Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Cheats

Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Good Ash, Bad Ash
This is a nice feature for those "Army of Darkness" & "Evil Dead" fans.

At the beginning of the game as your making your way to Silent Hill, you'll be able to pick up a chainsaw that is still running as its lodged into some wood. Once you acquire the weapon (which i believe it won't run out of gas), carry it with you for a little while. Then at any point, stop, and just stand there holding the chainsaw. After a little bit, your character will stretch a bit. a little longer and he'll wield the chainsaw over his head and scream, aka Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead.


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Henry Mildred Scott
The scratches on the wall replace the clock face. I went to double check the scratches and then I opened the clock to change the time and well instead of showing the clock face it showed the scratches.
Mannequin goes through wall
If you hit the mannequin in Room 210 of Woodside apartments just right it might go through the back wall of the closet its hiding in. Resulting in it being in the closet across from the entrance. (Did this by accident. xD)

Easter eggs

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Invisible Prisoners in Toluca Prison
If you walk by the cells slowly in Toluca Prison, you'll notice James looking at one of the cells, if you shoot into that cell you can kill the invisible prisoners.