Shadow Hearts FAQ/Walkthrough v1.52
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Shadow Hearts FAQ/Walkthrough

by sophialeigh   Updated to v1.52 on
                                  Shadow Hearts

Platform: Playstation 2                                  Author: Georgi Samaras
Developer: Midway, Aruze, Sacnoth (2001)          E-mail:
Genre: Turn-based RPG, Historical Fantasy                         Version: 1.52
Rating: M (Blood and Gore, Violence)           Last Updated: September 15, 2009

                                Table of Contents

   1. Introduction .................................................... [int]
   2. Controls ........................................................ [con]
   3. Battle Basics
      - Character Stats ............................................... [chs]
      - The Judgment Ring and Attacks ................................. [jud]
      - Magic Attacks and Classes ..................................... [mag]
      - Status Ailments ............................................... [sta]
      - Forming a Party ............................................... [for]
   4. Walkthrough
      - Asia
        - The Train ................................................... [atr]
        - Plains ...................................................... [apl]
        - Zhaoyang Village ............................................ [azh]
        - Fengtian .................................................... [afe]
        - Dalian ...................................................... [ada]
        - Smuggler's Boat ............................................. [asb]
        - Shanghai - Huayuan .......................................... [as1]
        - Temple Ruins ................................................ [ate]
        - Shanghai - Huayuan .......................................... [as2]
        - Shanghai - Kuihai Tower ..................................... [akt]
      - Europe
        - Prague ...................................................... [ep1]
        - Bistritz .................................................... [eb1]
        - Blue Castle ................................................. [ec1]
        - Bistritz .................................................... [eb2]
        - Blue Castle ................................................. [ec2]
        - Prague ...................................................... [ep2]
        - Rouen ....................................................... [er1]
        - London - Old Castle Street .................................. [el1]
        - London - Orphanage .......................................... [eor]
        - Calios Mental Hospital ...................................... [emh]
        - Rouen ....................................................... [er2]
        - Nemeton Monastery ........................................... [enm]
        - Neameeto .................................................... [ene]
   5. Sidequests
      - Asia
        - Shanghai - Huayuan - Zhen's Pit Fight ....................... [sp1]
        - Hong Kong - Kowloon Fortress ................................ [skf]
      - Europe
        - Mastering High Level Fusions ................................ [smf]
        - Rouen - The Fighting Couple ................................. [sfc]
        - London Rats' Hideout - Sharon's Pit Fight ................... [sp2]
        - The Good Ending ............................................. [sge]
        - The Three Forbidden Books ................................... [sfb]
        - Rouen - Margarete's Confession .............................. [smc]
        - Bistritz/Blue Castle - The Vampire Brothers ................. [svb]
        - Prague/The Dollhouse ........................................ [sdh]
        - Ancient Ruins ............................................... [sar]
        - Cave Temple ................................................. [sct]
        - Roger Claus ................................................. [src]
        - The Seraphic Radiance ....................................... [ssr]
      - Recaps
        - Gravestones ................................................. [sgs]
        - Ultimate Weapons/Armor ...................................... [swa]
        - Lottery Members ............................................. [slm]
   6. Miscellaneous
        - Credit/Thanks ............................................... [mct]
        - Author's Notes/Version History/Hosts/Legal Info ............. [mal]

   I've done my best to implement an in-document search system.  For best
   results, copy and paste the letters and numbers (complete with brackets)
   into the browser's Find feature under Edit.  Be warned that this walkthrough
   is somewhat spoilery.  Boss battles are indented and item and enemy lists
   are provided at the beginning of each section, so if you want the bare
   essentials in terms of aid, then pay no attention to all the text in between
   the beginning of a section and boss strategy towards the end.


1. Introduction (from the game manual)                                  [int]

    Rouen, France - 1913

    A traveling English priest is brutally murdered on a rainy night.  His only
    daughter, believed to have been traveling with him, and his possessions
    have vanished.  She has been classified as "missing".

    One month later...

    A steam train blazes under the clear, starry sky.  The train from Changchun
    is headed for Dairen.  Inside the Japanese army's luxury car, located in
    the back of the train, sits the murdered priest's daughter.  She has
    beautiful blonde hair and eyes full of sorrow.  Bored, she stares outside
    at the scenery.

    An English gentleman approaches the girl.  The next moment, a scream rips
    through the train.  One of the Japanese bodyguards is torn like a piece of
    paper and falls to the ground.  The English gentleman, smiling, locks his
    gaze onto the girl.

    "Wh-who are you?!" the girl whimpers.
    "I am Roger Bacon and I have come to take you away."

    A great tragedy is about to begin...


    Welcome to the world of Shadow Hearts!  Having recently become engrossed
    in the games, I thought I'd take a shot at writing my first guide on the
    first installment of this excellent series (not counting its predecessor,
    Koudelka).  To start, let's get into the basics.


2. Controls                                                             [con]

    left analog stick/directional buttons: move character/navigate menus
    triangle: cancel
    circle: run (when using directional buttons to move)
    X: confirm, talk, examine
    square: display Command Menu screen, display specific information on items
    R1: display "Run Away" command in battle/quickly scroll through menus
    L1: display "Run Away" command in battle
    left/right directional buttons: change between front and back row
                                    while in battle
    up/down directional buttons: switch between targeting allies and enemies
                                 in battle
    start: skip cutscenes


3. Battle Basics

   Character Stats                                                      [chs]

    First off, you need to know what each of your character stats are and what
    they mean.  (This isn't under the "Battle Basics" section for nothin'.)

      Hit Points (HP): how much damage a character can sustain
      Mana Points (MP): capacity for using special attacks
      Sanity Points (SP): how long they can stay sane in battle
      Strength (Str): physical attack power
      Intelligence (Int): special attack power
      Vitality (Vit): physical defense power
      Power (Pow): special defense power
      Agility (Agl): affects evasion rate and number of turns in battle
      Luck (Lck): affects how often critical blows are dealt

    Seal items allow you to boost these stats.  Use them in battle to get a
    more powerful effect.  Pay attention to the below stats when choosing

      P-Atk: physical attack strength    S-Atk: special attack strength
      P-Def: physical defense            S-Def: special defense
      P-Hit: physical hit rate           S-Hit: special hit rate
      P-Avd: chance of avoiding combos   S-Avd: chance of avoiding magic

    I'd love to tell you how those stats relate to the base stats (Strength,
    Intelligence, etc.) but hacking into game code and math were never my
    strong points.  Just know that the higher the numbers, the better.


   The Judgment Ring and Attacks                                        [jud]

    The battle system in Shadow Hearts is a refreshing change of pace when it
    comes to turn-based battles.  Encounters are random and a menu appears on
    the screen to determine what action you'll perform.  However, all actions
    (except Defend) require a spin on the Judgment Ring.  The ring, which
    represents motive, action, and outcome, is a circle that appears on the
    screen when an action is chosen and has a rotating needle.  The goal here
    is to hit certain areas of the Ring when the needle sweeps over them.  Here
    are the basic commands in the battle menu:

      Choosing this lets you execute a standard normal attack/combo and prompts
      a ring with three orange hit areas with red strike areas.  The size of
      these areas depends on a weapon's power and type.  You must press X while
      the needle is over the orange areas to execute any type of attack at all.
      If you hit the red areas, your attack will cause more damage.  Missing
      the first hit area means no attack while missing any subsequent areas
      means you will carry out a number of attacks equal to the number of hit
      areas you landed.  Normally, the indicator only sweeps around the ring
      once, but items called Keys allow 3, 5, and even 7 sweeps of the needle
      when used.

    Special Abilities:
      Each character has a special ability that allows them to perform magic-
      type attacks.  For example, Yuri's is Fusion whereas Alice's specialty
      is White Magic.  Magic hit areas are green but still have a red strike
      area to make the move more potent.  The hit areas of a magic attack have
      what are called modulate areas, ranging from white to green in color.
      Hitting in the white will execute a weak attack while aiming for the
      green will make the attack stronger.  Most magic has 1-4 light green
      areas called step areas that must be hit in order to perform the spell.

      Choosing this option allows you to (surprise) use an item in battle.
      Each item has its own type of ring with blue hit areas and the usual red
      strike area.  Hitting the strike area means the item is more effective.
      If you fail to hit the area on the ring, the item will not be used and
      your inventory is NOT affected, so there is no pressure here.

      This option makes your character sacrifice a turn in order to lessen
      damage done by attacks.  This is especially useful when encountering a
      strong enemy that relentlessly pounds weaker party members.

    The Judgment Ring can take some getting used to.  I find it especially
    hard since the hit areas are almost see-through, and it's hard to tell the
    difference between red and orange.  Practice is key.  You'll get plenty of
    it, as the game even has you perform ring games outside of battle.  There
    are two types: Spin and Push.

    Spin Rings:
      These are just like the in-battle rings where the indicator simply sweeps
      over a ring with three hit areas.  Sometimes they require multiple spins,
      usually 3 or as high as 10.  All in all, not too hard.
    Push Rings:
      These require that you push the X button rapidly enough to place the
      needle in the colored area of the ring within a certain time limit.  If
      you stop, the needle will slowly return to its starting point.  There is
      a trick to them.  Place the controller on a smooth surface or in your lap
      and use your index finger (instead of your thumb) to pound the X button
      repeatedly until you're in the area and then let up slightly to keep the
      needle there.

    As to actual battles, be aware that there are three different conditions
    under which they can start.  One is normally, with your party facing the
    enemy in their original formation.  The other is a back attack, where the
    enemy has snuck up behind you and gets the opportunity to attack first.
    The formation of your party is reversed as well; all those in the back row
    will be in the front and vice versa.  The third is a cross attack, where
    the enemy surrounds your party.  Formation is changed only slightly and the
    enemy doesn't necessarily attack first.  Back attacks are the most
    dangerous, especially if you've got a couple magic users hiding in the back
    row.  Equip the Warning Device accessory to make sure your party is always
    alert so that back and cross attacks never happen.


   Magic Attacks and Classes                                            [mag]

    Magic attacks consume MP and have a degree of potency depending on class.
    All characters are of a certain class and so have an element about them.
    For example, Yuri is of the Dark class and Alice is Light.  This means that
    Yuri can stand up against Dark type attacks better than Alice since Light
    and Dark are opposed, just as Earth opposes Air and Fire opposes Water.
    It's a doubled-edged sword, however; say a Fire-classed character is up
    against a Water class.  Both are equally susceptible to each others' magic
    attacks so you must be careful when trying to exploit weaknesses or it
    could turn against you.  This isn't the classic rock-paper-scissors set-up.
    This is rock and paper beating each other up while scissors is off battling
    some other office tool.

    An important thing to remember is that even though a character may be of a
    certain class, their magic attacks aren't restricted to that element.
    Yuri is the best example of this: his ability to fuse into monsters of
    different elements allows him access to tons of classes and spells.  Most
    of the characters you encounter are fairly well-rounded in their magic
    repertoire.  To double-check an attack's element, look under Special
    Skills in the command menu and choose a character and skill.


   Status Ailments                                                      [sta]

    Attacking is one thing, taking damage is another.  There are plenty of
    things that can go wrong in a battle where status is concerned.  Most of
    your party members have curing spells, but all ailments can be cured or 
    prevented with an appropriate item or accessory.  Note that a Crucifix
    prevents all status abnormalities, and all ailments are cured at the end of
    battle.  Soul Benediction items cure any type of status ailment when used
    (except Berserk and Unconscious).

      This occurs when a character's HP reaches zero.  The numbers turn red and
      the character falls.  This is most effectively cured through a Talisman
      item that will restore a certain percentage of HP or with life-restoring
      magic.  In a fused Yuri's case, Unconscious is a pain because he will
      return to normal and probably won't be able to fuse again due to the fact
      that SP is not restored when a character is revived.

      The character turns green and loses a small amount of HP every turn.  It
      can be cured with Mermaid's Tear or a Shell or Cosmic Bracelet will
      prevent it altogether.
      Paralysis turns a character yellow and denies them the ability to attack.
      However, they can use items or defend.  Use Angel's Feather to cure it,
      wear a RosewoodBracelet or a Zodiac Bracelet, or wait it out.
      The character turns purple and loses him/herself.  You lose control of
      them and they attack indiscriminately and use items excessively, either
      on your party or on the enemy.  A physical attack will knock sense into
      them, you could use a Holy Mother Bust, or wear a Bone or Cosmic

      Turns a character white and prevents them from using any type of magic
      attack.  Use Faerie's Sigh or a Bell/Cosmic Bracelet to cure it.  It will
      also heal itself over time.
    Instant Death:
      Instant Death IS a status ailment and is quite a doozy.  Your character
      is instantly rendered unconscious; a lot of enemies in this game like to
      use this attack.  Cure it the same way you would unconsciousness or equip
      Leonardo's Bear to render it ineffectual.

      Almost as bad as Instant Death, with the same effects.  The character
      becomes motionless and unable to battle.  If everyone else in your party
      is KO'd while someone's petrified, it's game over.  Use Imp's Fang or
      wear a Mirror or Zodiac Bracelet to deal with it.
      If a character is in the front row during a fight, Knockback will send
      them flying to the back row.  Spikes prevent this from occurring, but if
      you hit the left or right directional button you get the option of moving
      your character back again.  Very few enemies use this ailment.

      A neat feature of Shadow Hearts is mental strain on your party.  Battling
      monsters tests their sanity; they lose one SP for every turn they take,
      and if they run out of SP, they go Berserk.  You can't miss it when they
      do; they turn red and the music in the background goes crazy.  Berserked
      characters act like confused ones; you lose control over them and they do
      things you generally don't want them to do.  They also gain no EXP if
      they aren't cured by the end of battle.  SP can even go into the negative
      range, so use Pure items right away to restore it.  Certain enemies'
      attacks can drain your SP but wearing a Will Power accessory nullifies
      the effects.  The Anne's Cross accessory will allow a ring spin to
      restore SP once the character wearing it goes Berserk.

    Certain party members' weapons and magic attacks have status ailments
    associated with them so they can be inflicted on enemies and used to your
    advantage.  However, many bosses are immune to their effects.

    The Judgment Ring is also susceptible to status changes.  All of them can
    be cured by using a Phoenix Tail or equipping a Pocket Watch/Crucifix.
      The size of the hit areas are cut in half, making a critical hit

      The speed of the indicator sweeps twice as fast as normal.

      The hit areas are not affected, but the entire ring is small.

      The speed of the indicator becomes, you guessed it, irregular.  It can
      slow down or speed up at any time.

      The hit and strike areas disappear completely.


   Forming a Party                                                      [for]
    One of the big questions in any RPG is which characters make up the best
    party.  I believe it's all up to personal preference since no one character
    is greatly disadvantaged, though you should get used to the powerhouse
    known as Yuri since he'll be in your party for most of the game, and he
    basically kicks all kinds of ass.  Some characters have higher magic or
    physical power than others so it all depends on your fighting style.
    However, you will be forced to control certain characters for certain
    sections due to certain events in the story.

    One important thing to remember is that it's always a good idea to have a
    dedicated healer, whether it be through items or magic.  On the flip side,
    have a proficient attacker ready to dish out damage.  Nine times out of
    ten, this will be Yuri, but his fusions also make him a good support

    Along your travels, you'll meet Meiyuan who not only strengthens your
    weapons for money but also allows you to reform your party.  You can only
    change party members by talking to Meiyuan, so if you're about to do a
    quest make sure you've got the characters you want because the man only
    likes to hang around in certain spots and won't follow you everywhere.

    Also, when forming your party, keep in mind that you can place characters
    in the front and back rows.  Front rowers give and receive damage normally
    while those in the back take and dish out less physical damage.  Placement
    in the rows does not affect damage from magic attacks.


4. Walkthrough

    There's a lot more to this game than just fighting, but I think it's time
    we jump right into the action now that we've got the basics.  The specific
    stuff'll be covered when we encounter it in-game.  Just a quick note:
    in this guide, whenever I use the cardinal directions, I use them in the
    sense that north is always up, east is right, west is left, and south is

    NOTE: If you're still confused about anything, the game actually has a
          built-in Help file accessible through the main menu.  If this is
          your first time through, a yellow "NEW" oval will appear next to
          information that's just been added.


   An important thing to remember in Asia is that you cannot revisit a lot
   of the places you go to on the map except for a few later in the section,
   so make your time spent in each location count!

                                   The Train                            [atr]

   Items: ___ Thera Leaf            Enemies: Wind Shear (Wind)
          ___ Mana Leaf                      Roger Bacon (Dark)

After the opening cutscenes, you'll be in control of our peculiar hero.  Take
this time to get used to the controls and even peruse your menu if you'd like.
You'll encounter enemies on the train, but they're not much of a threat.  You
shouldn't have to heal at all while in this area.  In the second car, you'll
find a MANA LEAF and THERA LEAF by the dead bodies.  Walk around until a "?"
bubble appears over your character's head.  Continue down the train.  Looks
like we're in for fight.

    Roger Bacon     Class: Dark
    HP: ---         Drop: ---
    EXP: ---        Cash: ---

   Test out Rude Hero's Fusion ability if you'd like, but you
   won't get far either way.  After exchanging blows, Bacon will
   cast Revelation which does 999 damage and takes you out.

Don't worry, though.  It's not a game over.  The young woman throws her captor
for a loop and gives our hero enough time to make a getaway.  Time to move on
to the plains.  Select it from the newly-opened world map.

