-- Unconscious --
If a character is unconscious, they have a HP of 0. If all characters are
unconscious, the game is over.
To cure this effect = Use any reviving magic or item.
-- Instant Death --
Yowch! A few bosses like this move, try to be protected from it at all costs.
Once affected, the character will erm...die. Instantly. ^.^;
To cure this effect = Use any reviving magic or item.
-- Berserk --
A character loses sanity and you lose control of them. This is similar to
confusion, but characters will usually attack opponents. Be wary that each turn
a character takes while berserked, it will get harder to cure them. Cure this
ASAP because it can be very dangerous. Even if this character dies and is
revived, berserk will _not_ be cancelled out!
To cure this effect = Use an SP recovering item.
-- Knockback --
One of the more pointless effects of this game. Don't worry about it much
unless a character is in the front row. If this is cast on someone, they have a
chance of being pushed back to the back row. Big whoop.
To cure this effect = Uhh, it's a one time thing. No need for curing.

Judgement Ring status abnormalities - All cured by Phoenix Tail or wearing off.
-- Blind Ring --
Careful! This will make it so that the judgement ring is blank, meaning that
you can't even see where you should press the indicator! This is one of the
worst effects, in my opinion, unless you have a good memory and good timing.
-- Narrow Ring --
The Hit Area decreases by a half. This is dangerous for later weapons that
already have a small Hit Area!
-- Haste Ring --
The indicator goes twice as fast. This is only a problem for the later weapons,
because the beginning ones have a large enough Hit Area to just hope for the
-- Shrink Ring --
Ack, who cares much about this one. It just shrinks the Judgement Ring by a
half. Just like if you're playing the game a few more feet away.
-- Irregular Speed --
The indicator speed changes randomly. Hasn't happened to me yet, so I have
nothing to say. ^.^;

E. Characters

*~ Yuri Hyuga ~*
What it says in the booklet -
Age- 24
Class- Darkness
Born in 1890 to a Japanese father and a Russian mother, Yuri's birthplace is
unknown. In his youth, he moved throughout China, going wherever his father's
military assignments took them. Both of his parents died when he was 10 years
old. Yuri's fusion ability awakened at the moment of their death and he has
been a harmonizer ever since. He is searching for the owner of a mysterious
voice, which guides him during this story.

My take on him -
Well, simply put, he's a typical baddie main hero guy. He pulls off a tough
act, while he seems to be struggling inwardly with many conflicts. He is in
love with Alice, but that doesn't mean he pays no attention to other women.
(He's no player though. Erm..I guess.)

Special skills -

Raging Tiger  Earth Elemental   Takes 16 SP.
Name          MP        Usage
Moon Howl     18        Restores a small amount of target's HP.
Chi Shield    15        Raises target's Physical Defense Power 5 turns.
Flying Stones 20        Attacks target with a hail of stones.

Mad Bull      Earth Elemental   Takes 32 SP.
Name          MP        Usage
Howling       32        Restores a medium amount of target's HP.
Earth Guard   27        Raises target's Physical Defense Power 5 turns.
Rock Storm    36        Attacks all enemies with a hail of rocks.

Lobo          Earth Elemental   Takes 48 SP.
Name          MP        Usage
Shout         64        Restores a large amount of target's HP.
Charge        54        Raises all allies' Phys. Defense Power 5 turns.
Strike        72        Brings a meteorite down on all enemies.

Man Dragon    Water Elemental   Takes 16 SP.
Name          MP        Usage
Rain Shower   18        Restores a small amount of target's HP.
Illusion      15        Chance of avoiding Phys. Attack raised 5 turns.
Flash Flood   20        Damages target with high-pressure water flow.

Dragner       Water Elemental   Takes 32 SP.
Name          MP        Usage
Life Dew      32        Restores a medium amount of target's HP.
Mirage        27        Chance of avoiding Phys. Attack raised 5 turns.
Icy Breath    36        Freezes all enemies by blowing an icy chill.

Egil          Water Elemental   Takes 48 SP.
Name          MP        Usage
Holy Tears    64        Restores a large amount of the target's HP.
Iris          54        Allies' chance of avoiding Phys. raised 5 turns.
Dragon Cry    72        Damages all enemies with shower of ice needles.

Inferno       Fire Elemental    Takes 16 SP.
Name          MP        Usage
Moxibustion   18        Cures target's Poison, Paralysis, and Confusion.
Fighting Spirit 15      Raises target's Physical Attack Power 5 turns.
Fire Ball     20        Damages target by hurling a fire ball.

Ifrit         Fire Elemental    Takes 32 SP.
Name          MP       Usage
Warming       18       Cures target's Poison, Paralysis, Confusion, and        
Ignition      27       Raises target's Physical Attack Power 5 turns.
Blaze         36       Burns up all enemies with a flame.

Forron        Fire Elemental     Takes 48 SP.
Name          MP        Usage
First Fire    18        Cures target's status, except Death, Berserk.
Battle Cry    54        Raises all allies' Physical Attack Power 5             
Hellfire      72        Raging flames that liquify all enemies.

Tornado      Wind Elemental      Takes 16 SP.
Name         MP         Usage
Dancing Breeze 18       Cures target's Poison, Paralysis, and Confusion.
Falcon       15         Raises target's Agility (AGL).
Wind Shear   20         Slashes the target with a blade of wind.

Icarus       Wind Elemental       Takes 32 SP.
Name         MP         Usage
Calm         18         Cures target's Poison, Paralysis, Confusion, and       
Gale         27         Raises target's Agility (AGL).
Lightning    36         Damages all enemies with lightning bolts.

Seravi      Wind Elemental        Takes 48 SP.
Name        MP          Usage
Purifying Wind 18       Cures target except Unconscious, Berserk.
Accelerate  54          Raises all allies' Agility (AGL).
Shock Barrage  72       Damages all enemies with an intense shock wave.

Heaven's Fiend  Light Elemental   Takes 16 SP.
Name        MP          Usage
Sacred Remedy 18        Restores a small amount of all allies' HP.
Wall of Resistance 15   Raises target's Special Defense Power 5 turns.
Exorcist Arrow 20       Attacks enemy with a holy arrow of light.

Baldo       Light Elemental       Takes 32 SP.
Name        MP         Usage
Grace       32         Restores a medium amount of all allies' HP.
Elder Sign  27         Raises target's Special Defense Power 5 turns.
Nova        36         Attacks enemy with a holy meteor of light.

Sandalphon  Light Elemental       Takes 48 SP.
Name        MP         Usage
Revive      96         Restores all allies' HP, cures Unconsciousness.
Sanctuary   54         Raises all allies' Special Defense Power 5 turns.
Pulse       72         Wipes out all enemies with a holy light.

Death Emperor  Dark Elemental     Takes 16 SP.
Name        MP          Usage
Drain Wave     1        Takes away a small amount of the target's MP.
Curse Attack  15        Raises target's Special Attack Power for 5             
DarkMessenger 20        Attacks the target with a living darkness.

Charon      Dark Elemental        Takes 32 SP.
Name        MP             Usage
Mind Assult   1          Takes away a medium amount of the target's            
Devil's Deal 27          Raises target's Special Attack Power for 5            
Nightmare    36          Attack all enemies with a living darkness.

Czernobog   Dark Elemental        Takes 48 SP.
Name        MP             Usage
Spirit Pollution 1         Takes away a large amount of target's MP.
Release Magic   54         Raises all allies' Special Attack Power 5           
Revelation      72         Attack all enemies with a living deadly             

Amon         Non Elemental         Takes 56 SP.
Name         MP            Usage
Mind/BodyRevival 65       Restores target's HP and cures                       
Demon Rays       86       Damages target with demonic light.
The End         100       Inflicts heavy non-class damage on all               

About his fighting -
Not too surprisingly, the main character has the most battle attack power. He's
an all around good fighter, with nice healing abilities around when you can get
the Light Fusion monsters. Sandalphon's Revive is very very very VERY useful at
the ending bosses. ^.^ Or anything for that matter. Just make sure that he has
enough SP to sustain it. With his healing and fighting abilities, he can
usually take on all opponents himself. (Okay that's exaggerating, but he can be
set to do whatever, fight or heal.) Only bad part of his Special Skill - Fusion
is that you can only equip three monsters. Choose well! (It's best to equip one
lesser monster, one medium, and one strong, just to be careful on SP level.)

*~ Alice Elliot ~*
What it says in the booklet -
Age- 20
Class- Light
Raised in London, Alice began to hear supernatural voice at a young age and
became an exorcist, helping her father perform exorcisms. Now, people of
influence want to capture her and use her power for their own purposes. She is
shy and introverted at first, but her perky personality returns as she embarks
on her journey with Yuri.

My take on her -
Seems all main girls have the power to heal, doesn't it? Well anyway, she's
another typical female heroine who needs to be rescued every time. Actually,
though, she is a little stronger than she seems, with the power of magic on her
side. She's the only one who normally shows most of her emotions, though she
also hides things of her past. Overall, I guess I degrade her only because she
does nothing much of impact besides get kidnapped a few times. (Yeah, she's
supposedly important. I don't usually like main female heroines. Gotta problem
with that? :P)

Special skills -
White Magic
Name           MP      Usage
Cure           6       Restores target's HP with a holy power.
Holy Edge      8       Adds Light class to the target's Physical Attack.
Blessed Light 22       Makes a Light-class attack blessed by the gods.
Wish          15       Cures target except Unconscious, Berserk.
Gospel        40       Raises target's Phys. and Special Defense Power.
Arc           80       Restores all allies' HP fully with a soft light.
Resurrection  65       Brings target back to life and fully restores HP.
Advent *      120      Summons a guardian to heavily damage all enemies.

*Thanks to Sebastian for letting me know about it :)

About her fighting -
She is definately invaluable. Her healing is always useful especially on boss
battles. Later on in the game, Cure is a good spell with a low magic cost. Of
course it doesn't heal too much, but it usually allows a character to stay
alive for another turn. As soon as she gets Arc, you won't want her ever to
leave your group. Resurrection is a good plus too. Keep her in the back row and
doing healing, because even at a high level she does fairly badly with physical
attacks. If she gets an extra turn, you can have her use Blessed Light, for a
little bit extra damage (it still doesn't hit much). She's the best defensive
character you can have! Help her HP and her SP and she'll be very useful.

*~Zhuzhen Liu~*
What it says in the booklet -
Age- Over 60
Class- Fire
This wise sage is deft in the ways of Yin and Yang and Feng Shui. He hints at
some past connection with Yuri and Bacon.

My take on him -
Uhh, he's a strong old guy, isn't he? I can never seem to pronounce that name
though. ^.^; (Or remember it at that..) He knows a lot of important information
and is vital to the story in many ways. Not too bad a character for an old guy
I guess.

Special Skills -
Ying & Yang
Name             MP    Usage
Ogre Flamedance  15    Damages all enemies by hurling fireballs.
Scirocco Blast    8    Adds Fire class to the target's physical                
NourishingPotion 35    Restores target's HP and cures Paralysis.
Life Sucker      30    Attack with life draining darkness: plus Silence.
Corpse Arm       55    Arm from grave attacks all enemies: plus Paraly.
Fury Serpent     70    Attacks all enemies with violent snows and flood.
Thunder Roar     90    Attacks all enemies with a severe thunderstorm.
Flames of Fudo  120    Fudo's raging flames burn up all enemies.

About his fighting -
Erm, not too bad. Again, he isn't one to be in the front row, because he'll get
pummeled really quickly. His strength lies in magic. After a lot of leveling up
and fixing up his weapons, he can get strong enough to hold off on his own with
simple physical attacks, but I doubt anyone will really train him that high. He
is useful up until a point in the game, and after that, there are too many
stronger characters that can easily take his place. Hey, if you like cool
spells though, he's your man.

*~Margarete Gertrude Zelle~*
What it says in the booklet -
Age- ?
Class- Water
She is a world famous spy. She meets Yuri and Alice by chance and decides to
tag along on their journey.

My take on her -
Surprisingly, she's my favorite character. She's a little...erm...hookery(is
that a word?) in a fashion, but she provides a little bit of comic relief along
with seriousness at other times. She seems a little arrogent, but hey, she's
good reason for it. ^.^ (*j/k*)

Special Skills -
Secret Weapons
Name           MP      Usage
Grenade        20      Hand grenade damages all enemies.
Aqua Edge       8      Adds Water class to the target's physical attack.
Scout           1      Examines the target's class and HP.
Snipe          38      Hits the enemy's vital point with a sniper rifle.
Pain Killer    20      Cures target's Status except Uncon., Berserk.
On Switch      65      Drops something hard on target's head.
Bazooka        95      Damages all enemies with liquid nitrogen.
Diving Bomber 120      Summons a dive bomber to rain down bombs.

About her fighting -
So-so. Scout can be useful at times, and Grenade is invaluable toward the start
of the game when you need to level up characters a little. Painkiller can be
helpful at times too. Snipe sometimes makes enemies have instant death, which
is also good. Her physical attacks are usually a lot more helpful than her
skills though. I only had her in my group because she was one of my favorite
characters. A downfall about her is that she has no healing skills...the only
character who doesn't have it either. I advise only use her if you don't like
the others. ^.^; Margarete has a very low magic defense, so be wary when a
special skill is used on her.

*~Keith Valentine~*
What it says in the booklet-
Age- About 400
Class- Earth
He is the lord of an eastern European castle. Bored of sleeping his life away
at the castle, Keith decides to join Yuri and Alice's journey.

My take on him -
Hey, are all vampires named "Valentine"? Seriously though, Keith isn't too bad
of a character...I guess. He might have been better off if he didn't
suspiciously remind me of Pierre (Chrono Cross) with a different haircut. Only
when he's in battle though!*coughcough* He seems not to have much of a
character put into him, maybe because he comes at a fairly late stage of the

Special Skills -
Name           MP      Usage
Drain Touch    15      Takes away a small amount of the target's HP.
Earth Edge      8      Adds Earth class to the target's physical attack.
Bat Dance      33      Calls pet bats to inflict damage on all enemies.
Blood Sucker   54      Sucks up a large amount of target's HP.
Hecatoncheire  70      The giant Hecatoncheire causes a huge earthquake.
Apsaras        80      Damages enemies and cures all allies' Statuses.
Larva          96      Heavy damage: Plus Poison, Paralysis, Silence.
Gift          120      God of Death gives all enemies a little present.

About his fighting -
So-so. He can cure himself while damaging others, and that's good, but he can't
cure anyone but himself. His sword abilities are fairly good, and the first
sword he has equipped seemed to do quite a bit of instant death attacks toward
enemies. He's not much stronger than Margarete though, and I only used him a
little after he was allowed to leave the group. The best thing of him is that
he has one of the highest SPs.

