Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams review
Silent Hill 2

The good:

Well, there is a pretty good storyline in the middle part of the game. Also, this keeps you on the edge of your seat and with the fog, it draws a lot of suspense. I even thought this was scarier then the Resident Evil series!! There is action in here and lots of horror and a good mystery to solve! So your getting a pretty good ride out of this game!! This game has better graphics then the ps2 version too though, but not a huge difference. More like, slightly!

The bad:

The storyling is ok, but i wish it could have been better. Like, the story develops but the main plot coulda been a lil better. Secondly, there could have been more weapons and they should have taken a greater impact on the enemies. Because like, it takes like 3 damn rounds to kill those suckers! and it even takes about 5 shots with a demon killing known shotgun! Also,i think there shoulda been a little more ammo through out the game since it takes a shit load of bullets to kill stuff. Then, i think it shoulda been a little easier to beat the game too because there is ALOT of stuff you have to get and even combine. I kinda wanted it to be a little more like the Resident Evil series where you can kill stuff too and not have to worry about bullets after you kill stuff. In SH2 you just have to run, your ammo will be very depleted if you dont run, just to stop and kill one enemy it takes a hell of a lot of bullets and sometiems you even run out. not good! Then, the main thing u go around killing stuff with is a plank!! HOLY COW!! Come on! A PLANK???? You have to get so close to kill stuf with a plank and that puts you in the danger zone of getting hurt really bad!! And when yuou tak eon 2 enemies on at one time, chances are you are going to die!!! Also, there shoulda been a few more savepoints, because once you collect a shit load of stuff, chances are you hav to go find the boss and kill him for that stage and if you die you have to fight him all over again!! Also, once you die a few times, you get unhooked, well, atleast i did because i lost al ot of items and had to find them over again.


I would buy this game if you are a fan of Silent Hill and you enjoyed them in the first place. If you have a lot of money like about 100$ i would buy this game and try it out, or even just go to your local blockbuster or video game rental place and tyr it out first. But, think wisely before buying this game.

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