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Set fourteen years after the events of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, the adventure follows the young 16 year old protagonist, Johnny Garland, and a 21 year old shaman warrior Shania of the Garvoy tribe. Johnny lost his father and sister in a horrific car accident in which he ended up suffering from amnesia. Now, he takes on the role of a private detective and one particular case sees him finding his suspect only to be devoured by a monster that appears out of a distortinal portal, and it appears that similar events have been occuring, nation wide.

[edit] Features

  • Series trademark Judgment Ring battle system makes a return with improvements - "Stock System" allowing players the option of executing a "Combo" command with a second character or "Double" command enabling a character to perform two different actions in one turn.
  • A completely new story and set of new characters will make the title easily accessible to newcomers of the series with its unique style and sense of humor.
  • A cast of well-drawn, entertaining characters with distinct personalities and reappearances by a few of the series' favorites.
  • Experience a higher level of realism with easy to navigate, visually-stunning backgrounds, special lighting and illumination effects.
  • Huge production values with dramatic events unfolding through high quality graphics, CG cut scenes, impressive sound effects and voice overs.

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Jul 22, 10 12:31pm
I remember seeing a friend play the first Shadow Hearts, thought it looked amazing. Got this for christmas instead of the first one(mum... ShadowHeartsFromTheNewWorld
Hell Fire
Jul 13, 09 9:10am

Shadow Hearts: From the New World [FTNW] is the third game in Nautilus' Shadow Hearts...

May 27, 09 12:48pm
Haven't played enough of yet to comment... ShadowHeartsFromTheNewWorld
Feb 26, 09 8:19pm
not quite ShadowHeartsFromTheNewWorld
Miss Razz
Aug 15, 08 7:11pm
added 43 new concept art
May 27, 08 7:10am
8/10 ShadowHeartsFromTheNewWorld
Jan 27, 08 5:56am

Shadow Hearts. A series that really isn't all that mainstream, such as the Final...

Jan 26, 08 2:19pm
Not for sale. ShadowHeartsFromTheNewWorld
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beat it ShadowHeartsFromTheNewWorld
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  • North America: Mar 7, 2006
  • Japan: Q2 2005
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