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Shadow Complex cheats, Achievements, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
Achievements Videos
Serious Complex Achievement Guide (00:02:07)
by RoosterTeeth May 20 2013
Serious Complex Achievement Easy Leveling fast experience (00:01:54)
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Serious Complex Achievement Guide (00:02:07)
by AnamikaHannan11 May 20 2013
AchievementHow to unlock
Let's Get Punchy (15)Melee 5 soldiers
Bomba Punter (20)Punt 20 Bombas
My Head A-splode (20)Get 50 headshots
Make 'Em Scream (20)Get 100 soldiers to scream
To Kill a Blackbird (15)Destroy the helicopter attacking the vice president
Look Out! (5)Kill a soldier with a Bomba
Walkin' on Water (5)Make it from one end of the lake to the other in hyperspeed
Hero (50)Complete the game on any difficulty setting
Completionist (20)Complete the game with 100% of the items
Minimalist (10)Complete the game with less than 13% of items
Proven Grounds (10)Complete the three challenge packs in the Proving Grounds
Serious Complex (10)Level up to experience level 50


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"Status Update: Single" help
To get this master challenge "like an achievement for the game" you have to go to the jeep (the place you start the game at). Once there, press B in front of the jeep. You will trigger a special ending.

There are ealier times to get this, but the easiest way is to wait until you have the Omega armour. Stay on the land (top part of the map) and keeping walking over 'till you get to the jeep. Then, press B.
More Experience
If you are having a hard time leveling, try to.....

1. Play on insane/ a harder difficulty, it nets you more experience.
2. Try to find all gold bars, gold guns give you twice the experience.
3. You don't get most experience killing people, you get most from bosses and exploring, so explore!
Special Unlockable for leveling
Special things you will unlock every ten levels;

Level 10: Extra 100 health
Level 20: Full Map Revealed
Level 30: Infinite Foam ammo
Level 40: Infinite Grenade ammo
Level 50: Infinite Missile ammo (and an achievement)