Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Speed Guide
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Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Speed Guide

by Ghidrah   Updated on

Silent Hill 2
Restless Dreams
Speed Game Guide
Version 1.0

Title: Silent Hill 2
Producer: Konami
Platform: X Box
WordPad: Courier New (Western)
By: Ghidrah
Created: 4/1/03


   If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to 
know. I don't have a problem with it's use by others on Gaming forums, 
FAQ sites, or being copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to 
be used on a site though, just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't 
been altered. So please send me your sites URL.


   As with all my guides, find something I missed, I'll give you credit 
for it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will 
be used. 
As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me 
without the use of any kind of cheat codes. If they (codes) do in fact 
exist for the X Box version of the game.



3. WALKTHROUGH (areas 1 through 17)
4. FIN



   Foistly. I'z A pollo jisin na fer de lousy spellin, punkchewashion 
and gramma. Wafey wun't pruff reed nun uh mi giudes nomo no matter watz 
dizgustin thang Iz promisses tudo in retern.  

   This guide is meant to be used as an "involved" supplement. 
As all that are familiar with my guides know, I never use or create 
ASCII text Maps or graphics, so don't expect any here. 
Hopefully you've already played SH2 a considerable number of times and 
don't need maps or fancy ASCII art to spice up your guide which is 
ribbed for your reading pleasure. 

   If you haven't yet, you need to get used to the crappy feel for James 
control, seems worse than SH1 to me. As you climb the difficulty mode, 
you'll notice James motor skills drop considerably. He becomes one of 
Jerry's kids, a cluster boy. 
You should know the games lay out (in brain). I believe, to date, that 
I've shortened the general route to the important items and avoid back 
tracking as much as possible under the conditions set in the game. 

   Knowing how the denizens of SH move and attack is tres importante. 
There are so many different uglies in SH2, and they all have their 
quirky traits. They are deceptive in their reach and speed. Especially 
when closing in on you. You might think you have the room and then
   Stick carrying Nurses, spitters and the Wheel barrow heads. WBH, with 
their big sabers or their pointed staves are the worst in close 
quarters, (skinny halls and small rooms) they, (WBHs) will grab and 
choke you out. They will draw and quarter you with the big sabers and 
they will stab and swat you with their pointed Pikes. 
   The door monster things, in general aren't that difficult to deal 
with, even the first one in the Catacombs room with Angela. The Chain 
saw takes care of that puppy and future meetings with his ugly family 
quite nicely. There's no room to maneuver, all the conventional weapons 
are too slow and not powerful enough to do the job quickly, allowing the 
DM to get inside and mou on James head. The Chain saw timed just right 
fillets the Door monsters to yummy paper thin slices, just right for 
sandwiches MMMMM, Door Monster sandwiches MMMMM.
   To a lesser degree, the four legged mannequins can be a pain not to 
mention the bugs crawling on the floor all over the place. Lastly, the 
whatever the hell they are, "Things that swing from the underside of the 
grating" They're harmless if you keep moving. The ceiling things in the 
hospital, I don't know what the heck to say about them aside from not 
being overly difficult.

   There are ways to deal with all of them without incurring too much 
damage or wasted time.

   This is a (HARD/EXTRA) mode game. EXTRA! Say what? ... What you 
talking about Willis? Don't ask me to explain it. How the word EXTRA got 
in the riddle side of the game, I don't know. It certainly doesn't show 
in the menu. I knew something was different when I was forced to read 
the dad burned puzzle clues in all the puzzles where it was required. 
You see the results in the Coin, Hanging and Music Box puzzles. I'll say 
this; the clues are so vague as not to be seen with a magnifier. I 
wonder why the Action side of the difficulty mode didn't boot to the 
Extra Mode? I've spoken to a few other players that say they have 
acquired the "EXTRA" on the Riddle mode, so EXTRA is likely a hidden 
bonus thingy.

To conserve some space, I'm going to be contracting names for often used 
objects or SH denizens and functions.
   I'll also give the (HARD/HARD) & (NORMAL/NORMAL) mode oriented 
answers. Hence known as H/H and N/N, or H/M for Hard Mode and N/M for 
Normal Mode. The combat techniques work the same way in (Normal Mode), 
they just take longer in Hard.
The regulars are also faster and more accurate with their attacks in 
SH2. If you're used to Normal mode games, there's going to be an 
elevated level of frustration. So, hold out until your controller is 
throbbing before you heal, No giggling please!

   In (H/M), you don't get the benefit of the AUTO AIM for the pistol as 
in N/M and Easy Modes. James won't just spin and fire at your ugly, you 
have to manually turn his butt ... well, face, all the way around to the 
opponent and even then, he'll miss on occasion even at close range. 
However, the SG works on the Ceiling Things at the Hospital and Maria at 
the end.

I'll be giving my fastest H/E, H/H and N/N stats at the end of the 

(Maybe some day, if I don't get bored before hand, I'll do a percentage 
rate of likely numbers like in RE3 and DC2 to save some time, I'm still 
new to SH2, so I haven't had the time to do that, it can save tonza time 
and in this case health. The only draw back would be if the "WBH" was a 
marker for the game, or the Valise in the Motel)

   As with all spd gms, you'll jump all cut scenes and FMVs that you are 
able to. There are one or two in the game that continue to play for some 
time even though your madly pressing away at the pause button.




   No doubt most, if not all, by now, have either configured the 
controller to suit, or have left it set to default. Some of us read the 
manual over before running the game, others like to start it with no 
concept of what to do or how to do it and wonder why I'm ... THEY'RE 
bleeding from the eyes out of frustration because nothing does what we 
... they ... they, not me, they, think it's supposed to do. OK, OK! So I 
fall into the latter group, our house is a mess from all the eye 
bleeding. I found these settings to be the most convenient for me.

   Take the reset function please! I recently discovered that the 
controller could do the reset. I was pushing the consoles ON/OFF button 
fast to reset and complaining the whole time. 

"How the Heck can they make such an expensive and powerful platform and 
the games to play on it and never consider someone wanting to restart 
the game?" 

Yet ... there it is, at the bottom of page 3 (OTHER CONTROLS) "soft 
reset", small but legible, slapping me in the face and calling me Susan! 
No offense to Susan intended. So, I probably took a years worth of 
resetting off the console out of shear stupidity, ignorance and 
arrogance. "SHOOT ME NOW!" 
Quick, somebody with steel toed jack boots, kick me in the groin to 
learn me a lesson.

