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What Happened to the Sonic Boom?

The good:

graphics, animations, interesting cast of characters

The bad:

poor control and responsiveness from DC controller, limited game modes, lacks replay value


Street Fighter III: Double Impact is a port of the popular Capcom series. It combines two titles into one disc -- SF: New Generation and SF: Giant Attack. As I soon learned, however, these titles are pretty much clones of one another.

This installment of the Street Fighter series ports incredibly well to the Dreamcast, taking full advantage of the console's graphic capabilities. Though it's still a two-dimensional, side-to-side scroll fighter, the characters appear in vivid detail and color. The environments are more rich and full than one would expect, featuring the range of bustling activ...


Basic Street Fighter ? No...


Summer of 2002 I was digging through the bargain bin and found this jewel. I had been playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 feverishly for the past year. Everyday was a competition with someone, whether it be a room mate, or the a whole dormitory. Infinites, Delayed - Hypercombos, Arial Raves, 5 Air Hyper Viper Beams, Kara Canceling and assists were the Street Fighting world as I knew it. I needed a break from that game, I hoped this would be my release. I popped it in and immediately I was disgusted at my severe lack of skill in this game. I couldn't believe it.

The Street Fighter 3 series strips you...

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