*~Halley Brancket~*
What it says in the booklet-
..... Nothing. He's not mentioned in the booklet. :(

My take on him -
My my, what a late appearance. I didn't even think there would be another
character in the game because he wasn't mentioned in the book. He cares deeply
about his mother and he has an odd skill like her to use magic. He gets a good
amount of character development in the game considering, and he is a very
interesting boy.

Special Skills -
Name           MP      Usage
Healing        20      Restores target's HP with the power of light.
Air Edge        8      Adds Wind class to the target's Physical Attack.
Strong Earth   40      Earth damage on target: plus Petrification.
Aqua Blade     50      Inflicts Water damage on target: plus Poison.
Air Shot       60      Inflicts Wind damage on target: plus Confusion.
Black Hole     75      Darkness damage on enemies: plus Instant Death.
Reviver        65      Brings target back to life and fully restores HP.
Shock Max     120      Inflicts heavy non-class damage on target.

About his fighting -
So-so. His physical attack and special skills aren't close to the best. Healing
is valuable around when he joins the group because his healing ability cures a
lot more than Alice's. Then again, it uses a lot more MP. Slingshots are never
really good weapons to use anyways... his magic attacks barely ever inflict the
status effects. I only used Halley when I needed to in order to move the
storyline, but not much more.

*~Roger Bacon~*
What it says in the booklet-
Age- ?
Class- Darkness
This mysterious English gentleman is hunting Alice for reasons not yet clear.
His good-natured facade belies a cruel personality. He is pure evil and uses
his powerful ancient magic to accomplish his sinister deeds.

My take on him -
A very messed up old man. He's also probably stronger than your whole group put
together. :P, what a shame he doesn't join.


A. Graveyard & Malice
The graveyard is an important part of the game. You'll constantly have to
revisit it in order to gain stronger Fusion monsters and to clear Malice.
Malice has a few different levels of colors. Yuri will be safe until the malice
talisman (to the right bottom of the menu screen) turns red. At that point, he
will encounter the Reaper, who will follow him in battles until he clears out
the malice. To clear out the malice, you will have to direct him to the 4
masks, and fight an "Evil." Winning against an "Evil" will make the talisman's
shade turn back to blue. The longer you go on with the game without clearing
the malice, the harder the "Evil" will get.
If an odd shade appears after a random battle and you see the talisman flash,
that means you have accumalated enough Malice to go to the next color. That is
BAD. Go to the nearest save point and enter the graveyard to clear the Malice!
As a side note, each time you clear it, you will get an item for your troubles.
(Exception if the Malice is on the red/max level. The door will shut, but you
will receive no prize. At least Fox Face won't be after you though.) Evils will
give you no Experience Points, Cash, or Items in turn for clearing the Malice.

B. Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Acupuncture will allow Meiyuan to perform special rituals in order to increase
a weapon's Physical Attack Power...for a price of course. Unfortunately, to
make a weapon stronger, the Hit Area must get smaller. Moxibustion will enlarge
Hit Areas, which is useful for the later weapons of the game, and is useful if
you tried the Acupuncture. You can also reset your weapon's upgrades, but you
won't get your money back.

C. Pedometer
A weird device that's given to you toward the start of the game... If you have
the pedometer equipped on a character, it'll count how many steps you've taken
in "dangerous areas," or in other words, places where you can get random
encounters. The more steps you take, the more items you can get access to if
you talk to the Silent Peddler. You can also buy more Pedometers, but
really...why waste the money? (On a side note, if you walk enough steps, you
can get Margarete's best armor from the Silent Peddler...but that comes way
Item              Steps needed
Thera Extract      100
Voodoo Doll        300
Weird Bottle       800
Iron Clogs        1500
Flash Badge       2500
Moon Swallow      3500
Star Swallow      5000
Monkey Paw        6500
Silver Hand       7000
Belt of Power     8000

D. Fusion
A mysterious power that Yuri seems to possess. This will save you in many
fights to come. In order to aquire Fusion souls, you need to fight battles
against other monsters. At the end of each fight, a screen will come up saying
how many more specific "points" you need to gain for each Fusion monster. Each
time that you level up a section, you'll be able to go to the Graveyard and
fight the monster. After winning, you can use the Fusion monster. Remember that
you have to equip the soul before being able to use them! After level 3, an
element will be completely mastered and you won't be able to get any higher
Fusion souls from that element. In order to get level 3 Fusions, you'll need a
special item along with the Max level.

As a side note, high level Fusion monsters will sometimes have "?????" as an
ability. In order to gain access to that ability, you will have to let Yuri go
into berserk state, cast the magic, and then return him to normal.

E. Guild Cards
These are used to get discounts in shops. Each of them will allow you 10%
discount on items you buy and 5% raising of prices for things you sell. The
only downfall is that you'll have to go through a Normal Ring in order to do
this. The more Guild Cards you get, the more discounts you can receive, but the
more risky it can be. For example, if you have 3 Cards and you successfully get
through the second two, but fail on the last, you have to pay the normal price,
not the discounted ones. Seems hard to understand but it'll become more obvious
in the game.

Also, these can gain penalty points, if you try and bargin for something you
cannot afford, and you miss the Normal Ring. Each time that happens, you'll
gain one pentalty point. Once you get 5 penalty points, you'll lose a card! For
example, if you want to buy something that's 1000, but you only have 980, you
can use the Guild Card to try and lower the price so you can afford it. If you
successfully click on the Normal Ring, you'll get the discounted price. If you
don't, you'll get a penalty point, and not even get the item! Better luck next
time, in other words.

F. Lottery Tickets
These are scattered around the game. Sometimes you can get them in boss battles
as well. These are used to...well, draw in the lottery. Another sort of
mini-game, you can test out which Lottery Members (who will only reveal
themselves to you if you have a ticket!) have good items and which ones are
easier to gain items from. Each member is unique. Some lotteries are harder
than others and are not even worth it! Keep lottery tickets safe and sound.
It's not too smart to spend all tickets on a single Member. Also, it seems if
you have played all the Lottery Members you can gain access to the Chairman.

A. Part one

+- Opening Scene -+

There will be a short movie clip introducing the whole story. Also, you'll get
an idea of who your main characters will be. The kind looking older man is the
main villan of the story. Of course, that makes it obvious who the "hero" is
now, doesn't it?

After the clip, you'll be able to control the "Rude Hero" through the train.
There's only one direction that you can move, so go through there. This train
also has a few random battles that you can get into so you can test out the
battle system. ^.^; Make sure to cure yourself though. In the second screen
you'll see a couple of dead bodies. Examine them and you'll get a Thera Leaf
and a Mana Leaf. Go further down and you'll get another scene and jump up to
the top of the train.

[ Boss Fight ]
**Roger Bacon**
A little early for a boss fight don't you think? Well, you can continue to test
out your battle abilities here. Don't bother curing, because Roger will end up
using a move called "Revelation" which hits 999. No Game Over here though.

You'll see the end of the movie clip, and say buh-bye to Bacon for this point
in time.

Now you'll be introduced to the WORLD MAP. You'll get a message that says:
     "Pressing the square button during the submap or Worldmap will open the
menu. You can save your game from the menu screen."
Well, if it says so... Go ahead and save if you wish, and click on the Plains
(since there's nowhere else accessible at the moment.)

And so our Rude Hero meets up with the pretty "Girl in Danger." She doesn't
seem too friendly at the start... The Hero will hear a mysterious voice soon
after she runs off. Once you go onto the next screen, don't quite go down the
road yet. If you go back up toward the direction that you came from and walk
into the bushy area, you'll reach another screen where you can get a Leather
Belt. After you get that, go on ahead on the road. The girl will scream and
you'll get a short scene. Toward the end of it, you'll be able to name both the
Rude Hero and the Girl in Danger. I'll be using the default names for the
walkthrough in order to save a lot of unneccessary trouble.

This area has quite a few random battles, so be weary of that. Let Yuri take
care of the ones that look like dogs, because Alice can take care of bats and
spiders all by herself. Watch for her low SP though, because she starts off
with 4. She's also more useful in healing...

As you walk down, you can see there's a crossing covered in water toward the
left hand side. You can't cross that yet so don't bother. Keep going to the
right and cross the bridge. In order to do anything on the next screen, you'll
have to go to the sluice gate (the gate toward the top, not with the shiny item
on it). Then go to either of the shining handles. You have a choice here.

If you go to the top handle, you'll get a message that introduces the Normal
     "Press the X button at the right time so that you hit all three Hit Areas
of the Normal Ring. Hit 3 times or you fail."

If you go to the bottom handle, you'll get a message introducing the Push Ring:
     "If you stop hitting the button, the indicator will begin to return to the
starting position. Aim for getting the indicator within the area before the
count reaches 0."

The top handle is usually much easier. Either way, you'll receive the
SluiceGateHandle, which is put in your valuables area. As a side note, there is
a Save Point toward the lower right hand corner of the screen. You can't save
for a while after going to the Sluice Gate so if you want to be careful, save.
Now to head back to the Sluice Gate. The two will take a short rest and you'll
see a little scene between Yuri and his father, Fox Face.

[ Boss Fight ]
**Fox Face**
He is a fairly annoying boss, who has the ability to SP lower Yuri, so unless
you get a turn in before he does, don't expect Yuri to be able to Fusion. He
also has the ability "!!!" which will lower your HP down to one. He has the
ability to Fusion like Yuri, and will use the same monster (Death Emperor) as
Yuri has. Dark Messenger has a very good chance of instant killing Yuri. No
need to worry though, because you're supposed to lose this battle.

Now Yuri ends up in a graveyard. See the green tombstone? If you venture to
click on it, you can fight Raging Tiger and acquire it as a fusion monster.
It's a fairly easy fight if you use Death Emperor. After this fight, make sure
that you're pretty well cured, and go to the far left to the next screen. There
you'll see four masks : Sword, Staff, Gold, and Grail. After teasing Yuri,
you'll get another fight.

This battle seems to be random depending on how many fights you had before
getting to the graveyard. None of the evils are much tougher than the others so
don't worry if you get Evil 4. At the end of the fight, you'll learn about
Malice and Malice leveling. After leaving, it might be good to Save.

Back to the previous screen! There's a treasure chest that is in plain sight,
which gives a Thera Leaf. Cross the river and keep going until you can see the
town. The mysterious voice returns, warning of something evil in the town.
Before you go too close to the door, be sure to grab the Holy Mother Bust
toward the left side of it.

+- Zhaoyang Village -+

Once you get close to the door, the two will have a short conversation with
Yellow-eyed child and Red-eyed child. They'll say that you can't get in, but
once they see Alice, they'll open the gate. Once you enter, the gate closes.
Before going on into the village, go back to the screen with the gate. If you
wander around the left side of the screen, a question mark will appear over
Yuri's head, and you can pick up an Angel's Feather.

As soon as you enter the town, the right hand shabby building has a Bronze
Arrowhead hidden. There's a save point on the next screen as well. The people
here are pretty creepy and won't give you anything either, so ignore them. When
you get to the screen with the save point, go to the top right space between
the two buildings to get a Talisman of Luck. The only person you need to
concern yourself with is the man with the straw hat. He's your first store
manager! After stocking up on items, go straight until you get to another
screen, and there you can find the shrine to Yamarja. These people are..yep,
you guessed it, cannibals!

Now off to Granny Mayor's house. That's the one to the left hand side very
close to the shrine itself. You'll know where it is if you paid any attention
to the children who just entered it. Once inside, you'll see Granny Mayor
herself, and after a conversation, find that you're trapped!

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
**Hellcat1, Hellcat2**
Very easy battle, I don't think this should even be called a boss fight. Again
be wary of Alice's SP and both HPs. Just leave Alice to cure. Hellcats have an
annoying spell called Exorcist arrow that can actually be pretty painful
considering the sad HP that the two have in the beginning.

When you get outside, you'll see that there is a sea of blood in the air...
Meaning that there will be random encounters around the area! The straw hat
merchant has moved to the lower right hand corner of the screen, but he's still
willing to sell you items. Take time to save.

There is a tent toward the right of the well. After grabbing that, head for the
shrine. The Granny will talk for a moment, and then go "Poof!" Go back into her
house to get a Phoenix Tail from the right of the alter. Upon exiting, running
around the next two screens (can only get once per screen), will get the Granny
to appear and taunt you. Keep going down until you see Wanderer Meiyuan and the
"Quack Oracle." After talking you'll get a chance to name Zhuzhen and he'll
join your group temporarily. If you want acupuncture or moxibustion, go back
down to Meiyuan and ask him for help. If you don't, keep going back toward
Granny's house. Zhuzhen will mention something about Anti-cat powder. You're
going to have to smoke the Granny out of her house!

In order to do that, you need a "Metal Vessel" and a "Torch." (Note- the store
owner moved to the top left. he'll give you clues as to where the items are.)
To find the Metal Vessel, go down pass the save point to the next screen. There
will be a line of small shops on the left, check the top one for it. You'll
need to do a Normal Ring trick to get it. In order to get the Torch, you'll
have to return to where Meiyuan is. The torch is on the right hand mid side
against the wall. Now to head back for the house.

Once in the house, go forward until an exclaimation point "!" appears, then
press the X button. You'll get a quick scene and then another...

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
This monster uses the Wind Fang which is pretty much the only attack you need
to be wary of. That will hit all of the people in the group. Special skills
work the best against this monster, and so Zhuzhen's Ogre Flamedance will be of
a lot of help. Keep MP (and SP for Alice) up and this will be a short-lived

Make sure to fix everyone up after this battle and Save if you'd like. After
all preparations are done, head for the top screen-- the shrine. If you walk
forward, it will ask you if you'd like to violate the shrine. Of course you do!

[ Boss Fight ]
**Yamarja: Earth**
Gotta love the boss music. Erm.. Yamarja has an ability to cast Narrow Ring
when the Large Whirlpool attack is used. Flash Flood hits only one person so
that's not a problem. Just have Alice cure like always and use Special Skills
as much as possible. This will be a little longer than the other fights, but
normally not long enough to make Alice berserk.

After this boss battle, they'll talk about Roger Bacon and other important
things. Pick up the Shell Bracelet before you leave the shrine. As you return
to the gate, make sure to talk to the grateful peddler man, who will give you a
Guild Card. Say goodbye to Meiyuan and then to Zhuzhen as well. Wonder if
they'll meet up again...

Back to the World Map. This time you can only click on Fengtian.

+- Fengtian -+
You'll see a scene between Japanese officer Kawashima and a few of her men.
Then, you'll see a scene between Dehuai and Bacon. Once you regain control of
Yuri, you'll be in the middle of Fengtian, with Alice sleeping on the bench
behind. Don't bother disturbing her quite yet. Toward the right is another man
with a straw hat, if you talk to him, he'll give you a Pedometer. He'll also
kind of explain what it is about. If you check behind the water fountain, you
can find a Talisman of Luck. Also, if you happen to have a Lottery Ticket, talk
to the green clothed man toward the left, sitting on the bench. He'll comment
on the building nearby and then ask you if you'd like to play. He's Lottery
Member #15.