   X BOX resets in SH2 in this fashion, press and hold the "START & 
BACK" button simultaneously, a few seconds later, the game will scoot 
back to the KONAMI screen and then to the SH2 Game menu.


   Press down on the right thumb stick to auto access "STAMINA RECOVERY"
This function is fine if you have tons of Meds, it will bring you back 
from the RED ZONE. The problem as I see it is that you might not want to 
use up 1 Medpack and 1 Health Drink per press. This can be costly when 
panic pressing. I prefer to access Inventory manually and take what I 
want. As a matter of fact, I keep away from the right thumb stick, 
because I don't find the look function worth the effort. I prefer to 
spin James around and to catch him.... never mind.


   Look function, it helps you run straighter while holding it down. It 
also helps most when in BOSS FIGHTS. Don't ask me how or why, but it 
gives you more time to shoot at the BOSS while it's approaching you for 
an attack. Not using it while running from and turning to shoot cuts the 
distance between you by nearly a third. Discovering this tidbit took 
most of the fear out of BOSS FIGHTS. I've taken to using the Left 
Shoulder Trigger much of the time now, exiting doors to orient more 
quickly especially when there are uglies on the other side of the door. 
It helps when trying to hit your mark for a pick up too, which means 
cutting time out, and that's a good thing.


Sets whatever weapon you happen to be holding to the ready position

D PAD:    

   I prefer having the controller's "D PAD" for general running and 
combat maneuvering. Access the 2nd OPTION SCREEN from the Inventory 
window and set WALK/RUN CONTROL to "RUN" instead of "ANALOG". I have 
much better control over James this way. You still need to hit the left 
(LOOK) shoulder trigger on occasion to orient James for that important 
forward view, but it isn't as much of a problem as controlling him with 
the left tower. Fact is I flop around too much using the left tower. 
Using the Left Tower on a game like HALO on the other hand, is a perfect 
sync with the run tower. I know you'll maybe say, but you can hold the 
small black button on the right side of the controller and get the run 
function. That way you still keep the DPAD with the walk option when 
pressed by it's lonesome. Well, I know this, but as you'll note further 
down in this file, 


   Pauses the game for you and prevents attack until you press it a 2nd 
time to remove the command. This can give you a breather when the crap 
is like hitting the REALLY BIG FAN, like you're deep into a Boss fight 
KAY, and like you really, really need a Snickers or Mentos break to 
figure out a new strategy, or bathroom break. DUDE ... PAUSE IT!

   I'm pretty sure the "PAUSE BUTTON" stops action only and not the 
clock. The pauses taken while writing this guide is proof enough for me 
that the clock don't stop for nothin!

   Set the AMMO Multiplier to [3X], this'll limit the need to stop as 
often for ammo.

   Set the BRIGHTNESS level to 7. There are quite a few tight areas 
where you may consider going dark to avoid attacks. Some of the hallways 
in the Apartment building, Hospital, Historical Society and Motel are 
tres slim for moving safely around one or more of the things that creep 
in the dark. Shutting down the light equates with saving time and meds.

   Very little travel outside of Line Of Sight will be made to pick up 
Meds. Or Ammo. If they ain't close and we can see'em they're staying 
right where they are. However, HARD MODE is a pain; you're going to need 
Meds. To recoup health from constant contact with the uglies, so, the 
Health Drinks, and Medpack will be mentioned for those that get hammered 
by uglies, namely me.



8. BROOKHAVEN HOSPITAL: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i.
13. "EDDIE and the FREEZERS": Freezer #1, Freezer #2
14. DOCK
16. 2 WBH



   You begin the Game, facing a mirror as James in a public Bathroom on 
the outskirts of Silent Hill. Come to your senses James, stop making 
clown faces in the mirror, ignore the Blue Stone and get the flock out 
of there. 
Run to the car and get the "MAP" (RATS can't avoid it) Run down the 
stairs and along the path to the Cemetery. 
Run into the Cemetery until you get the ANGELA cut scene, "X" it 
out(black start/pause button below back/inventory button) continue 
running, bearing gently right, passing the building on James left, right 
up to the gate. Pass through, continue running, (this is a long boring 
run to the edge of town) I think I hear an outboard motor in the 
distance, I wonder what is operating it? 
DOH! It's the chainsaw everyone else on the planet has found but moi! 
Pick it up, 
(Thanks to "RogueKnight", GameFAQs SH2 member)
It's good for one thing, so far that I can see and it does it quite 
well. As long as you have the rhythm down, you'll not take a bit of 
damage from the Door Monsters.

Continue to and pass through the next and last of the gates to the edge 
of town.


(Note) cut as many corners as possible when moving from one street to 
another. During daylight, the uglies can see you from a greater distance 
and move toward you. I try to stay in the street, only turning onto the 
sidewalk to enter another street or to make a pickup.

   Turn West (right) on Sanders St. and make your way to the 
intersection at Lindsey. ("X" the cut scene, hence known as "CS").
Turn North (right) on Lindsey and continue on down to Vachss Rd. If you 
stay to the right, you'll pass an HD at the base of the over head door 
just before Vachss Rd. 
   Turn onto Vachss; ignore the fenced area to the right. Continue on 
toward the Sound of RADIO static and your first encounter with the 
Disgusting Armless Spitting Thing (hence known as "DSTs"). It is very 
shiny and the crows should love it, I wonder why the crows don't fancy 
it, for that matter, where are the crows in Silent Hill?
Once you enter the tunnel, "X" the "CS" and play smack the DST. You now 
have the "RADIO" and "STICK WITH (EMBEDDED) NAILS" Kind of like the 
civilian news reporters over in Iraq, but not as annoying and floppy. I 
haven't been able to get to the DST without getting spit on in Hard 

   Book back to Lindsey Street. The Uglies are out in the street now but 
easily avoided. Head back to the end of Martin St via Lindsey and Katz 
St, Stay to the right side of the street. At the end of MARTIN, pick up 
the "Apartment Gate Key" from the dead guy. It looks like he's on his 
way to being a DST.

   Turn around and head back to Katz St., stay to the right on the way 
back and pick up the HD near the chain link fence and car. By now you 
should have at most 2 HDs. 

   Turn right on Katz; continue west till you get to the apartment 
complex. I tend to stay to the right of the middle of the street. Once 
you pass the 2nd set of vehicles, start moving over to the chain link 
fence, run along it till you hit the gate and enter.



