Shadow of Destiny review
Time Travelling Fun!

The good:

It's just so different. The fact that you die at the beginning of the game, which then begins the twists and turns of your little Adventure. The graphics for this game were some of the most impressive I've ever caught sight of, so detailed that you feel you can actually reach out and touch it.

The characters were creatively done, starting of with the long blonde male Eike Kusch, the main character who is trying to avoid his own death. Poor guy. Though on his first death, a strange and metallic voice calls out to him in a strange place...telling him, he can avoid death and find out who his killer is. This storyline is just a bunch of chills, thrills and amusing deaths for the poor guy.

With the multiple endings, it really gives you a challenge trying to find them all and understand who, what and why it all happened? For a game like this, you wouldn't think time travelling would mix in with the modern kind of scenery, but this along with the small digipad gave to you by the unusual voice takes you back to yesterday, 100 years....even 500 years ago.

The bad:

I have to admit the game was short, but I think the only reason for that is because they made so many endings for it.

This may not be a good reason, but hey.. The fact they couldn't get a sequel or prequel going. lol also, for the PC, Konami didn't really have good support for it.


I think it's ashame the game wasn't as popular as what I might have expected. It's also ashame they have't done a sequel which I really wish for.

It's a puzzling game which gets your mind going with great character design and a good plot to it. Though it maybe short, you still have some many endings to figure out. Not only that, but Demon Homunculus is such a great, cool and sly charcater.

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