After speaking with all those fun people, go back to Alice, then toward the
left. On the next screen, be sure to grab the Tent in the treasure chest in the
right. As soon as you enter the shop, you'll see the first of the "Alluring
Spy" Malkovich. Once in the store, you can see that Meiyuan is to the right of
the save point. What a coincedence! This is a good time to change weapons for
the two as well as restock items. Talk to Alice in order to leave the shop.

Before you can leave though, there will be a short conversation and the two
will exit. Good timing, huh? After meeting up with Malkovich, follow her down
to the sewer. (Note- You can go back into the store to save, etc, if you'd
like. Along with Meiyuan and the store, Lottery Member #15 and the Silent
Peddler is also there. Surprisingly enough, the store will still let you buy

As soon as you get to the sewer, head for the right stairs and pick up the Gold
Hourglass. Now go back to the left side and turn first thing, keep going to
find a treasure chest which contains a Pure Seed. See the hole in the wall?
Head for there next. Once you get there, you'll get a nice scene where they
meet up with the puppy dog from before. Check the hole to get another Lottery
Ticket. Going back, you'll see Malkovich, and will be able to name her. She
joins your group! ^.^ Now to go back around and to the right, where there's a
ladder and Save Point. Save if you want, then climb the ladder. Seems it won't
open. Keep going up to get a Type 94 Pistol for Margarete. Go back around to
the left side and toward the blue/purplish light. Click on it to get the
Sealing Stone. If you go further right, you can get a Rosewood Bracelet.

Now, back to the ladder. Set it and then you'll get...
[ Mini Boss Fight ]
**Kappa1, Kappa2, Water Tiger**
Is it just me or do these look like extraterrestrials...? Get rid of the Kappas
first because they not only have a lower HP, but have an annoying healing
ability (Life Dew). These usually use physical attacks which can be a big
bother, but they shouldn't be too much trouble.

Finally up the ladder! Not time to celebrate though, because as soon as you get
up, you'll get to fight two groups of two Elite Guards! Don't worry about them
though, if Yuri is strong enough, it won't take longer than a turn to defeat
one. Margarete can usually take one herself, and if she can't, she can double
team with Alice to get rid of the guards before they get a turn. ^.^

Afterwards, they'll try and catch an airplane and get out of there, but of
course, nothing goes right does it? And that doggy isn't what it seems

[ Boss Fight ]
**Beast Dog**
This boss has an attack called Breath of Fire that it uses quite often. It's an
all attack. Be careful when it uses it. When it uses Fighting Spirit, it
usually means that it'll stop using magic and go for physical attacks. Just
keep everyone as close to max HP as you can get and it'll be a quick fight.

And now into the weird plane. Why is it so doubtful that it'll hold up? You'll
see a scene with Kawashima again, and be taken into the World Map. Dalian here
we come!

+- Dalian -+
As soon as you enter this place, Yuri will have a flashback, and then hear the
Mysterious Voice. And to make things even better, when he wakes up...the
plane's engine's down!

So _now_'s when we enter the village of Dalian. There's a treasure chest near
the boats that has a Lottery Ticket. The only guy out there lost his turtle,
and if you find it for him, you'll get a tent in return. If you go to the far
left side of the screen, you'll see a weird wooden area, and behind the first
wood crate type thing, you can get a Talisman of Luck. On the next screen down,
there's a Save Point. Also, there's a Tea of Healer in the bottom right of this
screen, near the Old Man with Bad Back.

Go inside the top right door to enter the Sea Turtle Restaurant. Here, you can
replenish your supply of items! Now exit this area and go to the inn (the only
other door around the area. It's toward the left top.) You'll see Sea Mother
and one of her unfortunate patients. You can't quite stay at the inn yet, so go
on downstairs to the weapon and armor shop. As a side note, there's a Seal of
Aura in the right top corner of this area. After you're done wasting money
there, you can go back up and grab the Tent on the left top of the room Sea
Mother left. Now you're done here, so exit the inn. Once you get outside, if
you go to the right, you'll see a woman...Li Li. After a fairly extended
conversation and Alice getting cursed, a video clip will tell the complete
story of Li Li's tragedy. Interesting, isn't it....0.o;

After getting rudely interrupted during her storytelling, Sea Mother will see
Zhuzhen entering, and they'll talk about how they have to save Alice. Yet again
a scene with Kawashima. When you gain control of Yuri, go behind the second
table on the right (the top one) to grab the Silver Hourglass. Now to go back
to the screen with the boat! There'll be a glowing symbol toward the right hand
side, so go there of course.

[ Boss Battle ]
**Yamarja: Wind**
Actually this boss seems more Earth elemental than Wind. Hm. It uses Shockwave
along with Flying Stones (Raging Tiger's attack.) A word of caution, if you run
out of MP in this fight, you will regret it. The best and easiest way to get
rid of this Yamarja is to use Special Skills. Have everyone cure themselves,
because each of them have about the same Special Skill attack power. Grenade,
Flying Stones (Dark Messenger, etc) and Ogre Flamedance are all needed to win,
at least in order to win quickly.

Back to the restaurant. Alice has recovered, and they'll learn about the
"Valorization." Too bad they don't have transportation...or maybe they do? A
"Smuggler Boss" is willing to lend a boat? Doesn't she seem oddly familiar...

You'll automatically rest up at the inn. When Yuri wakes up, Meiyuan will be in
the room next to him. Go downstairs and talk to the little kid guarding the way
into the weapon shop. He'll move aside and you can get the Flare Brooch from
the chest. That's all for that place. Once outside, talk to the woman wandering
around toward the front of the screen. She'll ask you to give Dried Fish to Sea
Mother. Off to the restaurant again. Give her the fish and she'll tell you
"Where the turtle looks, take 3 steps." What does that mean? (By the way, in
this same room, there's a wandering person toward the back. This is Lottery
Member #14. The silent peddler is also around here.)

Going back to the fellow with the turtle, he'll offer you his hoe for three
turns if you pay him 300 G. The drawback to this is that you'll have to go
through a Normal Ring every time you try and dig at a space, and the spaces are
awfully smaller than usual. You can get a Third Key, Thera Leaf, Mana Leaf,
Pure Leaf, and other goodies if you can get the timing right. Remember what Sea
Mother told you and try to apply it!

Anyway, after you're done digging and doing everything else, talk to the
"Courier Subordinate" (standing next to the seemingly frantic Margarete) to get
out of Dalian! Back to the World Map. Save and go to the Smuggler's Boat.

+- Smuggler's Boat -+

Well, Yuri's seasick. Unfortunately, he's going to move incredibly slowly
because of that. Before leaving the room where Alice is, go to the bottom left
for a Rosewood Bracelet. Now to make your way toward Zhuzhen. Before you can
get there though, you'll see a conversation between Yuri and Margarete and then
one of Kawashima again. Finally, you can get to Zhuzhen. After talking to him,
go all the way back to Alice. They'll talk for a moment, and once you get up
toward the deck, you can now enter the room where Kawashima was. Go there and
get the Lottery Ticket at the top corner. Now head toward the others and you'll
see Li Li yet again. Sea Mother's on the boat as well... as soon as the
conversation is over, you'll end up in the room you started in. Save if you'd
like and head for the wheelhouse. There'll be a battle vs. 4 Ogre Flames (which
won't be much problem because a successful Grenade will kill them off in one
blow.) Yuri'll exit the area, but if you go back in you can talk to the man in
order to gain access to the Pachimon General Store.

Exit here and head for Sea Mother. Once you're there, there will be a fight
against 3 White Wolflings. They're take a little longer to beat, but they
shouldn't be any trouble either. Now to Zhuzhen. Again, there will be 4 Ogre
Flames. And now everything is ready! Be careful because you can get random
battles everywhere now. As soon as you've stocked up on items and equipment,
etc, go ahead and talk to Zhuzhen. Hey, isn't that Dehuai?

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
**Li Li**
She has two annoying moves in this fight. Dark Messenger can instantly kill
people (which she seems to like casting on the middle character, who was Alice
in my case) and she can paralyze people. It might take a little longer to beat
her if your characters aren't leveled up too high. She's not impossible, but
get ready to have a few healing items (and paralyisis stopping items) to make
it through.

And if that wasn't bad enough...

[ Boss Fight ]
**Li Li**
Urk, she's gotten a heck of a lot uglier. I don't know, but she didn't get too
much stronger. Now that she lost Dark Messenger, she shouldn't be any problem.
She'll use an attack called Hate Storm, which will hit all characters, but
doesn't seem to have any bad status effects. She'll still paralyze so watch out
for that one.

Dehuai will leave the scene, and poor Sea Mother will get sent off to Nirvana
along with Li Li. Then there'll be a scene with Dehuai and a new character,
Wugui of Kowloon. After that, it's back to the World Map. Head for Shanghai,

+- Fuayuan -+
First things first, there'll be a flashback of Zhuzhen's 15 years ago. During
it, you'll take over Colonel Hyuga (just for battle). It'll be Hyuga vs.
Kappa1, Kappa2, and Wugui. Hyuga has the ultimate darkness element Fusion
monster (Czernobog), so you can use that if you want. The Kappas are no
problem, but Wugui is only affected by physical attacks. After getting rid of
the Kappas, don't use anymore special skills, because they will heal Wugui.
This fight will be simple as pie, because Hyuga has a high HP, etc, and none of
the enemies can hit him over 10...

Seems Zhuzhen can't decide if he should tell Yuri about Hyuga. After a short
conversation with Alice, you'll gain control of the old sage. Once outside the
room, to the right is the Silent Peddler. The second door is locked so don't
bother. After going downstairs, there's a Save Point to the left. Save and go
outside. Take only a few steps downward to get the Pilgrim's Staff. There's no
real reason to bother talking with the rest of the people outside, so go toward
the right.

On the next screen, keep going right and a few steps down to get a Talisman of
Mercy. A B. Dragon Horn is next to the first red sign from the bottom right.
Also, there's an item shop at the blue door on the bottom left. (Mika's House.)
Keep going down to the next screen. There's a Seal of Life next to the lone
barrel near the boat. If you go back onto the boat and where the Save Point
used to be, you can find Lottery Member #12. Now return to the screen with the
hotel and go down this time. Once going down the first few steps, check the
lower barrel for a Mana Seed. Now go down the other few steps, and you'll see a
short conversation between Kawashima and Suketani.

As soon as you enter the shop, check the barrel to the left of the stairs for
another Lottery Ticket. In order to continue on, you have to talk to man behind
the counter. Seems that Zhen's not the owner of the place anymore... There'll
be a conversation, then a clip of Qiuhua playing an instrument, and then
another conversation. Wait a second, so Wugui's owner? Weird...

Zhuzhen will engage in battle against a Kappa. This should only take a few
turns, two at most. The easiest way I saw was to use Ogre Flamedance and then
physically attack the Kappa. (That way it takes two blows..) After this battle,
you'll get another Kappa battle. Same strategy as before. Then, you'll get the
fun one...

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
Do NOT use Special Skills on this guy, because all it'll do is heal him! And
don't bother to cure yourself either. If you keep fighting, Wugui will use a
move called "Game of Death," which will instantly kill Zhuzhen. Hey, at least
it's not Game Over.

Yuri will enter the scene, and after another short conversation, there will

[ Boss Fight ]
You're only able to control Yuri this time. Don't bother with any Fusion
monster except one that might help heal Yuri (Raging Tiger, Man Dragon, etc),
because you can't use Special Skills on Wugui. First thing, Wugui will cast
Game of Death, but it won't work (Horray!). Wugui centers his attack as
physical and sometimes Dark Messenger. As long as you keep Yuri's HP high
enough, this battle isn't too tough. Wugui seems to be fast though and can
block an awful lot.

There'll be a scene that sounds awfully familar...and then you'll be back into
the room you started in. This time you can go to the right room that was
locked, but there's no point unless you want to go bug the Smuggler Boss and
her Subordinate. Now to leave the inn. Go back to where you fought Wugui and
you'll see....Meiyuan! (Why is he everywhere...) And now you gain access to the
Pit Fight through the green curtain. You have to pay 300 in order to
participate though. It's a good place to train single characters.

Back outside, and now toward the top of the screen. You'll get the World Map
again, and it's time to enter the Temple Ruins!

+- Temple Ruins -+
As a warning...this is probably the worst area you'll encounter for Part one.
It's not too hard, but it is _annoying_.

Go straight until you see a bowl-like object and press X. Zhuzhen will try and
figure out what to do with that, so go back a screen and to the left.
Continuing on, you'll see the Smuggler Boss and her Subordinate. If you talk to
him, you'll gain access to a store (Kato Pachimon General Store). Go to the
Save Point toward the front of the screen and get the Talisman of Mercy in the
treasure chest. In order to continue on in the game, you'll have to talk to
both of the people there. Return to Zhuzhen, who will open the way. As soon as
you get down there, you'll see Master Xiaofang. They'll talk for a moment, and
then you'll lose access to your Item command! Don't worry too much though, you
can still use it on the field screen, just not in battle. Also, it's just for
Yuri and Zhuzhen. You'll have something much tougher for you waiting

Xiaofang will be selling items, though it's a little pointless...

And now for the lovely maze like area. Maybe I'll make a map for this in
another version. Anyways, there'll be a tent in the first treasure chest. Keep
going straight until you find a green teleporter. From now on, some of the
treasure chests will be empty. Make sure to open them as markers to see where
you've been before. There'll be a Bronze Arrowhead in the next unempty treasure

Use the teleporters in this order -
Green --> Yellow --> Red. Do NOT use the purple teleporters unless you really
want to, because they won't take you anywhere important. In this first section,
there will be a Talisman of Mercy, W. Tiger hair, Tea of the Healer, Bronze
Dagger, Mana Seed and a Bell Bracelet scattered around. (I won't say where
because it'll get too tedious.) You'll know you're going the right way if you
see Xiaofang hopping around nearby. As soon as you get off the last Red
teleporter and go straight a few screens, you'll reach the Save Point.
(Finally!) Make sure that Yuri and Zhuzhen are ready to go for the next...

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
This fight isn't too bad actually. The only move that boss will do is Flaming
Arm of Death, which hits both characters, and physical attacks. The Flaming Arm
of Death has a chance to silence characters so be careful of that. Just keep
the two's HPs over 100 and it'll be a short fight.

Now it's time to use the two girls. For them, their Special Skills are sealed.
Make sure that you get their weapons and armor in order to make it through even
the random battles without using an item! Like last time, there will be a tent
in the first treasure chest. Scattered around here are: B. Tortoise Fang,
Western Belt, Thera Seed, Voodoo Doll, Silver Hourglass, Gold Hourglass, and
Witchs Broth. Once you get out of here, there will be another...