   Ignore the MAP and pick up the HD. Hit the stairs and proceed to the 
2nd fl. Turn right, run to and enter the last room on the right, (apt 
205) get the "FLASH LIGHT" Ignore the Four Legged Mannequin(hence known 
as FLeM) turn around and leave. 

(It's OK to keep the light on in the wide hallways as long as the FLeMs 
and DSTs aren't bunched up close. In the secondary hallways, much 
skinnier, keep the light off if any are in the hall at all. You'll still 
take a hit now and then, but you'll be conserving Meds. and Ammo. Hence 
known as (LO) for Lights On and (LOF) for Lights Off)

   Exit 205, turn left and head back down the hall to the central 
stairwell door (now on James left) proceed to the 3rd floor.
Enter the 3rd fl., turn left, run to and enter the last door on the left 
(apt. 301). Pick up the gun from the cart and arm James. Exit 301 turn 
right, run to the end of the hall and activate the Laura/Key sequence 
then X the CS. Return to the 2nd fl.

   Enter the 2nd fl., turn right, run to the hall intersection, hear the 
scream, turn left into the EL and run to the end. The last door on the 
right, (apt. 208) TV static, a cupboard behind the chair with the dead 
guy has the key to rm. 202. Get the key, exit 208, run to and enter 
(apt. 202). Ignore the DSTs on the way. There are Flutterbys in this 
room and an HD in the kitchen. Bedroom on right, bouncing noise in room, 
hole near bed, get the "CLOCK KEY" (X out the whole scene)

(Get used to having the light out)

   Exit 202, return to (apt 208), and enter the open door on the left to 
the room with the "CLOCK", (X all the CS through this rm) use the key; 
spin the hands to 9:07:15. 

(The clock hands aren't always in the same position, so check for the 
shortest route) 

   Push the clock and enter (apt 209). There is an HD in the kitchen. 
Exit 209 to the stairwell up to the 3rd fl. Pick up the AMMO on the 

(You now have enough AMMO for this section of the game on Normal Mode)

   Enter the 3rd fl. near (rm 309), LOF, run down to (apt 307) and do 
the CS with Wheel Barrow Head. (Hence known as "WBH") Get the "COURT 
YARD KEY", exit 307, LO, turn left and proceed on to the main hallway 
intersection, turn right run to and pick up the "FIRE ESCAPE KEY". Turn 
around and run to the end of this hallway and take the stairwell to the 
1st fl. Turn left at the foot of the stairs, run to the end of the 
hallway to pick up the "SIX PACK OF JUICE". Turn back and exit the 1st 
fl. through the main entry door at the front of the apartment building.

   Return to the entry door you used to first enter the apartment 
building. Pass the stairwell and use the key to enter the Court Yard. 
Once in the Court Yard, run down the stairs and turn left toward the 
POOL. Run up the POOL enclosure stairs and drop down directly into the 
POOL. Quickly run to the baby carriage, snag the "SNAKE COIN". 

(Be prepared take at least one hit in the pool dropping in this way. 
It's the fastest way though)

   Exit the Pool via the stairs before the DSTs get a bead on you again. 
Exit the POOL enclosure, turn left and run straight up to the other door 
in the Court Yard. LOF, enter the 1st fl apartments. Turn right, run to 
and enter (apt 101), meet Eddie, his butt crack and his hurl. "X" the 
CS, exit 101. Run back out to the court yard and into the building. Take 
the stairs to the 2nd fl., enter the WASH RM and dump the "JUICE" down 
the chute. Exit the 2nd fl. via the Central Stairwell exit the building 
from the front door and pick up "OLD MAN COIN" from the garbage chute's 
collector bin. Speed through the murder article. 

   Return to the 2nd fl hallway via the central stairwell, turn left, 
run to the end and use the "FIRE ESCAPE KEY".


   "X" the CS, LO, exit the Bed rm. Get the HD in the Kitchen and exit 
(apt 203). Turn right, run to and enter the stairwell door. Down to the 
1st fl. Turn left on the 1st fl and run to the 1st apartment on the 
left, (apt 109), (ANGELA/MIRROR RM) Enter the white door and "X" the CS. 
Get the "PRISONER COIN" and exit 109. Turn right, head to (apt 105) on 
the left, across from the stairwell. Approach the ROLL TOP DESK and 
activate the Weasel ... I mean puzzle.

HARD/EXTRA:		Man,Blank,Snake,Woman,Blank.
HARD/HARD:		Blank,Man,Blank,Snake,Woman. 
NORMAL/NORMAl: 	Blank,Man,Woman,Blank.Snake. 

Take the "LYNE HOUSE KEY", exit 105. Return to the 2nd fl., through 
central stairwell. Turn left, run to and enter the 1st door on your 
left. Run through this room to the veranda and into the next apartment. 
Pick up the "APARTMENT STAIRWAY KEY". Pick up the AMMO on the chair as 
you leave.

(You now have enough Ammo to complete this area of the game in Hard 

   (Check your health, if you're blinking, you should heal, just in case 
you take a swipe or grab from WBH. An overhand attack is fatal. Make 
sure you have your pistola loaded and in hand) 

Exit apts. 208 and 209. LOF, Turn left and run to the end of the 
hallway, LO, Use the "APARTMENT STAIRWAY KEY" on the blue stairwell 



   Once you activate the door, press and hold the "LOOK" (left shoulder 
trigger) for the entire event if you lack out, press and hold it while 
shooting and running. Press and hold the right (READY) shoulder trigger 
and the FIRE/ACTION button. "X" out the CS and you'll automatically be 
firing off the 1st 10 rounds of the 50 rounds needed to hasten WBHs 
exit. Run to the opposite end of the room, reload and empty the 2nd clip 
into him. Reload. If you have the time, take another shot or two before 
running back to the door and emptying the 3rd clip into him. Reload, if 
you have the time, fire a few rounds and book, return to the other end 
of the room to unload the 4th clip. One last time, reload and run back 
to the door/stair side, always staying along the walls and empty the 5th 
and final clip into him. The air raid horn will be sounding. Be careful 
to stay against the wall, as you run back to the other side. As he moves 
toward the stairs, he'll often spin and swing one last time at you on 
his way out. You might get yourself GINSUED for no good reason. 
The water will drain after WBH gets down to the lower level. Exit the 
Blue Creek Apartment Building.