                                    Plains                              [apl]

   Items: ___ Pure Leaf             Enemies: Venomous Spider (Earth)
          ___ Leather Belt                   Wolf (Wind)
          ___ Mermaid's Tear                 Vampire Bat (Dark)
          ___ SluiceGateHandle               Fox Face (Dark)
          ___ Holy Mother Bust               Evil 1
                                             Evil 2
                                             Evil 3
                                             Evil 4

It appears Rude Hero isn't called that fer nuthin'.  Before you go chasing
after the girl, go up near the tracks on the left side of the screen and search
the ground for a PURE LEAF.  On the next screen, go down a little ways and then
head northeast through the grass.  There's a hidden path that leads to a chest
with a LEATHER BELT on the next screen.  Now you can go see what's up with our
lady friend and get a chance to name your characters.  (I'm not sure why since
they use the default names in the cinematics.  For this walkthrough's sake,
I'll stick with the default names.)  Head over to the bridge; before you cross
it, check the bank south of it for a MERMAID'S TEAR.

In the next area, you'll find two glowing points north of you and a save point
to the southeast.  Head over to the sluice gate to the northeast to discover
that it needs a handle.  Now you have a choice of ring games to play.  The
southernmost sparkly is a Push Ring and the northern one is a Spin Ring.  If
you need help with either, check out the Judgment Ring section at the beginning
of this guide.  You'll get a prize later depending on how many tries it took to
get the SLUICEGATEHANDLE.  In any case, once you've got it, use it on the gate.
Now head south.  Time for a break.

    Fox Face        Class: Dark
    HP: ---         Drop: ---
    EXP: ---        Cash: ---

   He'll use SP Lowering right off the bat to keep you from
   fusing, but it doesn't matter.  This is a fight Yuri can't
   win.  Just keep physically attacking until he casts !!!,
   leaving you with 1 HP and using a combo to finish you off.
   If you're lucky, he'll transform to deal the final blow,
   raising a few questions as to his identity.

Our fighting career is off to a great start.  You're now in the Graveyard of
Yuri's dreams, made manifest through Alice's spiritual energy.  Examine the
glowing tombstone above you to start a fight with a fusion monster.  He's only
slightly tougher than the enemies you've faced so far.  When you've won, you
gain the new monster's soul to fuse with.  Be sure to equip it or else you
won't be able to use it.  Go west to the massive door and talk to the four
masks there to learn more about Yuri's situation.  You'll have to do battle
again.  Afterwards, you can leave.

You now have to keep your eye on the Malice meter in the main menu.  The
talisman Yuri wears changes color from blue to green to yellow to red
depending on accumulated Malice (that is, how many monsters you've killed).
If it hits the red, Fox Face will come after you so it's a good idea to clear
it often.  To clear it, head to the nearest save point or the world map, go
to the Graveyard through the menu, and speak with the masks.  The enemy you
face is tougher the higher the Malice level, but they're not impossible to
beat.  You'll even get random items if you clear the Malice before it hits the
red.  The "Evil" monsters listed under this section are the ones you must fight
in order to clear the Malice, one for each level.  Try to make sure you meet
and defeat all four before finishing Asia if you want a complete monster

If you should happen to come across Fox Face, don't even try to fight him.  (If
you want the challenge, at least wait until you're leveled a bit higher, have
better healing items, and have gained more in the way of helpful accessories.)
You'll have to do battle one-on-one.  He'll have about 700 HP and pull all the
same stunts as before: SP Lowering to make you risk fusing at the expense of
going Berserk and using !!! to make it difficult to even get a chance to attack
since you have no support.  If you do manage to whittle his health down, he'll
fuse into Death Emperor and his Dark Messenger attack will deal 999 damage.
It's an extremely tough fight without the proper accessories, planning, and
out-and-out dumb luck.  And what do you get for winning?  Absolutely nothing 
except 5 soul energy for every class.  (Not even an "In your face!" from Yuri!)
Plus, he'll just keep coming back, meaning there is no real victory here.  Save
yourself the trouble and run from battle by pressing L1 or R1 to use the Run
Away command.

Speaking of soul energy, you'll now see a soul energy screen after battles.  If
you collect enough souls of a certain elemental type, it will level up and you
can acquire a new fusion monster of that class by challenging it in the

But I digress...  Now that the water is drained, we can cross the river bank.
Head down before the bridge to find a treasure chest on the river floor.  If
you managed to get the SluiceGateHandle within at least three tries at the ring
game, you get a prize.  Continue on to the next screen.

Be sure to grab the chest in front of the town gate for a HOLY MOTHER BUST.
Approach the gate when ready.

                               Zhaoyang Village                         [azh]

   Items: ___ Angel Feather         Enemies: Hellcat (Light)
          ___ Bronze Arrowhead               Zombie (Earth)
          ___ Tent                           Green Flyer (Wind)
          ___ TalismanOfLuck                 Canus (Water)
          ___ Anti-Cat Powder                Felinus (Wind)
          ___ Phoenix Tail                   Yamaraja: Earth (Water)
          ___ Metal Vessel
          ___ Torch
          ___ Shell Bracelet
          ___ Guild Card

Once inside, go back down a screen to the gate and search around the left mark
in the ground to find an ANGEL FEATHER.  As you go north, check the houses to
the right for a BRONZE ARROWHEAD.  On the screen with the save point, you'll
find a TENT to the right of the well and a TALISMANOFLUCK in the northeast
corner.  There's also a peddler here.  Go as far north as you can for a
disturbing sight.  Head into the mayor's house.

You have to fight two Hellcats here, but they've only got about 45 HP so fuse
and let 'em have it.  The village has now gone evil, and you'll have to fight
your way through.  Go north to the shrine and then make your way south to the

Zhuzhen will now join your party.  Meiyuan is also introduced.  If you have a
weapon whose power you want to enhance or hit areas you want to widen to make
fighting easier, see him.  The treatment will cost you, and you can undo any
changes made, but you get no refunds.  Go back to the mayor's house.  Zhuzhen
will give you the ANTI-CAT POWDER to weed out the mayor, but we need two other
things for this plan to work.  Check the cabinet in the upper right corner for

Talk to the peddler if you want a hint on where to find your supplies.  You'll
find the METAL VESSEL a screen down in a shop on the left.  You'll have to do
a Spin Ring to get it.  The TORCH is at the main gate on the right.  Go to the
save point; use it and a Tent to heal.  Head inside the mayor's house again.

    Felinus         Class: Wind
    HP: c. 250      Drop: Lottery Ticket
    EXP: 120        Cash: 600

   Since she's a Wind class, the Raging Tiger fusion will deal
   some nice damage.  Zhuzhen's Ogre Flamedance is a good source
   of damage as well; his physical attack is pitiful.  Alice
   should be your designated healer, defending when she's not
   doing anything.  The boss has attacks that target single
   characters and one that targets the whole party.  It's
   nothing Alice's Cure can't handle, but make sure her SP stays
   out of the red.

Now go north and violate that shrine!

    Yamaraja: Earth   Class: Water
    HP: c. 300        Drop: Star Brooch
    EXP: 180          Cash: 1800

   Be careful here.  He hits hard.  His Large Whirlpool attack
   targets the entire party and causes the Narrow Ring status,
   but you can use a Bronze Dagger or Arrowhead to compensate
   for it.  Flash Flood can also hurt.  Pick a fusion and go
   with it; Raging Tiger is good for physical damage while
   Death Emperor can hold his own using magic attacks.  Zhuzhen's
   fire spell is a good source of damage, but he's also
   susceptible to Yamaraja's water attacks since he's Fire
   class.  As always, Alice should defend and heal.  Make sure
   to watch her SP; she can't stay sane in battle for long.

Be sure to examine the shrine for a SHELL BRACELET and talk to the peddler on
the way out for a GUILD CARD.  Head out to the world map and select Fengtian.

                                   Fengtian                             [afe]

   Items: ___ Pedometer             Enemies: Fire Bat (Fire)
          ___ TalismanOfLuck                 Shiki Bug (Earth)
          ___ Tent                           Mutant Frog (Water)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Frog God (Light)
          ___ Gold Hourglass                 Kappa (Water)
          ___ Pure Seed                      Water Tiger (Fire)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Elite Guard (Wind)
          ___ Type 94 Pistol                 Beast Dog (Fire)
          ___ Sealing Stone
          ___ RosewoodBracelet

Several scenes occur when you arrive.  Looks like we now have two old warlocks
and the Japanese Army on our tail.  And it seems old Dehuai has had a run-in
with Harmonixers before...  When you have control, go to the far right of the
area to find the Silent Peddler.  He'll give you a PEDOMETER; have this
equipped at all times!  It doesn't matter who wears it.  It'll count your steps
in monster-infested areas, and the Peddler will allow you to exchange your
steps for prizes later.  Check behind the fountain for a TALISMANOFLUCK.  To
the left of the fountain is Building-loving Man.  Listen to what he has to say,
and he'll reveal himself to be a Lottery Member.  He'll give you the rules:
basically, it's a Judgment Ring with different colored wedges.  Land the needle
in a wedge to win a prize of the corresponding color.  Red wedges give the
rarest prizes but not necessarily the best.  Since most of them are rare, I'll
summarize what they do so you can decide for yourself if it's worth the
frustration and the ticket trying to win it.  Normally, I find that, depending
on the size of the wedge and the speed of the indicator, if you hit X right on,
before, or after it passes the red, you'll hit the mark.  This one is fairly

   Lottery Member #15
   Ring: Normal
     Jade Lariat             *Jade Lariats widen the hit areas of the
     B. Tortoise Fang         character that equips it.  Good for those
     TalismanOfMercy          having problems nailing hits on the
     Pure Seed                Judgment Ring.

If you fail to hit a wedge, you get complimentary Tissues, which only have one
use at a certain spot later in the game, so try your best to hit a color.
Members only reveal themselves to you if you have a ticket, which are
scattered, scarce, and somewhat well-hidden, but we know where to look.

When you've talked to everyone, wake Alice and head west.  Backtrack a bit to
snag the chest in the alley with a TENT.  Head up and into the shop.  Be sure
to upgrade your weapons/armor and stock up on supplies.  You'll get a primer
on using Guild Cards here.  When buying something, you can try for a discount
or a price raise if you're selling, which take the form of a Spin Ring.  Hit
all the areas on the ring and the discount/price raise is yours.  Fail, and
you must buy/sell at the listed price.  The more cards you have, the higher the
discount/price raise you can go for.  If you don't have enough money to buy
things at their listed prices but have enough for the discount, you can attempt
it.  If you fail, you get a demerit.  The cards won't expire, but a total of
five demerits will lose you your card.  Tell Alice when you're ready to go.

From here on, there's only one way to go: down.  (You can, however, go back
into the shop and save or restock.  The Silent Peddler and Lottery Member #15
will even be there, too.)  There's a LOTTERY TICKET on the ground north of the
hole before you go.  In the sewers, go east to the other side of the walkway
and check by the stairs for a GOLD HOURGLASS.  Go back to where you started and
head north, then west the first chance you get to find a chest with a PURE SEED
at the end of the path.  Go back, head up a little bit, then west again to find
yourself on the other side of that walkway.  Examine the hole in the wall.
Examine it again for a LOTTERY TICKET.

Head back to find the Alluring Spy, Margarete, who joins your party.  Head
south, across the water, and continue east.  There's a save point here and a
ladder.  Attempt to go up it and you'll find the exit sealed.  Go west from
the ladder and north to find a chest with a TYPE 94 PISTOL.  What's that blue
glowing spot on the wall?  Head all the way back, past the save point, past the
way you came in, to get to the other side of the walkway.  Head north to find
the wall and Margarete's plans collapsing.  Examine the wall to receive the
SEALING STONE.  To the right, you can find a ROSEWOODBRACELET in the corner.
Heal up and save before using the stone on the ladder.

These enemies are just a tad tougher than usual.  Be sure to take out the two
on the outside as they'll heal the one in the middle.  You might want to heal
before continuing up the ladder because a couple of soldiers will charge you.
No biggie.  Your plane blows up.  Biggie.  And now Alice's dog turns evil.

    Beast Dog      Class: Fire
    HP: c. 500     Drop: Voodoo Doll
    EXP: 540       Cash: 3000

   He has one attack, Breath of Fire, that targets the whole
   party.  He will also use Fighting Spirit to boost his
   physical attack power, making his combos a pain.
   Margarete has the Aqua Edge spell in her arsenal so fuse
   Yuri and have her cast it on him to make his physical attack
   worth more damage.  Her Grenade attack is Water-based so
   have at it.  Alice, as usual, should be on healing duty with
   Margarete backing her up and healing her SP.

Afterwards, Margarete finds a plane and flies the party to Dalian.

                                    Dalian                              [ada]

   Items: ___ Lottery Ticket        Enemies: Frog God (Light)
          ___ TalismanOfLuck                 Water Creeper (Air)
          ___ Silver Hourglass               Yamaraja: Wind (Earth)
          ___ TeaOfTheHealer
          ___ Seal of Aura
          ___ Tent
          ___ R. Phoenix Talon
          ___ Flare Brooch
          ___ Dried Fish

Yuri has a flashback while his plane nearly crashes and burns.  We see a
familiar Japanese Army coat and a familiar fox mask, but they're not being worn
by the same person.  Arriving not-so-safely in Dalian, go up and snag the
LOTTERY TICKET in the chest near the boat.  To the south, there's a man that's
lost a turtle.  Agree to help him find it for an item.  He'll give you a
Lottery Ticket if you can find it in less than three turns; otherwise, it's a
random item.  Before heading to the next screen, the fenced-in area next to the
turtle pasture has a TALISMANOFLUCK hidden in it.

To your right here is the Sea Turtle Restaurant.  Inside is a shop and a
hidden chest on the right behind one of the tables with a SILVER HOURGLASS.
I would stock up on Thera/Mana Leaves while you're here.  You'll see why later.
Outside, there's a TEAOFTHEHEALER in a chest down to the far right.  Head into
the inn to the west and watch the scene.  Head downstairs to find another shop.
Go around it to find a SEAL OF AURA in the pile of junk in the corner.  There's
a treasure chest behind the kid, but he won't let you pass right now.  Head up.
The mourners will have moved out of the room and you can grab the TENT on the
west wall.  To be on the safe side, unequip all the accessories you have on
Alice.  Head out and into the open.

What follows is a lengthy scene.  (You have to admit, Sea Mama's voice actor
has a way with sound effects.)  After a couple more events, it's time to go
monster hunting.  Go up a screen and check Turtle Man's pasture for a
R. PHOENIX TALON.  Check out the glowing symbol on the ground for a real fight.

    Yamaraja: Wind    Class: Earth
    HP: c. 900        Drop: Seal of Life
    EXP: 720          Cash: 3600

   Don't let his name fool you; he's Earth class, so if you
   managed to get the Air fusion by this point, you know
   what to do.  If not, Death Emperor is your man - er,
   demon.  But this boss throws something new our way:
   only magic attacks can really harm him because his physical
   defense power is so insanely high.  The good news is that
   everyone in your party has a good offensive spell for you
   to spam.  He's also quite a hard hitter and you're without
   a white mage.  Have someone take over support duties,
   attacking when no healing/MP replenishing is needed.  He
   has two attacks that target the whole party so you may
   have to have two characters pulling healing duty.

Head back to the restaurant to find Alice.  When you're awake, go downstairs
and talk to the kid to learn that you've earned his treasure, which happens to
be a very valuable FLARE BROOCH.  Equip this on Yuri, stat!  It decreases the
amount of SP needed to fuse.  Outside, talk to the woman in green to the south
to get some DRIED FISH for Sea Mother.  Take it to her in the restaurant.
She'll give you a message concerning some hidden treasure: "Where the turtle
looks, take three steps."  The turtle is the Sea Turtle Restaurant, so go
outside and take three steps to your left (i.e. - straight ahead for Yuri).
You have to do a normal Spin Ring to get the prize, a stash of money.  The
fewer tries it takes, the more cash you get.  Head back inside to the man in
green in the upper left corner, a Lottery Member.

   Lottery Member #14
   Ring: Normal
     Pocket Watch            *Pocket Watches nullify all Judgment Ring
     W. Tiger Hair            abnormalities; it'll be quite a while
     TeaOfTheHealer           before you receive another one so do your best
     Pure Leaf                to hit the red wedge to win this now.

Back to the docks, the man with the turtle is back in his patch and will let
you dig around for 300 cash.  You have three tries and must do a Spin Ring in
order to find anything, usually just normal items; however, it's possible to
dig up a Third Key, so you might want to fork over the cash.  You can find the
Silent Peddler here as well.  Speak to the man with Margarete to set sail.

                                Smuggler's Boat                         [asb]

   Items: ___ RosewoodBracelet      Enemies: White Wolfling (Water)
          ___ Witch's Broth                  Ogre Flame (Fire)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Li Li (Dark)

Poor Yuri is floored.  When you get up, don't expect to get anywhere quickly,
as he can't even run in his current state.  There's a chest in front of the
southern bunk that has a ROSEWOODBRACELET inside.  Head to the deck.  After
grossing out Margarete, try to enter the wheelhouse for a scene.  Go for the
bow next.  You'll find a WITCH'S BROTH in the barrels here, and Zhuzhen will
offer no comfort whatsoever.  Go back to Alice.

Before going to the bow, head into the now-open wheelhouse to find a LOTTERY
TICKET next to the wheel.  Go join your party for a couple scenes.  Afterwards,
save, head up top again, and run for the wheelhouse.  You'll have to fight some
normal enemies here.  Before going down to help Sea Mother, enter the
wheelhouse and talk to Kato.  Ask him, "What are you saying?!" and he'll let
you play the Lottery (just don't tell Kawashima).

   Lottery Member #13
   Ring: Normal
     Iron Clogs              *Iron Clogs lower your agility, making you
     B. Dragon Horn           less able to avoid attack and giving you fewer
     Witch's Broth            turns in battle.  In turn, the indicator on
     Pure Leaf                your ring moves slower.