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
Hm, this time it's the Shining Arm of Death. This is a little dangerous because
it can paralyze, but other than that there should be no problem. It's fairly
weak in physical abilities so a Thera Leaf should keep the two girls going
until the end of the fight. Make sure to watch for Alice's SP though.

Time for trial #2 for the two guys. This time both Items and Special Skills are
sealed, which healing at all! No Fusion either.. Again, there's a
tent waiting in the first treasure chest. In order to get to the green
teleporter, go to the right and go up. Scattered around this area are: Thera
Seed, Sould Benediction, Leonardo's Bear, Mana Seed, Studded Cap, Pure Seed,
and a Wood Token. Keep in mind that if you don't find the Wood Token, you can't
go on! Keep going down after going to the left of the green teleporter (after
using it) and you can find Xiaofang, who is...Lottery Member #11! The Wood
Token is someplace between the green teleporter and the red one. If you don't
find it, Xiaofang can give you a clue after you ride the red teleporter.

Once you find the Wood Token, you're free to move on. Put the token into the
space and you'll get...

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
The only reason this fight might be hard is because you can't cure. Make sure
everyone's at full health before the fight. It does a move called Large
Whirlpool which can half the size of the Judgement Ring spaces. It also has Icy
Breath, but that's not too much of a problem because it only hits one

Enter the door that just opened and you'll see a conversation between
Kawashima, Kato, and Suketani. After that, the group will meet with Master
Xifa, who will give you a Fruit of Yggdrasil and all the skills back. ^.^ A
rather long conversation will lead to Alice getting kidnapped by Dehuai, and
Xifa passing away...(That was a short appearance, no?) Before going on after
that, be sure to equip all of the Leonardo's Bears that you have! If you'd
like, you might put Zhuzhen in the front row. This will be very important in
the next...

[ Boss Fight ]
**Yamarja: War**
Don't have Leonardo's Bears? Well, I feel bad for you. Because now you have to
listen to the whole conversation all over again, between Kawashima, up to the
kidnapping of Alice. This boss will use Game of Death (remember that one?) and
poof! Instant death. Buh-bye. But anyway, if you do have the Leonardo's Bears
and survive that attack, Yamarja will use Nightmare, which will hit all. The
easiest way to win this fight is if you have Yuri fusion with a light based
creature (Heaven's Fiend will be just fine) and have him cure whenever needed.
That way everyone gets cured at once. Like Wugui, Yamarja will be healed by all
Special Skills, so you have to rely on physical attacks. Annoying, yes, but not

The place will start collapsing again, and Bacon will appear to take Wugui
away. After a while, you'll return to Shanghai. Once you gain control of Yuri,
go outside of the room. You can't leave the inn unfortunately. There's a Save
Point in here if you forgot, and the Silent Peddler moved himself downstairs.
In order to continue the story, you have to visit the Smuggler's room next
door. Kawashima reveals her identity and there will be a short conversation
between the group. Now back to where Zhen was before. There will be a scene
between Suketani and Kutsugi, who's a fairly new face. When you leave this area
to go back up, there will be Japanese soldiers walking around. Don't talk to
them or you'll engage in battle! A few steps toward the center of the screen
will get you to see Kato, and a short flashback on what happened to Suketani
after his meeting with Kutsugi.

Now to go to the right and down toward the screen with the boat. Remember where
Sea Mother was hiding? You'll find the Yawang Gate Key from there. Be careful
because there will still be random soldier encounters while you run around this
place. Return to the inn. Back to Kawashima's room for a short scene there.
You'll engage in battle with 2 Sergeants, which are a little tougher than the
guards outside, but still not too bad. They have a knockback attack too.

After this, you'll get a converstation between Dehuai and Alice. Just select
the first option for all three questions and she won't get zapped. But hey if
you don't like her and all, this is a good time for err, nevermind. Heehee.
Don't bother with the other options because she'll pass out at the end if you
chose them. (Nothing different happens though.)

You can get a Seal of Life from the chest toward the left when the screen
changes and a Third Key to the chest at the right (near the gold statue thing).
Now go to the door...

[ Boss Battle ]
**Yamarja: Stone**
Wonder how many more of these Yamarjas we haveta fight. This one has a Wall of
Resistance and it uses Illusion at times, which makes its evade% higher. Not
much of a problem. Its problem is the physical attacks and even those aren't
too painful. By this time Zhuzhen should have Life Sucker, so use that. Don't
bother with early level spells such as Grenade and Ogre Flamedance from now on
because even physical attacks hit more than them.

Once out of the fight, you'll get the B. Tortoise VP automatically.

+- Kuihai Tower -+
There's a Save Point in the center of the screen. (Close to it at least.) After
saving, go to the right and up the stairs to the next screen. There will be an
alter, and put the Tortoise VP in it. Enter the door on the bottom right and
keep going until you find the chest with a B. Dragon VP. Go back down to the
main screen and this time pass the Save Point and go to the left. Take the
Phoenix VP and replace it with the Dragon. This time go to the left stairs and
up to the next screen. Put the Phoenix VP in the alter and enter the door that
just opened. Grab the W. Tiger VP and leave here. Now to retrieve that Dragon
VP. Replace it with the Tiger VP. Finally, look at the center (next to the save
point) alter and put the Dragon VP there.

Return to the room that had the W. Tiger VP chest in it. The area that was
blocked off before should be gone. The Erotic Magazine is around here by the
way. Go up the stairs. Look, it's Alice! And Dehuai of course. He'll give you a
little toy to play with...

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
**Badger Devil**
This boss is only a little stronger than the random battles around here. Its
main attack is the Fire Ball which only hits single allies and it's still
really weak.

Before going on to Dehuai, go down the stairs toward the left side (a few feet
down and to the left) to get the Talisman of Wisdom. If you want to be extra
careful, you might want to go back down and make use of the Save Point near the
W. Tiger chest. After that, confront Dehuai!

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
He has an attack called Fast Ring, which will speed up your indicator, but it
only works a few times. Besidest hat, he has Magnard, which is like Zhuzhen's
Ogre Flame, but of course it hits more ^.^;. If you're lucky you might even get
to see his Blaze attack, which is almost exactly the same thing but it looks
cooler. :) Using Heaven's Fiend again might be good to save extra trouble
curing. You'll get a Hermit's Staff after this fight, so don't forget to equip

Yuri'll hear that Mysterious Voice again. It's been a while hm? Alice ends up
to be okay. A prompt to change your group will come up. Alice might be a better
member, but choose as you will. (Alice actually had a higher level than
Margarete for me: Alice lv 20, Margarete lv 19. Not by much of course..)
Margarete will be a better choice if you use items rather than magic. Of course
if you choose to use Alice, put a Bell Bracelet on her!

There'll be a short scene with soldiers and Kawashima yet again. If you go back
down the stairs, there will be two soldiers waiting to assist you toward the
right side. The first one will be Lottery Member #9, while the second will open
shop. The first can also change your party. Get yourself prepared for the last
boss of this section, and then go up. I advise that you grab a few Bell and
Mirror Bracelets for this fight, or at least a few Imp Fangs. There's a Save
Point on the next screen. Going further up will prompt a "chat" with Dehuai,
and then finally...

[ Boss Battle ]
**Yamarja: Clmity**
Unless you've leveled up like crazy, this battle might take a little longer
than the others. Of course it's not impossible. (Mind you, I didn't level up my
characters too much...^.^; Lv. 21 or so.) It has an attack called Crimson Flame
which will not only hit your whole group, but has an awfully large chance of
silencing them. Be glad when it does either a physical attack or Shockwave,
because those are the moves that are least dangerous. This boss also has an
ability to Petrify, which is really annoying because if all three members of
your party are petrified, it's Game Over. As long as you have Bell Bracelets,
Mirror Bracelets and plenty of healing items, this shouldn't be a problem.
Heaven's Fiend is yet again good for healing all members of the party. Watch
for Alice's SP if she's in the group. Zhuzhen might actually have a little
trouble himself, along with Margarete if you chose her instead.

Finally after this boss battle, Dehuai will pass away, and Bacon will summon
the Ultimate Being for the moment-- And a video clip will commence. This will
be the end of part one and it'll ask if you'd like to save your progress. (And
if you're anything like me, of course you do! :) )

B. Part two

+- Prague -+
This section will start off at the Europe Map. Since there's only Prague to
click on...well, there you go. It's been six months since Part one had
finished, and it seems Alice and Zhuzhen have taken up the job of being
exorcists. The two will talk a little, and then you control Alice. Go up a
screen, and there's a Save Point to the right.  See the man sleeping? He's
Lottery Member #8. Go to the second house from the bottom and enter the door.
Talk to the person at the midleft to access a store. After talking to the
Peddler (Rosa), Zhuzhen should reappear. There'll be another talk and a
stranger will enter the scene. He'll introduce himself as Terry and will
explain his situation.

Leave this area and head up toward the next screen (top). If you'd like, you
can grab a Kirin Scale from the top right area. (The area is grayish.)

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
**Birdman1, Birdman2**
Well this is more like an introduction to the random battles nearby. A perfect
Blessed Light or Life Sucker will kill them off in one blow. If you happen to
miss, or your people are lower leveled than mine (er, is that possible?), watch
for their Silence attack.

You'll end up back where the Peddler was. On the table next to the top man, get
the Priest's Wine and then leave. Now you can go back to the top screen to find
a bunch of people. Toward the bottom left, behind the bushes, is a Lottery
Ticket. Meiyuan is talking to the Silent Peddler toward the right. After you're
done with them, go back down. On the screen with the sign at the right side,
there's a Zodiac Bracelet around the mid-right.

Keep going down to access the map, then go to Bistritz.

+- Bistritz -+
There's a Save Point to the left. Toward the top left corner, between the
church and the house, there's a Mana Seed. Everything is closed right now, so
ignore the houses and go to the next screen to the right. The second house on
the bottom is Terry's house. Tell the girl there that you're a friend of her
father's and she'll open the door. You'll be able to see Nina, Michelle, and
the Mayor, Kevin. He'll warn you about the red fog. Coincedently, next time you
go outside, the fog is red. If you've leveled up Alice and Zhuzhen enough to be
able to withstand a few blows, it might be a better idea to put them in the
front row. If you're like me, it's best to keep them in the back row and hope
that their magic can take out the random battles. Of course you can run from
them too, if you're turn comes up first.

Don't bother with anyone on this screen yet, because all they'll do is think
you're a monster. Go back to the left screen and the first house on top will
give you access to a Weapons and Armor shop. Not much there to see. Now to head
for the door above the church, which is the Mayor's House. Too bad it's closed.
Back you go. Talk to all of the people through their doors and then head back
to Terry's house. While you're at it, you can grab a Talisman of Wisdom at the
top right corner of the screen outside his house.

You'll get the East Gate Key automatically from Nina. After that short chat, if
you talk to her again, you'll access her mother's store. By the way, before
talking to her, you might want to get the Moon Card to the mid-right of her
house, so you can get an extra 10% discount. There's also a Moon Swallow at the
bottom right of the house. Now to leave and head for the gate, which is at the
top right hand. Unlock it and you'll end up at the World Map. Go to the Blue

+- Blue Castle -+
There's a Cosmic Bracelet at the left behind the trees. It'd be a good time to
equip it on someone as well... Go to the gate. What a shame, it won't open.
Like always, try to leave and it'll open. Now enter. If you go straight a few
steps, Alice will spot something. Keep going upwards and you'll see a Save
Point. Go to the left of it, grab the Tent from the chest and keep going
downward and to the right until you get to where she sensed the invisible
figure. She'll spot it again. After 'em! Go down the stairs. There'll be random
battles throughout these areas, and the most annoying are the bats, because
they can do Tiny Ring.

Hrm, there's a skeleton/corpse... Ignore the coffins for now and go to the
large opened one. There's a Lottery Ticket at the shaded corner of the top
left. You can get it by walking on the little area of the wall, toward the top
of the large coffin. Now for a nice puzzle.

There are eight coffins.

Maria    Leon
Frank    Edgar
Steven   Robin
Abel     Helen

The point of this is easy enough. Light up the coffins (pray to them) in
alphabetical order. Simply put:

6  Maria    5 Leon
3  Frank    2 Edgar
8  Steven   7 Robin
1  Abel     4 Helen

Light them up in order from 1-8. The door's unlocked now, so back up the stairs
you go. There's a Pocket Watch between the stairs to go up and the screen
below. Go up, around and back to where the Save Point is, then enter to door to
the right. Look around, and...well, there isn't much to see. Leaving yet again
will prompt the invisible figure to enter the room. He'll appear after a few
moments of talk, as the "Bored Vampire." You'll be able to name him. (Default
name will be Keith.) Yay, another member in the group! Back outside and toward

+- Bistritz (again) -+
Pay a quick visit to Terry's house and you'll learn that Michelle's been taken
away. Before you head toward the Mayor's House as they tell you to, it might be
wise to buy the sword for Keith (if you haven't already). Once you reach the
Mayor's House, might as well break in!

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
Okay, so _now_ things are starting to look more like the normal bosses. This
one has a nasty physical attack, along with Death Touch, which can bring a
character down to critical condition. Keep everyone's HP over 200 and you
should be fine. It also has Fire Breath, which isn't much of a problem unless
your characters are already paining. Life Sucker works effectively enough,
along with Drain Touch. Use Alice to heal and make sure her SP can sustain the

They'll end up outside the house. Lottery Member #7 is hanging around in the
house above the white door. Go back up toward the Mayor's House... Keith will
explain his own situation now. There's a Flash Badge in the Treasure Chest, and
there's a Seal of Strength toward the right hand corner. Now it's time to go
through the East Gate again, and enter Blue Castle.

+- Blue Castle (again) -+
The tower is to the left of the Save Point and up a few stairs. Enter, and to
the left there's a Seal of Speed. Now you're going to have to go up a ton of
stairs. Through the first door you get to, there's a Pure Root. In the second,
there's Headgear and a Lottery Ticket. Through the third, there's a Seal of
Force and a Tent. There's a lot of random battles here, and they usually won't
die in one blow. Once you're at the top, you'll see a Save Point.

After you enter the door, you'll see...what a coincedence, Yuri.

[ Boss Fight ]
He has very good defense and speed. He usually uses a ton of physical attack
combos, and the other's physical attacks do very very very little.
Unfortunately, so do magic. Get ready for a long battle. After some time, he'll
fusion into Death Emporer and use Dark Messenger. Drain Wave is a bummer,
especially after you've used MP restoring items. A good thing to do in this
fight is to put everyone in the back row. Alice's Blessed Light does the best
damage, and you'll be lucky if it even hits over 100 (she hit around 68 on
mine.) Use Keith this time to heal, if you have enough items. Yet again, be
wary of Alice's SP. Zhuzhen might have a little trouble too, so you might need
him to use his Nourishing Potion. When he's not curing, use Life Sucker. Keith
should use Drain Touch, to keep his own HP up. Yuri kept on attacking Alice in
my game. Dark Messenger can cause Instant Death, so keep that in mind too..
Don't expect to get all three characters' turns before Yuri goes. Around every
two or so moves, Yuri's attack will come.