   Once out of the building, and on finish grade, there's an MP to the 
left near the orange street cones. Follow the alley out to Nathan Ave. 
"X" out the LAURA FMV and continue on straight to the Observation posts. 
There's an HD to the right of the telescope, get it. Head to MARIA and 
"X" it out. Continue west to the corner and the wide steps up, then 
south, back to Nathan Ave. 
Once there, turn West again and proceed to the Gas Sta. Get the "PIPE" 
from the car. 
(I believe it inflicts more damage on Eddie than the stick, making it 
faster, and avoiding damage from him while trying to shoot him)

Once complete, run to the Bowling alley and enter.



   Not much to do here but "X" out the CSs, Exit and join up with Maria 
outside. Run out behind the Bowling Alley, locate the gate and enter. 
Turn left and head to the end of the alley. "X" the CS, move over to the 
alley door and get Maria to open it. "X" through it. Run to and enter 
There's an MP in here and nothing else. Exit to CARROLL ST. Turn right, 
(South) and proceed to and enter the "BROOKHAVEN HOSPITAL" "X" out the 



   This is a long, dark, miserable and tedious section of the game. The 
halls afford little maneuvering room to avoid damage, possibly forcing 
you to use ammo and Meds when you'd rather not. There are many rooms to 
confuse even well worn SH2 players.
If you've really got the building down, ignore the MAP. It's too easy to 
get turned around and enter rooms you just don't need to be in.


a. BH 1st floor

   Run to and enter the 1st fl. "RECEPTION OFFICE" pick up the HD. Enter 
the "DOCUMENT ROOM" and pick up the "PURPLE BULL KEY" Exit these two 
rooms to the Foyer. Head Left, then left and right for the Stairwell 
door and run up to the 2nd fl.


b. BH, 2nd fl.

Bitches in Heals with Sticks, Lecture on Aides from bent needles and 
living in the Lapis of Luxury.

(I keep a piece of paper with me to write the pass codes down, I'm 
always too freaked out to remember them correctly and they change for 
every NEW GAME)

   LOF, ignore the Bitches in Heels (hence known as BIHs) 
Turn left and bear left, run down the hallway to the "WOMEN"S LOCKER 
ROOM. Get the "BENT NEEDLE" and the "SHOT GUN" (hence known as SG) from 
the locker. Arm with the SG and exit the Locker rm. Run past the 
stairwell door and enter the Patient Wing area of the 2nd fl. Ignore 
ammo box on the stools, "They look like good stools, good strong stools"

"EXAMINATION ROOM 3", MP, Typewriter, check the carbon copy for the 
"HAIRY BOX CODE". Write it down. Exit ER3; enter "M2", for the "LAPIS 
Return to the Central Stairwell, and move up to the 3rd Fl.


c. BH, 3rd fl. & Roof

Drug taking Pole Dancer, Saber swinging WBHs and Bloody wall Messages

   Head straight to the Patient Wing double door and punch in 

"1328" for H/M 
"7335" for N/M

   Tonza "S" rooms here enter "S3" "X" the CS and take the "ROOF KEY" be 
careful not to activate Maria. Exit "S3"; return to the Stairwell and up 
to the roof. 
Make sure you're at full health, and then complete a wide half circle 
toward the strewn papers on the roof deck, then head to the 2nd door for 
the "WBH" event. "X" it and heal in the "SPECIAL TREATMENT ROOM". Enter 
the 3rd rm from the right and read the pass code on the wall, write it 

   So, you're back on the 3rd fl., LOF. Return to the Patient Wing and 
book to the very end room. "S14", LO, deal with the "LOCKED HAIRY BOX". 
Use the "LAPIS and BULL KEYS" on the box then the pass codes. 
Exit S14, LOF, turn right and proceed to the "SHOWER ROOM" just passed 
the elevator on the left. If you didn't kill the BIH on the way to S14, 
you may be forced to kill it now, or take a pummeling from it and the 
FLeMs. Sometimes they bunch up at the benches or whatever the things are 
that are clogging up the hallway. Enter the "SHOWER RM., combine the 
hair and the bent needle to get the "ELEVATOR KEY", "X" out the CS. 

   Exit the 3rd fl. Patient Wing via the 3rd fl. Elevator. One smack 
from the SCNs or the FLeMs and you're on the hurting side of needing an 
HD. Better to conserve Meds by ventilating uglies with buckshot when 


d. 1st fl. Patient Wing

Brat Kid, Psychotic Ceiling Thingies with remarkable prehensile toes and 
teensy barren Gardens

   Enter "C3" and pick up the "SG shells", load the SG and make sure 
your healthy. Exit C3 and enter "C2" "X" out all the CSs until you're in 
"C4" with the "CEILING THINGS" (hence known as CTs) Fire off 3 SG rounds 
and book. I can get up to 3 shots before I have to move if I use the 
extreme ends of the room. There are 2 CTs to start, once they curl up, 
the air raid horn starts and the 3rd CT lowers into the room. It takes 6 
rounds each to make the 1st 2 curl up their toes; the 3rd monkey takes 
more than 8.
When all is done, "X" the CS and leave the "GARDEN". Pick up the SG 
Shells on the way to the 1st fl. elevator. 


e. 2nd fl. Patient Wing

Second floor; Ladies Lingerie, Batteries (for your intimate toys) and 
excellent Hallucinogenics. 

   LOF, turn right and run to the last room at the end of the hall M6. 
LO, pick up the MP, "BATTERY" and "BASEMENT STOREROOM KEY". LOF, go back 
to the elevator and the 3rd fl. You'll need to LO in the elevators to 
see what to press.


f. 3rd fl. Patient Wing

3rd fl ... Never mind. LOF, just get to the Stairwell, run down to the 
basement and enter the STOREROOM.



   LO, get the SG shells and move the bloody selves will ya!

"X" the CSs and climb down for the "COPPER RING" Exit and return to the 
3rd fl elevator via the Stairwell. 

(I save at this point, I still blow at the Basement Escape on H/M in 
the. It can still take me 3 or 4 tries to get out. So, if you blow at it 
like me, save along with me)

Exit the stairwell, and enter the Patient Wing. Press and hold the READY 
TRIGGER and the ACTION/FIRE button as you pass through the door. You'll 
take out the BIH in one round. LOF, run to the elevator, odds are you'll 
make it there untouched if you're a good enough swerver. LO, once inside 
the elevator. Punch the 2nd fl button, "X" out the "GAME SHOW BARKER", 
press and hold the weapons Ready Trigger and the Acton/Fire one round 
outside the elevator removes the BIH, LOF, and run to the "DAY ROOM". I 
make it past the 2nd BIH more often than not without contact.