Help Sea Mother fend off monsters and then do the same for Zhuzhen.  When you
get a chance, heal, save, and equip your party accordingly before talking to
Zhuzhen.  If you need to, purchase supplies from Kato.  If you like to play it
safe, get a third RosewoodBracelet and make sure you have lots of Talismans
because the boss coming up like to use paralyzing and Instant Death attacks.

    Li Li         Class: Dark
    HP: c. 550    Drop: W. Tiger Hair
    EXP: 800      Cash: 3800

   Li Li can paralyze you, so it'd probably be a good idea
   to equip RosewoodBracelets before the fight.  She also
   has an attack that can cause Instant Death, so be ready
   to use a Talisman if need be.  If Alice knows Blessed
   Light, let Li Li have it.  She can also cast Holy Edge
   on Yuri to increase his damage.  Fuse him and have
   Margarete play the attack/support role in lieu of Alice.

Dehuai steps in once you've won just to make things harder for you.

    Li Li         Class: Dark
    HP: c. 700    Drop: B. Tortoise Fang
    EXP: 1000     Cash: 3950

   Watch out if you're still hurting from the last fight.
   She's traded in her Instant Death attack for one that
   targets the whole party, and she can still paralyze
   you.  The same strategy still applies.  Fuse Yuri and
   have Alice cast Holy Edge on him and Margarete if you
   like.  Blessed Light is a good source of damage so you
   might want to consider making Margarete the healer.
   Just watch your health, MP, and Alice's SP.

Now we can go to Shanghai.

                              Shanghai - Huayuan                        [as1]

   Items: ___ Pilgrim's Staff       Enemies: Kappa (Water)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Wugai (Dark)
          ___ Mana Seed
          ___ TalismanOfMercy
          ___ B. Dragon Horn
          ___ Seal of Life
          ___ Lottery Ticket

First, a flashback.  Now we get to see Yuri's father, Ben Hyuga in action!

    Wugai          Class: Dark
    HP: c. 300     Drop: ---
    EXP: 0         Cash: 0

   Fuse and use Revelation to take out the small fry.
   This will also teach you the first lesson about battling
   Wugai: he absorbs all magic, so finish him off with
   physical attacks.  Colonel Hyuga has excellent evasion
   stats, so it's possible to beat him without a scratch.
   You can't lose.  If this bores you, rummage through
   Ben's inventory to see that he has a Seventh Key, which
   you can use if you really want to stick it to Wugai
   (although with Ben's strength, you won't even need more
   than two rotations to finish this fight).

Shanghai is the hub of the Asia section; you can come and go as you please as
soon as you finish the initial events here.  Head out into the Shanghai
streets when you have control.  Directly below you is a chest with a PILGRIM'S
STAFF.  Southeast of there is a LOTTERY TICKET by a wagon with barrels on it.
Even further south of that is a MANA SEED by a barrel in the corner.  Head
east to the next screen.  On the left side of the street below the yellow sign
is a TALISMANOFMERCY.  The red sign with yellow lettering below that has a B.
DRAGON HORN under it.  One screen south of here puts you at the docks.  There's
a SEAL OF LIFE by a barrel in a corner and a Lottery Member hiding in the
bottom of the ship.

   Lottery Member #12
   Ring: Speed is slightly faster than normal
     Star Card               *The Star Card is another Guild Card that lets
     R. Phoenix Talon         you try for higher discounts/price raises.
     TeaOfTheHolyOne          It's the second of five.
     Pure Seed

If you're having problems with the speed of this ring, equip that Pocket Watch
you won in Dalian; it'll bring the indicator to normal speed.  Go back a
couple screens and enter the shop at the southwest, near where you found the
Mana Seed.  Inside, just below the stairs is a LOTTERY TICKET near a barrel.
Talk to the bartender to initiate a scene.  Now you'll have to fight a couple
of normal enemies, and then Zhuzhen will be forced to fight Wugai and lose.
Enter Yuri.

    Wugai          Class: Dark
    HP: c. 300     Drop: Weird Bottle
    EXP: 1500      Cash: 4500

   He'll start with Game of Death, but don't worry.  He
   also uses Dark Messenger, but it shouldn't instant KO
   you.  Fuse and use physical attacks.  Raging Tiger
   is best for this, since he also has a handy physical
   defense and heal spell.

Like father, like son.  We'll soon find out how true this really is.  Though
Yuri has a different style than Ben, to say the least.  Once in control,
you can go back to Zhen's shop to find Meiyuan and see a pit fight set up in
the back room.  I do not advise trying it yet; it's best to come back later
when you're leveled a bit higher.  However, if you'd like, you can check out
the sidequest section for more info.  Be sure to upgrade your weapons/armor
before you leave out the north gate.  Our last hope of foiling Dehuai before
having to fight him head-on is to save the White Tiger, so it's off to the
Temple Ruins.

                                 Temple Ruins                           [ate]

   Items: ___ Lottery Ticket        Enemies: Python (Fire)
          ___ TalismanOfMercy                Sea Gremlin (Wind)
          ___ Tent                           Xieshi (Fire)
          ___ Bronze Arrowhead               Raging Spirit (Light)
          ___ TeaOfTheHealer                 Puppet Guard (Dark)
          ___ W. Tiger Hair                  Baigu (Light)
          ___ Bronze Dagger                  Succubus Queen (Water)
          ___ TalismanOfMercy                Brain Sucker (Earth)
          ___ Mana Seed                      Quinggu (Water)
          ___ Bell Bracelet                  Yamaraja: War (Dark)
          ___ Tent
          ___ B. Tortoise Fang
          ___ Thera Seed
          ___ Silver Hourglass
          ___ Western Belt
          ___ Voodoo Doll
          ___ Gold Hourglass
          ___ Witch's Broth
          ___ Tent
          ___ Thera Seed
          ___ Soul Benediction
          ___ Mana Seed
          ___ Leonardo's Bear
          ___ Seal of Wisdom
          ___ Pure Seed
          ___ Wood Token
          ___ Studded Cap
          ___ FruitOfYggdrasil

This is actually quite an awesome level as it's our first sprawling maze, will
test your battle skills and party members in interesting ways, and has catchy
background music.  There's also lots of opportunities to level up.  Also note
that there's an enemy here from every elemental class so you can really rack up
the soul energy.  Enter the temple and approach the shrine to the north.
There's a chest with a LOTTERY TICKET behind the left pillar.  Go down a screen
and head west to find a save point and our two smuggler friends.  Kato acts as
a general store yet again, but he's no longer a Lottery Member.  Trouble with
the boss, perhaps?  The chest here contains a TALISMANOFMERCY.  Go back to
Zhuzhen, who gets the best of his senility and opens the path.  Follow it to a
save point on the Samsara Pavilion.

Yuri and Zhuzhen must face the first trial alone without the use of their items
in battle.  Master Xiaofang will act as a traveling shop; he'll follow you
around the trials.  Be sure to use the save point here.  Fair warning: if you
wanted to know what it's like to encounter Fox Face randomly, now might be your
chance.  It's possible to get lost here, and there are plenty of monsters to
fill your Malice meter.  You can either backtrack to the save point on the
Pavilion or trudge through to the one at the end of the trial to clear the
Malice.  Enter the door and grab the TENT from the chest.  (For the record,
I'll be using all the scattered chests as reference points to help guide us
though.)  The path here is straightforward; step on the green warp panel to go
to the next level.

On this level, purple panels warp you to different sections of the same level,
and yellow ones move you to the next level.  Head east and east again to find
an empty chest.  Go north to find a BRONZE ARROWHEAD.  Head west to find your
yellow panel.

You're looking for a red warp panel on this level.  Head north past Xiaofang to
find an empty chest.  Going north again nets you a TEAOFTHEHEALER.  East from
this screen is a W. TIGER HAIR.  Go back one screen and head west to find a
BRONZE DAGGER.  South is an empty chest.  On the next screen is another empty
chest.  South again is a TALISMANOFMERCY.  Head back one screen and go north.
Here is a MANA SEED.  West is a BELL BRACELET.  Head north.  Go west and then
north to hit the red panel.

Xiaofang is here.  Head north until you hit a save point and an altar.  Heal
up, put a Bell Bracelet on Zhuzhen, and put your hand in front of the altar.

    Xieshi         Class: Fire
    HP: c. 600     Drop: Jade Lariat
    EXP: 1600      Cash: 4200

   Flaming Arm of Death targets both party members and can
   cause the Silence status, which would be a problem for
   Zhuzhen if you didn't just find a Bell Bracelet.  His
   normal combo is nothing to worry about.  Zhuzhen should
   have his healing spell by now; fuse Yuri into Raging Tiger
   and you won't even know your healing items were blocked.

Now it's Alice and Margarete's turn.  However, they aren't allowed to use
magic, rendering Alice almost useless.  Head into the door and pick up the
TENT.  Keep going north until you reach the green panel.

Head west twice to find an empty chest.  Go north to find a B. TORTOISE FANG.
Go back and west.  Now go all the way south to find the yellow panel.

Xiaofang is here.  Head east and east again to find a THERA SEED.  Go south
from the chest.  There's an empty one here and another two screens east.  Go
south to find a SILVER HOURGLASS.  West is yet another empty chest.  Continue
west for two screens to find a WESTERN BELT.  South of here is a VOODOO DOLL.
Go all the way north, then east, and we'll be back at the Thera Seed chest.
Go south and east twice again, but this time continue east.  Here you'll find a
chest with a GOLD HOURGLASS.  Follow the path til it wraps around north and
leads you to a WITCH'S BROTH.  Keep going north to find the red panel.

Xiaofang is here.  Go north to the save point/altar.

    Baigu          Class: Light
    HP: c. 400     Drop: Coral Lariat
    EXP: 1600      Cash: 4200

   Shining Arm of Death targets both party members and then
   there's the standard normal combo.  Margarete will be the
   main fighter, but Alice can fight too if you want to
   speed things up.  She can provide support with items as well.
   If you're proficient at Margarete's ring, you could give her
   a W. Tiger Hair to make things easier.

Back to the guys, Yuri had always thought his father and Fox Face, the God of
Death, were the same guy so he seeks reassurance from Zhuzhen that his father
was, in fact, not the jerk we met on the plains.  But there's hardly time for
that as the door opens and the third trial starts.  All the monsters Alice and
Margarete killed actually count towards Yuri's soul collection so you may have
access to a new fusion monster.  For the next trial, all we get to do in battle
is attack, attack, attack.  No special abilities or items.  Ready?

You know the drill.  There's a TENT where you start.  Go north until you hit
an intersection.  Go east then all the way north to the green panel.

Head north to find an empty treasure chest.  North again is a THERA SEED.
Let's go west.  North is a SOUL BENEDICTION.  East is an empty chest.  Go
south and east to find a MANA SEED.  Continue east and head east again to find
a LEONARDO'S BEAR and the yellow panel.

Xiaofang is here.  Go west twice.  North is a chest with a SEAL OF WISDOM.
West is a screen with an empty chest (are we sick of these yet?).  Go all the
way south from the empty chest to find Xiaofang the Lottery Member.

   Lottery Member #11
   Ring: Normal
     Flash Badge             *Flash Badges raise your agility, giving you
     Kirin Scale              more turns in battle.  However, the needle on
     Priest's Wine            the ring sweeps twice as fast.
     Pure Seed

Go back to the empty chest and head west now.  Go south at the intersection to
find a PURE SEED.  Go south again to find the WOOD TOKEN in a chest.  Go all
the way north to the intersection and head west to find a STUDDED CAP.  From
there, you'll find the red warp panel all the way to the south.

Xiaofang is here.  It would be a good idea to buy a Leonardo's Bear.  Go
north to the save point/altar and set the wood token.

    Quinggu         Class: Water
    HP: c. 600      Drop: Leonardo's Bear
    EXP: 1800       Cash: 4200

   It's got a normal combo, plus the Icy Breath and Large
   Whirlpool spells.  The only thing you can really do is pound
   the thing into submission.  Considering all the running
   around you've done, you shouldn't have a problem.  If not,
   level up a bit more.  There's no point in letting Yuri have
   all the fun; sure, Zhuzhen's normal attack is pathetic,
   but every little bit helps.

Master Xifa returns your powers/items and gives you a FRUITOFYGGDRASIL for a
job well done.  Nothing left to do except sit back and watch everything go to
hell.  Before you attempt to leave, prepare your party for battle (i.e. - equip
all the Leondaro's Bears you have, ASAP).

    Yamaraja: War     Class: Dark
    HP: c. 850        Drop: R. Phoenix Talon
    EXP: 2000         Cash: 5400

   Remember: this is Wugai (just uglier) so all magic is
   out.  His attacks do quite a bit of damage and can
   instantly KO you.  Your Leonardo's Bears you've [hopefully]
   equipped will ease the pain or else you'll need Talisman
   items.  I find the best strategy is to fuse Yuri into the
   Light class demon for its special defense spell and
   healing ability which targets your entire party.  This will
   keep you ahead of his spells that hit your entire party.
   As for offense, you're already used to spamming the Attack
   option so why stop now?  As with the fight with Baigu, if
   you've got W. Tiger Hairs or B. Dragon Horns, use them to
   double your physical attack power at the expense of a
   narrow ring.

You awake to find yourself in Shanghai.

                              Shanghai - Huayuan                        [as2]

   Items: ___ Yawang Gate Key       Enemies: Corporal (Earth)
          ___ TeaOfTheHealer                 Sergeant (Light)

Take Margarete's cue and go next door.  Go into Zhen's shop.  Leave to find
troops infesting the area.  If you talk to any of them, you'll have to fight,
but you'll also encounter them randomly.  Talk with Kato then head to the boat.
The hatch towards the bow houses the YAWANG GATE KEY.  Now keep your promise
and head to the inn and enter Kawashima's room.  You'll have to fight more

You'll now see what kind of state Alice is in.  As much as you want to flirt
with old Dehuai, if you don't choose the first option all three times, you
won't have access to the sidequest at Wugai's Fortress in Kowloon.  The whole
point of this is to buy time and choosing any option but the first gets Alice
shocked, making her lose consciousness and therefore giving Yuri no time for
side trips.

The party arrives at Kuihai Tower, but there is still plenty to do so leave
and go back to Shanghai if you want to sidequest or do the pit fights.  This
is the last chance you'll get to do anything in Asia since Kuihai Tower is
the last stop.  If you'd rather just go, skip down to the next section.

In Shanghai, on the second screen (with the street banners and such), there's
a door to the southeast that has been locked up until now.  Check the cabinet
to the north for a TEAOFTHEHEALER.  Near the docks, there's a man standing
around a group of dogs.  Talk to him to play a game for 300 cash.  He asks
you to pick a dog and then, after they run around, see if you can find the one
you picked.  For guessing correctly, you get a Lottery Ticket. The difficulty
level rises next time you play (you now have four dogs to choose from), and you
get a Leonardo's Bear for winning.  The hardest difficulty nets you a Monkey

Your run-down fishing boat has been fixed.  You can board it now to set sail
for Kowloon if you answered Dehuai's questions correctly as Alice.  I would
recommend doing it before the pit fights.  See the sidequest section for
information on both.  When you're ready to proceed, head back to Kuihai Tower.

                            Shanghai - Kuihai Tower                     [akt]

   Items: ___ Third Key             Enemies: Yamaraja: Stone (Fire)
          ___ Seal of Life                   Vengeance Demon (Wind)
          ___ B. Tortoise VP                 Mournful Demon (Light)
          ___ Pure Extract                   Rage Demon (Water)
          ___ B. Dragon VP                   Water Tiger (Fire)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Man-Snake (Earth)
          ___ Erotic Book                    Shadow (Dark)
          ___ R. Phoenix VP                  Badger Devil (Fire)
          ___ W. Tiger VP                    Dehuai (Fire)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Yamaraja: Calamity
          ___ TalismanOfWisdom
          ___ Hermit's Staff

Before you go up the central steps, check the smaller stairs to the right and
left for a THIRD KEY and a SEAL OF LIFE, respectively.  Try to open the door.

    Yamaraja: Stone   Class: Fire
    HP: c. 1800       Drop: B. Dragon Horn
    EXP: 2600         Cash: 6000

   Yet another hard-hitter.  He'll try to buff himself up
   against special attacks and raise his evasion rate, but
   don't let that discourage you.  Man Dragon's Flash Flood
   will deal some good damage even after he uses his defense
   spell.  Alternatively, you could go the physical route and
   have Margarete cast Aqua Edge on Yuri.  She's a good
   support character here; Zhuzhen's Life Sucker spell is a
   good source of damage if he has it.

You'll find the B. TORTOISE VP on the ground before you enter.  Go up the
stairs on the right first.  At the top is an altar for you to use the Black
Tortoise VP on.  You'll find a PURE EXTRACT on the other side of the room in
the corner.  Now go through the door you unlocked, behind the stairs.  At the
top you'll find the B. DRAGON VP.  Return to the main floor.

Follow the path around behind the main altar to a chest with a LOTTERY TICKET.
Now go into the little side room off that path to the left.  Straight ahead
from where you entered is an EROTIC BOOK on the floor.  You'll know you've
found it when you see a heart over Yuri's head.  Feel free to check it out in
your valuables.  Now take the R. PHOENIX VP from the altar and put the B.
Dragon VP in its place.  Go up the stairs to the left now.

Place the R. Phoenix VP in its altar.  Open the door, grab the chest for the
W. TIGER VP, and go back to where you first grabbed the R. Phoenix VP.  Replace
the B. Dragon VP with the W. Tiger VP and place the B. Dragon VP in the altar
in the main room.  Return to where you found the W. Tiger VP and go up the
previously-blocked stairs.

