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[edit] Background

Shadowgrounds Survivor is a sequel/spinoff to 2006's Shadowgrounds. Happening roughly at the same time as the original game, it follows the struggle of three survivors of a deadly alien attack on a Ganymede colony.

[edit] Gameplay

SS is a top-down shooter, largely in the old school tradition of the genre, but with modern graphics and sound. The game's 24 levels are played alternatively as three different characters, each with their own weapons and abilities, upgraded through a light RPG-like system. There is also a separate Survivor Mode, where the goal is to survive against an endless onslaught of aliens and attain the highest score.

The game also features a co-op mode, allowing you to play through the campaign with a friend, on the same computer.

[edit] Features

  • 3 playable characters, each with impressive new tactics
  • RPG-like upgrade system for weapons and characters; including special attacks such as the all-engrossing Napalm Flame and the mighty Brute Slayer.
  • New gameplay features such as the Sentry Turret and the powerful Mech!
  • Campaign mode short of filler and full of action, running parallel to the Shadowgrounds story and expanding it to new locations, including snow and ice environments, gritty sewers and the suffering New Atlantis colony
  • Survival mode where the player is pitted against hordes of alien monsters – the clock is ticking and they just keep on coming!
  • New graphics enhancements, including raging snowstorm effects, new weapon effects and much more!
  • Integrated physics that bring the world alive with hundreds of physics objects, taking the destruction to the next level
  • New original soundtrack composed by praised Shadowgrounds composer Ari Pulkkinen
  • On-disc Editor tools, sample missions and modding Wiki for easy modding; take part in the Shadowgrounds mod community and create mods for the Campaign or the Survival mode – or just enjoy the results of others!

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