   LO, open the fridge and take the "LEAD RING". LOF, return to the 
elevator LO, and move to the 3rd fl. Exit the elevator and put the rings 
on the 3D Mural's hands. Enter the West End Stairwell, being careful not 
to reenter the elevator.


   Run down the 3 flights of stairs to the "BASEMENT DOOR", not to be 
confused with the other basement door. Have James put on his new running 
sneakers. James is going to need more than traction here, he's going to 
need to cut the corners as tight as possible to keep Muffin ...I mean 
Maria safe from the big bad WBH. Any banging into corners, or stopping 
no matter how short a duration, will get Maria killed.

   The sequence is Right, Right, Left, Left, (tight) Right, Right, Left, 
and Right. Now, as you know, if you're lucky, Maria doesn't die till you 
get into the elevator, HAAAA, TOO BAD! At least you don't have to do it 
again. This is a miserable event for me in H/M.

"X" the CS and exit the elevator. Turn left, run to the last door on the 
right, "DOCTOR"S ROOM", get the MAP info and the "LOBBY KEY". Exit the 
Hospital to Carroll St.


(Note) the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The 
best way to keep a straight line in Dark Silent Hill is to shut the 
light off when you see an ugly appear in the distance. Even with the 
Brightness level up to 7, it's still too dark outside to see without the 
light. Get too close to a FLeM, DST or BIH and they'll smack you quicker 
than ... anyway, LOF allows you to be within striking distance and still 
slip by. Cut corners everywhere you can, instead of staying out in the 
middle will increase the distance traveled over the entirety of the 

   Out on Carroll St., turn right (South) and run to Rendell St. Turn 
left (East) and run to Munson St. Turn right (South)and run to Saul St. 
Turn left (East) and run to the Gate. Once through, you'll be on the 
grating and meet the Things that Swing from the Underside of the 
Grating, (hence known as TSUGs) they are pretty much harmless if you 
keep moving. The grating is out in a few places, so hang toward the 
center of the alley. Once through the 2nd Gate, pick up the MP near the 
trailer and the SG SHELLS near the car.
   We're heading straight to the South end of Lindsey St. to pick up the 
"WRENCH". So, Run to Neely St., turn left, run to Sanders St. (1st right 
turn on Neely) Pass the alley on the left and turn left on Lindsey. Stay 
on the west side sidewalk of Lindsey. A perspective change will happen 
when you get to the house with the "WRENCH"

   Continue North on Lindsey St. to Katz St. Take a left turn and run to 
the West end of Katz. Enter the door on the right side of the wall.
Back on Munson St. Turn North on Munson, run all the way to Nathan Ave. 
Bear left on Nathan, cross the street and enter "ROSEWATER PARK". 1st 
right and 1st left entering the Park puts you right near the statue Move 
to the back of the statue and "X" through the CSs. Pick up the "OLD 
BRONZE KEY" (Historical Society Museum). Exit the Park opposite your 
entry to Nathan St. There are SG SHELLS and an HD on the right as you 
exit the Park. 

(You know have more than enough SG AMMO to complete the game)

Turn right (West) onto Nathan and run James's buttocks off to the HS 



   Once there, enter the building and run straight through to the 2nd 
room. Turn right at the door and enter same. Locate the hole in the wall 
and enter. This is a long boring run to the next door; it takes (50 
seconds) to get to the door. Enter the door, swing around the pole and 
desk for the MP. 

(You're likely going to need them here I'm still getting hammered by 
uglies, although more so now while writing this, so I pick them up as I 

   Exit this room for the next and pass through the bars. While running, 
turn left then right to the next door. Drop down the hole, "X" the CSs, 
arm with the "PIPE", hold the look button and slowly turn left till you 
see the (3) white brick pattern. About waste high, 2 white brick side by 
side with a dark brick between them. One more white brick sits above and 
slightly off center of the left side brick, sort of like such (:.) 
Approach and smack the crap out of the wall with the "PIPE"."OH Moe 
LOOK! A door! Re-arm with the SG and enter. James nearly lands on his 
mush when he hits the flooded floor. Turn right, run an "S" pattern to 
the small ramp leading to the 2 doors, take the 1st door on the right in 
the short hall. Enter the next door on the right, (BUG/SPIRAL-WRITING 
KEY ROOM). Pick up the key, turn and approach the door lock. Switch 
batteries and press action as you come out of inventory to avoid much 
damage from the killer bugs. The pass code device appears; the pass code 
appears to change with each game, so there isn't a one code fits all. 

(One small consolation here is that there are only 3 numbers, this 
limits the code to no more than 6 possible sets as long as no one number 
is played more than once. Otherwise, this would bring the count up to 18 
possible solutions.)

Exit the room turn right and stop at the doorway to the grate room 
access the "SPIRAL KEY", "X" the CS and drop down to the next level. 



   In this room there are 2 HDs and the "GLUTTONOUS PIG" tablet, takes 
them all, and exit this room. Turn left and enter the 2nd door on your 
right (SHOWER STALLS) once inside, turn left run to the end of the 
stalls and enter the last stall for the "SEDUCTRESS" tablet. Exit the 
showers, Turn left, run to and enter the 1st door on your left. CELL 
BLOCK #1. Run down the length of the cell block to the next to last CELL 
which is open. Enter it and take the "WAX DOLL". Leave this cell, turn 
right and exit CELL BLOCK #1. 
Turn left and enter the first door on your left, turn left again, shoot 
the DST, grab the "RIFLE ROUNDS" and retreat out of this room. Turn 
left, run to and enter the last door on your left. CELL BLOCK #2 run to 
the 4th CELL from the West end of the block, (the cell gate is closed) 
and get the "OPPRESSOR" tablet. Arm with the "PIPE" and exit the cell, 
(using the pipe to assist). Now you have all the tablets, you need to 
complete the (HANGING ROOM). Arm with the PIPE and exit the CELL. Turn 
left and exit CELL BLOCK #2. Turn right and run to the first door on 
your left to the HANGING ROOM. Once there, place the tablets at the base 
of the scaffold, hear the scream and leave the room. Pick up the "HORSE 
SHOE" on your way out. Turn right, run to, enter and pass through the 
CELL BLOCK #2. Turn right, enter first door on left, (MEETING ROOM) get 
the MP, exit, and enter next door on left. Pass through the room. Turn 
left, enter first door on left and get the "LIGHTER", Exit. Turn left 
and enter last door on right (before the barred gate) shoot the DST and 
get the MP and HD. Enter the Armory door pick up the RIFLE, SG and Rifle 
rounds before leaving. 
   Pass through the Gate when back in the hallway. Approach the Trap 
Door and access Inventory. Combine the Horse shoe, Wax Doll and Lighter 
to access the Trap Door. When done, drop down.
Turn around after "Xing" out the CS and exit this room. 


