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The Introduction:
No kidding, back when this first came out, I've found myself trading this game in right after completing the first two levels because they were so offensively terrible! Neither level had an ounce of a worthwhile substance, instead relying on being overly stylish with an overabundance of toilet humor. Now, I don't normally have an issue with the latter, but the former is something I do tend to find rather annoying when it comes right down to it. I questioned how anybody could find this enjoyable. Well, about 11 months later, I went to my local game shop and bought a copy of ...


Damn, these bosses blow


Fanboy squeal...?
When you hear that Goichi Suda or "Suda 51" is working on a game alongside the likes of Shinji Mikami (mr Resident Evil himself) and Akira Yamaoka (the guy who did all the Silent Hill soundtracks), you'd probably get a huge *bleep* if you like their stuff. Me? I liked Killer7, No More Heroes, Resident Evil 2 and pretty much all of the Silent Hill games, so I was pretty pumped for this. I was first in line, buying this the day it came out, playing it... and walking away pretty disappointed after beating the first few bosses. That summed up the entire experience as I painstak...


Dead Silent Evil 7


You know, I've always wondered what would happen if you lock Goichi Suda and Shinji Mikami in a room together, and for kicks, add in Akira Yamaoka because that dude always composes some kickass soundtracks. I got my wish and it's called Shadows Of The Damned. It's basically Dead Space, but with a horror setting and funny moments. It also does everything in its power to deliver heaps of style to make up for a lack of substance... that's not to say that there's no substance, but compared to Dead Space, it's a bit lacking. Having said that, it still kicks ass.

You play as Garcia *bleep*ing Hots...


A Suda 51 acid trip


Developer: Grasshopper Interactive
Publisher: Electronic Arts

If you were to ask me what my favorite movie is, I'd often say Shaun Of The Dead. That movie combines zombies with humor, and said humor is *bleep*ing hilarious! So I'd say that it's about time we got a video game that successfully combines humor with horror. The result is Shadows Of The Damned, a game where you have to face down the undead while your companion/gun tells sex jokes. A little crass, but the timing is often impeccable, making each joke hilarious, and because of that, the game itself is actually quite enjoyable to play...


damn it's inconsistent


Shadows Of The Damned... hmm, you know what it reminds me of? A supergroup's debut record, often their only record because most of these supergroups fail. Whether it's because they don't get any money or because their album was shit, one thing is for certain - supergroups suck. Yeah yeah, the individuals are damn good, but putting them together is just asking for trouble. Even if it's something as harmless as the creator of Resident Evil, the soundtrack composer of Silent Hill and that guy that made Killer 7 and No More Heroes... I mean, their creation, Shadows Of The Damned, is at least a ...

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