    Badger Devil    Class: Fire
    HP: c. 700      Drop: Seal of Luck
    EXP: 1000       Cash: 600

   This guy isn't much of a threat compared to what we've
   already faced.  He's a fire type so fuse and attack
   however you want.  Or, since he's susceptible to Instant
   Death, you could use Margarete's Snipe skill or fuse Yuri
   into Death Emperor and use Dark Messenger. If you manage
   to hit the strike area, either attack is an insta-kill.
   It's not going to take much to finish him off either way.

Before going up to the old man, check the northeast side of this room for a
LOTTERY TICKET.  You can unlock the door to the east if you really want.
There's also a small set of stairs to the left that leads down to a
TALISMANOFWISDOM behind a gate on another screen.  Now approach Dehuai.

    Dehuai          Class: Fire
    HP: c. 1700     Drop: Hermit's Staff
    EXP: 3500       Cash: 7000

   Dehuai actually doesn't put up much of a fight.  He's got
   a normal combo and two fire spells that target the whole
   party (Magnard and Blaze, the latter being the stronger one).
   He can also inflict Haste on your ring so be prepared to use
   a Phoenix Tail if you don't have quick fingers.  He's Fire
   class as well so the strategies you've been using for these
   monsters so far applies.  Zhuzhen can act as support.

Keep in mind that he drops the HERMIT'S STAFF for Zhuzhen.  The Japanese Army
has arrived and some soldiers have set up shop beneath you.  Literally.  If you
need supplies, talk to the one on the right.  You might want to buy some Mirror
and Bell Bracelets.  The one on the left will let you change party members and
is also a Lottery Member.

   Lottery Member #9
   Ring: Only slightly faster than normal
     Warlock Earrings        *Warlock Earrings raise a character's special
     Star Swallow             attack power while proportionately lowering
     Soul Benediction         the damage they receive from special attacks.
     Pure Seed

His ring doesn't seem to be moving too fast, but a Pocket Watch really helps
in nailing that sliver of a red wedge.  When you're ready, follow Dehuai up to
the roof.  Be sure to heal, save, and make sure everyone is guarded against
Petrifaction and that your magic users are wearing Bell Bracelets.

    Yamaraja: Calamity    Class: ---
    HP: c. 3000           Drop: Fifth Key
    EXP: 6000             Cash: 11,000

   Now we're talking.  His all-party targeting attacks have
   a bit more bite.  I find the best way to keep up with them
   is to use Yuri's Light fusion.  Since Dehuai's new form has
   no class, anything goes.  He can petrify you which is just
   about as bad as Instant Death, so hopefully you equipped
   those Mirror Bracelets or brought some Imp's Fang.  Silence
   is a side-effect of his Crimson Flame so make sure your
   magic users have some protection against it.  Whatever
   strategies have worked for you before, go with them.  Just
   make sure to watch that HP and SP.

The Invocation proceeds, with Dehuai giving all his strength to summon a
monster.  Yuri takes it upon himself to do what his father did 15 years ago.
Unfortunately, it looks to end the same way.

You've reached the halfway point.  Save and get ready for Europe.


   The second half of the game takes place on the European continent and
   gives you more freedom on the world map.  Our story gets more complex and
   there's tons more sidequests here.  Ready to find out what's been going
   on for the past six months?

                                     Prague                             [ep1]

   Items: ___ Zodiac Bracelet       Enemies: Birdman (Fire)
          ___ Kirin Scale
          ___ Lottery Ticket
          ___ Priest's Wine

Angle Alice to the right side of the road as you walk to find a ZODIAC
BRACELET hidden behind the bridge.  The guy sleeping by the save point is a
Lottery Member.  Wake him up.

   Lottery Member #8
   Ring: Needle will start slow but speed up as it rotates
     Brsrkr Earrings         *Brsrkr Earrings raise a character's HP by 20%.
     Seal of Luck
     Thera Root

North on this screen (but before going to the next screen), you can turn right
into an area beside the bar to find a KIRIN SCALE.  Now go all the way north to
an open area.  Hidden behind the trees to the left is a LOTTERY TICKET in a
chest.  Go back a screen and enter the bar.  There's PRIEST'S WINE on one of
the northern tables in front of the barkeep.  Talk to the woman below you to
shop and get Zhuzhen out of the bathroom.  Talk to him to get going.

Go back to the open area to the north to get in a fight with a few normal
enemies.  When ready, head to Bistritz.

                                    Bistritz                            [eb1]

   Items: ___ Lottery Ticket        Enemies: Mailman (Earth)
          ___ Mana Seed                      Police Dog (Water)
          ___ TalismanOfWisdom               Birdman (Fire)
          ___ East Gate Key
          ___ Moon Card
          ___ Moon Swallow

Go back a screen to the left gate to find a LOTTERY TICKET.  There's a MANA
SEED by the northwestern gate, past the church.  On the next screen, you'll
find a TALISMANOFWISDOM above the east gate.  Terry's shop is the southernmost
building.  Say you're a monster if you want to stand around or say you're a
friend and continue.

Outside again, you can upgrade your weapons at the shop now open to the west.
The mayor's house is next door; examine the front door.  Now ask around the
town by talking to people through their doors.  Return to Terry's shop.  Nina
will give you the EAST GATE KEY before turning into an item shop.  Before
heading out, there's a hidden chest on the right side of the shop containing
a MOON CARD.  You'll also find a MOON SWALLOW in the bottom right corner.

Now go out to the East Gate, use your key, and enter the forest outside Blue

                                  Blue Castle                           [ec1]

   Items: ___ Cosmic Bracelet       Enemies: Garm (Dark)
          ___ Thera Seed                     Hollow (Light)
          ___ Star Swallow                   Gremlin (Wind)
          ___ Tent
          ___ Pocket Watch
          ___ Lottery Ticket

Up a little bit behind the trees to your left is a COSMIC BRACELET.  Continue
north.  There's a somewhat hidden side path here on the right that leads you
to Meiyuan, a chest to the north with a THERA SEED, and a hidden chest to the
west with a STAR SWALLOW.  Attempt to enter the castle, walk away, and then
you can gain entrance.

Head north until you hit a save point.  Turn left, grab the chest for a TENT,
continue south, up and over the entrance, and down to a set of stairs leading
north.  Before you go down, check the left corner of this little area for an
extremely well-hidden POCKET WATCH.

Examine the skeleton on the ground, then walk up to the already open coffin.
Examine the other coffins to learn the occupants' names and to get the option
of whether or not to pray.  If you pray, you'll see a flame light up behind it.
The object is to get all the flames lit at once, but you'll notice that some
go out when you pray at other coffins.  A logical thing to do with names is
put them in alphabetical order since we're not really given many other clues,
so pray to the coffins in this order: Abel, Edgar, Frank, Helen, Leon, Maria,
Robin, Steven.  All the flames will light.  See?  Having OCD has its

Before leaving this room, go up to the open coffin opposite the stairs.
There's actually a ledge above the coffins you can reach up here.  Back in this
enclosed area is a hidden chest with a LOTTERY TICKET.  Now return to the save
point in the main hall and head right.  Go through the door, look around, then
try to leave.  Keith Valentine will now join the party.  Now leave the castle

                                    Bistritz                            [eb2]

   Items: ___ Flash Badge           Enemies: Mailman (Earth)
          ___ Seal of Strength               Police Dog (Water)
                                             Birdman (Fire)
                                             Tindalos (Fire)

Go to Terry's shop again to check on Nina and Michelle.  Now go deal with the
mayor.  Break in through the back door.

    Tindalos        Class: Fire
    HP: c. 2000     Drop: Iron Clogs
    EXP: 8000       Cash: 12,000

   Fire Breath targets the whole party and Deathtouch can really
   hurt (it takes off about three-fourths of a character's HP).
   Deathtouch cannot kill you since it only takes off a percentage
   of HP, but it sets you up to get KO'd by Fire Breath or a
   combo so heal right away.  Everyone has a good offensive spell,
   and everyone has a means to heal themselves so you should be
   a-OK.  Keith is quite the physical attacker (a good thing to
   have in lieu of Yuri).  A character may have to sacrifice a
   turn to heal (depending on how often he uses certain attacks),
   but you can really be offensive here and not have to worry
   too much.

Watch the events that follow.  The guy in the house north of Terry's shop
reveals himself to be a Lottery Member now that things have settled down.

   Lottery Member #7
   Ring: Normal
     Oracle Earrings         *Oracle Earrings raise a character's MP by 20%.
     Seal of Life
     Mana Root

Go back to Kevin's lab, and Keith will give you your next assignment.
Apparently, he has a demon problem, and this demon is peculiar...  The
chest under the painting holds a FLASH BADGE.  There's a SEAL OF STRENGTH on
the right side of the room under the cheap crucifix.  Head back to the castle.

                                  Blue Castle                           [ec2]

   Items: ___ Seal of Speed        Enemies: Garm (Dark)
          ___ Pure Root                     Hollow (Light)
          ___ Headgear                      Gremlin (Wind)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                Dead Knight (Dark)
          ___ Tent                          Yuri (Dark)
          ___ Seal of Force                 Fox Face (Dark)
          ___ Brass Knuckles
          ___ Dark Gravestone

Turn left at the save point and approach the door to the far left.  Keith will
unlock it for you.  Enter and open the hidden chest to your left for a SEAL OF
SPEED.  Start climbing the stairs.  On the way up, you'll see a door.  Enter
to find a PURE ROOT in a chest.  The next room on the way contains HEADGEAR
and a LOTTERY TICKET.  The last room has a TENT and a SEAL OF FORCE.  At the
top of the tower, you'll see a save point.  Be sure to use it and heal!
When you think you're prepared (equip your party with Leonardo's Bears), enter
to see a familiar face.

    Yuri             Class: Dark
    HP: c. 1400      Drop: ---
    EXP: ---         Cash: ---

   He's got great physical defense so stick with magic attacks
   throughout.  His only attack now is his basic combo.
   Halfway through the battle, he'll morph into Death Emperor
   and will be able to instantly KO you with Dark Messenger as
   well as raise his magic power and steal your MP.  Keep up
   with the magic attacks and be sure to keep someone on HP/SP
   duty and you should be fine.  If he starts sucking up your
   MP, restore it ASAP so you can keep up your offense.

Alice will now find herself in the Graveyard.  Examine the stones if you like;
where Yuri usually sees them with a negative attribute (like an urge to kill),
Alice will feel something positive in it (repentance).  The Light and Dark
stones are especially important.  Talk to the masks, then proceed through the
gate to the north for a grim sight.  Snap him out of it and get him to face
his fears.

    Fox Face          Class: Dark
    HP: c. 700        Drop: Brass Knuckles
    EXP: 13,000       Cash: 12,500

   His attacks haven't changed except that he won't fuse, so
   you don't have to worry about any super-charged special
   attacks.  Fuse and let loose with physical or magic attacks
   (depending on your demon of choice).  He'll start with SP
   Lowering and then use !!! again, sometimes multiple times in
   a row.  Heal no matter what because failing here means
   starting over from scratch at the save point in the castle.
   !!! is the only real threat as his physical attack is
   pathetic.  Heal first, attack when you get the chance, and
   he'll fall in no time.

The true face of Fox Face is revealed, and Yuri's whole again, ready for
action (and with a new weapon, the BRASS KNUCKLES, as well).  He and Alice wake
up in the castle, and everyone leaves.  Wait!  Arg!  What was that sparkly
behind Yuri?  Trudge ALL the way back up to the top of the tower again to find
the DARK GRAVESTONE.  It's worth the walk.  Elemental gravestones like this one
allow Yuri to battle level 3 fusion monsters.  Now that he's no longer afraid
of losing his soul through the fusion process, Yuri can battle with level 2
monsters by continuing to collect souls and fighting in the Graveyard.  Once
you've gotten to level 2, max out the soul energy for a particular element and
get the matching gravestone to acquire your top-level fusion.  For more
information on these fusion monsters, check out the sidequest section.  Head
back to Prague.

                                    Prague                              [ep2]

   Items: ___ Lottery Ticket        Enemies: Olga (Dark)

Head to the inn and approach the barkeep.  Alice now has to check on Yuria in
the bathroom.  Examine both stalls and the mirror over and over until we get
into a fight.

    Olga            Class: Dark
    HP: c. 750      Drop: Monk Earrings
    EXP: 15,000     Cash: 13,000

   If Alice knows Gospel, cast it and Olga will barely be
   able to scratch you.  If not, you're still in the clear.
   Olga has a variety of elemental spells and can steal your
   MP, but since she's of the Dark class, Blessed Light will
   deal awesome damage.

Olga is the Wugai of Europe; get used to her.  Afterwards, form your party and
enter the men's bathroom to find a LOTTERY TICKET in the upper right corner.
Head for Rouen.

                                     Rouen                              [er1]

   Items: ___ Lottery Ticket        Enemies: Bifronze (Dark)
          ___ Huge Jug                       Camazotz (Wind)
          ___ TeaOfTheHolyOne                Olga (Dark)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Gust Ein
                                             Gust Zwei
                                             Gust Drei
                                             Gust Vier

There's a LOTTERY TICKET above the woman in purple.  Enter the inn.  Yuri will
then find himself in the Graveyard; go talk to the masks.  From this point on,
Malice will only accumulate when Alice is in the party since she's taken over
Yuri's burden.  There are four new monsters to fight ("Gusts") in the Graveyard
for each Malice level.  Once Malice reaches the red, one of the masks will
appear in battle instead of Fox Face.  The masks are brutal opponents; they
will inflict automatic ring abnormalities on you that can't be cured.  At this
stage in the game, it's best to run away if you encounter them.  Back in the
inn, check on Alice next door, talk to your party, then chase after her.
(Meiyuan is in one of the rooms on the first floor and the Silent Peddler is
waiting by the door if you need anything.)  Go down the alley between the inn
and the church.

There's a HUGE JUG by the barrels here.  Approach Alice.  You'll be forced
into a fight with a couple of normal enemies.  Margarete will then look Yuri
over and join the party again.  Back at the inn, she'll give you all Roger
Bacon 101.  His history is a complex one, and it doesn't seem to match up to
what we've seen of the man so far.  When in control, go to your room and check
the nightstand for a TEAOFTHEHOLYONE.  Go to the back of the church and check
the rightmost barrels for a LOTTERY TICKET.  To open the back door, you'll need
to do a Spin Ring 3, a normal Spin Ring that rotates, you guessed it, 3 times.
Equip Shell/Cosmic Bracelets on your party members before going into the main
room to meet Father Doyle and Olga again.

    Olga             Class: Dark
    HP: c. 3300      Drop: Small Jug
    EXP: 16,000      Cash: 14,500

   She's got a new spell, and it's bad.  Black Fog hits the
   entire party and causes Poison.  Fuse Yuri and (if she's
   in your party) have Alice cast Holy Edge on him and any
   other physical attackers (or use magic, whatever suits
   you).  If she's not healing or attacking, Alice can cast
   Gospel to help your defense, but if you didn't prepare for
   it, Black Fog can be devastating.  Yuri's Light fusion will
   be invaluable here for its all-party healing spell, but
   you can still pull through without it as long as someone
   is on constant healing duty.

Before going to London, check the alley to find Lottery Member #6, the most
annoying man ever.

   Lottery Member #6
   Ring: Normal
     Accelerator             *The Accelerator will double your Pedometer
     Seal of Aura             steps; extremely useful if you're looking to
     Alchemist'sWater         get Margarete's best armor.
     Pure Root

                            London - Old Castle Street                  [el1]

   Items: ___ Sun Card
          ___ Lottery Ticket
          ___ Oak Slingshot
          ___ Mana Extract
          ___ Thera Extract
          ___ Demon Earrings
          ___ Lottery Ticket
          ___ Soul Benediction
          ___ Crucifix
          ___ Warning Device
          ___ TalismanOfPurity
          ___ Seal of Force
          ___ Lottery Ticket
          ___ Kirin Scale

Talk to the man in purple up ahead to get the SUN CARD (for a fee).  Check to
the right behind the Hotel for a LOTTERY TICKET.  Talk to the drunkard to use

   Lottery Member #5
   Ring: Narrow
     Priest Earrings         *Priest Earrings decrease the amount of MP used
     Seal of Speed            to cast magic by 20%.
     Thera Extract
     Thera Root

The red wedges are insanely small, but if you equip a Pocket Watch, it will
actually widen them a bit.  On the next screen, Margarete goes to a child's
rescue and gets all your money stolen in return.  The house to the northwest
has a hidden path past the front door that leads to an OAK SLINGSHOT.  Go back
over the bridge and enter the bar.  You get to name Halley, the leader of the
London Rats.  Go around behind the bar to find a MANA EXTRACT.  The Silent
Peddler's in the inn as well, but he's of no real use to you now.  Go to the
hotel to get chewed out by Zhuzhen.

Go back to the area around the bridge and approach the grassy area around the
run-down building.  In the lower left corner, by the road, you'll find a
THERA EXTRACT.  Examine the door on the ground to do the dreaded London Push
Ring.  (See the Judgment Ring section at the beginning of the guide if you
need help here.)

Down the ladder, you'll find DEMON EARRINGS to the left and a LOTTERY TICKET
to the right in the open area.  Go up the other ladder past the save point.
The other side of the pile of junk directly south of the hole you crawled out
of hides a SOUL BENEDICTION.  Continue up the stairs.  Margarete will get back
what's left of your money and Joshua will give you a CRUCIFIX to apologize.
Halley will then introduce himself and tells you to go see Old Carl next door.
Before you leave, check the left side of this area for a WARNING DEVICE and a
TALISMANOFPURITY by the fireplace.

Carl tells you the mansion is across the Thames.  Pilfer his shelves on the
left for a SEAL OF FORCE, a LOTTERY TICKET, and a KIRIN SCALE.  Yuri finds the
telephone suspicious for some reason.  Leave London.

At the orphanage, all you have to do is knock on the door and then leave.