(I can't believe there are still flesh covered cadavers here.) 

Pass through to the next hole and drop down. Exit this room for the next 
hole and drop down. Enter the elevator and pick up the Rifle rounds and 
MP only.



(It takes 1:20:00 to ride the elevator to the bottom)

   Exit the elevator. There will be a wired door in front of you, you 
will run, 1st left and then take the 2nd right leading you to a hole. 
Take this hole and run to the opposite end of the tunnel you drop down 
into. When you climb out, you'll be in the "BLOCK HEAD ROOM" Enter the 
room and face the entry door with the block head between you. The block 
head is done in 3 moves. 

(Note, to date, I have seen two different solves to the puzzle. Both 
solves, deal with the YELLOW EYED HEAD facing you when completed. The 
difference is the position of the head.
A. Is with the yellow eyed head facing you and upside down. 
B. Is with the yellow eyed head facing you, but on it's side, with the 
top of head pointing to the right.

A. D PAD, press diagonally down/left two times, then press left once. 
You will have the upside down yellow eyed head facing you.

B. D PAD, press diagonally down/left, then press left two times. You 
will have the sideways head pointing to the right. 

Choose which option and press. Turn to look, if there is no opening, it 
will be the other option.

The room is now set to run through, do so. "X" the Maria CS and return 
to the Block Head room for the "WIRE CUTTERS".
Return to the starting point and cut the wire away. Drop down into the 
next set of tunnels; take a left and then a right to the next ladder. 
Climb this ladder. Run, right then left and climb down. Left, left, hard 
left and climb. Left, right, hard left and climb down. Left, left, run 
to the end climb. Run straight to the ladder and climb down. Take the 
first left and climb. Exit through the door.

   Arm with the Chainsaw and be at full health just in case you cluster 
this up. Run to the ANGELA/DOOR MONSTER ROOM, "X" out the CS and get 
ready for some of the Bizarre. 6 thrusts of the Chainsaw will smoke the 
DOOR MONSTER ... beast ... thing ...thingy ... thing ... and no damage 
to boot. It didn't matter whether it was the Rifle or the SG; I always 
took big damage from that queer looking thing. (Hence known as DMs) 

The trick is to press and hold the "READY" and "ACTION" button as you 
"X" out the CS in the room. What happens is this. As soon as the CS 
frees James he starts the Chainsaw and thrusts it into the DM. The DM 
will fall to the floor. All along, continuing to hold the "READY" 
button. As soon as the DM begins to rise off the floor hit "ACTION" 
again and let the DM hit the floor as it rises, hit "ACTION" again. 
Repeat this 6 times and you're ready to leave. Exit the room, turn right 
and proceed to the next hallway.



   The innocent is different in each mode.


   You need to find out which one he is, before you pull the rope. There 
is a door to your right as you enter the next hallway, enter it. Look 
for the Innocent man and remember his position in the room. Exit the 
room, turn right then left to the door on the left at the end of the 
hall and enter. Pull the rope that represents the innocent man. Return 
to the room with the hanging men and pick up the "KEY OF THE 
PERSECUTED". Exit the room, run back to the other end of the hall   
And exit the hall. Stop at the Gate and use the key to unlock it. 

Climb down the ladder and to the stairs. Enter the cell and "X" out the 
CS with the, yes you guessed it, "DEAD AGAIN" Maria. Run, turn left at 
the next tunnel and proceed to the next ladder. Climb up and take the 
MP. Continue on to the Graveyard. Move to and drop down through Yimmies 
  Run Forest, run! 
(I know it's way old now, but I couldn't help myself) 
Run till you slam into the bloody door at the end of the corridor.

Hey mom and dad! Do you like think Becky and I could like go and see 
"EDDIE and the FREEZERS"? 
What ... What ... What is that some new damned PUNK BAND or something 
deviant like that?
No father of mine, HE'S like a physically, mentally and emotionally 
disgusting psychotic murderous example of humanity!
OH ... well then ... that's different, sure, do you have ticket money 
and film for the camera?


13. "EDDIE and the FREEZERS"
    Freezer #1

   Before you pass through the bloody freezer door, switch to the PIPE, 
and don't try to smoke anything in it, it's rusty and you don't know 
where it's been. Heal if you're still having trouble with Eddie and 
prepare for a SKULLING.

(Note Eddie can be kept at Pipes length with the "PIPE". The rhythm set 
up by the game allows Eddie to get hammered with the loser only getting 
off one shot.) 

Be at full health to absorb the shot and enter the room. 
(Press and hold the READY & ACTION buttons)
"X" the CS. James will automatically swing as soon as you're free from 
the CS. Clocking Eddie on the skull bone. Eddie runs right into every 
whack. After 8 or so whacks, Eddie's thick as a brick skull, takes a 
vacation and leaves. Switch back to the SG, make sure it's loaded, and 
check your health and move on to the next Freezer. 


Freezer #2

   Enter the room and "X" the CS. Hold the LOOK shoulder trigger and run 
right up to Eddie and begin hammering him to the floor. Odds are he'll 
get off a punch for every shot or two and possibly a pistol round. It 
takes 6 SG rounds to deflate slow Eddie and bring him down for good in 
(NORMAL MODE) I think he was a tad LOGY from all the Pizza he scarfed at 
the Bowling Alley. Surely it should be less with the Rifle. He doesn't 
run around as much in (NORMAL MODE) as he does in (HARD MODE) 
This is one of the times when having the controller Vibration set to on 
is a good thing. If you cluster this event up and get too low on health, 
the controller gets to throbbing in your hand. 

(Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, he said throbbing) 
This gives James a last minute opportunity to access Inventory to heal.

   So, Eddie will eventually stick to the floor in the Freezer instead 
of hanging round with the rest of the old freezer burned meat. Leave 
this place for the dock.


14. DOCK

   Run to the boat dock; jump in and "X" the CS. Turn the boat right 
till you see the light and row. In just over a minute, you'll end up at 
the dock of the LAKEVIEW MOTEL.