After that nice fight, Alice will end up in the Graveyard. Familiar, isn't it?
If you look at the tombstones you'll find what lies within Yuri, but that's not
too important. Go to where the four Masks are and they'll open the gate. Enter
the gate and you'll see Yuri, Alice, and FoxFace talk for a while.

[ Boss Fight ]
**Fox Face**
This guy has two really annoying moves. SP lowering and "!!!". First things
first, Fusion if you want a quick fight. If FoxFace gets a chance to go before
you, hope that you have enough SP to be able to Fusion in the first place. I
used Raging Tiger, but that's just my preference. !!! will lower Yuri's HP to
one (yet again), so use an item or a healing skill immediately! This fight
shouldn't take too long.

You'll be prompted to choose a group. Now to the World Map again... select

+- Prague -+
Off to where the Peddler was. It might be a good thing to Save before entering,
because you can't get out for a while. This time there'll be a long
conversation and then off to the erm, Ladies Room. Check the two stalls and the
mirror. No Yuria. Do it _again._ Odd reflection, isn't it... Now for the third
time. You'll see Arcane Olga, and then...

[ Boss Fight ]
This woman has _way_ too many attacks. Nova, Blaze, Icy Breath, and Lightning
shouldn't do more than 60 points of damage. The problem is her Mind Assult
(which she doesn't do often) but takes away most of Alice's MP. Too bad Alice
is the only character useable... Keep her SP in mind. Also keep her HP over
150. Olga has a few physical attacks too, but those aren't so strong. Use
Blessed Light whenever possible to make it a quick fight.

After the fight, you'll get a chance to switch groups. If you keep Alice, be
sure to heal her HP and MP. There's a Lottery Ticket on the top floor of the
Men's Room, by the way... After you leave Prague, it's back to the World Map.
Head toward Rouen.

+- Rouen -+
You'll see a conversation between Olga and Bacon, then regain control of Yuri.
There's a Lottery Ticket near the box next to the woman on the left. Go into
the only door there is, which is the Inn. There's a Save Point there, but you
can't use it yet. The Innkeeper will recognize Alice. After a while, Yuri will
return to the Graveyard. Of course, nothing here except for talking to the
Masks. Leave afterwards. Exit the room when Yuri wakes up and go next door.
Alice is gone! Back out you go. Meiyuan is located on the first bottom left
door if you want some weapon upgrades. Don't forget to equip Yuri, and this
might be a good time to gain any fusion monsters you forgot to fight at the

Once outside, go to the top screen and you'll see Alice. They'll talk, and
Bacon and Olga will appear. Also, Margarete's back!

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
**Bifronze1, Bifronze2**
Another intro. to the random battles. These will die in one turn as well, in
Yuri and Margarete's case. There's no real need to fusion either. Come to think
of it, now whenever Yuri fusions, he won't seem to make such a big fuss about
it. ^.^

There'll be a long talk and you'll get prompted to select a group. If you use
Margarete, be sure to equip her. The silent peddler has found his way back on
the bottom right hand side of the screen. This time he'll give you access to a
store. Once you're outside, you can get random battles. Go back to the top
screen. In the barrel toward the left, you can get a Huge Jug. Now to where
Bacon was. There's a Lottery Ticket around here, in the right top corner
barrel. Go to the door. It's, but it seems easy enough to open?
This time you'll have to attempt a Spin Ring 3.

     "Spin Ring 3, unlike the normal ring, keeps spinning after 1 rotation. The
rotation accelerates as it continues to spin. If you hit all three rotations,
you succeed."

In order words, it's like the Normal Ring, three times in a row. ^.^ If you've
used the Third Key someplace before, you should be familiar with this. Anyways,
this isn't too much problem. Enter, go down to the next screen, and you'll see
Father Doyle. After a while, Olga will make her reappearance.

[ Boss Fight ]
She has a move called Black Fog now. It has a chance of poisoning people. Other
than that, she can use Blaze, Rock Storm, etc. which are all attacks. Her
physical attacks are very weak, but her magic isn't. The best way to survive
this one is to have Yuri Fusion into a Light elemental monster and have him
heal the whole group whenever she uses magic. Better yet, if Alice has Arc by
now, you can have her cure instead. Yuri is the strongest fighter, so it's a
pity to have him stuck healing. Olga still has Mind Assult too, which is as
annoying as ever.

After this fight, go back outside and to the World Map, to London, Old Castle

+- Old Castle Street -+
Once you get here, talk to the person in the middle of the top street, if you
want. It's Lottery Member #5! One of the two people having a conversation (the
top one) will sell you a Sun Card as well to use in shops. Go up to the next
screen and there's a conversation. Waitaminute, the money's all gone? Head back
across the bridge and through the door to access the Bar. Talking to the
bartender will prompt you to enter a name for the "Heckling Brat." Default is
Halley. The Silent Peddler is sitting toward the left side.

Go outside of the bar and head toward the last screen and to the Inn, near the
enterance. There's a Save Point there toward the right. Back outside, go across
the bridge again, and toward the shabby house. Check the blocked door and then
go toward the left, where there's a shutter. In order to move it, you'll need
to do a Push Ring.

You'll end up in the London Rat's Hideout when you go down the ladder. Go
straight to the left and you can get Demon Earrings. There's also a Lottery
Ticket at the right corner floor (not on the wood floor though, below it).
There's a Save Point toward the bottom. Head up the ladder. There's a Soul
Benediction on the other side of the wood box next to where the ladder opening
is. Once you get upstairs, you'll get the wallet back, but some money is
missing. Hey, at least you get a Crucifix for all the trouble!

There's a Talisman of Purity in the top right corner. There's a Warning Device
in the top left corner. Now to go back down and out of the hideout. Once
ouside, go next door to the right, to talk to Old Carl. There's a Seal of Force
to the left and a few steps up from there is a Lottery Ticket. A few more steps
up and you can get a Kirin Scale too. Exit this house and go to the right
screen. Enter the Orphanage.

Try to enter the mansion and you'll get a conversation with a "Low-Voiced Man,"
Jack. He'll sort of kick you out. Leave, and another scene will open up. You'll
automatically be sent back to the inn. Go outside and to the bar, grab the Mana
Extract behind the counter, next to the bartender. There's also an Oak
Slingshot near the shabby building, to the left side. Go behind the wall and
check the tree for it. Now to go back to the London Rat's Hideout. Go up all
the way, and you'll see that the rest of the others are missing. Odd... Choose
a group and head downstairs and back outside. Now set out for the Orphanage

+- Orphanage -+
Enter the door. There's a Save Point toward the right. Go to the door to the
left, and you'll have a...

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
**Night Stalker**
First thing, he'll use Gale. Avoid physical attacks until it wears off, because
even missing one will be a waste. Halley can heal when need be, but it'd be
better off if you use the female character you chose to do the healing. I chose
Margarete though, so she was focused more on offense. Use Halley's Aqua Blade
and Yuri's Fusion to finish this mini boss quickly.

At the end of that fight, you'll get a Kid's Room Key. Now to enter the room.
They'll chat a moment and you'll get the Guestroom key. There's Seal of Luck
between the front two beds, a Pure Extract in the back two, and a Monkey Paw in
the far back two. Leave this room as well. Head upstairs and to the left.
There's a pile of books on the table, head toward those and you'll have to do a
Normal Ring to take it. It'll say something about 5 March, 75. Yuri will say
"What month is March?", which will be used later. Exit the room and go to the
upstairs right. You _can_ get random battles in the hallway, but not in the
rooms. There's a Zodiac Bracelet in the far left side and a Eye of Ouroboros to
the right if you want them. Anyway, it'll prompt you for a password. Plug in 5,
3, 7, 5, and enter.

Now it's time to look at the painting. It'll say 3, July, 54. The drawer is
locked, and you'll have to do a Nomal Ring to open it. There, you can see the
Diary of Jack. There are Monk earrings to the left, a few steps from the top.
Exit this room and go down the stairs, to the middle room. Plug in 3, 7, 5, 4
this time and you'll see Jack and Chris. The Mysterious Voice is back!

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
His moves aren't too great, except for Slash, which can get a character to
critical (yellow) state. His Paralysis move can be dangerous as well. When he's
at critical, he might heal himself but not by much. (Used a Thera Seed.) Be
sure to keep your HP and MP as high as possible though, because right after
this one, there's a...

[ Boss Fight ]
Petrification isn't very fun. Shockwave hits all characters and Howling will
heal this boss around 540 or so. Needlerain is a single attack but it hurts
more than the others. Keep every character above 200 HP and this shouldn't be a
problem. On Switch works well along with Aqua Blade. If you chose Alice before,
you might as well use her to cure. If you don't, you can alternate with Halley
and Yuri if you'd like. Items can be a good help as well.

After this fight, you'll automatically be taken back to the Hideout. After a
conversation, there's be a little clip of Halley's past and then more talking.
If you'd like to change you're group, talk to any of the other members before
you go. The default group is Yuri, Halley, and Alice. Once you get to the World
Map, press the Triangle button and go to Calios Mental Hospital.

+- Calios Mental Hospital -+
Go straight a few steps and tell the guards to get out of the way. They'll
attack, and you'll have to fight 2 Specters. There'll be a conversation between
Rausan, Bacon, and Olga soon afterward. A Laural Slingshot can be found from
where the guards came from; the greenish area to the side. Toward the right is
a DemonWardNcklace. Now to go up and through the door. There'll be a battle
with more Specters. Go to the top left for a Bronze Coin. Next screen, Specters
again. Keep going two more screens and of course, more Specters. Grab the
Silver Coin above the dead Friar. There's a Save Point to the left side.

Examine the Friar for the Heart Key and then head back to the enterance screen.
Turn back around and re-enter the door. The first door to the right (from the
bottom) will have a Key to Success in the bottom Treasure Chest and a Club Key
in the top. The next room up will have a Fruit of Yggdrasil. Keep going to the
next screen. First door there will have the Diamond Key. Ignore the second door
because it won't open. The third door will have the Gold Coin while the fourth
will have the Platinum Coin. There's a Lottery Ticket at the right top corner
outside the door, by the way.

Head back to the room with the Save Point. See the vaces in the four corners?
Drop coins in all of them and the stairs should be revealed. Go down them and
to the door, and you'll hear the Mysterious Voice yet again.

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
Silence is probably its worst move. Besides that, it uses Blaze and Elder Sign.
It might take a little while to beat this boss, but it shouldn't give too much

You'll get the Spade Key for your troubles. Halley will get in through the duct
in the side but Yuri and whoever else you chose to go with you, will have to go
back up. Remember the door that was locked before? Enter there (it's the 3rd
door from the right of the second screen.) You can rest on the bed if you'd
like. Check the box for the Dungeon Key. You'll see a short scene with Halley
and his mother. Check the box again for the Fire Gravestone. Now head back to
the screen with the Save Point, downstairs, and open the large door.

[ Boss Fight ]
Yet again. She has Black Fog, Lightning, Rock Storm, Mind Assult, Icy Breath,
and all those lovely spells. Try to keep everyone above 200-300 HP and there
shouldn't be a problem. ^.^;

You'll automatically return to the hideout. Head back downstairs. If you go to
the left side of the bottom floor, you can access Sharon's Pit Fight, well at
least the start of it. If you talk to her, she'll summon a monster. (Thankfully
you can't get a Game Over if you die though.) Talk to Joshua for an Oath Grail.
Once outside, head for the bridge and you can see Halley. So Alice is off to
Rouen yet again! Halley officially joins the group.

World Map will appear. Rouen's the only place you can click on though...

+- Rouen (revisted) -+
There's a Tea of the Holy One in the room Yuri and co. were in before (the
Inn), in the drawer between beds. Go back outside the Inn and to the top
screen. Lottery Member #6 is like, there. You'll have to do a Push Ring again
to open the door. Go to the next screen and there's a Seal of the Soul on the
alter. Enter the first door in the left room and you'll get a Jasper Cape.
Enter the second room and look to the left. You'll have to do a Spin Ring 3 to
see Doyle's Letter.

Leave this area to see You'll automatically return to the
Hideout, and be prompted to choose a group. Now to go back down. (Anyone else
sick of this place?) World Map will appear, and head toward Nemeton Monestary.

+- Nemeton Monestary -+
Might as well examine the weird house now. There's a Light Gravestone at the
end of the stairs, past the purple machine. Get back outside and go up this
time to the next screen. There's a treasure to the far left, which has a
Mant.ofNobility. In the next screen you'll see a "Strange Creature." You'll get
a chance to name him, but don't bother because he'll just make fun of you. You
can get a Talisman of Power if you keep following the path. Head back toward
the house to talk to Roger. They'll talk a while and a clip showing Roger's
past will play. You can access the Vending Machine now if you like (it's the
purple machine!) Now back to the ruins. Roger will appear and you'll have to
follow him down. There's a Save Point near the enterance.

* Note: You don't have to go through all this trouble below unless you want
some extra treasure and an extra Fusion monster (Amon). This is a good place to
level up by the way, because if you go back and talk to Roger who's standing
outside the door, he'll heal you for free. ^.^ If you don't want to go through
the extra trouble, just go to the left and down, and keep going until you get
to the room with the Save Point and go on.

There's a Lottery Ticket through the door, at the right side. (This place will
be referred to as the main screen.) Go left a few screens, down, and right.
Keep going right, and there'll be an open chest. Close it and go back to the
main screen. Go to the right a few screens and go down, open the closed chest.
The mist should be cleared. Touch the purple spot that was revealed and go back
a screen up, grab the chest with Mind's Eye. Back to the main screen. Go to the
left again, keep going down and then to the left, top, and click red, get the
chest, there's a Holy Book - Martyrs. Go down and further left. Keep going to
the next screen, pass the flames and go upstairs. Light up the green spot and
leave. Go back to the main screen and go right again. Grab the treasure chest
(Coat of the Sage). Go down and touch the purple again, then head back to the
main screen. Go to the left, down, left, down again and keep going and get the
chest with the Seal of Vitality. Head back two screens and check the red fire
for Destruction Stone. Go right a few more screens and there'll be a place with
a Save Point nearby.

Phew, that's all over with. There's a Seal of Strength in the left box beside
door and a Punk Jacket to the right. Enter the door and head upstairs. You'll
see Albert and Kouldelka.