Back in Old Castle Street, ask around if you'd like, then return to the
hideout.  Halley discovers the little ones are missing and reveals himself to
be a psychic of sorts.  Form your party and head back to the orphanage.

                                   Orphanage                            [eor]

   Items: ___ Kid's Room Key        Enemies: Night Stalker (Wind)
          ___ Guestroom Key                  Larmgelg (Water)
          ___ Seal of Luck                   Banshee (Fire)
          ___ Pure Extract                   Jack (Water)
          ___ Monkey Paw                     Mammon (Earth)
          ___ Zodiac Bracelet
          ___ Eye of Ouroboros
          ___ Lottery Ticket
          ___ Monk Earrings
          ___ Draze

Once inside, attempt to enter the door to the left to start a fight.

    Night Stalker      Class: Wind
    HP: c. 2500        Drop: Kid's Room Key
    EXP: 4000          Cash: 3600

   Routine fight.  I think he only counts as a special case
   because he has so much HP.  He doesn't have too many tricks
   up his sleeve.  Break out the Earth fusion and have Halley
   cast Strong Earth.  Your other party member can attack/

He drops the KID'S ROOM KEY; use it on the door.  Joshua will give you the
GUESTROOM KEY.  There's a SEAL OF LUCK behind the bunk closest to you, a PURE
EXTRACT behind the next one up, and a MONKEY PAW between the two northern beds.
In the main hall, go upstairs.  At the end of the balcony to the left is a
ZODIAC BRACELET and at the end to the right is an EYE OF OUROBOROS.  Enter the
door on the left.

There's a LOTTERY TICKET in the fireplace.  The southern desk has a diary you
can read, but the book you're looking for is on the northern table.  You'll
have to do a Spin Ring to get it.  Yuri asks what month March is, giving you
a hint that the numbers are important.  March is the third month, so remember
the numbers 5375.  In the main hall, go to the door on the right and input
those numbers.

There's MONK EARRINGS in front of the fireplace here.  Examine the painting
on the north wall to get the new code: 3754.  You can also read Jack's diary
on his desk (after doing a Spin Ring) to learn about his connection to Roger
Bacon and the Emigre Manuscript.  Now equip your party with your Crucifix or
Zodiac Bracelets before entering the central door in the main hall.  We're
getting closer to figuring out who that Mysterious Voice belongs to, but right
now it looks like Halley wants to pick a fight.

    Jack             Class: Water
    HP: c. 2500      Drop: Seal of Speed
    EXP: 17,000      Cash: 15,000

   Yet another routine fight.  Slash takes off a good chunk
   of HP, but Halley's Healing spell is potent enough to fully
   cure whatever ails you.  Attack and support; you know the
   drill.  He can paralyze you as well, so make sure someone's
   ready to heal it if you didn't prepare.  He'll use a Thera
   Seed when he's just about had it, but he's only got one.

Now we get to see what happens when someone tries to resurrect the dead.

    Mammon            Class: Earth
    HP: c. 3500       Drop: Demon Earrings
    EXP: 20,000       Cash: 16,000

   Watch the HP/MP if it's hurting from the last fight.  She
   can petrify you, so Mirror/Zodiac Bracelets or your new
   Crucifix are a good idea.  If you forgot, Yuri's Air fusion
   has a healing spell for you as does Alice and Margarete.
   Her Shockwave attack targets the whole party, and Needlerain
   takes off a large portion of HP of a single character (as
   much as 200 damage).  If Halley knows Air Shot, let loose.
   Like Jack, she'll heal when she's low on HP but only once.

Back in the hideout, Halley will tell everyone about his mother.  Form your
party by talking to whomever you want to join in.  Talk to Joshua downstairs
and hand over your old slingshot (he'll upgrade it for you later).  Now would
be a good time to start returning to Rouen to see if you can activate the
Fighting Couple sidequest. Also, if you return to where you fought your last
two boss battles, you can find the DRAZE weapon behind the curtain stand across
from the cauldron.  When you're ready, set off for Calios Mental Hospital.

                             Calios Mental Hospital                     [emh]

   Items: ___ Laurel Slingshot      Enemies: Specter (Light)
          ___ DemonWardNecklace              Meat Eater (Wind)
          ___ Bronze Coin                    Doom (Earth)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Buggs (Dark)
          ___ Heart Key                      Rausan (Fire)
          ___ Silver Coin                    Olga (Dark)
          ___ Key to Success
          ___ Club Key
          ___ FruitOfYggdrasil
          ___ Diamond Key
          ___ Gold Coin
          ___ Platinum Coin
          ___ Spade Key
          ___ Dungeon Key
          ___ Fire Gravestone
          ___ Oath Grail

You'll be attacked by a few normal enemies when you enter.  There's a LAUREL
SLINGSHOT hidden in the alcove to the left and a DEMONWARDNECKLACE to the
right.  There's some guards waiting for you inside; let 'em have it.  Get the
BRONZE COIN to the north before continuing east to be met by more guards.
Don't bother trying any of the doors here as they're all locked.  There's a
chest at the end of the hall with a LOTTERY TICKET.  Head south.

What a happy place.  Continue on.  There's more guards awaiting you in the
next room.  There's a HEART KEY on the body and SILVER COIN north on the

The heart door is in the first hallway you saw when you entered, the first
door on the left from the main entrance.  Inside is a KEY TO SUCCESS and the
CLUB KEY.  The club door is in the same hallway, the next one up.  Here is a
chest with a FRUITOFYGGDRASIL.  In the next hallway, enter the first door you
come to to find the DIAMOND KEY.  Open the door to the right of this one to
find the GOLD COIN on the ground.  In next door you'll find the PLATINUM COIN.
Return to the room with the save point and drop all your coins in the four
vases.  Make a wish!  Save and head down the newly-opened path.

Make sure your magic users have protection against Silence.  Plus, make sure
Halley is protected against Poison before examining the huge door to get a
message from Halley's mum and to attract some unwanted attention.

    Rausan            Class: Fire
    HP: c. 3500       Drop: Spade Key
    EXP: 15,000       Cash: 16,000

   He'll cast magic to defend himself against special attacks
   so you'll either want to raise your magic attack power or
   go on the physical offensive.  Water magic is still pretty
   effective either way.  His Blaze targets the whole party,
   but that's not too bad if you've got someone watching your
   HP.  Keep an eye out for your magic users if they happen to
   get silenced.

He gives up the SPADE KEY when he dies.  Halley runs off, leaving you at the
door.  Return to the hallway just after the room with the lovely chair in the
middle.  The second door on the left opens with your new key.  The bed here
will replenish your HP and MP.  Open the chest for the DUNGEON KEY.  After the
scene, check the chest again for the FIRE GRAVESTONE.  Equip protection against
Poison and return to open the dungeon door to save Halley.  Luckily, you do
this just in time to get into a fight.

    Olga              Class: Dark
    HP: c. 4000       Drop: Warlock Earrings
    EXP: 22,000       Cash: 17,000

   She still knows Black Fog, and it's still as dangerous as
   ever.  If you get poisoned, don't bother healing as she'll
   more than likely use it again soon after.  She also has a
   host of other elemental spells that hit the entire party,
   plus the basic combo.  Yuri's light fusion is a definite
   boon here for its healing spell.  Magic is very effective
   unless you have access to Holy Edge to boost physical
   power.  Heal any way you can to keep her magic from getting
   the best of you.

Afterwards, you'll find yourself in the hideout.  Head downstairs and talk to
Joshua.  He'll give you a goblet that was once owned by a king who sold his
soul to the God of Death (sound familiar?), the OATH GRAIL.  You'll also have
access to a new area across the red board to the left.  Sharon has
discovered that she can summon monsters, so Old Carl has set up a pit fight
arena.  She can only summon one monster now, but come back later in the game
to fight the real fights.  See the sidequest section for more info here.  Go
outside and talk to Halley on the bridge.  Yuri literally knocks some sense
into him, and Alice reminisces and heads to Rouen.

                                     Rouen                              [er2]

   Items: ___ Seal of Soul
          ___ Jasper Cape
          ___ Improved Slingshot
          ___ Deathblade, Jiru

Go to the back of the church; you'll have to do a Push Ring to get in.
Examine the altar for a SEAL OF SOUL.  There's a JASPER CAPE in the first
confessional.  You'll have to do a Spin Ring 3 in the next one over to find
some hidden papers, revealing Roger Bacon's true identity.  Leave to meet the
man himself, who admits to killing Alice's father in order to have easy access
to her extraordinary power and that he's got something big planned.

You'll then be back at the hideout.  If Halley's in your party, talk to Joshua
to get the IMPROVED SLINGSHOT.  Before going to Wales, return to Calios Mental
Hospital to the room with the creepy chair.  Even creepier, there's someone in
it!  He happens to be a Lottery Member.

   Lottery Member #4
   Ring: Normal
     Eternity Card           *The last discount card, the Eternity Card
     Seal of Force            allows 50% discounts and 25% price raises.
     Mana Extract
     Mana Root

Now head to the area where Koudelka was being held and examine the cloth in the
middle of the floor for the DEATHBLADE, JIRU.  Head for Wales.

                                Nemeton Monastery                       [enm]

   Items: ___ Light Gravestone      Enemies: Inverse (Earth)
          ___ Mant.OfNobility                Straithe (Water)
          ___ TalismanOfPower                Sin (Light)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Guinea Pig (Dark)
          ___ Mauser Prototype               Albert Simon (Dark)
          ___ Silver Wolf Fang               Amon
          ___ Mind's Eye
          ___ HolyBook-Martyrs
          ___ Coat of the Sage
          ___ Seal of Vitality
          ___ DestructionStone
          ___ Punk Jacket
          ___ Seal of Strength

At the risk of the house transforming on you, approach and enter it.  Go down
and around the stairs, past the vending machine, to find the LIGHT GRAVESTONE.
Exit and approach the ruins to the north.  Father O'Flaherty's grave is to the
northwest.  To the right of it, you'll find a MANT.OFNOBILITY.  Go further in
to meet ... Roger Bacon, who, try as you might, will not let you rename him,
and he breaks the fourth wall to tell you so.  Before you go back to his place,
check the far right side of the ruins to find a TALISMANOFPOWER.  Roger will
give you a brief summary of the events of this game's predecessor and then tell
you how he knows Albert Simon.  Afterwards, you can use the vending machine at
the back to stock up on supplies.  Buy three Will Powers here if you like to
play it safe.

Back at the ruins, Roger will open the basement door and the Door of
Judgment for you.  Talking to him again and any time after will replenish your
health.  On the other side of the door, check to the right for a LOTTERY
TICKET.  In order to get a new fusion and access to a cool sidequest, you'll
have to solve a bit of a puzzle concerning the colored switches around this
place.  If you want to skip all that, just go west until you reach a fire pit.
Go south and then east until you reach another Door of Judgment.  You can skip
the next two paragraphs to get right into the fight.

As for the puzzle, there are three switches (blue, red, green) and four seals
(blue, white, purple, yellow).  First things first, go west twice to find the
blue switch cut off.  Read the wall to get the jist of this puzzle.  The first
chest is the one right by you.  The third chest is the one by the switch, and
the second chest is in the lower left, out of reach.  Go west, west, west, and
west.  Ahead of you is a chest with a MAUSER PROTOTYPE.  Now head down and east
and follow the path here to the second chest.  Open it and return all the way
to the switch.  Open the first chest and then hit the blue switch.  The blue
seal is undone; go west and north.  There's a hidden chest on the left with a
SILVER WOLF FANG, and you can now open the previously-sealed chest for a

Now go back to the entrance.  Go west, west, west, and up to the red switch.
Flip it.  Remember this from kindergarten?  Since red and blue make purple, the
purple seal beside you will be gone.  Grab the HOLYBOOK-MARTYRS.  Exit
southwest.  Remember that fire pit to your right.  Continue along until you
see a yellow seal.  Go north and flip the green switch.  The white seal is
now broken; the chest is located back to the east of the entrance.  It contains
a COAT OF THE SAGE.  Now, how to break the yellow seal?  From the chest, go
east back to the blue switch.  Hit it to turn the flame yellow.  Go all the
way back to the yellow-sealed chest; open it for a SEAL OF VITALITY.  Now that
you've gotten all the sealed treasure, return to the fire pit and approach it
to receive the DESTRUCTIONSTONE.  Now you can continue east to find another
door and a save point.  There are two chests beside the door: on the right is
a PUNK JACKET, to the left is a SEAL OF STRENGTH.  Enter the door after you've
equipped everyone with Will Power accessories and Leonardo's Bears/a Crucifix.

Albert reveals that he was the one to steal the three forbidden books from the
Vatican, starting this whole mess.  He also knows something we don't: that
something terrible is going to happen, and he feels he needs to wipe the Earth
clean in order to prevent it.  Koudelka fails to stop him so now it's our

    Albert Simon/Amon    Class: Dark/---
    HP: c. 6600          Drop: Angel Earrings
    EXP: 35,000          Cash: 18,000

   You need Will Power accessories here or else you'll be
   losing SP rapidly because of his Holy Chest attack.  He
   will also still use Revelation (which means Instant Death),
   along with the basic combo.  If Alice knows Arc, now would
   be a great time to use it as well as Holy Edge and Blessed
   Light.  When you deal about 2400 damage, he'll morph into

   Amon has a combo attack, Demon Rays, and Atomic Dust (the
   latter of which hits the entire party).  They all hit for
   good damage so it's a good idea to keep someone on constant
   HP duty.  Alice's Arc is perfect here.  If not, Yuri's Light
   fusion will do.  Your third member can be attacking when not
   using items to replenish MP/SP.  Unlike Albert, Amon has no
   class so anything goes.  Attack however you like.

If you got the DestructionStone, you'll get the Amon fusion after the battle.
If not, you missed your one chance to get this unique fusion monster.  Typical;
our valiant struggle was to no avail.  Albert raises what's called a "float",
an ancient device used to summon a god-like being from outer space.  Back at
Roger's place, you'll have to do a Spin Ring 3 to see how he intends to get you
inside Neam.  Take Yuri's cue (or Halley's if he's in your party) and go back
to the London Rats' hideout.  Go upstairs to check on Koudelka.  She thanks
Yuri for putting up with her voice and tells him not to be afraid, as a greater
power protects him...  She also seems to know about Alice's curse and tells her
to have faith in Yuri.  Talking to Roger after checking on her will let you
proceed, but if you want to do some sidequests, now would be an excellent time.

One thing you must do now if you want to at all is attempt the good ending
before talking to Roger again.  See the sidequest section for help there and
skip the next paragraph if you decide to do it.

When you are ready to continue with the main quest, talk to Roger in his house.
Alice will be placed in the Graveyard.  Be sure to examine all the gravestones;
Alice gets to hear what Yuri thought of her during different stages of their
journey, but she'll also discover her own grave next to the Dark stone.  Talk
to the masks next.  If you did not attempt the good ending, Alice will be
forced to fight Atman and lose.  Her attacks will only do 1 damage, so you
can't do much except wait for him to finish her off.  The Curse has been
fulfilled.  At this point, the Malice will be cleared and you won't have to
concern yourself with it again.

Talk to Roger to tell him you're ready.  Do a Spin Ring 5 to get transported
to Neameeto.

                                    Neameeto                            [ene]

   Items: ___ Seal of Aura          Enemies: Enkido (Dark)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Emptiness (Fire)
          ___ Crank Slingshot                Hangman (Water)
          ___ Brsrkr Earrings                Soul Block (Light)
          ___ Seal of Vitality               Arcmine (Light)
          ___ SilverThreadCoat               Enigma (Earth)
          ___ Sage Staff                     Keeper (Wind)
          ___ Rubber Suit                    Hate (Dark)
          ___ Monk Earrings                  Cockatrice (Light)
          ___ Heretic's Coat                 Black Widow (Dark)
          ___ TalismanOfPower                Red Cap (Fire)
          ___ V-blade-Blodauth               Scapegoat (Wind)
          ___ Mind's Eye                     Messiah
          ___ Fifth Key                      Meta-God
          ___ Crucifix

Once inside, you'll see a yellow symbol on the floor.  Step on it and hit X to
get transported back to Earth if you need supplies or want to do any
sidequests.  Go up the stairs and around to the westernmost exit to find the
path blocked.  Return and go up the eastern stairs.  Follow the path and
everyone will split up to search the room.  Yuri gets frustrated and kicks the
wall, deactivating the boundary but trapping him and another member of the
party. Choose a character to control and run back to where the red lasers were.
Keep going until you reach a triangle-like branch.  On the north wall, there's
a button, press it and run to catch up to your party.  Yuri will catch some
flack.  Going west leads to a green barrier so head north.  Continue until you
see a creature in your way.

    Soul Block       Class: Light
    HP: c. 7000      Drop: Monkey Paw
    EXP: 40,000      Cash: 22,500

   Only special attacks will hurt this guy so hopefully you've
   got some strong magic.  He's got some potent magic of his
   own that hits the entire party, and his normal attack is
   pretty powerful.  Make sure you've got someone with a stock
   of Mana items on MP duty and a good way to heal and you'll
   be a-OK.

Alice may or may not react during this section depending on which ending you
received.  Three new symbols will appear.  The yellow still takes you back to
Earth, the pink lets you change your party members, and the blue is the regular
save point.  To the far left, up the stairs, you'll find a SEAL OF AURA in a
chest. Down the stairs, looping around to the front, you'll find a LOTTERY
TICKET.  To the lower right is a beam of green light.  Step in it to break the
green barrier.  Return to where it was to receive a CRANK SLINGSHOT.

Back at the room with the three symbols, go up the northeast stairs to find
BRSRKR EARRINGS in a chest.  The stairs north of the green beam lead to more
barriers so go up the northern stairs and take the door right in front of you.
Go left at this intersection for a SEAL OF VITALITY.  Go north to activate the
blue beam.  Back in the symbols room, go up the stairs north of the green
beam now.  On the way up, activate the red beam to your right.  Continue on to
find two chests: one with a SILVERTHREADCOAT and the other with a SAGE STAFF.
Back at the save point yet again, head up the northern stairs and take the
left exit this time.