   Run up the dock and climb the series of stairs to the upper grassed 
area. Turn left and run over to the Bird Fountain to get the "LITTLE 
MERMAID MUSIC BOX" Turn and run up the last series of exterior steps and 
enter the Lakeview Motel. Run to the hallway intersection, turn right 
and enter the only door on the right the "LAKE SHORE RESTAURANT"
Pick up the "FISH KEY" off the table and exit the room, "X" the LAURA CS

   Turn left, run past the first of two DMs and take the stairwell to 
the 2nd fl. Turn right, enter the "CLOAK ROOM", take the MP, move to the 
other side of the room and use the "FISH KEY" on the valise. Take the 
"KEY TO (rm 204). Exit the Cloak rm. to the hallway. Switch to the 
Chainsaw, turn left, enter the customer room's hallway and smoke the 2 

(2 swipes per DM or 1 swipe and a squish per DM. If you don't do one of 
the two, they'll be waiting for you when you exit rm 202) 

Enter (rm 204), take the "EMPLOYEE ELEVATOR KEY" pass through to (rm 
202) and exit.

   Return to the LOBBY'S 2nd fl Balcony and pass through to the other 
side of the Motel. Enter the 1st room on the left with the key. Enter 
the elevator, get the alarm, push a button to get the one passenger 
message and leave the lift. Make sure you are healthy before you access 
the cabinet and dump all the goodies in it.
When done, enter the elevator and press 1st fl. Once out of the lift, 
turn right and run down the short hallway to the door with the red light 
above it and fetch the "SNOW WHITE MUSIC BOX". Run back toward the 
elevator and pass it. Take the 1st door on your left "OFFICE" access the 
safe and get the "VCR TAPE" and "CAN OPENER". Exit the Office and enter 
the BLUE DOOR across from the OFFICE DOOR. Exit the stairwell turn left 
and take the first left to the "BOILER ROOM" door at the end of the 
alley. Get the "BAR KEY". Exit the Boiler rm., 1st left then right, 
enter door at end of hallway. 
Enter the "KITCHEN", get the 3 HDs, open the can of bulbs and exit the 
Kitchen to the Bar, "VENUS TEARS". Install the bulb in the lamp near the 
exit door and enter the Basement. Turn right, enter the elevator and 
pick up the can of "THINNER". Exit to the 1st fl., via the stairs.

   Enter the LOBBY and return to the 2nd fl OFFICE. Retrieve all your 
stuff from the Locker. Return to the 2nd fl Customer room hall and (rm 
202). Use the thinner to get the pass code and open the brief case for 

   Return to the 1st fl. LOBBY and install the Music boxes. In this 


   Take the "STAIRWELL KEY". 
Run into the LOBBY'S RECEPTIONIST OFFICE and retrieve the (RM 312 KEY). 
Make your way up to the 3rd fl via the LOBBY stairs and the 3rd fl 
Stairwell. Unlock the Gate and enter (rm 312). Use the VCR and "X" the 
CS. Leave 312 and return to the 2nd fl. Turn right and enter the West 
end Customer rooms Hallway. Enter room 202, exit into the East end 
Customer room's hallway. Run the length of the Hallway and exit at it's 
end. Enter the 2nd fl. elevator to the Basement. Enter the "VENUS TEARS" 
bar, pick up the 5 HDs if you're low or still take damage from the WBHs. 
Enter the Kitchen, exit to the outside, left straight to stairwell door. 
ANGELLA/FLAMING STAIRS "X" it out and leave. Climb the stairs to the 
next door and enter. Turn right, run, 1st right, left, and right to the 
door, enter. 
Run the length of the hallway to the end, keep moving, the TSUGs might 
damage you. Enter the door, stop, arm with and load the rifle. Be at 
full health. Enter the rusty double doors. 


16. 2 WBH

   These guys are not very fast; however, they are certainly faster than 
in NORMAL MODE. They cut the room down to their advantage. They have an 
extremely long reach with the Pointy Pikes and they'll also swat you 
with it on occasion. These pointy sticks do big time damage. On (HARD 
MODE), the most hits you can take are 4 and you're toast. So, be at full 
health, have your rifle loaded and ready. Keep your Inventory will be 
set on HD, not Rifle rounds. You can up click to reload and give 
yourself some breathing room. Keep track of expended rounds; don't 
forget to reload after each discharge set.

   The technique is the same for both modes, but, as mentioned above, 
you don't get as many shots off in HARD before you're forced to run.

   Visualize the room as a clock face. If the entry point from the SAVE 
Rm. to the LOBBY is 6:00 then between the 2 double doors is 12:00, with 
3:00 and 9:00 in their respective positions. The corners would run out 
as 1:00, 5:00, 7:00 and 11:00. 
I do all my shooting from 5:00 and 11:00. 
I do all my reloading near 1:00 and 7:00.

   When released from the CS, I run in the direction I'm facing, (6:00) 
and I prefer running counter clockwise. I stay close to the walls and 
cut the corners.

   2 rounds for sure, often 3, rarely 4 then move. 55 rounds and up to 
smoke them both. I've been able to get them out of the way with 4 HDs. I 
believe it can be done with less, but it takes too long as it is now. 
Surprisingly, it pays to let the cut off WBH walking to your right to 
get in close before you head out. I get stabbed more often when he has 
mucho lungingo roomo. Let yourself get in the RED and throbbing before 
you heal.

   4 rounds and move. I stick a fork in them with between 19 and 24 
I think it depends on misses. Even though the game gives you the PLINK 
sound from a hit, the WBH doesn't always respond to the sound made, they 
may be misses. 

   So, let's get some circulation back into them nubbin hands for the 
task at ahead. Crack demz knuckles, shake doze hands, get the blood back 
into the digits. SAVE, LOAD and HEAL!

Enter the LOBBY, "X" the CS. 
Let's dance! 

   On the first Fire Station, you might get off 1 round and still get 
stabbed, run to escape, stop when clear, reload, continue on to next 
firing position. This can take a little time, but the rifle does the 
most damage.
   Hold the "LOOK" button while running and when you stop to turn 
directly at them to shoot. For some reason, it gives you maybe 5 more 
steps to danger before the WBHs get into striking range. Without it, 
(NORMAL MODE) I only get off 2 shots and must move. I take a stab 30% or 
more of the time. With it I get 4 shots. (HARD MODE) I get 1 shot off 
without and 2 to 3 shots with it.

   Once completed, remove the eggs from their inverted Wheel Barrow hats 
and place them in the slots in the 2 double doors. Exit the room and 
exit the Motel out the front door.