[ Boss Fight ]
Albert has one of the worst attacks, Holy Chest. It'll hit SP damage along with
HP. Keep an eye out for Alice's SP, it might have been a good thing to equip
the Huge Jug on her. Revelation has a chance for Instant Death, so Crucifix and
Leonardo's Bears are handy yet again, unless you have a ton of reviving items.
Blacksurge will raise Albert's Special Attack Power by 30%. Once he gets on
critical, he'll Fusion into Amon. Amon has Atomic Dust which will hit all, and
Demon Rays that he usually does when he knows he can kill off a character in
one blow. It usually does around 300 damage, so hope that you can survive it.

After the battle, you'll get Amon if you have the Destruction Stone. You'll see
a clip of the "Float" and be automatically in Roger's house. Between the
conversation, you'll have to attempt a Spin Ring 3.

~ Optional ~
This might be a good time to go collecting everything you haven't gotten by
now. You do NOT need to do this section in order to pass the game.

   Talk to Nina, go outside, and watch over the plant. Yuri will water it.
Leave Bistritz, enter, water, leave, re-enter, etc. When you see Nina outside
and talk to her, she'll give you an Earth Gravestone.
--Blue Castle
   Climb up the whole tower again and grab the Dark Gravestone where Yuri was
held before. Most monsters here are Dark elemental so it might be a good time
to just level his Dark element up to Max.
   Go through the door and talk to the man at the top screen. Check the men's
room and look at the far stall. Yuri will give the guy Tissues. (If you don't
have any, you can get them by losing in a Lottery.) Leave, and the guy will
give you the Air Gravestone.
   Go to the inn and start upstairs. Enter the room where the arguing couple
are, and then leave for the church. Enter the second door after going to the
left. The man will come and confess about what he has done. Choose the second
option and he'll leave grumbling. Now head back to the inn. Talk to the man and
he'll give you the Water Gravestone!

~ End of Optional Section ~

* Important Note! This is the last chance you get to access the better ending
sequence. If you're lazy, you'll get the bad one. (Like my first playthrough.)
In order to get the better ending, let your malice level go up to Max level
(red.) Remember that Oath Grail that seemed to have nothing to do with
anything? You'll need it now. Run around someplace with random battles (Blue
Castle might be a good place) and every so often, one of the Masks will show
up. Defeat them in order of: Grail, Gold, Staff, Sword. If they appear out of
order, just keep running away until the right one appears.

During the Grail fight, you might get the status where hit area doubles in
size. Most of the Masks have SP lowering so keep that in mind. You can only use
magic on Gold and physical on Staff.

After you're done with this, go off to the nearest Save Point. Have Yuri check
the tiny gravestone with Alice's name written on it. That's all for now. The
rest will come below...

*End Note

Head back to the London Rat's Hideout. When you go upstairs, you'll see a
conversation between Halley and his mother. Go back down and to the Nemeton
Monestary to talk to Roger. He'll let you rest and Alice will wind up again in
the Graveyard. Go back to the masks. (If you're trying for the good ending, do
NOT go to the Masks first! Check all of the other graves, and then talk to the

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
Erm, impossible? Stay alive long enough and he'll do Eradication, which will
hit 999. No Game Over though, thankfully. On the other hand, if you have done
the right things, Yuri will come an assist her. Eradication is most like
centered on Alice, and will take a bunch of SP along with it. It uses Dragon
Cry as well. Oh, and don't forget the famous Status Abnormality...

If Yuri helped, you'll get an extra clip. If you revist the Graveyard, Alice's
name will be replaced by Atman on the mini Gravestone too. If he didn't,
nothing extra will really happen. When you talk to Roger, you'll have to do a
Spin Ring _5_ this time. Same type of thing but just five times this time.

+- Neameeto -+
The Yellow Save Point type thing will actually transport you back to where
Roger is. That's not too important now unless you need items, so ignore that
and go ahead. Go up the stairs and ignore the first flight. Go to the second
and go up. There'll be a red line blocking your way. Examine it and then go
back. Take the other flight of stairs this time. The group will split up there
to investigate, and finding nothing, Yuri'll kick the darn place.

You have to choose who you want to control for this short time now. Yuri and
whoever else was there aren't selectable anymore. (Well obviously..) It seems
to be the middle person in your group who gets stuck with him. Select the group
and head back down the stairs. Up the second flight because the red area is
gone. Keep going up and push the switch in the middle of the area. That'll get
Yuri and whoever else out. Now you get to control Yuri. Head to where the
others are, and once you get there you'll be prompted to choose another group.
Go right and then up.

[ Boss Fight ]
**Soul Block**
Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT bother with physical attacks. And don't bother with
third level fusions unless you've gotten their last attack. Amon might work
well against this boss. (I had Sandalphon with Yuri, without Pulse learned, so
he was my healer the entire time.) This boss has a nasty physical attack, so
pray he doesn't get to combo. It also uses Pulse and Shockwave which hits all
characters again. Keep MP in mind because physical attacking will get you

After this, Alice will feel a little faint, but she seems okay. A Save Point,
Switch Point (where you can reform your group) and Teleporter will appear. Use
them if you want, and go on.

Go to the right and to the greenish area. Examine it and light it up. Go back
down a screen and to the left to get the Crank Slingshot. Go back up. Ignite
the red in the next area and exit there. The next area from the right has a
chest with Brsrkr Earrings. The next has a Seal of Vitality to the left and the
blue light in the center. Go back to the last door and the blue area will be
cleared. You can get a Sage Staff and a SilverThreadCoat here. Go back outside
to the main area.

The area to the left has a Seal of Aura and if you go further you can get a
Lottery Ticket. The second to left has a Rubber Suit and Monk Earrings to the
right. Go up to find...

[ Boss Fight ]
Black Fog can poison the group. Hate Storm can cast Blind Ring, which is not
good at all. This also has Paralysis. You'll need either a high HP or a good
healer to survive the battle. I used Yuri to heal again, since my group had low
HP and needed to be revived every so often. Unless you have a good sixth sense,
you might want to use Crucifix and Pocket Watchs here.

After this, Alice and Margarete will have a little "chat." A Save, Switch, and
Teleporter will appear so if you go back you can use them. Keep going forward
to go on. If you go up the wood stairs, you'll be teleported elsewhere. They'll
wonder about this for a while. Go up to the next screen and you'll get
teleported. Go up and to the far right. Go to the left where you appear and get
the Talisman of Power in the next screen. There's a V-blade-Blodauth next. Go
up and get the Fifth Key, go left and then go up.

Finally out of there. If you wish, you can get a Mind's Eye in that mini maze
along with possible other items. Now to get ready for yet another...

[ Boss Fight ]
Its Physical Attacks can be a pain along with Deathtouch and Slash. (Slash
hurts a lot more, but Deathtouch will bring a single character to critical.) If
you have Alice in your group, let her use Arc when it does Wind Fang. Amon's
The End will hit close to 500 if you get it perfect. You'll get a Crucifix for
this fight too! :D

Again, a talk and then the Save, Switch, and Teleporter will appear. If you go
a few more screens up, it'll be the end of the game. Before you do that, it
might be nice to go back and...

~ Optional ~
In a side note, if you go to the Blue Castle without Keith in your party, you
can see the Vice Chairman of the Lottery (Lottery Member #1) where you first
meet up with Keith. He's the invisible man walking around looking like Keith.

Head to Bistritz with Keith in your party, and talk to Nina. She'll talk about
an odd glowing light around the castle. Go to the castle and to where the
coffins were. Go to the open coffin, and Keith will see his brother. Nice,
ain't he? They'll talk about the Demon Sword, Tyrving, and you'll get into a
battle as Keith.

[ Mini Boss Fight ]
**Golden Bat**
Erm, or something like that. The bat will NOT attack you for five turns. You
can only use Physical Attacks or Defend, and you only have Keith in the group.
Unless Keith has a high attack power or high level, this might prove a problem.
Equip good attack accessories onto him if you have trouble. He'll usually get
around 6 or 7 turns (6 because the bat will allow an extra turn, 7 if you're
lucky and the bat misses you all three turns when it attacks. Don't think
you'll get anymore.) In my game, Keith was still in his 30s or so. Every miss
that you get in this battle counts. The Judgement Ring for this weapon is a
little smaller than usual, so be wary of that one. The first is the
toughest.Try not to miss and ignore those comments from the bat, they'll just
serve to annoy.

Well, that was quite irritating. You'll get the DemonSwd--Tyrving for your
trouble, and there'll be a short clip of Keith rejoicing about the whole thing.

Go to the inn and to where Meiyuan is (the bottom left first door). He'll give
you a letter from Qiuhua. From it, you'll learn quite a few things about what
happened to Kawashima and co. from before. After reading through, you'll get a

Have Margarete in your group and head for the church. Enter through the back
door and go to the middle room. Margarete will want to "chat" with Yuri.
There'll be a short clip of her confessions and she'll give you a Pearl Ring.
On a side note, if you're lucky enough to win the Lottery there, you can get
the 10 Gauge for Margarete.

Have Alice in your group for this area. Go into the door that you can enter
(second screen, top door) and talk to the man in the middle. He'll say
something about a house that needs exorcising. Leave this area and go to the
World Map. A new place should be open. Enter.

+- Dollhouse -+
You'll automatically control Alice. Go inside the house and take the crank from
the clock at the left. Enter the door downstairs (there's a Lottery Ticket to
the right bottom) and to the top screen. You should see a fountain. Examine it
and you'll do a Push Ring. After doing that, you'll get the Storeroom Key. Exit
the house and go to the the left. There are Oracle Earrings around here. Enter
the Storeroom. Go to the top and start the generator with the crank. There's a
Silver Hand to the right top corner of this room. Go down the ladder.

You see where the bottles are? (Bottom right corner). Examine it for a Slide
Plate. Go back up and into the house. Upstairs this time! Put the slide in the
projector on the bottom table. You'll see a picture of a girl and a doll. Read
the book to the right side. Head back down and through the door again. You'll
have to input a passcode to turn the wheel on. Plug in 1, 2, 2, 4 (December 24)
and head back outside to the Storage Room. Go downstairs and open the two

There's a Crucifix on the bottom right corner! :D Examine the area and then try
to leave.

[ Boss Fight ]
**Orb Chaos**
It likes to use lots of magic on itself. Accelerate, Release Magic, Battle Cry,
Iris, Sanctuary, etc. It focuses mostly on Physical Attacking, but can use
Expression sometimes that will hit all of your group. I'm not too sure if
there's a Status Abnormality stuck on it because all three members were using
the Crucifix.

After this battle, you'll get the Holy Book--Flesh, for Alice. ^.^

This is where Lottery Member #3 is located. Can't find him? Well, that's
because you have to do a small mini-game type thing to access him. Go to the
bottom middle room and talk to the kid. Say that you'll play, and then
immediately exit the room, enter the other three rooms and talk to the kids
hiding there. The last kid is someplace outside the rooms . Before time runs
out, go back to the middle room and talk to the kid again. The kid will move
out of the way, so you can go around and look into the pot. Another kid will
pop out and give you the Emigre Manuscript, along with reveal some information
about the Chairman of the Lottery.

Read the Manuscript (it's in the Valuables section of the Status Screen) and go
to the World Map. Go into London and the Cave Temple will be accessible.

+- Cave Temple -+
Enter the main door in the second screen and go through the top door to get
Priest Earrings. Go back outside. From now on it's a maze. There _are_ random
battles here as well. Simply put, go through the left door, top, left, bottom,
bottom, left, left, top, left, and there'll be a Save Point there. Go any other
way and you'll end up at the enterance. Enter the top door and you'll get the
Mant.ofShivering. Automatically, you'll leave. Don't bother going back inside,
because you'll just end up where you started. Head for the World Map. Go back
into the Cave Temple a second time after looking at the changed Manuscript. The
top door will give you a Fifth Key this time.

Now the pattern is reversed. Go through the right door, top, right, bottom,
bottom, right, right, top, right, and there'll be a Save Point. This time it's
not a treasure chest waiting though...

[ Boss Fight ]
It's the annoying "!!!" attack yet again. Physical Attacks are the only things
that seem to work against this because it's magic oriented and will absorb
elements. (And non-elements as well. Just don't bother with magic.) It uses
Physical Attacks as well, which aren't too strong. Divine Punishment might hit
over 200 if your characters aren't leveled up. By this time Alice should have
Arc, so make good use of it.

After this fight, you'll get the Holy Peak Staff.

--Mental Hospital
Lottery Member #4 is in the Electric Chair. If you haven't gotten it before,
the Deathblade, Jiru is where Koudelka was held. It's a little pointless to get
this far in the game though.

--Nemeton Monestary
Head toward the ruins and go all the way to where you fought Albert. At the top
of the stairs, the Codex of Lurie will be waiting. Take that and head toward
the real Roger, and he'll say something about a new experiment. Yuri and he'll
talk for a while, and then you'll have to do a Spin Ring 10! (And I thought 5
was pushing it..) Roger will be teleported the moon? As proof, he'll
give you the Nightbird Claw.

--Nemeton Monestary
Have Zhuzhen and Alice in your group and head for the ruins area of Nemeton.
Zhuzhen will investigate the tombstone and Alice and Yuri will have a nice
talk. There'll be a short extra clip of Yuri too. Zhuzhen will give you the
Book of Rituals. Examine that in the Valuables section, and the Ancient Ruins
will be accessible.

+- Ancient Ruins -+

There's a Save Point in the first area. Go straight through and grab the Angel
Earrings. Now for the puzzle area. Go through the red, yellow, yellow, green,
blue, blue, purple areas and you'll return to the starting screen. You can go
down the water area now, so do so and get the GoldThreadCoat for Alice. Now
look at the Book of Rituals again. It's changed!

Head through the door again. This time go through the purple, blue, blue,
green, light yellow, dark yellow, and red areas. You'll return to the same
place _again_. Now head down for a...

[ Boss Fight ]
Divine Punishment yet again. It does status effects too. Seraphim will usually
physically attack anyone that is on the brink of death. It likes to target
those with the lowest HP... Thankfully it won't be healed by magic.

You'll get a Volt Snipe for this battle.

If you've beaten all four masks and killed Atman, you can go back and talk to
the Masks, which will give you the Seven Eyed Mask.

Have you had the Pedometer equiped for a long time? If you have it maxed out,
you can talk to the Silent Peddler with Margarete in your group to get a
Leather Suit for her.

~ End of Optional Section ~

Well, ready for the end of the game? If you've left the Neameeto, you'll have
to run the whole entire way back (bummer). If you've already done all those
quests and possibly more, leveled up as much as you want, perpared and all that
good stuff, go on into the door. Keep going straight and they'll find Albert
there. After a short talk, there'll be a...