To the right, you'll find a path leading to two more chests: a RUBBER SUIT in
one, MONK EARRINGS in the other.  Go back and head north now to some stairs
leading up to another monster.  Equip Pocket Watches, Shell/Rosewood Bracelets,
or Crucifixes and approach it.

    Hate              Class: Dark
    HP: c. 7000       Drop: Seventh Key
    EXP: 45,000       Cash: 25,000

   Hate knows Black Fog; you know what that means: wear your
   Crucifixes or suffer the status ailments!  Hate Storm can
   leave your party in pain and inflict the Blind Ring status.
   It'll use these attacks often so, as always, make sure
   you've got a way to heal everyone, both their status and their
   health.  There's not much else up his ugly sleeves except a
   Paralysis attack.  Dish out the damage any way you like.

Three more symbols will appear here.  Go north when ready and follow the path
until you get caught in a warp.  Oy, thus begins another puzzle.

Go north up the stairs and continue until you get warped.  In the yellowish
room, go up the stairs and follow the walkway to the left, going up the stairs.
If you go as far left as you can, you'll get warped.  Head right to find a
chest with the HERETIC'S COAT.  Backtrack to the yellow room; go down the first
set of stairs and head as far right as you can on the middle walkway to warp.
Open the chest in front of you for a TALISMANOFPOWER.  Go west from here to
find more stairs; proceed to your right to find a chest with a
V-BLADE-BLODAUTH.  Go downstairs and follow the stairs north to get warped;
you should find yourself where you transported when the puzzle started.  Step
into the warp again and go south through the door and right to get warped.
You're now in the northern portion of the room where you found the sword.  Go
up and look to your left for a chest with a MIND'S EYE.

We're gonna do a bit of backtracking now.  Go back down the stairs and warp.
Go north, north up the stairs, north up more stairs, up the little stairs and
to the right in the yellowish room to warp, west past the empty chest, north up
the stairs past another empty chest, and you should be warped right in front of
a chest with a FIFTH KEY.  Head west and north to finally get out of there and
right into another boss fight.

    Scapegoat          Class: Wind
    HP: c. 7500        Drop: Crucifix
    EXP: 50,000        Cash: 27,500

   It knows Deathtouch and Slash which take off high percentages
   of a single character's HP so have a good healer on hand.
   (It goes without saying at this point that Alice's Arc is
   one of the best spells to have.)  It's Wind class but just
   about any kind of magic will do good damage.  If you've got
   a good physical attacker, don't let 'em hold back.  No
   special rules here.  Its attacks all seem to target single
   characters only (except for Wind Fang) so you can really be
   offensive as long as someone's ready to cure at a moment's

Be sure you put your new CRUCIFIX to good use!  Three more points appear.  How
fitting; beyond these three symbols is the point of no return.  If there's
anything you missed or want to do before fighting the big fight, do it now!
Make sure you're properly equipped for the next two fights since you won't have
a chance to access your menu in between.  Two accessories you'll definitely
want are Will Powers and Crucifixes.  Go north when you're ready.  It seems
Albert is willing to stand in our way one more time in order to help his plans
succeed, so we've got to show him who's boss.

    Messiah           Class: ---
    HP: c. 7500       Drop: Silver Hand
    EXP: 60,000       Cash: 0

   Albert, even though he's in a different form, will use some
   of his old attacks which means he'll be able to drain your
   SP and HP with Holy Chest.  He'll also be able to inflict
   status abnormalities so make sure you've got your handy-
   dandy Crucifixes.  On top of all this, he knows !!! so Arc
   or any other potent healing spell is a definite plus, more
   so because all these attacks hit for really good damage.
   To make your life worse, he'll also heal himself when you
   deal enough damage to make him waver but only once.  He has
   no class, so (like any enemy of this type), you can attack
   any way you want as long as you don't let him get the
   better of you.

Albert now knows how resolved Yuri and his party are so he agrees to transport
them above Neameeto to do battle with the god he summoned.  You get a chance
to reform your fully-healed party if you'd like, but you can't change

    Meta-God          Class: ---
    HP: c. 10,000     Drop: ---
    EXP: ---          Cash: ---

   This is it.  The god's color-based attacks do damage to the
   entire party and cause different status ailments so hopefully
   you equipped Crucifixes.  (Black Abyss will even halve your
   SP!  You remembered Will Power accessories, right?)  Time of
   Judgment can drain both your MP and HP so watch out for that.
   Nine Springs is just !!! in disguise.  If you try to buff
   your party with support spells, it will nullify the effects
   so don't waste your MP.  It'd probably be best to have
   someone on constant healing duty as this guy has tons of
   spells that target everyone.  Yuri should definitely be
   attacking the entire time; your third character should
   attack when possible and support your healer and Yuri with
   items when need be.  As for offense, it's time to break out
   all those support items you haven't used in your inventory.
   Keys, Monkey Paws, hourglasses, relics from the four gods of
   direction, anything.  Completely unload.  Have Yuri fused
   into your most powerful demon and let loose with magic or
   combos; the god has no class.  Be sure to watch that SP and
   just keep whittling away at it.  Depending on how many and
   what sidequests you've done, it could take a while.

Congratulations!  Sit back and catch up with Alice, just make sure to stay
through the entire credit sequence so you can see your ending and save your
game.  If you reload your completed game data, you start over from the
beginning; however, you get to keep all the fusions you already unlocked, and
you can see all the NPCs and monsters in your library that you encountered in
your last playthrough.  You can also try to better your score, and you get to
compare them side-by-side.  (I don't think anything special is unlocked for
getting a #1 ranking, but you should be proud of it nonetheless!)  You will,
however, unlock a new accessory for getting all the monsters in your library
(including Messiah and Meta-God, so this does require a second playthrough) by
talking to Old Carl in the London Rats' Hideout.


5. Sidequests
    What's an RPG without sidequests?  The bulk of them occur in Europe, but
    there are a few in Asia as well.  To get the most out of the game, it's
    recommended you complete them all.  You'll get more back story, more
    challenges, more power, and a even different ending if you want.


   There are two sidequests in the first half of the game.  These sidequests
   MUST be done before completing Kuihai Tower or you won't get to do them at
   all!  Period!

                      Shanghai - Huayuan - Zhen's Pit Fight             [sp1]

   Items: ___ Anne's Cross          Enemies: Custom Wind Shear (Water)
                                             Prototype Wind Shear (Fire)
                                             White Wolfling (Water)
                                             Ogre Flame (Fire)
                                             Wind Shear (Wind)
                                             Beast Dog (Fire)
                                             Kappa (Water)
                                             Water Tiger (Fire)
                                             Li Li (Dark)
                                             Hellcat (Light)
                                             Frog God (Light)
                                             Yamaraja: Earth (Water)
                                             Yamaraja: Wind (Earth)

Seeing Zhuzhen and his friend Hyuga's son Yuri has put the spark of life back
into Mr. Zhen, and he rediscovered his monster-summoning powers.  Now he's
putting them to good use in the form of a pit fight to test your skill.  To
enter the fight, go to the back room of Zhen's bar in Shanghai and approach
him.  You'll have to pay 300 cash to play.  To win, you must last through ten
rounds in a row with no rests in between.  There's no cash refunds/prizes
should you lose halfway.  The fights consist of monsters you've encountered
before (including bosses) so it's best to be prepared for absolutely anything.

First off, fighting with anyone but Yuri would make this much harder than it
should be.  Yuri's your man.  Secondly, protection against status ailments is
key above all else.  Almost all of the monsters summoned have a certain status
attack as their specialty.  The easiest way to prepare for this is to equip
Yuri with a Cosmic Bracelet, a Zodiac Bracelet, and a Pocket Watch.  (The
Silent Peddler outside Kowloon Fortress sells the first two items, and you
should have won the Pocket Watch in the Dalian Lottery.)  These will protect
you against everything except Instant Death, Berserk, and Knockback, but no
monsters in this pit fight use Instant Death and Knockback is no threat.  Next,
pick three fusions you're comfortable with.  If you have a lot of Thera and
Mana items, you shouldn't need to rely on the demons' buffing spells.  It's not
a bad idea to go on the offensive most of the time.  Make sure Yuri is fully
healed before you start.

The order of the battles and the enemies you fight are random.  If you're at a
high enough level (which is why it was a good idea to wait before trying the
pit fight), enemies' physical attacks will only deal about 1 HP worth of damage
or even no damage at all.  For bosses, the same in-game strategies apply.  The
only new enemies you'll encounter are Custom and Prototype Wind Shears,
steroid-charged versions of the thing that followed Roger Bacon in the opening
cinematic.  Their specialty is Judgment Ring abnormalities, and they hit pretty
hard.  They are the only real threat and just require that you be defensive as
well as offensive.  Don't confuse these with the regular Wind Shears; the ones
you need to watch out for have either a blue or red cloud surrounding them.

For winning ten battles in a row you get 5000 cash.  You also get more
reminiscences of Colonel Hyuga, a flashback, and THAT.  THAT being a charm
from Yuri's mother: ANNE'S CROSS.  Equipping this will allow a ring spin to
restore SP when the character wearing it goes Berserk.  This thing has Alice's
name all over it, and I'd bet anything that that is not a coincidence.

You can go through the pit fights as many times as you want if you have the
money and the patience for it.  Those who want a challenge should try it with
Margarete or Zhuzhen.  If you want specific strategy:

     Got a healthy supply of Mana Seeds?  Got the Life Sucker spell?  Then
     you're good to go.  Being a mage, Zhuzhen should be in the back row.  This
     will be invaluable when going up against the Wind Shears since he's got
     the lowest HP of your party right now.  On the flip side, he's got a ton
     of MP so spam your most powerful magic.  Use Ogre Flamedance to take out
     small fry and use Life Sucker on the big boys.  Use the easy fights to
     replenish HP and MP because you never know when a Wind Shear will come up.

     First, buy a ton of Thera and Pure Seeds.  Next, make sure she has the
     Snipe skill since it'll make one-on-one fights easier and is stronger than
     Grenade.  Finally, hope that you don't get pitted against the Prototype
     Wind Shear.  That monster's especially dangerous to Margarete since she's
     Water class, and it loves to use Flaming Arm of Death many times in a row.
     It's a real pain trying to keep her HP and SP up (and even her MP if you
     like to use her special skills) while trying to get hits in.  Like in
     Zhuzhen's case, use the easier fights in-between to heal up.  Grenade is
     great for clearing out crowds of weaker opponents.

You get no special prizes for winning with Margarete or Zhuzhen, just 5000
cash.  Yuri is the only one who can win Anne's Cross.  You won't get any of the
drop items you'd get fighting these enemies normally, and they don't count
towards your soul energy collection, but there's a good chance your party
members will level up while completing the pit fights.

                           Hong Kong - Kowloon Fortress                 [skf]

   Items: ___ Mana Root             Enemies: Dark Judge (Earth)
          ___ Hand Needle                    Red Ogre (Fire)
          ___ Wugai Room Key                 Blue Ogre (Water)
          ___ Face Guard                     Namida (Wind)
          ___ Seal of the Soul               Speckled Creeper (Light)
          ___ Thera Root                     Happy Creeper (Dark)
          ___ Pure Root                      Cursed Puppet (Dark)
          ___ Soul Benediction
          ___ Lottery Ticket

If you chose the first option all three times during Alice's scene with Dehuai,
you will have bought enough time for Yuri to visit Wugai one last time.  Aren't
we curious as to why Roger Bacon disappeared with him in the Temple Ruins?  In
Shanghai, go to your run-down fishing boat and choose to set sail.  Kowloon
Fortress will appear on the map.  Looks like a happy place, doesn't it?  Just
wait; it gets better.

Outside the building is a Silent Peddler to the left.  One of the guys on the
right is a Lottery Member.  Play his game now if you want to play at all since
he'll stop after you're done here.

   Lottery Member #10
   Ring: Speed is slightly faster than usual
     Mind's Eye               *The infamous Mind's Eye will double your
     Moon Swallow              attack power but make the hit areas on your
     TalismanOfWisdom          ring disappear.
     Pure Seed

Enter the building.  Up ahead is a chest with a MANA ROOT.  Continue up the
steps and head east when you get the chance.  Go down the stairs and check
behind the other set of stairs for a chest with a HAND NEEDLE weapon in it.
Now head up these stairs.

This room is lovely, yes?  Check the table in the corner closest to you for
the WUGAI ROOM KEY.  On the east side of this room is a ladder that leads to a
chest with a FACE GUARD.

Backtrack down and up the two sets of stairs to the hallway where you first
went east.  Now go west on the other set of stairs.  The path here is pretty
straightforward.  When you get to a room with a bunch of oil drums, check the
ones directly in front of you for a SEAL OF THE SOUL.  Continue along the path,
snagging the chest in the next room that contains a THERA ROOT.  There's a
PURE ROOT on the landing on the next screen and a SOUL BENEDICTION after you
cross the makeshift bridge.  Across from that chest is what looks like a
urinal; examine it for a LOTTERY TICKET.  (The "?" won't appear over Yuri's

Up the stairs is a save point; use it and heal.  Equip Leonardo's Bears and
then enter Wugai's room.

    Cursed Puppet     Class: Dark
    HP: c. 1000       Drop: Seal of Wisdom
    EXP: 2000         Cash: 6000

   Wugai again.  You know what not to do.  Also, Leonardo's
   Bears are a good idea again to protect against Game of Death
   and Nightmare.  In fact, the same kind of strategy applies
   from the last time you faced him.  Attack and support.

Afterwards, you can look around at Wugai's interesting decor.  (Yuri seems
particularly grossed out by the shelf on the left.)  Nothing left to do but
leave.  No more random encounters either.  Sail back to Shanghai.


   Most of these are activated once you talk to Koudelka and can be done
   before you enter Neameeto.  Finishing these will definitely help you
   tackle the final bosses.  If you're looking for a real challenge, you
   will find the toughest fight in the entire game after you finish them all.

                          Mastering High Level Fusions                  [smf]

In order to even acquire the powerful fusions, you'll need some stones.
Here's a list of what you'll need and where you can find them:

   Dark Gravestone: Blue Castle, where you fought Yuri
   Light Gravestone: Wales, first floor of Roger Bacon's house
   Water Gravestone: Rouen, Fighting Couple sidequest or buy for 10,000 cash
   Fire Gravestone: Calios Mental Hospital, double check the chest with the
                    Dungeon Key
   Earth Gravestone: Bistritz, Nina will be outside the shop and give it to you
   Air Gravestone: Prague, after giving Darcie tissues, he'll give you the
   DestructionStone: Nemeton Monastery, undo all the seals on the treasure
                     chests and approach the fire pit before fighting Albert
   Stone of Rebirth: Ancient Ruins, after reading the Pulse Tract, follow the
                     new path to find it in a chest

After speaking with Koudelka after fighting Albert and Amon, the phone in Old
Carl's house will be operational and the "Dad" on the other line will give you
hints on how to get the stones you do not currently own.

You might have noticed, after acquiring a level 3 fusion, that you're unable
to use the demon's offensive spell.  This is one place where the game's built-
in FAQ doesn't help, just hint.  In order to use the magic, labeled ????, Yuri
needs to submerge his consciousness in the monster's.  In other words, he
needs to go Berserk while fused in order to learn the spell.

To make this easy, equip Yuri with the level 3 demon whose magic you want to
learn and an accessory like the Small Jug that consumes lots of SP.  Having a
Berserked, fused Yuri running loose in battle is probably not wise, so get in
a fight with low level monsters (or at least ones you know will get
obliterated when hit with this kind of magic).  When the fight starts, fuse
Yuri and have everyone defend until he goes Berserk.  The first thing he'll do
is use the offensive magic, and you will have learned it.  That's it.

You could also fuse into a level 1 monster, disembody, and then go for the
level 3 to make him go Berserk faster if you have the SP for it.  You'll have
to do this for all the level 3s, Amon, and the Seraphic Radiance.

                           Rouen - The Fighting Couple                  [sfc]

   Items: ___ Water Gravestone

Anytime after finishing the events at the Orphanage, return to Rouen, enter the
inn, and head towards your room to hear voices that belong to a fighting
couple.  Talk to both of them to understand the situation, then go to the
confessionals to play priest.  Choose the second option to hear an awfully
intricate answer and return to the inn.  Things seem to be going okay now, and
you get the WATER GRAVESTONE in return for helping.

If you choose the first option, he'll sell you the stone for 3,000 to raise
money to get a diamond ring.  Their relationship still seems strained
though...  If you choose the third option (which seems kind of harsh over a
ring), they will both have split up and you won't find them in the room
anymore, but you'll find the husband has taken to the streets and will sell it
to you for 10,000 cash.

If you do not talk to the couple before talking to Koudelka after you've saved
her, the husband, John, will apparently have decided not to go to marriage
counseling or a priest and will have broken up with his wife.  This is the same
as choosing option number three, so he'll be wandering around the streets of
Rouen and will sell it to you for 10,000 cash.