(Note) Exit the LOBBY from the door on the right. Once out of the LOBBY, 
look at the face impression on the door directly in front of James. I 
wonder who it is.



   I take more heat/damage from Mary/Maria than I do from the WBHs. 
She's on you like stink on ship!

   Climb all the metal stairs to the top where Maria/Mary ... whoever is 
waiting. It's dressed like Mary, it's in bed like Mary, but it becomes a 
demon thingy that floats around in a metal framework like the Ceiling 
Things in the Hospital, only this devil muffin has a black tail thing 
that shoots out, smacks James about the head and shoulders and grabs 
James around the neck to suffocate him. OH, it is Mary, HMMMM ... Wait a 
minute? ... NAH! 
Anyway, she's also got her Black Ninja Killer Flutterbys with her and 
they harass the heck out of our boy, not to mention taking a bit of 
health every time they flutter about his head. You better thrash about 
while they're there, or they'll hang around even longer taking more 
health with them. I've got many health aides, but that's no guaranty for 
success. I'm going to empty the Rifle first then switch to the SG.
   "X" the CS and book for a stroll around the top floor, to get a feel 
for the depressing atmosphere. Keep moving to keep the BNKFs away. When 
they vanish, try and be near the bed, she doesn't seem to attack James 
as much there as in the rest of the room. Pump as many rounds into her 
as you can before the BNKFs fly out her butt again and harass you. Swat 
them off and be ready to empty the rest of you Rifle ammo into that 
demon fairy floating around in the air. 
Each time you manually load the SG, check your health and medicate as 
needed. This time it took 9 Rifle rounds and 12 SG rounds to pull her 
fairy wings off.

(NORMAL MODE) 6 SG rounds and she's ready for dipping into the fondue 


4. FIN

   I ended this run with many more SG rounds than I needed to complete 
the game. I figure I can wean off maybe 4 or 5 more boxes and still stay 
in the comfort zone. I could easily get by the entire game with 4 boxes 
of pistol rounds; I still get fooled into picking up pistol rounds when 
the SGs are set next to them. I only use the pistol on the WBH at the 
end of Blue Creek Apartments. I'm still a bit shaky on the HDs when it 
comes to the "Bitches in Heals" at the Hospital; I rarely make it by one 
without getting whacked. I'm sure I can break the habit eventually, but 
it means shooting more and that's time wasted

The street denizens in SH2 are less of a threat than the SH1 uglies 
were. The SH1 flying things, the humpers on the street and the crawlers 
in the sewer were much more of a threat and they, for the most part were 
easy to avoid. The FLeMs, DSTs and BIHs are a joke, unless you're in the 
Hospital. I love those crawling DSTs and the noise they make when one 
shoots out from under a car.



   I don't know how often this mode will come up, since I got it, I 
figure I should write it down for the lost souls that happen to trip 
over EXTRA on the puzzle end of the difficulty mode. 
I've checked the NET in the few places I visit for anyone else with this 
bit of data. I'm surprised that there aren't more guides on this game 
after a whole year on the market for the PS/2. I haven't found anyone 
mentioning the extra mode yet, let alone pointing out the way enigmatic 
clues that they refer to. So, I'm going to stick it in here to be the 

1. Three Coins: Access to the roll top desk 
Like coins in the hazy ether tossed, our souls must by their sinful 
weight, descend to earth with lightness lost/
To "right" the sins that they hath laid, When thrice in falling they 
intone, then happiness shall be thy own/
The first note be not by the Horned one wrung, though it be there that 
all sins be sprung/
The bringer of life and the bringer of shame, the sins of the latter be 
ever more tame/
Though coming in the aged one's wake, the formless one's soul in fear 
doth quake/
The needless one, silent, with hungers all sated, Is least then in sin 
with his lusts all abated/
For the gravest of sinners his place be appointed, and if he be lucky 
may his soul be anointed/

2. Hangman puzzle: Pull the rope Monty

We may visit death upon the head of the sinner, but to what avail/
In the name of retribution, we took part in a bitter comedy this day/
You hanging as you do, by your neck unforgiven and cursed by all/
Five of them committed crimes, six went out for a drink and were 
captured there/
Only one of them was innocent, but they knew not that/
The blood stains remaining are proof of their guilt, trodden upon and 
thus created, they are the paths to the hell or the void/
The white bandages stained crimson, the remains of the scorched black 
earth, the cries of the maiden, they are a meaningless contract/
They are also signs of guilt/
But one of them was done without reason, it was done out of fear and 
ripe imagination/
Spinning alone at the end of a rope it's nothing less than a disgrace to 
us all?

3. Music Box puzzle: Play it again Sam

Left: Twas shameful greed did stain her shoe with blood
Middle: Even so, I still wanted to believe she was happy
Right: Beauty - Both a blessing and a curse thou be



   Commentary 4/4/03




1 at the Docks, 1 before the twin WBHs at the end of the game

DEFEATED: by shooting 6
DEFEATED: by fighting 4

   I completed this game with only 10 kills. I'm still a bit confused 
about that, I don't rightly know whether the 2 WBHs at the end are 
included, or the one shot at but walks away WBH in the Blue Creek 
I'm guessing Eddie and the End game Mary/Maria thing should be included. 
I suppose I'll have to have the kids keep track for me next time I play.

   I'm not sure what this relates to.

BOAT: time 1:04.83, speed 3.50 m/s. 

   This boat data must be graded for the point system to be mentioned, I 

ITEMS: 102 (+1) 

   My lowest count to date. I would like to see this below 100. I'm 
going to work on it. The fewer things picked up, the less time wasted. I 
think the +1 is the chainsaw.

TIME: 1:15:02

   I know for a fact that this can be lowered by another 2 minutes. I 
still have some indecision; I got turned around coming out of the 
elevator for a few steps. I got bogged down trying to run around a 
couple of DSTs in the Catacombs instead of shooting them outright. Some 
time must be wasted in the act of saving. 
Hitting marks and items on the first try will also improve time. 
I would like to see a 1:14:00 with no saves before I U/L this file to 
the FAQ sites.
As far as I can tell, I expend 11 minutes more taking out the bosses in 
Hard Mode than in Normal Mode. 

   All in all, I like SH2; I like the fact that it has the mini game 
played as Maria, she kind of looks a bit like Cybil to me with a Bridget 
Fonda lower lip. Best of all, I think she's a pole dancer at the 
Heaven's Night. MMMMMM!!! Poll Dancer!! (Homer Simpson throat gurgle 

An aa'oot'a dahinii'na