[ Boss Fight ]
Firstly, I'll note that I had Yuri, Alice, and Halley in my group at this time.
Each of them were equipped with the Crucifix, Alice with the Huge Jug and
Brserker Earrings, Yuri with the Seven-Eyed Mask, Belt of Power and Halley with
Priest Earrings. Yuri had his final weapon, same with Alice, but Halley only
had the Volt Snipe. The easiest way to go is to just fuse into Amon, use his
Demon Rays, Halley use Shock Max and Alice Arc, Advent whenever possible. This
is when you're around mid-level though. The first time I played through I
didn't level up half so much, and barely got Arc after Messiah's fight. (For
use on "God" thankfully.) So, it is possible, even with only one Crucifix
equipped. It'll just take a longer time. :) Just have to chip off the bosses'
HPs and hope for the best. A whole bunch of items can't hurt too, along with
petrification guards. (If you don't have crucifix.)

Albert will transform first thing into this form of Messiah. Again, he has Holy
Chest which will take quite a bit of SP from the group. When he gets on
critical, he'll use Grace to heal 999. Messiah also has a lovely "!!!" attack
too and he'll use Physical Attacks as well as Status Abnormalities. This fight
isn't too hard though, except for the Holy Chest again. On lower levels, the SP
taking away really hurts.

After that nice little battle, Albert will transport the group off into the
Stratosphere. Not quite the end yet, because there'll be a screen asking you if
you'd like to switch characters (why would you do that though?) and you'll get

[ Boss Fight ]
This is the final boss. You'll start off with full HP, MP, and SP so no
worrying about curing. Yuri'll probably get a chance to go first thing so fuse
into your strongest monster. Meta-God is a really annoying fight if you have a
low level and not enough Crucifixes. Time of Judgement will take away MP. Nine
Springs is the same effect as "!!!" and will drop a character's HP down to one.
Sometimes it'll get a chance to go before all three of your characters do, so
make sure each turn counts. Along with these moves, it'll have Yellow Abyss,
White Abyss, Blue Abyss, and Verdant Abyss that all do status abnormalities.
The Black Abyss is the same effect as Holy Chest and will take half SP away
from your characters. SP lowering prevention will not help that though, which
is a bummer. Just hope that it'll be nice and try a Physical Attack on Yuri,
who should probably have the highest HP of the group. You're going to need at
least one character to heal the whole time. Yuri with Sandalphon or Alice with
Arc should be fine. Halley I used as backup because of his Reviving move. (He
didn't need it though. :) ) Items are great help here. This is the last fight,
so might as well go through and clean out the inventory, right? Whip out the
last Third, Fifth, and Seventh Keys you have for a quicker victory.

Phew, finally everything's over. You'll see a clip of what happens as Alice
narrates for a while. The ending theme will play and afterwards, you'll see a
little thing about the wars going on. Depending on if you had saved Alice in
the fight with Atman, you'll get a different ending sequence. (Not too
different really, just the last narration is done a little differently, you'll
get Alice to speak if you saved her, and Yuri if you didn't.)

Hey, you beat the game! :D Congrats! Pat yourself on the back, and now you're
free to do whatever else you've been planning on!

A. Items

Thera Leaf --> Restores 75 HP.
Thera Seed --> Restores 150 HP.
Thera Root --> Restores 300 HP.
Thera Extract --> Fully restores HP.
Mana Leaf --> Restores 50 MP.
Mana Seed --> Restores 100 MP.
Mana Root --> Restores 200 MP.
Pure Leaf --> Restores 3 SP.
Pure Seed --> Restores 6 SP.
Pure Root --> Restores 10 SP.
Pure Extract --> Fully restores SP.
TalismanOfLuck --> Restores Unconscious person's HP 30%.
TalismanOfMercy --> Restores Unconscious person's HP 50%.
TalismanOfWisdom --> Restores Unconscious person's HP 30% and restores 50 MP.
TalismanOfPurity --> Restores Unconscious person's HP 30% and restores 3 SP.
TalismanOfPower --> Fully restores Unconscious person's HP, MP, and SP.
Mermaid's Tear --> Cures Poison.
Holy Mother Bust --> Cures Confusion.
Angel's Feather --> Cures Paralysis.
Faeries' sigh --> Cures Silence.
Imp's Fang --> Cures Petrification.
Phoenix Tail --> Cancels out all Judgement Ring abnormalities.
Soul Benediction --> Cures all status abnormalities.
Tea of the Healer --> Restores 75 HP and 50 MP.
Tea of the HolyOne --> Restores 300 HP and 200 MP.
Fruit of Yggdrasil --> Fully restores HP and MP.
Witch's Broth --> Restores 50 MP and 3 SP.
Priest's Wine --> Restores 100 MP and 6 SP.
Alchemist's Water --> Restores 200 MP and 10 SP.
Eye of Ouroboros --> Fully restores MP and SP.
Moon Swallow --> Makes all allies' attacks All critical hits.
Star Swallow --> Makes user's attacks all critical hits.
Bronze Arrowhead --> User's hit area doubles.
Bronze Dagger --> All allies' Hit Areas double.
Silver Hourglass --> User's indicator sweeps half as fast.
Gold Hourglass --> All allies' indicator sweeps half as fast.
W. Tiger Hair --> User's Hit Area is cut in half, but Attack Power doubles.
B. Dragon Horn --> All allies' Hit Area is cut in half, but Attack Powers
B. Tortoise Fang --> User's indicator sweeps twice as fast, but Attack Power
R. Phoenix Talon --> All allies' indicator rotate twice as fast: Attack
Kirin Scale --> User's Hit Area doubles: indicator sweeps half speed.
Monkey Paw --> Indicator speed becomes irregular: Attack Power triples.
Third Key --> Max 3 sweeps of indicator with successful action.
Fifth Key --> Max 5 sweeps of indicator with successful action.
Seventh Key --> Max 7 sweeps of indicator with successful action.
Key to Success --> Attack Power increases with continued successful action.
Seal of Strength --> Str increases 1 to 3 points.
Seal of Life --> Max HP increases 3 to 5 points.
Seal of Aura --> Max MP increases 3 to 5 points.
Seal of Vitality --> Vit increases 1 to 3 points.
Seal of Speed --> Agl increases 1 to 3 points.
Seal of Force --> Pow increases 1 to 3 points.
Lottery Ticket --> Can draw in lottery.
Tissues --> For blowing noses and other wiping.
Tent --> Restores all allies. Only useable at a Save Point.

B. Weapons/Armor


Yuri -
Leather Glove --> Cow-hide with steel-plate knuckles.
Knuckle Blade --> Made of a hard black steel and used for punching.
Steel Claw --> Lethal weapon designed to pierce armor.
Brass Knuckles --> Well-crafted metal knuckles, useful for brawlers.
Silver Talon --> Holy silver claws that are easy to use.
Nightbird Claw --> Used by an ancient war god in magic-sealing.

Alice -
Small Bible --> Written on sheepskin, it holds great power.
ShootingStarTome --> Superb manuscript about a fabled continent.
Tome of the Moon --> Black velvet book with details about magic arts.
Tome of the Sun --> Book of anti-magic to counter Tome of the Moon.
Ever-Bible --> Holy book embedded with shining blue crystals.
Grand Bible --> Holy book of prophesy with great spiritual power.
Holy Book--Martyrs --> Ancient book stained with the blood of martyrs.
Holy Book--Flesh --> Holy book made from the flesh of a saint.

Zhuzhen -
Oak Staff --> Made from ancient oak, it enhances magic powers.
Hexagonal Staff --> Heavy metal staff capable of great destruction.
Pilgrim's Staff --> Carved from a sacred tree. Light and strong.
Hermit's Staff --> Staff for outdoor adventurers. A powerful weapon.
Oracle's Staff --> Staff of the Oracles with special attack powers.
Four God's Staff --> Holy staff. Few can master its powers.
Sage Staff --> Contains the soul of an actual Taoist Adept.
Holy Peak Staff --> Holy staff. Grants wielder incalculable power.

Margarete -
Mini-Mauser --> Lightweight machinegun. Perfect for spies.
Type 94 pistol --> 8 mm automatic: Can cause Confusion.
Nanbu pistol --> Improved version of the Type 94. Very accurate.
Zeruel --> Mid-sized machinegun with unmatched balance.
12 Gauge --> Shotgun with massive stopping power.
10 Gauge

Keith -
Antique Rapier --> Well-perserved antique sword with engraved blade.
Royal Estoc --> Thrusting sword favored by nobels for jousting.
SilverCrscntSwd --> Holy silver sword with special attack power.
V-blade-Blodauth --> Spirit blade used by the Darkness clan.
ExecutionerSwd --> Enormous executioner's sword used for beheading.
Deathblade, Jiru --> Razor-like blade gives off a ghostly essence.
DemonSwd--Tyrving --> Demonic sword and family heirloom.

Halley -
Slingshot --> Hurls steel ball bearings but with power accuracy.
Oak Slingshot --> Wooden slingshot. High attack power.
Laurel Slingshot --> Made from laural wood and imbued with spiritual power.
Crank Slingshot --> Invented by the greatest archer, William Tell.
Volt Snipe --> New weapon invented by a phony alchemist. Very high performance.


All Male Characters (Yuri, Zhuzhen, Keith, Halley) -
Cotton Shirt --> Cotton shirt. Rugged but easy to move around in.
Leather Vest --> A vest made of tanned leather.
Studded Harness --> A harness studded with rivets.
Chainmail Vest --> The ever-popular chainmail.
RedLeatherJacket --> A red lether jacket for one hot dude.
Stygian Robe --> Battle gear to challenge the toughest monsters.

All Female Characters (Alice, Margarete) -
Cotton Blouse --> A cute cotton blouse.
Leather Skirt --> A cool-looking leather skirt.
Studded Bustier --> A bustier covered with glittering studs.
Silk Bolero --> A beautiful, expensive silk bolero.
Jasper Cape --> A blue cape that glitters faintly.
Snow-white Robe --> A robe with strong defense against evil spirits.

Alice -
SilverThreadCoat --> Robe embroidered with symbols of nobility.
GoldThreadCoat --> Robe with symbols of truth and suffering.

Zhuzhen -
Coat of the Sage --> The short coat of a sage.
CoatOfTheAdept --> A short coat woven by Qiuhua.

Margarete -
Rubber Suit --> For Adults only?
Leather Suit --> For Adults only!

Keith -
Mant.ofNobility --> Proof of noble rank in the Darkness Clan.
Mant.ofShivering --> A mantle stained by the blood of young virgins.

Halley -
Punk Jacket --> A jacket perfect for outlaws.

C. Accessories

Shell Bracelet --> Renders Poison ineffectual.
Mirror Bracelet --> Renders Petrification ineffectual.
Zodiac Bracelet --> Renders Paralysis and Petrification ineffectual.
Cosmic Bracelet --> Renders Poison, Silence, Confusion ineffectual.
Spikes --> Renders Knockback ineffectual.
Leonardo's Bear --> Renders Instant Death ineffectual.
Bell Bracelet --> Renders Silence ineffectual.
Bone Bracelet --> Renders Confusion ineffectual.
Rosewood Bracelet --> Renders Paralysis ineffectual.
Will Power --> Renders SP lowering ineffectual.
Crucifix --> Cancels all status effects.
Star Brooch --> Escape possible even with all Berserk allies.
Voodoo Doll --> Becomes Unconscious in the player's stead once.
Small Jug --> Makes SP decrease 2 points each turn.
Huge Jug --> Makes SP decrease only 1 point every 2 turns.
Jade Lariat --> The width of the hit area increases 20%.
Coral Lariat --> The indicator sweeps 20% slower.
Mind's Eye --> Hit area invisible, but Physical Attack doubles.
Flash Badge --> Agl up 25 points, but 2x indicator speed.
Icon Clogs --> Agl down 15 points, but half indicator speed.
Demon Earrings --> Physical damage, given and received, up 20%.
Warlock Earrings --> Special Atk power up 20%, Special damage received up 20%.
Monk Earrings --> Exp pt gain up 20%, but SP gain down 20%.
Angel Earrings --> SP increases 20%.
Oracle Earrings --> MP increases 20%.
DemonWardNecklace --> Cuts the chance of battle encounters by half.
Warning Device --> Helps the bearer avoid back and cross attacks.
Headgear --> Raises Defense Power by making target fearless.
Bandana --> Raises Defense Power.
Leather Cap --> Raises Defense Power.
Studded Cap --> Raises Defense Power.
Face Guard --> Raises Defense Power.
Circlet --> Raises Defense Power with magical protection.
Leather Belt --> Raises Attack Power.
Casual Belt --> Raises Attack Power.
Western Belt --> Raises Attack Power.
Metal Belt --> Raises Attack Power.
Charming Pareo --> Raises Attack Power by giving irresistable charm.
Loin Guard
Pedometer --> Counts number of steps in dangerous areas.
Pocket Watch --> Renders Judgement Ring abnormalities ineffectual.
Brsrkr Earrings --> HP increases 20%.
Priest Earrings --> MP consumption decreases 20%.
Brigand Earrings --> Trophy money down 20%, but item get chance up 20%.
Pirate Earrings --> Trophy money up 20%, but item get chance down 20%.
Flare Brooch --> SP consumed during Fusion decreases 20%.
Weird Bottle --> After Unconscious, 3-hit, 2x Strength attack.
Belt of Power --> A belt once worn by a great jujutsu artist.
Seven-Eyed Mask --> A mystical mask of the Aztecs.
Moonstone Ring --> Moonstone cuts Light damage in half.
Obsidian Ring --> Obsidian cuts Darkness damage in half.
Amber Ring --> Amber cuts Earth damage in half.
Pearl Ring --> Pearl cuts Water damage in half.
Carnelia Ring --> Carnelia cuts Fire damage in half.
Lazurite Ring --> Lazurite cuts Wind damage in half.