                    London Rats' Hideout - Sharon's Pit Fight           [sp2]

   Items: ___ Seventh Key           Enemies: Full Armor Wind Shear (Earth)
          ___ Crucifix                       Perfect Wind Shear (Light)
          ___ Silver Hand                    Camazotz (Wind)
          ___ Tissues                        Garm (Dark)
          ___ Belt of Thor                   Buggs (Dark)
          ___ Metal Jacket                   Dark Judge (Earth)
          ___ Crystal Ring                   Speckled Creeper (Light)
          ___ BlackSilkPants                 Happy Creeper (Dark)
                                             Mammon (Earth)
                                             Tindalos (Fire)
                                             Rausan (Fire)
                                             Doom (Earth)
                                             Meat Eater (Wind)
                                             Night Stalker (Wind)

After the events at Calios Mental Hospital, Sharon will have found out that she
can summon monsters.  As we learned in Asia, there's only one good use for a
power like that: pit fights.  Unfortunately, she can only summon one at first,
but after you beat Albert and Amon at Nemeton Monastery, she'll be ready to
give you the real deal.  Since you've got a larger party this time around and
everyone is available to fight, everyone has a chance to win a unique prize.
The rules are the same: win ten fights in a row without resting in-between.
Like before, the monsters summoned can include just about anything or anyone
(bosses included).

You should have at least one Crucifix by this point.  Equip it!  The other
accessories can be anything you want.  If you're playing with Alice, Zhuzhen,
or Halley, you might want to invest in an accessory that boosts MP or decreases
its consumption.  Keith and Yuri could probably do with something that raises
attack power, but it's all up to personal preference.  Brsrkr Earrings are
never a bad idea either.  It would probably be a good idea to do some of those
sidequests before doing the pit fights so characters get a chance to level up a
bit.  If you're going for all the prizes, you might find difficulties fighting
with characters you hardly ever use, but that's what a challenge is all about,
right?  If you need to get a feel for what monsters you'll be facing, go
through it once with Yuri since he'll probably clean house.

Remember those beefed up Wind Shears?  We'll there's two new ones, but they're
pretty much the same as the ones Zhen used: they hit really hard and love to
screw with your Judgment Ring, which is why you'll need a Crucifix/Pocket
Watch.  (Though it doesn't explicitly say, Crucifixes protect you against
Judgment Ring, as well as status, abnormalities.  I've survived an onslaught of
Blind Ring attacks wearing just a Crucifix, so there's proof.)  Make sure the
character fighting is fully healed and that you've got a good supply of Thera,
Mana, and Pure items before talking to Sharon.

If you need specific character strategy:

     Like you need help here.  Pick fusions you're comfortable with and waste

     If she doesn't know Advent, you're probably in for a long ten rounds
     because Blessed Light is her only other offensive spell.  She might hit
     physically for around 200 depending on your level, so you'll probably be
     able to get away with her smacking monsters with her book.  Also, watch
     that SP!  Either give her Anne's Cross or make sure you've got a lot of
     Pure items.

     Zhuzhen has terrible HP no matter what level he's on.  At least he's got
     a lot of MP because magic is the only way he'll really make a dent in his
     opponents.  He also has a decent array of offensive magic at his disposal.
     Those Wind Shears will probably slaughter him if he isn't wearing Brsrkr
     Earrings though.

     Margarete is on the fence when it comes to how to attack.  Her all-enemy
     targeting skills come in handy when you've got more than one opponent, but
     don't rely on them too much when fighting a boss because she doesn't have
     a lot of MP.  She can cast Aqua Edge on herself and clean up on the fire-
     based foes.  You need to be careful of her HP as she doesn't have a
     healing spell, and it's kinda low compared to others'.

     Keith's all-enemy targeting spells are good for clearing out crowds, but
     his physical attacks can hold their own up against stronger foes.  He's
     kind of like Margarete in that he lets you choose which way to go about
     fighting, but either way, you've got to watch his HP and MP.  At least he
     can deal good damage to an enemy and heal himself at the same time with
     his Blood Sucker spell, and he has great SP.

     Halley is awesome here because his ESP covers a wide range of classes, so
     he's pretty much got all the enemies' weaknesses covered.  He'll have a
     ton of MP to back it up too, and his HP isn't bad either.  No problems.

Here's what prizes you'll get for getting 10 wins in a row with whom:

   Yuri: Seventh Key
   Alice: Crucifix
   Zhuzhen: Silver Hand
   Margarete: Tissues
   Keith: Belt of Thor
   Halley: Metal Jacket, his best armor

For beating the pit fights with all party members, Sharon gives you a
commemorative prize: a CRYSTAL RING, which cuts non-class damage in half and
might make trudging through the pit fights worth it for you.  As with Zhen's
pit fight, you don't get any drop items or soul energy while fighting, but
you'll get EXP (except for those damn Wind Shears; all that effort for 0 EXP).

Old Carl seems to have developed powers of his own.  He can see what monsters
you've defeated and how much treasure you've uncovered ("treasure" here
apparently counts as all items found in chests and on the ground; enemy item
drops and prizes for mini-games do not count).  If this is a replay game and
you've seen/defeated all the monsters in the game and completed your monster
library, talk to Old Carl to receive BLACKSILKPANTS, which cut magic damage in
half.  This is awesome until you realize that only Alice can wear them.  If you
get 100% of the treasure scattered around, Old Carl gives you nothing because
apparently you don't need anything else after you've gotten all the treasure.

                                The Good Ending                         [sge]

   Items: ___ Obsidian Ring         Enemies: Sword Mask (Wind) x2
          ___ Amber Ring                     Grail Mask (Water) x2
          ___ Carnelian Ring                 Staff Mask (Fire) x2
          ___ Lazurite Ring                  Gold Mask (Earth) x2
          ___ Moonstone Ring                 Atman

In order to achieve the good ending, you must save Alice from the Four Masks'
curse.  You must have gotten the Oath Grail from Joshua, as it tells you what
you need to do and weakens the masks in battle.  After defeating Albert and
Amon but BEFORE talking to Roger Bacon, get your Malice in the red to get the
masks to fight.  They do not need to be beaten in a specific order.  The masks
will put up quite a fight and inflict automatic ring abnormalities that can't
be cured.  The purpose of the Oath Grail is to weaken them and boost your
attack power.  The weakening order can be seen by examining the grail in your
valuables: Grail, Gold, Staff, Sword.  Either way you choose to fight them,
you'll get tons of EXP, soul energy, and ring accessories for bringing them
down.  Keep in mind that the Gold Mask can only be harmed by magic attacks, and
the Staff Mask can only be harmed by physical attacks.  If you go to the
Graveyard after defeating a mask, it'll be cracked in places and won't float as
usual.  Do this to all four and you're good to go.  If you're looking to fill
out your monster library, keep running around with your Malice in the red to
fight the masks when they're cracked.  Don't worry; they are pathetically weak
in this state.

Continue the game as usual (do other sidequests and whatnot) until you're ready
to enter Neameeto.  Now, for the ending to be obtained it's important to note
one thing: Yuri is a cynic.  Even though Albert and the masks explicitly tell
him Alice is cursed, he apparently did not believe them.  Yuri MUST see and
read Alice's headstone in the Graveyard.  If he doesn't, he won't know Alice is
in trouble and therefore will not attempt to save her, so make sure Yuri sees
her name on her tombstone before you talk to Roger.  Also, make sure both Yuri
and Alice are wearing Crucifixes and that Alice has a Will Power on.

When that's done, talk to Roger and Alice will automatically be taken to the
Graveyard so the masks can finish the deal.  Be sure to examine all the
gravestones; Alice gets to hear what Yuri thought of her during different
stages of their journey, but she'll also discover her own grave next to the
Dark stone.  Talking to the masks will put her up against the atrocious Atman.
Normally, Alice would not have a snowball's chance in hell, but if you met all
the requirements, Yuri will step in to save the woman he loves.

    Atman             Class: ---
    HP: c. 4000       Drop: Moonstone Ring
    EXP: 50,000       Cash: 20,000

   Atman will primarily attack Alice so make sure her HP
   doesn't fall too low.  The main attack here is Eradication,
   which bombards Alice with memories of her father's death and
   hurts her pretty badly while lowering her SP.  He'll also try
   to inflict status abnormalities so make sure you've got a
   Crucifix on.  Yuri isn't totally immune from damage; Atman
   also has some magic that targets both characters.  Fuse Yuri
   and just keep attacking any way you like; Alice can act solely
   as a healer here, although, unlike when she's alone, her
   attacks will actually harm Atman.

Alice is safe; Yuri has finally succeeded in protecting a loved one, something
he has beaten himself up for constantly since his mother's death.  For this,
he deserves the good ending.

She'll wake up in Roger's house.  Yuri seems to be really good at playing dumb
about the whole thing, and Alice lets her feelings out in a cinematic.  You can
now continue the game; your Malice will be cleared and you won't have to worry
about it again.

                            The Three Forbidden Books                   [sfb]

   Items: ___ Codex of Lurie
          ___ EmigreManuscript
          ___ Book of Rituals

Codex of Lurie:
  Since Albert was the last one to use it, return to where you fought him and
  Amon and you should find the CODEX OF LURIE sitting on the ground.

Emigre Manuscript:
  Jack had the Emigre Document last, so go to the Orphanage.  In the room
  where you fought him, you'll find a kid who wants you to play hide-and-seek.
  You have to find four of his friends in a minute.  They'll be in either
  the room in the bottom left, the upper left, the upper right, or the main
  hall (one in each room).  Run around each room, mashing the X button to talk
  to them where they hide.  When you've found all four, go back and talk to the
  kid who started the game before the time limit is up.  He'll let you through
  to the stairs leading to the cauldron-looking device.  Talk to the kid there
  to get the EMIGREMANUSCRIPT.  Equip a Pocket Watch and talk to him again to
  play the Lottery.

   Lottery Member #3
   Ring: Invisible
     Crucifix                *The best accessory in the game, Crucifixes
     Seal of Wisdom           nullify any and all ailments (status or Judgment
     Pure Extract             Ring).
     Pure Root

Book of Rituals:
  Okay, it's not one of the three, but it's important for other sidequests
  concerning the third.  Return to Nemeton Monastery with Alice and Zhuzhen
  in the party.  Zhuzhen will wander off to look at Father O'Flaherty's grave
  while Yuri and Alice speak privately.  (Depending on what ending you're
  shooting for, this conversation can be really depressing.)  Afterwards,
  Zhuzhen comes back with the BOOK OF RITUALS.

                         Rouen - Margarete's Confession                 [smc]

   Items: ___ Pearl Ring
          ___ Leather Suit
          ___ CoatOfTheAdept

Anytime after visiting the London Rats' hideout to see Koudelka but before
going to Neameeto, put Margarete in your party and return to the church in
Rouen.  Walk up to the altar.  Your other party member will remain there while
Margarete asks Yuri to play priest for her.  Go into the confessional and
listen to what she has to say.  Afterwards, she'll slip you the PEARL RING.
Yuri will run out, embarrassed.  You do not need to have done the fighting
couple sidequest first, but if you have, then Margarete's quip about "that
other time" to Father Yuri will make more sense.  In fact, she won't even make
the joke if you haven't met the couple.

In the alley between the church and the inn, Lottery Member #6 will turn into
Lottery Member #2.  Be sure to save before attempting this annoying Lottery.

   Lottery Member #2
   Ring: Fast
     10 Gauge                *Margarete's best weapon.
     Dice of Caesar
     Seal of Strength
     Eye of Ouroboros

The man will then, like, drop the stupid act and reveal himself to be
Margarete's father.  Now would also be a good time to visit the Silent Peddler
in the inn; if you've accumulated over 10,000 steps on your Pedometer, you'll
receive the LEATHER SUIT, Margarete's best armor.

Before leaving, be sure to enter Meiyuan's room on the first floor of the inn
to get a letter from Qiuhua bringing everyone up to speed on Shanghai,
Kawashima, and Kato.  She also sends you the COATOFTHEADEPT, Zhuzhen's best

                   Bistritz/Blue Castle - The Vampire Brothers          [svb]

   Items: ___ Earth Gravestone      Enemies: Garm (Dark)
          ___ DemonSwd-Tyrving               Hollow (Light)
                                             Gremlin (Wind)
                                             Golden Bat

Return to Bistritz to find Nina outside nursing her plants.  She'll give you
the EARTH GRAVESTONE.  (For the record, if you look at her plants outside at
any point before this, you'll see something sparkling.  You can choose to
watch her plants or stomp on them for a Thera item.  This does not affect
whether she gives you the stone or not, but would you really stomp all over
her seeds of happiness?)  Leave and come back with Keith in the party to find
Nina in the shop.  She tells Keith she saw a golden light in the castle and
Keith is intrigued.  To the castle!

Once there, make your way to the basement coffin room to find a golden bat,
Keith's older brother.  If you ask me, he sounds more like an immature
younger brother.  He has been sent by their elders to give him the family
sword, the DEMONSWD-TYRVING, but only if Keith can beat it out of him.

    Golden Bat         Class: ---
    HP: c. 1500        Drop: DemonSwd-Tyrving
    EXP: 40,000        Cash: 15,000

   Keith will automatically have his new sword equipped, but
   beware: the hit areas on this thing are tiny!  You have
   five turns (plus one more if you really need it) to knock
   the bat out or else you get KO'd and the Game Over screen.
   To make things easier, equip Keith with accessories that
   raise physical attack: Demon Earrings, the Small Jug, etc.

Afterwards, Keith overflows with joy in the form of a cinematic.

Return to the castle's throne room with Keith out of the party to find an
invisible man walking around; he's Lottery Member numero uno.  Don't bother
equipping a Pocket Watch but definitely make sure you save before playing with

   Lottery Member #1
   Ring: Insanely fast
     Thief Earrings          *Thief Earrings raise your trophy money and
     Key to Success           chances of winning an item by 20%.
     Seal of Vitality

                               Prague/The Dollhouse                     [sdh]

   Items: ___ Air Gravestone        Enemies: Ghouler (Fire)
          ___ Crank                          Spanky (Wind)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Ghoul (Water)
          ___ Storeroom Key                  Orb Chaos (Light)
          ___ Oracle Earrings
          ___ Silver Hand
          ___ Slide Plate
          ___ Crucifix
          ___ Holy Book-Flesh

First things first: return to the bar in Prague and speak with the barkeep.
He'll ask you to check on Darcie in the bathroom.  Talk to him; this is that
one part in the entire game I mentioned earlier where tissues actually have a
purpose.  If you have some, Yuri will hand them over.  If you don't have any,
you can quickly get some by talking to the sleeping man outside and losing his,
or anyone else's, Lottery or by completing Sharon's pit fight with Margarete.
In return, Darcie will give you the AIR GRAVESTONE when you try to leave.  An
interesting thing to note is that the Silent Peddler at the north side of town
sells extract healing items, Weird Bottles, and Third Keys.  Hopefully, you're
loaded enough to stock up.

Go back to the world map and make sure Alice is in the party.  In the bar,
you'll find a new guy there, Ewan, who asks you to exorcise a house not far
from here.  The Dollhouse will now appear on the world map.  Inside, examine
the clock to your left to find a CRANK.  In the door to the east, you'll find
a LOTTERY TICKET on the shelf below you.  Go north to a fountain.  Examine it
and do a really annoying Push Ring to get the STOREROOM KEY.  Go back outside
and go to the left of the house, picking up the ORACLE EARRINGS on the way.
Open the door.  Use the crank to start the generator so you'll have enough
light to look around.  There's a SILVER HAND on the rack ahead of you.  Go
down the ladder.

The corner closest to the screen has what looks like wine glasses on an oil
drum: check it to get the SLIDE PLATE.  If you try to go any further here,
you'll find the path blocked by water.  Go back into the house and upstairs.
Put the slide plate into the projector to see a picture taken on December 24.
If you go back downstairs to the room to the east, you'll see a strange wheel
in the fireplace that needs a code.  Remembering the codes back at the
orphanage, you'll get 1224 from the date on the picture.  Put it in to drain
the water, allowing you access to the eastern room in the storeroom.

In the creepy looking bedroom, examine everything to get a feel for what kind
of strange things have been going on here.  To the far right is a hidden chest
with a CRUCIFIX in it.  Equip it and any Zodiac/Rosewood Bracelets you have.
Attempt to leave to find that you aren't alone.

    Orb Chaos         Class: Light
    HP: c. 8000       Drop: Holy Book-Flesh
    EXP: 48,000       Cash: 27,500

   This thing has just about every stat-boosting spell in the
   game, and it will use almost, if not, all of them.  This means
   it'll spend a lot of its turns casting them, but it'll still
   find time to attack.  Expression hits the entire party and
   causes Paralysis.  An all-party healing spell is always a
   plus, preferably Alice's Arc.  The Amon fusion is great for
   dealing damage; if you don't have it, the Dark fusion will
   work well too.  There's nothing much to say except keep your
   HP up and keep attacking.  It might take a while to deal
   sufficient damage depending on what kind of spells the monster
   casts but not enough to be too difficult.

It drops Alice's best weapon, HOLY BOOK-FLESH.  Go back to Prague to tell Ewan
you finished the job, only to find a stain on the floor...

                                 Ancient Ruins                          [sar]

   Items: ___ Angel Earrings        Enemies: Asp (Water)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Basilisk (Fire)
          ___ GoldThreadCoat                 Sweeper (Earth)
          ___ Volt Snipe                     Seraphim

On the world map, examine the Book of Rituals to gain access to the Ancient
Ruins.  Enter the temple and go past the pool of water to a chest with ANGEL
EARRINGS.  The Book of Rituals said to go down the rainbow path so follow this
color order (yet another kindergarten lesson): red, orange, yellow, green
(after taking the green hallway, in the next torch room you can find a chest in
the lower right corner with a LOTTERY TICKET), light blue, dark blue, purple.
The pool will drain; head down to find a chest containing GOLDTHREADCOAT,
Alice's best armor.  Go back to the world map and examine the book again to
learn you must now go backwards: purple, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow,
orange, red.  Be sure to save and heal before going down the stairs.