D. Valuables

        Engraved Stone, it shows current Malice level.
        Cross-shaped pendant from Father Elliot.
        Rust-covered gear. Used in a sluice gate.
Anti-cat Powder
        Smelly Chinese herb infused with catnip.
        Bundle of dried twigs. Used as a light source.
Metal Bowl
        Foul-smelling bowl once used by a pathologist.
        The "Sealing Stone." Creates mystic barriers.
Salt-dried Fish
        Dried macherel for the dedicated fish-lover.
Wood Token
        Ancient token representing "Wood."
Yawang Gate Key
        Key to "Yawang Gate" leading to Kuihai Tower.
B. Dragon VP
        Painting containing the power of the Blue Dragon.
W. Tiger VP
        Painting containing the power of the White Tiger.
B. Tortoise VP
        Painting with the power of the Black Tortoise.
R. Phoenix VP
        Painting containing the power of the Red Phoenix.
East Gate Key
        Key to gate seperating Bistriz and forest.
Kid's Room key
        Key for entering the orphans' room.
Guestroom Key
        Key to the mansion's guestroom.
Heart Key
        Bizzarre key to mental hospital.
Club Key
        Bizzarre key to mental hospital.
Diamond Key
        Bizzarre key to mental hospital.
Spade Key
        Hospital room key held by Viscount Rausan.
Bronze Coin
        Bronze coin from hospital. Oddly scratched.
Silver Coin
        Silver coin from hospital with bird symbol.
Gold Coin
        Gold coin from hospital with demonic crest.
Platinum Coin
        Platinum coin from hospital with dragon symbol.
Dungeon Key
        Key carved from the bone of some animal.
Oath Grail
        Grail from which Death drank souls.
        Crank for starting some kind of machine.
Storeroom Key
        Old key found near water-splitting lion.
        Discovered at the doll museum. I see something...
Snake Card
        Card with a picture of a snake. Useful in shops.
Moon Card
        Guild card with a picture of moon. From Bistritz.
Sun Card
        Guild card with Sun picture. Bought in London.
Earth Gravestone
        Stone with same wavelength as Earth Tombstone.
Water Gravestone
        Stone with same cold feelings as Water Tombstone.
Air Gravestone
        Stone with same qualities as Air Tombstone.
Fire Gravestone
        Stone with same hotness as Fire Tombstone.
Light Gravestone
        Stone with same spirit as the Light Tombstone.
Dark Gravestone
        Stone with same evil spirit as Dark Tombstone.
Destruction Stone
        Stone imbued with unmatched power.
Book of Rituals
        Whoah. You found it. Impressive.
        Legendary manuscript. Its fragrance has changed.
Codex of Lurie
        Secret Book of Summoning the Other Gods.
Erotic Book
        Legendary magazine. "Shanghai Angels."

E. Store information

This is in the order of accessibility. Most of these are really redundant...

Zhaoyang Village (Wandering Merchant)
Name                Cost
Bandanna             320
Leather Belt         320
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Thera Leaf            50
Mana Leaf            100
Pure Leaf            230
TalismanofLuck       480
Mermaid's Tear        70
Holy Mother Bust      75
Phoenix Tail          90
Bronze Arrowhead     100
Silver Hourglass     100
Tent                 480

Fengtian (Fengtian Item Shop)
Name                Cost
Knuckle Blade       1200
Shooting Star Tome  1420
Leather Vest        1000
Leather Skirt       1200
Bandanna             320
Leather Belt         320
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Spikes              2810
Thera Leaf            50
Mana Leaf            100
Pure Leaf            230
Talisman of Luck     480
Mermaid's Tear        70
Holy Mother Bust      75
Angel's Feather       80
Phoenix Tail          90
Bronze Dagger        200
Gold Hourglass       200
Tent                 480

Dalian (Sea Turtle Restaurant)
Name                Cost
Bandanna             320
Leather Cap          600
Leather Belt         320
Casual Belt          600
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Spikes              2810
Brigand Earrings    5000
Pirate Earrings     5000
Thera Leaf            50
Mana Leaf            100
Pure Leaf            230
Talisman of Luck     480
Mermaid's Tear        70
Holy Mother Bust      75
Angel's Feather       80
Phoenix Tail          90
Bronze Dagger        200
Silver Hourglass     100
Gold Hourglass       200
Tent                 480

Dalian (Under Ground Armory)
Name                Cost
Knuckle Blade       1200
Shooting Star Tome  1420
Hexagonal Staff     1100
Type 94 Pistol      1300
Leather Vest        1000
Leather Skirt       1200

Smuggler's Boat (Pachimon General Store)
Name                Cost
Knuckle Blade       1200
Shooting Star Tome  1420
Hexagonal Staff     1100
Type 94 Pistol      1300
Leather Vest        1000
Leather Skirt       1200
Bandanna             320
Leather Cap          600
Leather Belt         320
Casual Belt          600
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Spikes              2810
Voodoo Doll         5210
Thera Leaf            50
Mana Leaf            100
Pure Leaf            230
Talisman of Luck     480
Mermaid's Tear        70
Holy Mother Bust      75
Angel's Feather       80
Phoenix Tail          90
Bronze Arrowhead     100
Bronze Dagger        200
Silver Hourglass     100
Gold Hourglass       200
Tent                 480

Fuayuan (Mika's House)
Name                Cost
Leather Cap          600
Studded Cap         1700
Casual Belt          600
Western Belt        1700
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Bell Bracelet       3120
Spikes              2810
Voodoo Doll         5210
Brigand Earrings    5000
Pirate Earrings     5000
Thera Leaf            50
Thera Seed           120
Mana Leaf            100
Mana Seed            300
Pure Leaf            230
Pure Seed            510
Talisman of Luck     480
Talisman of Mercy    820
Mermaid's Tear        70
Holy Mother Bust      75
Angel's Feather       80
Faerie's Sigh         85
Phoenix Tail          90
Bronze Arrowhead     100
Bronze Dagger        200
Silver Hourglass     100
Gold Hourglass       200
Tent                 480

Temple Ruins (Kato Pachimon General Store)
Name                Cost
Leather Cap          600
Studded Cap         1700
Casual Belt          600
Western Belt        1700
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Bell Bracelet       3120
Spikes              2810
Leonardo's Bear     3330
Voodoo Doll         5210
Thera Leaf            50
Thera Seed           120
Mana Leaf            100
Mana Seed            300
Pure Leaf            230
Pure Seed            510
Talisman of Luck     480
Talisman of Mercy    820
Mermaid's Tear        70
Holy Mother Bust      75
Angel's Feather       80
Faerie's Sigh         85
Phoenix Tail          90
Bronze Arrowhead     100
Bronze Dagger        200
Silver Hourglass     100
Gold Hourglass       200
Tent                 480

Temple Ruins (Master Shoho's Allowance Job)
Name                Cost
Steel Claw          2800
Tome of Moon        3000
Pilgrim's Staff     2700
Nanbu Pistol        2900
Studden Harness     2500
Leather Cap          600
Studded Cap         1700
Casual Belt          600
Western Belt        1700
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Bell Bracelet       3120
Spikes              2810
Leonardo's Bear     3330
Voodoo Doll         5210
Thera Leaf            50
Thera Seed           120
Mana Leaf            100
Mana Seed            300
Pure Leaf            230
Pure Seed            510
Talisman of Luck     480
Talisman of Mercy    820
Mermaid's Tear        70
Holy Mother Bust      75
Angel's Feather       80
Faerie's Sigh         85
Phoenix Tail          90
Bronze Arrowhead     100
Bronze Dagger        200
Silver Hourglass     100
Gold Hourglass       200
Tent                 480

Kuihai Tower (Shanghai Transport Reg. Logistic Comp. 8)
Name                Cost
Steel Claw          2800
Tome of Moon        3000
Pilgrim's Staff     2700
Nanbu Pistol        2900
Studden Harness     2500
Leather Cap          600
Studded Cap         1700
Casual Belt          600
Western Belt        1700
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Mirror Bracelet     3240
Spikes              2810
Leonardo's Bear     3330
Voodoo Doll         5210
Thera Leaf            50
Thera Seed           120
Mana Leaf            100
Mana Seed            300
Pure Leaf            230
Pure Seed            510
Talisman of Luck     480
Talisman of Mercy    820
Mermaid's Tear        70
Holy Mother Bust      75
Angel's Feather       80
Faerie's Sigh         85
Imp's Fang            95
Phoenix Tail          90
Bronze Arrowhead     100
Bronze Dagger        200
Silver Hourglass     100
Gold Hourglass       200

Prague (Time is Money)
Name                Cost
Chain Mail Vest     5500
Silk Bolero         5940
Studded Cap         1700
Face Guard          3000
Western Belt        1700
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Bell Bracelet       3120
Mirror Bracelet     3240
Spikes              2810
Leonardo's Bear     3330
Voodoo Doll         5210
Jade Lariat         5050
Thera Seed           120
Thera Root           300
Mana Seed            300
Mana Root            500
Pure Leaf            230
Pure Seed            510
Talisman of Luck     480
Talisman of Mercy    820
Mermaid's Tear        70
Holy Mother Bust      75
Angel's Feather       80
Faerie's Sigh         85
Imp's Fang            95
Phoenix Tail          90
Bronze Arrowhead     100
Bronze Dagger        200
Silver Hourglass     100
Gold Hourglass       200
Tent                 480

Bistritz (Chicken Heart)
Name                Cost
Tome of the Sun     6020
Royal Estoc         6230
Chainmail Vest      5500
Silk Bolero         5940

Bistritz (Do Re Mi Shop)
Name                Cost
Studded Cap         1700
Western Belt        1700
Metal Belt          3000
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Bell Bracelet       3120
Mirror Bracelet     3240
Spikes              2810
Pocket Watch        5200
Leonardo's Bear     3330
Voodoo Doll         5210
Coral Lariat        5050
Thera Seed           120
Thera Root           300
Mana Seed            300
Mana Root            500
Pure Leaf            230
Pure Seed            510
Talisman of Luck     480
Talisman of Mercy    820
Soul Benediction     500
Bronze Arrowhead     100
Bronze Dagger        200
Silver Hourglass     100
Gold Hourglass       200
Tent                 480

Rouen, London (Tight-Lipped Merchant)
Name                Cost
Ever Bible          9800
Oracle's Staff      8600
SilverCrscntSwd     8300
Red Leather Jacket  8800
Jasper Cape         9200
Headgear            5400
Circlet             5800
Charming Pareo      5500
Loin Guard          5200
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Bell Bracelet       3120
Mirror Bracelet     3240
Cosmic Bracelet    11500
Spikes              2810
Pocket Watch        5200
Will Power          6000
Leonardo's Bear     3330
Voodoo Doll         5210
Jade Lariat         5050
Coral Lariat        5050
Thera Seed           120
Thera Root           300
Mana Seed            300
Mana Root            500
Pure Seed            510
Talisman of Mercy    820
Talisman of Wisdom  1280
Talisman of Purity  1760
Soul Benediction     500
Bronze Arrowhead     100
Bronze Dagger        200
Silver Hourglass     100
Gold Hourglass       200
Tent                 480

Nemeton Monestary (Continental Zero)
Name                Cost
Silver Talon       16000
Grand Bible        17400
Four Gods' Staff   15970
12 Gauge           15800
ExecutionerSwd     18030
Steel Slingshot    14800
HiAlloySlingshot   19200
Stygian Robe       14800
SnowWhiteRobe      15600
Headgear            5400
Circlet             5800
Charming Pareo      5500
Loin Guard          5200
Shell Bracelet      2770
Bone Bracelet       2960
Rosewood Bracelet   3000
Bell Bracelet       3120
Mirror Bracelet     3240
Cosmic Bracelet    11500
Spikes              2810
Pocket Watch        5200
Will Power          6000
Leonardo's Bear     3330
Voodoo Doll         5210
Jade Lariat         5050
Coral Lariat        5050
Thera Root           300
Mana Root            500
Pure Root           1000
Talisman of Mercy    820
Talisman of Wisdom  1280
Talisman of Purity  1760
Soul Benediction     500
Bronze Arrowhead     100
Bronze Dagger        200
Silver Hourglass     100
Gold Hourglass       200
Tent                 480

A. Pit Fights
There are two Pit Fight Arenas that are accessible in the game.

The first Pit Fight is in Fuayuan, which is only accessible after the fight
against Wugui. You'll have to pay 300 G in order to participate. It's located
behind the green curtain in Mr. Zhen's entertainment shop. This is only
accessible during Part 1 of the game.

The other is in London, where the London Rats hideout is. If you go to the left
of the screen and talk to Sharon later in the game, she'll be able to summon
monsters for you to fight against. She won't give you anything unless you beat
all 10 monsters though. If you talk to the man next to her, he'll tell you how
many fights your characters have one in a row, along with how much treasure you
have receieved, etc. Nothing too important though. This is accessible during
Part 2 of the game.

A Pit Fight is like a normal battle, but done only with one character. This
chosen character (must currently be in your group) can participate in one to
ten different battles, going on until you call it quits, the character wins all
battles, or goes unconscious. SP is recharged every battle, but HP and MP are
not. I don't advise wasting too much time here unless you're sure of your
abilities. Crucifix is vital for some fights. (Some battles try to cheat and
petrify or instantly kill your characters.)

B. Libary Information

-- Monsters --
Wind Shear
Vampire Bat
Venomous Spider
Green Flyer
Yamarja: Earth
Fire Bat
Shinki Bug
Mutant Frog
Frog God
Water Tiger
Elite Guard
Beast Dog
Water Creeper
Yamarja: Wind
White Wolfling
Ogre Flame
Li Li
Sea Gremlin
Raging Spirit
Puppet Guard
Succubus Queen
Brain Sucker
Yamarja: War
Dark Judge
Yamarja: Stone
Vengeance Demon
Rage Demon
Mournful Demon
Badger Devil
Yamarja: Calamity
Police Dog
Dead Knight
Night Stalker
Meat Eater
Guinea Pig
Orb Chaos
Soul Block
Black Widow
Red Cap
Evil 1
Evil 2
Evil 3
Evil 4
Gust Drei
Gust Vier
Sword Mask
Grail Mask
Staff Mask
Gold Mask
Grail Mask

-- NPC --
Albert Simon
Fox Face
Wanderer Meiyuan
Lt. Col. Yoshiko Kawashima
Young Yuri
Colonal Ben Hyuga
Sea Mother
Li Li
Sergeant Seiji Kato
Wugui of Kowloon
Zhongyun Zhen
Lieutenant Ken Suketani
Master Xiaofang
Master Xifa
Major Kaoru Kutsugi
Arcane Olga
Father Doyle
Viscount Rausan
Koudelka Iasant
Father Elliot
Roger Bacon

I've gotten quite a few repeated questions in e-mails so I'll reiterate them
here. ^.^; This info. is found elsewhere in this guide thingamabob, but since
no one really wants to look through the whole thing...

-Q- How do I get the coffins lit up in the Blue Castle?
-A- Alphabetically! ^.^ Abel, Edgar, Frank, Helen, Leon, Maria, Robin, Steven.

-Q- What's the passcode in the Orphanage sequence?
-A- There's two. The first one is found by checking the book in the Guestroom.
The second is found by looking at the picture in the next room. The first is 5,
3, 7, 5. The second is 3, 7, 5, 4.

-Q- How do I get the high level spell for Fusions on Lvl 3? It just says "???".
-A- You need to have Yuri use the Fusion monster and then let him go Berserk.
He'll use the spell and learn it. Might as well cure his Berserk state soon
afterward. ^.-

Thanks to....
- The people who made the game.
- Those who actually read through my walkthrough..^.^; Especially those of you
who wrote me about it!
- Winter Break! :D That actually let me write this thing in the first place.
And thanks to those who actually put this on their sites after giving me prior
notice. :)