    Seraphim          Class: ---
    HP: c. 4000       Drop: Volt Snipe
    EXP: 60,000       Cash: 30,000

   Man, this guy hits hard!  Alice's Arc is damn near
   mandatory.  His normal combo is to be feared, and Divine
   Punishment hits the party and causes a number of status
   and ring ailments.  He has no class so anything goes,
   attack-wise.  Yuri is probably going to be your only
   source of damage since you'll need someone watching your
   HP at all times and someone else to provide support with
   items for MP.  The good news is that this guy doesn't
   have a lot of HP so this shouldn't take too long.

He'll drop the VOLT SNIPE, Halley's best weapon.  Nothing to do now but leave.

                                   Cave Temple                          [sct]

   Items: ___ Priest Earrings       Enemies: Oingo (Dark)
          ___ Lottery Ticket                 Buggy (Wind)
          ___ Mant.OfShivering               Penalty (Light)
          ___ Fifth Key                      Cherubim
          ___ Key to Success
          ___ Holy Peak Staff

On the world map, examine the EmigreManuscript to unlock the Cave Temple in
the London area.  Enter and examine the map on the wall.  This is the path of
the left dragon, and we're starting in the lower right corner.  Going a wrong
direction here will get you warped to the beginning.  Go through the door here
and go north to find PRIEST EARRINGS.  Go back and head west, north, west,
south, south, west, and north for a LOTTERY TICKET.  Go back one screen and
continue west, north, and west to find a save point.  Go north to find the
MANT.OFSHIVERING (Keith's best armor) and get warped back to the beginning.

On the world map, examine the book again to learn we now need to take the
path of the right dragon.  The map is the same, but since the east is to the
right, use the same directions but go east instead of west.  Go through the
door and north to find a FIFTH KEY.  Back one screen, go east, north, east,
south, south, east, and north for a KEY TO SUCCESS.  Go back a screen and go
east, north, east to reach a save point.  Be sure to use it and heal!  Head
north when ready.

    Cherubim           Class: ---
    HP: c. 10,000      Drop: Holy Peak Staff
    EXP: 60,000        Cash: 30,000

   This monster is like the Seraphim, just with a ton more HP
   but only physical attacks can harm him.  His normal attack
   isn't as bad, but he uses Divine Punishment so make sure you
   have your Crucifixes equipped.  He'll also use !!!, bringing
   one character down to 1 HP.  Once again, Arc will save your
   hide.  You might even have to use it every turn.  Fuse Yuri
   and attack however and have your third character attack/
   support.  This is going to be one looong fight, so keep your
   HP and SP up at all times.  Nothing is worse than whittling
   down a chunk of this guy's health only to be killed and
   having to start over.  You might want to consider using
   attack-boosting items like a Monkey Paw or Key to Success to
   speed things up.

It'll drop the HOLY PEAK STAFF, Zhuzhen's best weapon, when you finally win.

                                   Roger Claus                          [src]

   Items: ___ Pulse Tract
          ___ Nightbird Claw

Okay, yeah, it's a stupid name for this section but what can I say?  Roger
Bacon just loves giving gifts.

First off, if you've followed the walkthrough up to this point, Roger should
notice a certain book Yuri is carrying.  You'd think, being a wizened magician,
it'd be one of the Vatican's books he's looking at, but no; it's the Erotic
Book you snatched from Dehuai.  In a humorous scene, Yuri reluctantly hands it
over in exchange for the PULSE TRACT.

After having gone to Neameeto at least once, talk to Roger to get him started
on another experiment he's got concerning his teleporter.  You'll then have to
do a Spin Ring 10.  Nailing this thing is hard unless you've got a quick finger
and a good eye.  I personally think it's harder than the Push Rings, and there
are no special tricks here to make it easy.  Just keep at it.  When you
actually accomplish this feat, you apparently send Roger to the moon.  Yuri is
skeptical when the old man comes back, so Roger gives him a weapon he hid there
as proof of his trip.  It happens to be the NIGHTBIRD CLAW, Yuri's best weapon.

Finally, if you tell Roger you've got to go to the bathroom , he'll reveal
himself to be the Lottery Chairperson but only if you've played with all the
other members up to this point.

   Lottery Member #0
   Ring: Normal
     CottonUnderpants        *CottonUnderpants cut normal damage in half.  The
     Comet Mask               downside?  It seems only Alice can wear them.
     Seal of the Soul  

                              The Seraphic Radiance                     [ssr]

   Items: ___ Stone of Rebirth      Enemies: Ben Hyuga (Dark)
          ___ Seven-Eyed Mask                Seraphic Radiance
          ___ Diamond Ring
          ___ Father's Coat

To receive the final and undoubtedly the strongest fusion, you must have
finished the sidequests at the Cave Temple, Ancient Ruins, and gotten the
Codex of Lurie.  You must also have acquired every fusion up to this point
(level 3s and Amon) and gotten the Pulse Tract from Roger Bacon.  In other
words, finish all the sidequests pertaining to the ancient books and Yuri's

On the world map, examine the Pulse Tract to learn the new path you need to
take down the colored halls of the Ancient Ruins: yellow, red, green, purple,
dark blue, red, light blue.  At the end, you'll find the STONE OF REBIRTH in a
chest.  Save, examine it, and go to the Graveyard.  If you've achieved the
good ending, go over and talk to the masks to get a great scene of Yuri rubbing
Atman's death in their faces and threatening them all for an apology.  They'll
give you the SEVEN-EYED MASK to make it up to you.  Before you enter the gate
to the north, you need to prepare for battle.

First off, put Yuri in the back row; this may very well save your life.
Accessories that boost attack and defense power are a good idea.  You'll have
room for them since you won't necessarily need your Flare Brooch or a Crucifix.
You might also consider accessories that increase MP/HP or decrease MP
consumption.  Make sure you have at least one Pure Extract and a good supply of
Thera Extracts (they cost 100 steps at the Silent Peddler's Pedometer service
or you can buy them from the Silent Peddler in Prague).  When ready, head
through the gate, look at the sunset, and try to leave.  Ben will show himself;
he's the power that's been protecting Yuri all this time.  He reveals that he
trapped the Seraphic Radiance in order to protect his son, and now it's time to
see if Yuri can handle it himself.

    Ben Hyuga/Seraphic Radiance     Class: Dark/---
    HP: c. 7000                     Drop: Diamond Ring
    EXP: 60,000                     Cash: 99,999

   You can fuse if you want or wait; fusing now will help you
   prepare so bring out your fusion of choice (for this strategy,
   you can't go wrong with Amon).  If you're in the back row,
   Ben's combo (his only attack) won't hurt as much.  Save your
   MP; just physically attack.  You should only have to heal
   every other turn.  When you've dealt a bit of damage (about
   2200), use a Pure Extract to bring your SP up to the max and
   make sure your HP is close to the max as well when Ben brings
   out the Seraphic Radiance.

   It only has two attacks: a normal combo and an attack that
   hurts you for about 300 damage and heals it for about 100.
   Once again, if you're in the back row, you can survive its
   normal combo for two turns before having to heal, but you
   should use a Thera Extract after it uses the latter spell.
   If you've got 'em, break out the Third/Fifth/Seventh Keys or
   stick with Amon's Demon Rays (it does more damage than The
   End).  It's going to take some discretion to know when to
   attack and when to heal since you've got no one to back you
   up, but this is why this is the hardest fight.  Heal first,
   attack when you can, and just keep at it.

If you fail, it's not a game over.  You'll be taken back to where you were last
with just 1 HP.  All the items you used in the fight will be gone, so it's
probably best to load and start again.

If you win, you'll get a scene and the Seraphic Radiance fusion.  This one is
unique, as it takes the Harmonixer's appearance: Yuri with lovely black wings.
If you look at the Seraphic Radiance's entry in the library, it says it grants
the power to perform deicide, the ability to kill gods; you're ready for the
final boss.  Before leaving the Graveyard, go back through the gate to the
north and look behind the tree to find FATHER'S COAT in a chest: Yuri's best


   To make things easier, I decided to do a recap of the important stuff.
   This way, you don't have to go looking all over for things spread out in
   the walkthrough.

                                   Gravestones                          [sgs]

In case you missed the list earlier, here's all the Gravestones you need to
acquire Yuri's powerful fusions.

   Dark Gravestone: Blue Castle, where you fought Yuri
   Light Gravestone: Wales, first floor of Roger Bacon's house
   Water Gravestone: Rouen, Fighting Couple sidequest or buy for 10,000 cash
   Fire Gravestone: Calios Mental Hospital, double check the chest with the
                    Dungeon Key
   Earth Gravestone: Bistritz, Nina will be outside the shop and give it to you
   Air Gravestone: Prague, after giving Darcie tissues, he'll give you the
   DestructionStone: Nemeton Monastery, undo all the seals on the treasure
                     chests and approach the pit before fighting Albert
   Stone of Rebirth: Ancient Ruins, after reading the Pulse Tract, follow the
                     new path to find it in a chest

In order to access the Stone of Rebirth and the Seraphic Radiance fusion, you
must have gotten the DestructionStone and Amon as well as the Erotic Book in
Kuihai Tower.  No exceptions!

                              Ultimate Weapons/Armor                    [swa]

  Weapon: Nightbird Claw, do a Spin Ring 10 without going crazy in Roger's
          house after going to Neameeto at least once
  Armor: Father's Coat, beat the Seraphic Radiance and you'll find it in a
         chest behind the tree on the hill in the Graveyard

  Weapon: Holy Book-Flesh, enemy drop from Orb Chaos in the Dollhouse
  Armor: GoldThreadCoat, in a chest at the end of your first trip through the
         Ancient Ruins (following the rainbow path)

  Weapon: Holy Peak Staff, enemy drop from Cherubim in the Cave Temple
  Armor: CoatoftheAdept, talk to Meiyuan on the first floor of the Rouen inn
         and he'll give you a letter from Quihua with the coat

  Weapon: 10 Gauge, won from Lottery Member #2 in an alley in Rouen after
          hearing Margarete's confession
  Armor: Leather Suit, given by the Silent Peddler if you've reached at least
         10,000 steps on your Pedometer

  Weapon: DemonSwd-Tyrving, given by the Golden Bat in Blue Castle
  Armor: Mant.OfShivering, in a chest at the end of the path of the left dragon
         in the Cave Temple (first time through)

  Weapon: Volt Snipe, enemy drop from Seraphim in the Ancient Ruins
  Armor: Metal Jacket, prize for beating Sharon's pit fight as Halley

                                 Lottery Members                        [slm]

Here's a list of all the Lottery Members in case you need a quick cheat sheet.
All their locations are also listed in the walkthrough in much greater detail
along with tips on how to nail your wedge of choice.  Note that #0 will not
appear until you play with everyone.

  Lottery Member #15                        Lottery Member #14
  Location: Fengtian square                 Location: Sea Turtle Inn, Dalian
  Ring: Normal                              Ring: Normal
    Jade Lariat                               Pocket Watch
    B. Tortoise Fang                          W. Tiger Hair
    TalismanOfMercy                           TeaoftheHealer
    Pure Seed                                 Pure Leaf
    Tissues                                   Tissues

  Lottery Member #13                        Lottery Member #12
  Location: Wheelhouse of Smuggler's Boat   Location: Boat in Shanghai port
  Ring: Normal                              Ring: Slightly faster than normal
    Iron Clogs                                Star Card
    B. Dragon Horn                            R. Phoenix Talon
    Witch's Broth                             TeaOfTheHolyOne
    Pure Leaf                                 Pure Seed
    Tissues                                   Tissues

  Lottery Member #11                        Lottery Member #10
  Location: Temple Ruins, third trial       Location: Outside Kowloon Fortress
  Ring: Normal                              Ring: Slightly faster than normal
    Flash Badge                               Mind's Eye
    Kirin Scale                               Moon Swallow
    Priest's Wine                             TalismanOfWisdom
    Pure Seed                                 Pure Seed
    Tissues                                   Tissues

  Lottery Member #9                         Lottery Member #8
  Location: Kuihai Tower                    Location: Outside Prague bar
  Ring: Slightly faster than normal         Ring: Speed slowly increases
    Warlock Earrings                          Brsrkr Earrings
    Star Swallow                              Seal of Luck
    Soul Benediction                          TalismanOfPurity
    Pure Seed                                 Thera Root
    Tissues                                   Tissues

  Lottery Member #7                         Lottery Member #6
  Location: House in Bistritz               Location: Alley in Rouen
  Ring: Normal                              Ring: Normal
    Oracle Earrings                           Accelerator
    Seal of Life                              Seal of Aura
    TeaOfTheHolyOne                           Alchemist'sWater
    Mana Root                                 Pure Root
    Tissues                                   Tissues

  Lottery Member #5                         Lottery Member #4
  Location: Old Castle Street, London       Location: Calios Mental Hospital
  Ring: Narrow                              Ring: Normal
    Priest Earrings                           Eternity Card
    Seal of Speed                             Seal of Force
    Thera Extract                             Mana Extract
    Thera Root                                Mana Root
    Tissues                                   Tissues

  Lottery Member #3                         Lottery Member #2
  Location: Cauldron in Orphanage           Location: Alley in Rouen
  Ring: Invisible                           Ring: Haste
    Crucifix                                  10 Gauge
    Seal of Wisdom                            Dice of Caesar
    Pure Extract                              Seal of Strength
    Pure Root                                 Eye of Ouroboros
    Tissues                                   Tissues

  Lottery Member #1                         Lottery Member #0
  Location: Throne room in Blue Castle      Location: Roger's House in Wales
  Ring: Insanely fast                       Ring: Normal
    Thief Earrings                            CottonUnderpants
    Key to Success                            Comet Mask
    Seal of Vitality                          Seal of the Soul
    FruitOfYggdrasil                          TalismanOfPower
    Tissues                                   Tissues


6. Miscellaneous

   Credit/Thanks                                                        [mct]

    Much thanks goes out to the authors of the guides already posted for
    Shadow Hearts.  They were all a big help when I got stuck when I played
    the game for the first time and helped me get a good enough feel for the
    mechanics to strike it out on my own.  Plus, I like to read FAQs for fun
    and they were all a great read.  This is especially for Alex's, Mysticcat's
    and LyssaJ's guides.  Thanks for helping me catch the Lottery Members I
    couldn't find, namely numbers 4, 1, and 0 and helping get past the London
    Push Ring!

    Big thanks to Midway, Aruze, et al. for making this game and its sequels.
    This title shows its age, but it's still fun to play, and the subsequent
    games just get better.

    Thanks to the message boards at for pointing out all the
    complications with the good ending achievement.  I may not post to the
    boards, but I do read!  Thanks to them, I understood that the path to the
    good ending is a lot more complicated than I ever thought, so I went back
    and tested it every which way.

    Thanks also to NinDa's Treasure FAQ when I reached the end of my rope
    trying to find it all!  This is especially for items in Prague, Blue
    Castle, the Orphanage, and the Ancient Ruins.  Wonderful work!

    Thanks to an awesome little shop called Video Gaming Fun for actually
    having a nice copy of this game in stock.

    Thanks to anyone reading this walkthrough.

    Finally, thanks to GameFAQs and the people who work to keep it running!
    You guys have saved my hide countless times in countless games over the
    years.  You rock.  Thanks also goes out to other video game help websites
    that expressed interest in this, my first guide.


   Author's Notes/Version History/Hosts/Legal Info                      [mal]

    Whew.  Finally done with my first walkthrough.  I now have a newfound
    respect for any and all FAQ authors as this is hard work!  If you've found
    any mistakes in this guide, have any questions about anything in the game
    I left out, or just need specific help, feel free to let me know at
    SophiaLee04 at yahoo dot com.  Be sure to mention Shadow Hearts in the

    Version History:
      1.52 - 09/15/09: discovered a neat little tidbit about the phone in Old
                       Carl's house; it gives you tips on how to get
                       gravestones after you speak to Koudelka: neat; the
                       only other thing to note is that there's a version of
                       this guide that incorporates screenshots now up at
      1.51 - 02/05/08: added as a new host for this guide and
                       did some reformatting
      1.50 - 12/01/07: revisited this guide and made minor proofreading
                       changes; I think it's safe to say this thing is as
                       complete as it will ever be
      1.49 - 06/11/07: finally got 100% of the treasure (with help, since
                       button mashing only got me about 98%)
      1.48 - 06/10/07: added more new sections, Character Stats, under the
                       basics, and a recap of Gravestone locations
      1.28 - 06/09/07: added two new sections which are basically just recaps
                       of the locations of ultimate gear and Lottery Members;
                       I also did a lot of proofreading and double checking to
                       make sure my item lists are correct
      1.07 - 04/25/07: pretty much put the finishing touches on this guide;
                       found a new piece of treasure in the mental hospital,
                       finally completed my monster library and got Carl's
                       underwear (ew), found out that you can buy Third Keys
                       and extracts in Prague, and fine-tuned the Good Ending
                       section to include a requirement regarding Yuri; the
                       only thing left to do is find all the treasure to see
                       what Carl gives me
      1.06 - 04/16/07: added as a host for this guide
      1.05 - 04/15/07: added strategies for Margarete and Zhuzhen in the Asian
                       pit fights as well as information regarding battling
                       Fox Face under the Plains
      1.04 - 04/14/07: added info in Dalian section regarding the "find the
                       turtle" and pasture/item hunting games
      1.03 - 03/22/07: added information regarding the good ending (still
                       attempting to figure all the requirements)
      1.02 - 03/18/07: added as a host for this guide
      1.01 - 03/09/07: minor changes/grammar fixes/enemies added
      1.00 - 03/08/07: walkthrough finished and submitted
      0.00 - 02/14/07: walkthrough started

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    Legal Info:
      This document was created for personal, private use.  It took a long time
      to write, so please respect the work involved and do not do anything with
      it that you shouldn't: namely, passing it off as your own or posting it
      anywhere without my permission.

    Copyright (ゥ) 2007, 2008, 2009 Georgi Samaras